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Sherlock & Molly “I love you” scene ( without music backround )

This scene without the music i am going to cry
Sherlock & Molly ''I love you'' scene ( without music backround )
The ''I love you'' scene from ''The Final Problem'' the last episode of season 4 of Sherlock BBC.

So, am I crazy or does anyone else hear another “I love you” during the coffin smash bit? At the end when the camera pulls away? Is that supposed to be Sherlock screaming? His subconscious? An Easter egg? A weird audio glitch?

And if it is real, is it basically undeniable proof that he meant what he said? Because neither Eurus nor Molly are listening at that stage.

It’s obviously something that is meant to be drowned out by the music, so if it’s an Easter egg, it’s REALLY well hidden.


lockscreens no. 15 - catfish and the bottlemen lyrics for a request by @thuhnderstorms - you mentioned other bands too and I will get to them! I’ve never heard Catfish And The Bottlemen before. Holy shit. Thanks for requesting them, I’m diggin their vibe and going through all their music <3

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more lockscreens | request things

Also, by ‘diggin their vibe’, I actually meant I love them. More screens coming later. Probably darker and in black and white because that’s my vibe.

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I’ll write a show were there will be a Rick Roll in every fuckin episode.
Maybe you can here it as the backround music in a bar, maybe somebody has it set as their alarmclock, maybe the lyrics are part of a love letter. 
You wont know when it is going to come.
It is the moment the audience will both anticipate and fear.

You’ll nevere gonna give up and only ever gonna let yourself down.

EXO Reaction ~ You Writing Songs/Singing And Him Overhearing

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Suho Would Overhear you as he was walking to the kitchen to get some water,that’s when he heard you singing alone with your piano as backround music.He would smile and think..

‘Jagiya,You’re amazing..What you do to me..Ahh~’

He would probably listen until you were done and then go and finish what he was doing with a grin on his face.However,He wouldn’t not mention it..
Sometime during a meal he would bring up the subject to make you all flustered from the sudden topic.

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He would catch you singing as he got out the shower and sigh.He loved your voice but would always wonder why you never show it off.
Sometime during the day,He would bring the topic into discussion and Make you think about letting your talent be known.

‘  Y/N , I will love you no matter what you decide but don’t you think you should show your talent off because to me,you are perfect and I want everyone else to see what I see in you ‘

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He would be playing his guitar along with your singing because of the sweet boyfriend he was.After you finished he would always compliment you and make you sing for him again With that smile and his puppy dog eyes.

I mean come on,No body can resist that

‘Jagi,You’re amazing,do you know that? Can you sing for me again?…Just one more..Pleaseeee?’

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Sehun would overhear you as he was coming in late.He would walk and see you in your room,playing piano and singing.At this moment,He would be speechless as he has never heard you sing before.
After you were done,He would clap and make you flustered because of you not knowing he was there.

’Wow…..Jagi..That was you? Your voice is amazing…’

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He would be sat outside your door listening to your music.He loved hearing you play and sing as it always made him happy knowing that you were doing something you enjoyed.

It was a surprise for him because he has never heard you sing properly before so it caught him off guard when he heard you singing.

He would just hum along quietly with your music and be immersed into your song.

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Kyungsoo would wake up to the sound of you singing in the shower.He would smile and listen to your voice.

Once you got out of the bathroom,He would be on his phone,But he wouldn’t miss the moment to make you flustered.

‘That’s some voice you have there Jagi’ And He would smile,Looking up at you.

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This sweetheart would come home from filming his music video very late at night to find you wrapped up in a blanket at the piano and singing.He would come over and wrap his arms around you once you were done.

‘That was incredible Jagi,Will you sing me to sleep?’

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He  would be beside you as you sung and be watching you in awe,hugging a pillow.After you finished,He would laugh from surprise of how amazing your voice was and clap,wanting an oncore.

’Y/N,That was breathtaking…Can you sing more often?’

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He would be in the living room reading something as you walked into the open kitchen singing one of EXO’s songs.He would glance up at you,his jaw dropped.

‘Jagi,LOUDER! Your voice is amazing!!’

Ignore the girl

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You would be singing to yourself as you got dressed in the morning.Tao was still awake but you didn’t think he would wake up so suddenly.He startled you with his deep,sleepy voice.

‘Ahhh~ Y/N Sing More for me will you?’

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He would be confused when he heard a voice singing in the living room at a ridiculous time of night so he went to check what it was.He found you sat near the windowsill,Looking at the night sky,wrapped in a blanket.He would walk over to you,Wrapping his arms around you.

‘Ah…. Jagi,Your voice is beautiful..’

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He would love your voice and always ask you to sing,even when you were about to sleep.


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You Are My New Dream

Anon request: Dude, i fucking love your blog, like you have no idea! Can I have an imagine where You and Steve are engaged and you guys have a date night in the tower and everything is really romantic with candles and rose pedals and 1940’s music playing in the backround & then the song Put your dreams away by Frank Sinatra comes on and Steve ask you to dance and while you dance he’s looking you in the eye with your noses touching while singing the song to you. I’m sorry i just have Steve feels right now

“Steve, can I open my eyes nowww?” You said with a laugh, your hands over your eyes as Steve led you into what you assumed was your shared bedroom. You smelled something strong and sweet throughout the air and couldn’t help but wonder what he was up to.

Steve kissed the top of your head, his hands holding firm around your waist as he directed you. You smiled as you heard the excitement in his voice: “Not just yet, babe. Hold on.”

You waited patiently for a few more seconds, hearing Steve shuffle over across the hardwood floor before returning back to place his hands over yours, lowering them slowly as you grinned.

“OK, open!”

You opened your eyes, your hands going up over your mouth with surprise and appreciation. There were rose petals scattered all over the room as well as a bouquet on the bed next to a bottle of champagne. Twenty or so candles cast their glow around the room; their gentle flickering sending a different kind of warmth throughout you.

You gazed open-mouthed and smiling at your fiance, comically waving a hand in front of your eyes as you started to feel yourself getting a little teared up.

Steve was there in an instant, his expression tender and full of adoration. “I’m guessing you like it?”

You nodded repeatedly as he chuckled and you brought your hands to frame his face while your lips moved onto his. When you pulled away, he was still smiling.

“Of course I do,” you whispered happily. “I love it, I love you, WOW do I love you.” Steve kissed you again; one of his hands wrapping snugly around your waist and the other at the base of your neck. He pulled back, your foreheads still touching. “I love you too, Y/N.”

He moved backwards with a grin, holding up a finger as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small remote. Smiling slightly at the inquisitive look on your face, Steve cleared his throat and gave a dramatic, “AND NOW,” before pressing a button. Suddenly, the entire room was filled with 1940s jazz music – you couldn’t even understand where the sound was coming from. It seemed to be all around you and somehow, within you.

“How did you do this?” you asked incredulously, Steve’s grinned widening at your look of astonishment. “Stark helped me rig it up. Surround sound off my phone” - he gestured to his iPhone lying on the nightstand - “and right through the four walls.”

You beamed at him, your heartbeat quickening as he got down on one knee again and gently grasping your hand, just like he did when he proposed.

“M’am,” he said seriously, but his eyes were sparkling as you rolled your own and giggled. “Would you do me the honor of giving me a dance?” His blue eyes still fixed on yours, he brushed his lips against the sparkling ring on your finger.

“It would be my pleasure, Captain,” you murmured affectionately, smiling as Steve rose to his feet and you placed your chin on his shoulder, your hands intertwined as you swayed to the music.

When the lyrics started, you were surprised when another voice echoed around the room, one that was not Frank Sinatra’s

Steve tilted your face up toward his, dropping his hands to wrap them around your waist while yours clasped tightly behind his neck. You couldn’t take your eyes off him as he started to sing to you; filling your chest with love beyond words.

“Put your dreams away for another day
And I will take their place in your heart

Wishing on a star never got you far
And so it’s time to make a new start

When your dreams at night
Fade before you
Then I’ll have the right
To adore you

Let your kiss confess this is happiness, darling
And put all your dreams away.”

You smiled softly as you swayed back and forth, lulled by the sweetness in Steve’s voice and the familiarity of his strong body against yours. When he finished, he brought his forehead to yours, nuzzling your nose until he got a laugh.

“There’s my girl,” he murmured lovingly with a smirk.

You pulled back to look at his smiling face, running a hand through his brown hair. “How did I get so lucky?” You sighed gently.

Steve placed his lips on yours and earned a surprised squeak from you as you were suddenly off the ground and into his arms, bridal style, and being plopped lightly onto the bed.

He rolled onto his side, propping his head up with his hand as he traced the curve of your waist, accented by the tight, dark skirt you were wearing. “I think I’m the one who should be asking that question. God, you’re so gorgeous.”

“Yeah, Captain?” You said, Steve’s eyes brightening at this new playful, suggestive tone in your voice. “Why don’t you just show me how gorgeous you think I am?”

Steve rolled you onto your back as you laughed, straddling you and grinning. “Is that a challenge? Because you know I never back down from a challenge.”

You smiled with desire and affection, your hand grabbing at the light fabric of his dress shirt as you brought his face just centimeters in front of yours.”

“Then absolutely, it is,” you whispered, your heart swelling again at the glowing look Steve gave you before bringing his lips to move against yours once more.