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Do you think HSHQ messed up by making SC a buzz single instead of an actual single released to radio? I feel like that is the most liked/streamed song amongst a majority of people (both fans, general public, and even his mom and BFF Grimmy) that it sucks to be missing out on the music video and radio treatment. What are your thoughts?

Interesting question! 

There are two ways to think about the answer.

First, I think the success of Sweet Creature might be due to the fact that it was released early, as the second song from the album, so that there was increased interest in the song. Ever Since New York was technically the second song we heard from the album (on SNL), but not released, per se, in HQ. The fact that it is the second-most watched YouTube video in the album tells me that while it is popular, it may already have peaked. That is, everyone’s heard it. They are less likely to purchase and watch it more. 

You can see that Two Ghosts, is the fourth-most watched video (after SOTT, SC, and Kiwi). There is definitely interest in the song, and it does not have the exposure (or over-exposure) that SC has.

Second, what is the purpose of a single, exactly? A single from an unreleased album is a way to generate excitement for the album/ tour, but in the case of Two Ghosts, the album has been released, the tours have been sold (and mostly to capacity). Fans are unlikely to buy the single, although we may stream it. I don’t think they are expecting this song to hit top 5 or to generate significant revenue. So what’s the point? 

Answer: to promote Harry Styles. His team choosing Two Ghosts means that they want the song to showcase a different aspect of Harry, perhaps to drive traffic to his website, and to increase his visibility. 

What they want to show may be inferred from its synchronicity with Dunkirk. The singer of Sign of the Times is a magnetic classic rocker who revels in symbology and dramatic metaphor. The singer of Two Ghosts is a romantic poet. Juxtapose these personae against the sensitive, intuitive actor who plays a role seemingly opposite of his personality: Alex is supposed to be a hardened, difficult soldier insistent on his own ways. They are showcasing Harry’s protean abilities and natural talents. 

I know everyone is worried that Two Ghosts will use Taylor for promo, but I think it is really meant to illustrate how versatile, talented, and romantic Harry can be. Sweet Creature could have done that too, but Two Ghosts has had less exposure, and has been universally well-received on his television broadcast. 

FWIW Taylor Swift is on Big Machine Label Group, of which her father owns a sizable stake. 


Music Therapy - Cover book by Daniel J. Schneck

Music has been used as a therapeutic tool for centuries and has been shown to affect many areas of the brain, including the regions involved in emotion, cognition, sensation, and movement. This fact, combined with the engaging nature of music and the diversity of music forms, makes music uniquely effective in the treatment of a wide array of physical and mental problems, including depression, anxiety, and hypertension...
“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”
~  Kahlil Gibran

First Kiss: Jisung


aHHH, the youngest member, Jisung! This idea was super cute but I don’t think I’ve done it any justice and I’m mad at myself some that :-( still, I hope you like it :-)

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sorry but i had to include this gif i was going to put a cute one of him but honestly this is so funny aND IM CHOKING BACK THE TEARS

  • Jisung is a baby, so this is very innocent, fairly short and there’s like no kissing becAUSE COOTIES
  • So! Again, the story for this came from @chittaporno who has some hella good ideas literally - tysm!
  • You and Jisung has known each other from birth
  • You grew up together and your parents were close friends
  • And although as you grew up you had different interests, had different groups of friends and attended different schools, you stayed close friends
  • I’m not going into details of what your relationship is like because it’s basically the cliché childhood friends who end up developing crushes on one another etcetera
  • Can you tell this series is draining me lMao? I’m running out of ideas 
  • At least once a month, you’d meet up at one of your houses for an evening of pizza, video games and building pillow forts
  • It was a tradition you never broke, but you’d be lying if you said you weren’t upset when that tradition turned from once a week to only once a month
  • Nevertheless, you made the most of your time with him, a budding, fresh-new idol
  • When he first told you that he was a trainee with SM Entertainment, you were afraid for him
  • You were never a big fan of the music industry and the treatment some idols/trainees might receive
  • And you knew he’d never tell you if there was something wrong or unfair
  • He was so young when he joined, and you were scared he’d be forced to grow up too fast
  • Thankfully, things over the years went okay
  • Jisung told you about the other members and trainees, how they were all older and protected him dutifully
  • You were impressed with how well he managed his life too
  • With practices and lessons, you’d never think he’d still have time to fit you into his schedule 
  • You were finally reuniting for the first time after his comeback a couple weeks before, for your monthly tradition
  • He arrived at your house early evening, armed with snacks and games, a wide smile on his face
  • Smiling back, you greeted him opening the door wider so he could enter you house
  • The pair of you set up your pillow fort in the sitting room, you already having brought all the pillows and covers you could find in the house
  • The evening passed as it always did:
  • You two built your fort, which would take up literally the entire room and every pillow you could find
  • Ordered pizza and lots of sides, a treat mostly for Jisung who wasn’t always allowed to indulge in such foods
  • A lot of secrets being exchanged
  • Photos of the weirdest things and memes ofc being laughed at
  • It was like it was usually, and you were so thankfully, so so so thankful, that Jisung hadn’t changed
  • Now, into the late hours of the evening, you two were lying on your fronts, sharing a pair of headphones, you holding a torch and Jisung holding his phone between the pair of you
  • You were watching videos that he had taken of his members, showing you the funniest and weirdest ones
  • He made you promise not to tell them, or anyone in fact, that you had seen these videos, jokingly threatening you that he would “fite” you if you did
  • He had only shown you a couple but you were already crying with laughter, hiccuping and giggling like crazy
  • Jisung could help but watch you fondly as you did so
  • Honestly, for a while now Jisung had been feeling quite shy and flushed around you
  • The other NCT members told him and teased him lmao about his crush on you no matter how many times he protested that he didn’t
  • “It’s part of growing up” they said “admit it”
  • And no, he didn’t admit it bUt he did have one
  • His crush on you was a lot like puppy dog love
  • He thought everything you did and said was adorable and beautiful, and he just wanted to be able to hold your hand and peck your cheek whenever he wanted to
  • Of course your oblivious ass never noticed, blissfully unaware of the effect you had on him
  • As you turned your head towards him, you noticed how he was already staring at you, but then immediately looked away when you caught me
  • Shrugging it off, you continued to laugh, unable to form any words 
  • Jisung’s quiet, still bewildered and embarrassed you had caught him staring
  • This time when you turn your head to look at him, you don’t have the time to even say anything or look at him properly
  • Since Jisung leans forward and gives you a quick peck on the lips
  • It’s was so quick and over so fast you didn’t have time to react
  • Jisung jumps back suddenly, leaving a wide gap between you, unlike before
  • You look at him in shock, fingers touching your lips in surprise
  • Jisung turns him attention back to the videos on his phone, pretending he hadn’t just kissed you suddenly
  • Your mind was racing, as was your heart
  • What had just happened?
  • Eventually you start laughing again, laughing at the awkwardness of the situation and Jisung
  • He looks at you from the corner of his eyes, eyebrows frowning and cheeks flushing in embarrassment
  • “Don’t- don’t laugh at me Y/N…” he whispers, his voice cracking and eyes watering
  • You’ve gotta remember he’s still a baby and probably quite sensitive, so of course he’s gonna be upset
  • Pouting you nudge him playfully in attempt to lighten the mood
  • “Oh come on, Jisung. I’m sorry! I just wasn’t expecting that”
  • “But, you didn’t like it?”
  • “What makes you think that? I was just surprised”
  • Jisung, now being the oblivious one here, tilted his head in confusion, his mouth opening as if to say something 
  • Rolling your eyes, thinking you had made it clear enough already, you do the only thing you could think of and lean in to him to give him a peck on the lips
  • Jisung drops his phone in shock, but this shock quickly turns to happiness, and he’s blushing furiously, smiling at you shyly
  • Your heart melts at the sight - you had always found Jisung adorable and this was living proof he really is
  • Although I’m not going continue with this story anymore, let’s say the evening was full of laughter and giggles and pecks on your cheeks from Jisung
  • he’s adorable just protect him

First Kiss series

Coffee Date (Gray Drabble)

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You stared dumbstruck at the aftermath in front of you. Coffee sinking into the crevices of equipment whose uses escaped you. Thousands of dollars and countless hours erased in an instant. You didn’t want to think about how many songs would never see the light of day because of you. Sunghwa’s face mirrored the blank monitor in front of him.

He was the first to speak though he didn’t move. Only then did you realize you had forgotten to breathe ever since the coffee mug slipped out of your hands. The calm in his composure terrified you. Arguments with Sunghwa were rare. Fights were even more rare but you had seen both nonetheless. That’s how you guessed what he was feeling now was beyond anger.


But you cut him off before he could finish the thought. The words that were coming next were not new to you but to hear them from Sunghwa would be unbearable.

“You hate me.”

You mimicked his calm demeanor because you wanted to look strong for whatever came next. Whether he yelled or broke something or never spoke to you again. Sparing him any guilt would free you of your own. Just as long as he spared you the word hate.

Sunghwa’s eyes softened and he stood up from his desk without a sound. He placed one hand on top of yours to make you stop soaking up the coffee with your jacket. The other gently tilting your chin until you were forced to look at him.

“You really don’t know do you?” He asked, taking both of your hands in his own. He closed his eyes briefly; his eyebrows furrowing before he brought your hands to his lips.

“I. Adore. Everything. About. You.” He said in between kissing each of your fingertips. “I. Am. In. Love. With.”

He released your hands only to cup your face. His lips met yours in a frenzy; each kiss speaking for the feelings that couldn’t be put into words.

“You,” he finished.

He stroked your cheek absently with his thumb and you nuzzled against his palm. 

“I love you too.”


He began searching around his office for the things he normally took home; quickly shoving them into a bag as he found them.

“Where are we going? You must have so much work to make up,” You said but you helped him collect his stuff anyway.

“I don’t care. I need a vacation. You don’t value yourself nearly enough but I plan on spending the next few days proving just how much you mean to me.”

your fave is problematic: cullen
  • i’ve done four playthroughs of dai and haven’t romanced anyone else yet