@sherlockvowsontheriverstyx turned 16 yesterday and like I’m super happy for her. Tate, you’re awesome, and you’re adorable, and you’re like really nice to me and you’re one of my best friends on this damn website and i hope your birthday was as awesome as you are <3

It was a beautiful afternoon. The weather was warm with the snow falling softly. We didn’t do any training on our walk. They just got to be dogs. They stopped and sniffed whatever they wanted for however long they wanted. They chased each other down the trails and around trees. I just watched them and it was perfect.

This is going to be mushy and cheesy and just plain lovey dovey but I love all the support i get from my followers when it comes to my art and lately my life has just been so stressful and it’s really nice to go on my tumblr account and be greeted by such kind, down-to-earth people and aahh ♥♥♥ i’m just so so grateful for everything and i hope life keeps surprising me with good things and great people and i am also very proud of myself for being a trooper and fighting even when things sucked a lot because i don’t know where i would be if i had given up along the way. But all in all, i’m thankful for you guys. 

Thank you for being there.

I have hit 10,000 followers.

It’s a bit surreal, to be honest. I look at that number and it’s so big. Like, it represents 10,000 individuals with hopes, dreams, bad days, pets, talents and it’s all tied together by a love of books and that means so much to me. Like, sincerely thank you for enjoying my blog. I put a lot of work and love into it and knowing that so many people enjoy my content, from my reviews and recommendations to my photos is really wonderful and it makes me all mushy.

This year has been really hard and I can’t even imagine how I’d be without the booklr community. It’s been such a support and I’ve made so many wonderful, wonderful friends that are truly incredible and have been so kind and good to me. Putting my time and energy and love into running this blog and sharing my love of books has been therapeutic and really fun for me so I’m so glad there’s such an amazing book loving community on here. I HOPE WE ALL BLOG UNTIL WE’RE 80 AND SENILE.

I’m really sorry that I can’t do a giveaway or something for you guys, but I’m tight on money and there’s stuff going on at home so I have no idea when I can do a giveaway, but I hope my sincere thanks is enough <3 I LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE OF YOU! 

A precious reminder that I love making new friends and hearing from my book bunnies (followers makes me feel like a cult, so you’re all “book bunnies” now). Whether to get to know me, comment on books you like, ask for recs, tell me about your day, whatever! I just really enjoy hearing from you guys, and I’m sorry that I can miss messages and tags, but I do really love talking to everyone  <3 Okay, I’m done with the mush. I’m just very happy and really touched :)


What I love about being older in this fandom on tumblr is seeing all you younger fans take the message of Taylor’s songs and apply it to life. Especially in this 1989 era, it’s so important to know and love yourself and it makes me so happy to see you all doing that!

Mushy Post Incoming

Can I tell you guys how much I love Sheldon

Because she means the whole world to me

Like, she is so, so incredible. I’m very, very lucky and grateful that she is in my life and with me. She is never out of mind, and I get super happy when I get to talk to her. Every time I go somewhere, I always miss her and never stop thinking about her until I come back home, and even then, she is still stuck in my mind. Sheldon has always helped me when I’m sad, and she always find time for me. She is so beautiful in every way, her smile is spectacular, her personality is amazing, everything about her is wonderful and amazing, and I just love her so much

She means so much to me, and the 3 months of being with her have been the best ever, and I hope we are both together for the longest of time.

And Sheldon, if you see this, you are an adorable doofus, and I love you very much~


It’s funny how one thing can affect your life in such a huge way. With Freaking Out coming out in a few hours, I’ve thinking over how much the past year or so has been shipped by the original video.

I hadn’t even heard of Mystery Skulls, much less the video, until someone from a driver’s ed class mentioned the video to me and I looked it up. The characters were instantly appealing, and looking up art and information about them led me to meet a whole variety of people who I am eternally grateful to know.

It really is amazing to me how something like a 3 minute music video can make people come together like it has, and I think it’s a testament to how any work of art can grow and inspire and amaze people. It really is amazing to me how something has snowballed into what it is.

With that, I want to thank @mysterybensmysteryblog @heilos @koalacola @artsyfeathersartsyblog for their wonderful work in getting this started (and anyone who I’ve accidentally missed, I’m afraid I’m not 100% up to speed on behind the scenes of it), and for introducing me to my friends and admirable artists @your-rock-anon @vickyhoots–thepiratesandwich @lewanei @squigglydigg @hyperchronic @shadowlillium and all the wonderful creations they’ve made (especially Squiggs given she’s who I was first exposed to).

Many thanks to everyone all around!


Misty is my roommate’s favorite among all of my sims, so I decided to take some photos and dedicate them to her ♥ I also just really wanted to try this hairstyle on her too. :P 

Also my roommate is the only person who I let follow me from my personal life, and she is so incredibly sweet and I love talking to her about my game. She’s so incredibly supportive and has been really encouraging when I’ve been nervous about some points in the story-line. So a big thank you to her!! 

Dear Lea Michele,

I am perpetually in awe of you. You were able to face your insecurity, accept your true self, and ultimately confront that insecurity again in front of millions of viewers. Not only did you confront your insecurity– you kicked its ass by using it as a platform to encourage us all to love ourselves, “imperfections” and all. Your ability to overcome odds and prove those industry people wrong is inspiring beyond words. You fight for yourself, and the people who ever doubted you wind up putting their foot in their mouth. I hope to be so lucky one day…

Keep being the Lea we love!


Greatest Hubbie Ever

This chuckle f*cker right here is the love of my life and he makes my life so happy and wonderful!! He loves me more than anyone could in the entire world and I love him to no ends! He makes me laugh cause he’s sucha goober. He wipes away my tears. He takes care of me. He’ll talk to me for hours and hold me until I feel better again. He’s my entire universe and more. And thanks to him I have all the cool pretty pictures I post on my blog since he’s my photographer and I wanted to put him in the spotlight even though he can get camera shy himself, he’s sucha cute little ham though when you do get a picture of him. (っ◔◡◔)っ ❤

Good afternoon?

I may or may not still be in bed at 12:10. Oops. Can’t complain. I am having the best long weekend that I have ever had.

*Warning: This girl is incredibly love sick.*

I am so in love with Dave that it’s sickening. lol! Things have been taken to a whole new level in our relationship this weekend and I honestly could not be happier right now! I’m so excited that I could just squeal about everything that has happened and that will be happening in the near future!! I never thought I could feel this way. This weekend was so so perfect!

Best way to kick off my birthday week!

Only 2 days until my 26th birthday!

I’m such a lucky girl.

I apologize for the overly happy & mushy post(s) as of late.

Happy (lazy) Monday y’all!

P.S. Another thing I love…my straight hair. It’s pretty much amazing.


Three Years

Today is our 3 year anniversary. Three years ago I put on a beautiful white dress, my brother walked me down the aisle, we said our vows, we danced, and we celebrated with our amazing families and friends.  It was the best day of my life.  I had no worries and I wasn’t the least bit stressed or nervous; instead I was so excited and so happy to start this journey with the man I would call my husband.  At the end of the day it isn’t about the food or the decorations or the music; it’s about starting a life together and celebrating the love you have for one another.

It is hard to believe it’s been three years.  Time flies when you’re having fun and we’ve definitely had a lot of fun over the past 3 years.  Sure, we have faced obstacles, sad times, and argued along the way, but we have handled it all together as a team.  I think that is one of the greatest things about our marriage…we are a true team.  We stand beside one another, tackle problems together, and work together to accomplish our goals.  Marriage is work, but I think it’s work in a good way.  We had heard so many stories/warnings that the first year of marriage was the hardest, but luckily we breezed right through that first year.  Actually, I’d say all three years have been good to us, but we also work at it everyday.  We both agree that even if our marriage is good, we want more. We don’t want to settle for good and instead we will continue to work everyday to make our marriage as strong as it can be.  We have done so much in the past three years and I am so excited to see what the future has in store for us. 

So babe, thank you.  Thank you for being my partner, for encouraging me when I need motivation, for believing in me when I doubt myself, for loving me despite my moods and weird quirks, for putting up with me (and my moods/quirks), for supporting my goals, for taking me to Olive Garden even though you don’t love it, for the little things you surprise me with, for spoiling me, for teaching me so much about life, love, and cars , for being you…the list goes on and on.  So, here’s to you, and to us, and to many, many more years together. 


and I love her so, so much
i’m extremely happy and grateful i’m with someone as caring as her

9 years, 7 months, and 7 days.

That’s what separates us.

I am 25 & he is 35. That age difference might sound like a lot to most, but to me it doesn’t matter one bit. I honestly forget that we are so different in age. To me, age doesn’t really matter as long as you are happy and love each other. We get along so great together and he is truly one of my best friends.

At first it was a little weird just telling people that I was dating a guy that was that much older than me, but other than that I didn’t care at all. Funny thing is that Dave was the one of us that was the most hesitant about it. He had his eye on me for an entire year before we finally went on a date because he was worried that I would turn him down because of the age difference. (silly boy!) I had a crush on him from Day 1 when we met on a trip to Savannah and danced the night away and, like a gentleman, he walked me back to the hotel we were all staying at back in 2011. 10 months and 12 days later, he finally asked me out.  Thank goodness! And 1 year and 9 months later, I still feel like the luckiest girl. 

While we have so much in common and get along so well, we also have our differences. A big one is the fact that he has been married before. I had never been in a relationship (or even been on a date) until him. I am a planner and he doesn’t plan a thing. He is impatient and I can sometimes be too patient. I think we balance each other out very well. And the most important thing of all, is he makes me happy. Others might have a negative reaction to our relationship solely based on our age difference, but I don’t care. It’s our relationship, not theirs! He’s mine. All 9 years, 7 months, and 7 days older of him. 

Throwback Thursday: Eddie and I started dating in January of 2006. In April we went to the beach for spring break together with my family. Not only did my dad moon him when he pulled in the driveway before we left, a mere 3 months after we started dating… talk about mortifying, but I think this is when I began to realize how serious our relationship was going to be. It was a little scary but very exciting. I didn’t know what love was just yet, but I know for sure this is really when I started falling in love with him.

You know what they say… a picture is worth a thousand words.
This picture is worth more.

I brought someone home last night.

I had plans with this guy for two weeks before finally getting to go out, because of exams. Last night became the night. I got ready and he picked me up and came inside to meet my parents without hesitation. He charmed their socks off. He answered all of their questions calmly and turned out to be everything they wanted me to date. My dad wanted to get my attention and so my mom took him to show our house and while she did, she offered him an internship. My mom knew him for ten minutes and already offered him an internship! We finally were allowed to leave. I think they wanted to hang out with him some more because they liked him so much. We got in the car and he said, “You look lovely tonight.” I just smiled graciously and said, “Thank you.” We went out to one of my favorite restaurants. We passed it and he goes, “Hey, Relish is pretty good!” and I agreed and dinner was settled. He was winging the whole night, he admitted. We got in and had dinner, we talked politics - what a risky move - but it turned out okay. I kind of have a habit of always talking politics because I live in a crazy radical liberal mindset that everything is based off of. We talked about art and sociology and human nature. We talked about our minds and neither judged the other because we had the same things in our brains, give or take. I threw out the idea that I might have Bipolar II and he asked how I was doing and mentioned what I was describing sounded like it was as I thought. We talked about school and work and crazy scenarios. We talked for two hours, barely touching our food - salad for me and grilled cheese for him - and got coffee because the moment “wasn’t spent.” We both got it black. Then we talked movies, we decided to go back and watch V for Vendetta. We got back to his place and I met his parents. They were the nicest parents I’ve met. I felt like they were really genuine and kind and I pick up on fake qualities like a hammer hitting a nail. Especially with parents. She showed me the house and I mentioned that I was an interior design major for a semester and she asked my opinion. She had a good start and a great plan awaiting the bathroom she was remodeling. I wished I had her house and furniture. Anyway, we got downstairs and we couldn’t find this movie anywhere, we tore the downstairs apart and then he asked, “do you remember the VCR?” I replied, “I still watch Peter Pan whenever I get the chance.” And he said, “Peter Pan was my shit when I was little. Along with The Sword in the Stone.” I was won over in one foul swoop. We just talked Disney for a good fifteen minutes while trying to find this anarchist movie. So, we decide to watch Totoro. We fooled around with it to only find out that one of the three devices didn’t work so we then chose, while it still being only 11:30, that we could watch another DVD downstairs. We looked through the other possible movies and we found The Jungle Book. He won more brownie points when he mentioned the artwork and the painting and wondered if Animation would ever make a come back. He asked if I had watched Frozen or Tangled and I said I had and rather hated them. He agreed and I just smiled like an idiot and rested my head on his shoulder. He mentioned taking me home after the movie and I said that that was fine because it’d be late and we still lived with our parents. He didn’t hesitate to put his arm around me and I traced his hands and arm. We actually watched most of the movie and we were content. And I have never felt so many butterflies as I had when he finally kissed me. We just kissed and kissed and when the movie ended, he played it again and asked me to stay the night. I just kissed him a million more times and he asked again so I texted my mom. I looked at him and just thought, “My God, he’s attractive. He kind of looks like James Franco, but with a fuller face.” She texted me back, then, and said to come home so we kissed instead and left a few minutes later. We got in the car and he moved his hand a few inches above my thigh, motioning subtly for me to take his hand. This boy was 22 and he acted like he was 17 again. Every time he had to shift the gear, he would, and then brought his hand back to meet mine. The ride was 30 minutes so we got to talk again. I want to say we talked about reality as it pertains to different people, like an art form. I felt smart and impressive and equal, for once, and I didn’t feel judged or wrong or anything I’ve been feeling a lot of lately. I felt human and I wondered if it was how a real relationship, of any kind, was supposed to work. We got to my driveway and he asked if I was going to be okay going in there, since my mom got mad that I asked to spend the night, and I said I was. He went to touch my cheek and I turned just in time. He kissed me, again, and again, but I had to stop him because my parents were going to call again. I went to reach for the door and he said, “I’d love to buy you dinner again, soon,” with a smile on his face. The stupid James Franco smirk that won over every girl that watched Freaks and Geeks. He waited until I got inside. I feel like he would have walked me up to the door if it weren’t 2:10 in the morning, with possibly angry parents. I was okay with that. I got up to the door and waved and he waved back and I entered my house. I took a last look at my phone to see a text from my mom that said, “Cant wait to hear about it.” My parents called to me and they asked how everything went, with smiles on their faces. My mom teased me and wished me a good night and said that she was glad to have me home. I told them that I loved them both and wished them a good night. I came up to my room and got undressed to go to bed. I texted him and told him that my parents asked about it with smiles on their faces and turned on Game of Thrones and Tumblr and fell asleep almost instantaneously. I woke up around 10AM to find two texts that read, “Well, that’s positive.” and, “I wish you could have stayed, though.” I just smiled and replied, “As do I.” I curled up with a smile on my face and went back to dreaming.

“I won a second date,” I thought.