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Flint and Flame
Flint and Flame

Royai Week ‘17 // Day 6: Light/Darkness

Holy. Moly. You Guys. 


Ahem, so the amazing Gio (@the-musical-alchemist / @themusicalbookworm) and I have done a collaboration for this prompt. She did the music and some of the lyrics and I did the other lyrics. Then we both sung together, and holy moly the honour of being able to sing with Gio is just out of this world. Anyway, I feel very blessed to have been able to do this with her, and I love her so much. Here’s our song; we hope you enjoy!! <3

Flint and Flame

For my sins I pay this toll
The only thing that soothes my soul
Trapped in this never-ending night
Is you, my only source of light

When darkness bites I feel the pain
Is this torture worth the gain?
The one thing keeping me in this fight
Is you, my only source of light

I’m the flint and you’re the flame
Secrets buried in my shame
I cannot escape my lasting fear
The darkness drawing ever near

Being forced away from you
The void begins to slowly consume
I hear you voice cry out in fear
The darkness drawing ever near

Under the shadows of myself
I lose touch of everything else.
You light the spark inside of me.
This fire burns eternally.

Blink the twilight from your eyes
as we fight for your captive life.
Your oath to live will stay with me.
Its fire burns eternally.

I’m the flint and you’re the flame
Secrets buried in my shame
I cannot escape my lasting fear
The darkness drawing ever near

Being forced away from you
The void begins to slowly consume
I hear you voice cry out in fear
The darkness growing ever near

Tantalizing brush with vengeance,
pull me under, leave me breathless.
Take the present rays of your heart,
follow you out of the dark.

On the other side of hell
scarred by stories we’ll never tell.
And I’ve learned to read your neglected lips
to see the light in this eclipse.

Stardust falling to your feet
from where you’ve broken so beautifully.
I know I can never lose grip
under the light of your eclipse.


Giò Filice al Groove Rare Vibe Club; 18.7.2017

Foto fatte durante il concerto di Giò Filice al Columbus Bar, Crotone, per la rassegna Groove Rare Vibe Club

Pics from live concert by Giò Filice, italian singer, at Columbus Bar for Groove Rare Vibe Club in Crotone, Italy

Photography by Aurélien Facente​, 2017

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G-I-O-V-A-N-N-A for the playlist thing :^)

Gunerius (remix) - Amanda Delara

Intertwined - dodie

Our Own House - Misterwives

Video Games - Lana Del Ray 

Amsterdam - Nothing but Thieves

Nightcall - London Grammar 

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner - Fall Out boy

Animal - Neon Trees 

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Royai Week ‘17 // Day 5: Letters

Back at it again with songs for Royaiweek. 

So the idea for this prompt came to me straight away, and was inspired by a specific interaction in the show and the amazing songs of the brilliant Gio (@themusicalbookworm / @the-musical-alchemist). So Gio, this song is for you, because without your amazing music there is no way I would have even thought writing my own songs was possible. Thank you, and I adore you!! I hope you all enjoy! <3


I saved every letter I received from you
Tied up in a bundle with a ribbon of blue
The risk was too great, had to leave them all behind
But each and every one’s imprinted on my mind

Now the only letters that pass through our hands
Are the bureaucratic documents about this vast land
Speaking of letters I have one here for you
Something your friend Isaac wants you to do

He says you need to find that foreign prince, Ling
That Olivier is needing a word with him
Your man Vato he sends his regards
Says the Elric brothers both are keeping out of harm

Do you remember my friend York?
He says Olivier might be leaving the north
My friend Uni wants to tell you hello
And there’s something Alphonse desperately wants you to know

He and his brother are doing just fine
Though the death of little Nina still haunts them at night
He says that Yoki is now on our side
And Winry’s currently doing her best to hide

Alphonse had one more thing to say
What York said might happen is happening today
And now the document is fully read
I’m completely certain you know what it said

I hope you got my letters
Compiled them into something better,
And heard what I wish I could say

I love you, anyway


Tyler Carter Meets His Match

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Second Meeting: Oli & Gio

Gio was at his studio, thoroughly enjoying the use of his new shoes and since working on his abilities again; while he was alone. It had been a few days since he and Oli and met and had their ‘hang out’ of sorts. Yes he felt a bit bad for falling asleep on the other, but in the blond’s defense; he was dead tired that day. He had had a long practice before even going to the park.
His phone was plugged into the stereos, while he was trying to choreograph a new solo number. 

The blond wouldn’t have noticed his phone going off, it hadn’t interrupted his music. Gio paused and walked over to check his phone; unlocking his phone and checking the new message. It was from Oli, the message reading 'You owe me drinks. I’m cashing in today.’ . Giving a small snort at the message, the dancer replied; 'Fine. I’m at the studio, come by. I’ll be in the dance room.’ Sending it off, Gio started his music back up; and continued on with his activities.