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This past summer a musical about a lesbian and her complicated relationship with her queer father swept the Tony’s and performed a song about queer identity on live network television. 

 This coming summer the Tony’s will no doubt be utterly taken over by a hip hop musical staring people of color that talks about how this country was built by immigrants and poor people and best revival may very well go to a bilingual production performed in both English and ASL featuring numerous deaf and disabled performers. 

 It’s a pretty great time to be a theatre nerd is what I’m saying.


For some reason, this song really lifts my spirits…

”I feel so lonely…shoo-be-doo-be-dee-doo”

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I appreciate a musical blog actually here for the women in the fandom geez that is a RELIEF... do you have any good blog recs for more female theatre gals to be on my feed?? I'm new here haha

Pls reblog this if you post about theater ladies so we can all form a sewing circle and be friends.

Headcanon: Peter always worried about not being as cool as his friends. In third year, he got himself an old secondhand guitar and taught himself how to play, thinking that would make him seem cooler. James and Sirius teased him a bit, but Remus alway encouraged him. After Peter “died”, his mother gave the guitar to Remus, telling him that Peter would have wanted him to have it. Remus taught himself to play during the Lost Years, especially songs he remembered his friend playing. He always felt closer to Peter when he played.

I d o n a t e  my  s o u l  A Simon Monroe playlist prior to and after The Rising, and all that sadness that comes along with him.

“I balanced all, brought all to mind, 
The years to come seemed waste of breath, 
A waste of breath the years behind 
In balance with this life, this death.”

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I just reached 1,000 followers!!

I want to thank each and every one of you. I created this blog months ago in an attempt to satisfy the Rick and Morty-shaped hole in my heart after that season 2 finale, and I found a wonderful online community of fellow fans who love Rick and Morty just as much as I do. 

To thank you guys, I performed a Rick and Morty medley, covering the main title theme, Goodbye Moonmen, and Hurt–AND a surprise song at the end, seeing as how many of us have another closely-related fandom in our hearts! 

I want to give ALL credit for the main title theme and Goodbye Moonmen to ThePandaTooth on Youtube. For those two songs, I am covering his covers of the main title theme and Goodbye Moonmen. 

I also want to give shoutouts to @ehmorty, @mortyslaptop, @setaflow, @rickmeupinside, @fricksquanchez, @dailymortysmith, @sulfuric-pessimist, @fuckyeahsummersmith, @officialrickandmorty, @rickandmortycomics, @rickandmortyforeverahundredyears and @meeseeksbox for being just all-around amazing blogs. If you aren’t already following them, then get your squanch over to their blogs and FOLLOW THEM!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy–stay schwifty!!