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What I mean by ‘the hippie idea’ is the internal essence of the tribal feeling separate and apart from the external symbols which soon became overused, distorted, co-opted, and thus, understandably, satirized. The conceit is that if you subtract long hair, hip language, tie-dyed clothing, beads, buttons, music, demonstrations, and even drugs, there was still a distinctive notion of what it meant to be a happy and good person, and a sense of connection to others was the invisible force behind those things. It included the moral imperative to fight for civil rights and against the war, and the spiritual notion that there were deeper values than fame and fortune. Peace and love.
—  Danny Goldberg, In Search of the Lost Chord: 1967 and the Hippie Idea
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Mental Health Check

You betta check yo self!

1. Did you eat in the last 8 hours? 

- remember it’s better to eat junk food than nothing at all. If the only thing you want to eat is unhealthy, that’s ok, let yourself eat it. 

- Your body needs energy! Even if you aren’t hungry you should eat a little bit, otherwise your metabolism will slow down and you will feel tired and slow. 

- If you are too busy to stop and have a meal try and grab something quick like an apple, or a handful of nuts.

2. Did you smile or laugh today?

- laughter releases endorphins, stress releasing hormones, and antibodies that help fight infection and disease!

- smile at yourself in the mirror for thirty seconds

- look up a funny video and make yourself laugh at it even if it’s a bit unnatural at first. Sometimes once you get laughing your laugh becomes funny too and then you can’t stop!

3. Did you drink enough water today? 

- Water is so important. It flushes all the bad stuff out of your body. Without it your blood thickens and your brain might get a little foggy. 

- If you forget to drink water try to drink a glass before a meal, or before bed, or right after waking up! This might help you remember!

- The recommended amount is 8 eight ounce glasses per day. It’s okay if you don’t drink the recommended amount. Everybody’s body is different and it depends on the amount of physical activity you do in a day. Just drink what you can, your body, and skin, and brain will thank you for every drop!

4. What do you need to be happier?

-Do you need to take some medication that you forgot about? Do you need to see a doctor? Remember, mental health is just like physical health. Make sure you are taking care of yourself!

-  Go for a walk, do a few pushups, or jumping jacks, or hula hooping. Whatever you feel like! Even if it is just for a second it will help you by releasing endorphins!

- Wash your bed sheets with some yummy smelling soap or essential oil. 

- open the window for some fresh air and open the blinds for

- Maybe you could call up a friend or a relative and talk to them for a few minutes. 

- Make sure you get a full nights sleep. Sleep is your bodies way of healing and resetting itself. (If you have trouble sleeping try turning your phone off at 9pm. Make sure you never eat in your bed or do other activities. It will help you to sleep if your body knows your bed is just for sleeping.)

- Find something that you love! Do you love a certain type of food? Spend some time making it! Do you like to read? See if you can borrow a new book. Be it knitting, yoga, drawing, soccer, dancing, listening to music, writing, beading, playing rugby, making sock puppets. Whatever it is, do it! 

- Set goals for yourself. Discover what you are good at and what you want to be good at. Improve. Be proud of yourself when you smash your goals and try again when you fail. 

Choir Shawn! Au

A/N: Ok so, back story, um I go to a catholic school so Jesus is real big over here and all, I mean, ya kno, go Jesus! (can u tell how religious I’m not?)

And my music teacher (big up Mr Hunter luv u man) like roped me into going to choir for foUR YEARS??! (thanks sir) and like at the beginning we were praising jesus but then we got a new choir leader and then we were like praISING JESUS!!!

(if ya kno what I mean, like side stepping and clapping like all gospel and shit) but @ruintoronto (my new friend) is performing!! (yes u heard me correct) at the eurovision choir contest thingy for Estonia (Shes in a real, professional choir) and she was all like u gotta write me a Shawn choir thingy and I was like

Oh myyyyyyy yes god.

(You can check out the eurovision choir contest here! go Estonia go!!)

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Masterlist: Come and check out some of my other mildly average writing!

You hear him before you see him.

The sound of a guitar hitting the door frame shudders throughout the room, the strings shaking and rattling and then it’s masked with “Shit, fuck” and then a “Shit, cant swear”

He’s red faced, blush consuming his creamy skin and delicate features. He’s beautiful, tall (freakishly tall, so tall he has to duck under the door frame) and dressed in a dress shirt, open at the top and flaying around his narrow hips.

He’s got an acoustic guitar in his hand (still shaking from the abuse) and he’s smiling, embarrassed under the choirs heated gaze. Your friend grabs your thigh, says “Holy shit” and you can’t drag your eyes away from him as he manoeuvres around the room, brown eyes searching for something.

You swear you’ve seen him before (Maybe he was in the year above you at school?) but he oozes stage presence, humility and charm.

You’re still looking at him, your friend saying “Please tell me he’s staying; please tell me we’re doing a new like band thing? Oh god, he plays the guitar! That’s so hot” and you can’t stop from fiddling with your music booklet, sweat beading around your hairline.

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i fill my emptiness with music
clean house
string a few beads
my muse has long been sleeping
it makes me feel sad
it makes me feel restless

i stretch my arms out wide
pretend to have wings

there is a mockingbird
who sings here every night
such a lovely way to measure time

i hear an invitation…

come, be in this darkness with me
there is beauty to be found
inside your loneliness

Azuki Lynn

playbill notes:  brooklyn – the musical

I Took One For The Team was actually the first song to be written.

When Lin Manuel Miranda starts writing his introduction for the playbill, he ends up talking about Betsy Greenberg, former WWII USO showgirl, the coolest old lady in their neighborhood and Hollywood actress, though, alas, Betsy never made it past minor supporting roles and hilarious B-grade horror movies.  Also, Bets might have been involved in certain hush-hush shenanigans that involved Peggy Carter and what would eventually become S.H.I.E.L.D.

Honestly, the fact that she was Steve Rogers’ first kiss was the least interesting thing about her, but hell, the way she told the story never failed to make Lin laugh.

“He was a darling, make no mistake about it, but I figured out pretty quickly he was completely gone on Barnes.”

“Well, it was illegal back then, wasn’t it?”

“There were some things people were stupid about then…. and still are now, to be honest.  But I always thought it weren’t anyone else’s business who you choose to fall in love with and so I sat little Stevie Rogers down and gave him some solid dick – you stop that laughing, young man, it meant something completely different back then!”

Nope, it wasn’t working.  Lin was still dying of laughter.

“You could say that I took one for the team.  Barnes better be damn grateful.”

This wasn’t the first time an attempt was made to bring Captain America to Broadway.  There was one that was all too obviously based on the comics version of Cap instead of the real life Steve Rogers and it only ran for one painful week.   

But to be honest, Lin kind of fell in love with little Stevie Rogers, in much the same way as he fell for Betsy and her sister USO showgirls and he could hear it already, the hints of ragtime and blues and jazz and swing, dance halls and the Lindy Hop and the more familiar sounds of the twenty first century – hip hop and rap and rock and roll and metal and before he knew it, he was done with the first song and on to the second. 

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