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not sure if anyone’s seen this, but a couple of weeks ago pasek and paul did a facebook live where they talked about (and sang/played!!!!!!!!) a couple of cut songs from dear evan hansen before the show’s final draft

also i legitimately started crying during ‘bedroom down the hall’

why would you go clubbing when you can get drunk at home in a dark room and listen to bad music without anyone bothering you 

ben platt out here with some more iconic content

it’s been 10 years since high school musical came out and sharpay and ryan still deserved the lead roles in the musical about 10,000 times more than troy and gabriella did b y e

I’m kind of sad that CDs and Vinyls have lost their popularity. Personally I enjoy the feeling of opening up a new album and watching it play right in front of me.
I also feel that it gives the album more life, rather than just being something that’s floating around on the internet.

Anyone else?