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“Rolf, the mandolin-playing terrier, was regularly featured on Art Nudnick’s Musical Menagerie. The Sunday afternoon variety program was a hit for the better part of 1925.”

Photo ‘discovered’ by the NYPR Archives Dept. on April 1, 2004 and used in the WNYC History Notes e-newsletter. Thanks to former Senior Archivist Cara McCormick.

Ever since I started listening to Hamilton months ago (which I’m still looping up to now), I’ve been meaning to make something out of it but was so scared to start. I love it too much I’m afraid to screw it up. Now, after m o n t h s of drowning in self-doubt, I finally took my shot.

Hopefully, this poster is just the first of many.

We’re getting in on the whole animated gif thing and our first one is this delightful illustration from the Paris Music Hall collection in our Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscripts Library.

The original image used for this animation is a design by George Barbier, who has four other images also in the gallery.

We’d like to say a special thanks to University of Iowa Special Collections uispeccoll for inspiration and to smithsonianlibraries and their tutorial for convincing us we could do it, even with very little experience.