mushy garbage

Last night my husband started getting teary eyed while we were laying in bed and of course i asked wtf was wrong because he is not an emotional man, and he said: “Nothing, I just love you so much and you’re so beautiful”.

It was the grossest and cutest thing ever and it just reminded me of how in love I am with this amazing man he’s genuinely my best friend and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.

My god this post is gross but for real I’m so lucky.


Frisk doesn’t say much.

Things which might be in detriment to your health: startling Sans when he’s not expecting it. Good thing he’s so chill despite… you know.. everything. Otherwise he might’ve accidentally taken Frisk’s head off.

That third panel is one of my favourite things I’ve drawn in a while, although a lot of the posing in this turned out pretty good. imo at least.

My last silly comic got an INSANE amount of feedback, it’s a really rough act to try and follow. I actually have a lot of confidence problems with Undertale fanart. There’s just SO MUCH fanart for this game out there it often… if not always… feels like I might as well not draw anything for it because I can contribute NOTHING that has not been done better, or which is just smarter, more meaningful, and more beautiful an idea. So lately I’ve been having repeating thoughts of “why bother? There’s no point. You’re outclassed and out preformed and anything you DO draw is just passing fancy "niceness” which impacts no-one and is meaningless.“

Not to mention everyone has these really dramati, emotional artwork, which I really wanna do too, but my brain is just like “draw this mushy garbage nonsense instead!” and I’m just like “ok.”

It’s very disheartening.

I’m drawing anyway though. Although sometimes it REALLY stings after I upload something.

I dunno. I guess I’m not very good at this "draw for yourself” mindset.

But regardless, I AM happy with this :3 and if nothing else I’m learning quite a bit about how to handle comics like these.

tiedtogetherwithadagger  asked:

Do you have any pets? If no, answer the following questions with what you would want yours to be, please! What animals are they? How many? Names? Colors? Nicknames? Favorite memory or story about them?

Yes! I have two dogs, both border collie mutts. They’re named Lucy and Ethel after I Love Lucy. Ethel is black and white and Lucy is white and black. I call Lucy: Lulu, Lucy Goosey, Lulu Bear, Goose Bear, Bear, Baby, Lulu Booboo, and all kinds of other mushy garbage because she’s the love of my life. I call Ethel: Effie, Eff-a-Weff, Effie Baby, Effie Effie Effie, and Effie Weffie. Again. She’s my child. I’ve had them nearly as long as I can remember so it’s hard to think of one story. Something with Lucy is that there were a decent amount of stray cats in my old neighborhood, so of course the dogs would flip their shit if they saw one. One time like at least seven years ago Lucy saw one in our yard, bolted after it, and picked it up in her mouth. But Lucy apparently never actually considered what she would do if she one day caught a cat, because she just stood there like hmmmm… this is new…. and then shook the poor thing once, and just dropped it. She still freaks out if she sees one, but clearly she’s not too interested in what happens if she actually catches one. 

This is them!

sleepover saturday!

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you come up to my door in the middle of a sea of children, aren’t you a little old to be trick-or-treating?? (Bellamy is 10/10 the one trick or treating)

this did not turn out the way i planned so it’s gross and fluffy and what even is a plot (i certainly don’t know) but here it is, happy halloweenie


As far as holidays go, Clarke can’t really say she has a favorite. At this point in her life she’s had so many of them ruined by people she loves dying, exes cheating on her or betraying her that she has trouble picking a holiday she even likes- much less a favorite out of those. But so far, Halloween remains in her good graces.

If she tried hard enough, she could most likely find something unpleasant to associate with the day and officially ruin the full spectrum of celebratory occasions, but she didn’t have the energy to. In complete honesty, all Clarke wanted to do was settle down on her couch with a nice glass of bourbon and watch scary movies until she fell asleep, but her apartment building has too many children in it for that to be a viable option. So instead, she’s sitting in the arm chair she dragged across her living room to the entry way hall, waiting for people to knock on her door and ask for candy.

It isn’t what she would call a thrilling Friday night, but she’s had worse.

She sees at least four spidermen before she opens her door to find herself face to face with a very broad, very patriotic chest.

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yo, does "deez nutz" ever refer to boiled peanuts because if so fuck that noise and fuck yo nuts. goober-pea bullshit wack-ass mushy garbage.

Deez nutz refers to testicles.