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What the hell did you listen to this year?

We surveyed a panel of music bloggers to narrow down the best albums, songs and videos from 2014. Now it’s your turn to bring this home and create the final list. Please go here and take a few minutes to pick your favs. If you don’t see yours in the drop-down, just write it in.

You have until Thursday, December 18, to make a difference before 3000 closes the poll and goes back to wearing normal clothes. 

To recap, here’s what you picked in 2013 (hint: no repeats this year). 

Tell your friends.

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Meet the badass rock stars shattering stereotypes about Japanese women and their music

Tricot (pronounced “tree-ko”) are a three-piece rock band from Kyoto, featuring Ikkyu Nakajima on lead vocals and guitar, Hiromi Sagane on bass and Motoko Kida on guitar. Days after Instagram launched its music channel, Tricot were the second featured musician, behind only the Roots. No one was more surprised than them, who called it “unbelievable” on their Facebook page.

But when you hear Tricot rock, their big moment is totally believable. These women are going to be huge.