Beware Silverdeni

Havent seen this? I sugest looking into it. There’s tons of proof and I feel people need to be warned of. If you are not familiar with silverdeni I sugest avoiding her since she copies other artists. On top of which she also owes several commissions.

I never really cared for Deni/Mushy’s style because it was the cookie-cutter Disney crap and it’s not my cup of tea.

I had an inkling of an idea of how bad they were when I read the Artist Bewares on them, but holy shit this absolutely takes the cake.

Legitimately thinking of adding both Deni and Mushy to the beware list for this.

- Snake Mod

‘Nother giftart for silverdeni! Thought I’d make her something nicer than a sketchy doodle. Here’s her character looking not-so-happy about her MushyMutt chilling in her coffee…cheeky little shit, ain’t he. XD

Mini Mushy because I can.

Deni is © SilverDeni

Mushy is © MushyMutt

And art by me!

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