• Kainé - Rain of Light
  • Keiichi Okabe
  • Nier Gestalt Mini-Album

Kainé / Rain of Light” is a track off one of the Japan-only mini-OST albums you received by pre-ordering the game. To my understanding, there are relatively few of these out there (particularly the Gestalt version, since Gestalt was an X-Box only release and I think there are, like, three 360s in Japan). Rain of Light, of course, wound up being on the Gestalt mini-OST, so it’s almost impossible to find. I mean, without Google.

Fortunately, this video happened to use it as background music, and it is, to my knowledge, literally the only place you can listen to this track; every other place where it was one hosted has since had it taken down.

It’s quite beautiful (and I just remembered that it’s NIER music so that makes this statement ludicrously redundant), so it’s really a pity that it’s tucked away as it is. So please, enjoy! Keep circulating the tapes!


like the stars chase the sun: a mega mix for the lonely, extraordinary girl finding her place in the universe. [listen]



1// war of hearts; ruelle 2// roses; the chain smokers 3// wild horses;  birdy 4// agape; bears den 5// i get to love you; ruelle 6// stay; sigma 7// one last time; jaymes young 8// love me again; john newman 9// conqueror; aurora 10// you; coasts 11//  time; mikky ekko 12// always take you back; night terrors of 1927 13// bravado; lorde 14// chemical; kerli 15// speeding cars; walking on cars 16// catch me if you can; walking on cars 17// you and i; pvris 18// leave a trace; chvrches 19// young god; halsey 20// i found; amber run 21// heaven; amber run 22// just my soul responding; amber run 23// heroine; dwntwn 24// missing you; dwntwn 25// believe; the bravery 26// lousy reputation; we are scientists 27// pocket full of stars; nine black alps 28// hounds of love; the futureheads 29// feeling a moment; feeder 30// love songs drug songs; x ambassadors 31// temperature’s rising; the audition 32// running with the wolves; aurora 33// technicolor beat; oh wonder 34// youth; daughter 35// unsteady; x ambassadors 36// angels; the xx 37// oceans; seafret 38// let it all go; birdy/rhodes 39// another love; tom odell 40// fight ‘til the end; jack savoretti 41// your soul; rhodes 42// stillness in woe; purity ring 43// begin again; purity ring 44// catch me if you can; walking on cars 45// never let me go; florence & the machine 46// firebreather; LAUREL

30 Days of Doctor Who: Day 22

What songs would appear on your Doctor Who playlist? Make us a mixtape!

While making this list I had four rules-not include Trock songs or music that has already been in Doctor Who and no repeats of artists. The fourth guideline was that the list has to be 12 tracks, even though there isn’t one for each Doctor.

Of course I didn’t follow the first rule well, since I wanted to add two of my favourite Trock songs. I wanted to avoid that genre to see how many “regular” songs reminded me of  Doctor Who. In parentheses are the episodes/reason I picked the songs.

  1. An Awful Lot of Running-Chameleon Circuit (Doctor Who)
  2. Starlight-Muse (10th Doctor and Rose/other companions)
  3. Time- The Mowgli’s (The Doctor)
  4. Home- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (The Day of the Doctor)
  5. Do It Anyway-Ben Folds Five (Donna and 10th Doctor)
  6. Fall into Place-Apartment (The Wedding of River Song)
  7. Ever After-Marianas Trench (Series 7, part I)
  8. Pompeii-Bastille (Series 7, part II)
  9. Another Story-The Head and the Heart (The Doctor and his companions)
  10. Pandemonium-The Pet Shop Boys (Doctor/ Master)
  11. After Hours -We Are Scientists (The End of Time and The Doctor)
  12. Closing Time-Semisonic (Regeneration)
  13. Transdimensional Mix-HardWire Productions (Doctor Who)

Listen here.