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넌 어떻게 지내
어떻게 지내 나 없이
“How are you? How are you doing without me?”

하루가 참 기네
원래 다 이래? 이별이
“Each day feels so long… Is it always like this? Breaking up?”

Song: Crush
By: fall (어떻게 지내)


너의 옆자리를 상상할 거고
그곳에는 내가 있게 될 거야
그리고 너에 대해 장담하건대
뭐든 할 수 있을 거라고 믿게 될 거야
“I’m gonna think about that spot next to you. I’m gonna be in it.
And I assure you, you will believe that I can do anything for you.”

Song: All I Wanna Do
By: Jay Park ft. Hoody, Loco


At Edison High we began a band called Soi-Disant. The question we got over and over again was, “What the fuck does it mean?” The answer we gave was that in French it means something like “self-style” or “style of one’s own.” An artsy-fartsy French name perfectly fit our vision of an edgy postpunk band. The more obscure the name, the better. We were modeling ourselves after the first Duran Duran album and bands like Ultravox, the Cure, and U2. Combining that vibe with a dirty rocking punky backbeat, I wrote stories focusing on teen angst.

- Scott Weiland, from “Not Dead & Not for Sale: A Memoir”

In one of the articles, Scott’s friend Cory Hickok (and Soi-Disant bandmate) talks about the early days: 

The Cure’s “Killing An Arab” was one of the early songs we covered. I also remember turning him onto David Bowie, and he really liked Duran Duran. Scott started teaching me how to sing harmonies, and we synced perfectly. We could sing just acapaella, and it would sound almost like a chorus pedal. I was progressing as a singer, and he starting to find out who he wanted to be musically. 

|| 📷 Scott performing with Soi-Disant, 80s - photo courtesy of Corey Hickok ||