Daisy had decided to step out for a bit and go for a walk through the Mushroom Kingdom. Even if she’d been here many times, she still liked to take in the beautiful scenery the place had to offer. It was much MUCH different than her home kingdom, what with golden sand replaced with luscious green meadows and many lakes and rivers making the place just seem filled with life! 

This was one of the main reasons she came here so often, of course apart from wanting to see Peach and the Bros. Speaking of them, she hadn’t heard from any of them for a while. She guessed they must be busy on another adventure again, that was normally the case anyway. Still, it would be nice to see them again. Maybe she’d see them while she was out…?

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“Peachy girl!” The floral Princess cheered with delight over at her. A huge smile shown on her face as she runs over to the Pink Princess while holding her dress a few inches from the ground so she doesn’t trip. Once approaching her, Daisy wrapped her arm around Peach’s shoulder and smirks. “Been doing alright? That big ol’ Bowser isn’t causing you problems now is he?” She asked her, raising one of her eyebrows, her smirk still remaining.