Luminous Mushroom

A smaller cousin to Lamp Mushrooms, Luminous Mushrooms tend to glow much more brightly, and all over, usually in gold, red or purple-blue. While this has prompted some Herbologists to grow the fungus in their gardens, some are wary of doing so, as the spores of the fungus have mild hallucinogenic effects on magical humans, crups, kneazles, and other magical breeds of otherwise mundane creatures.

This effect is not present when the fungus itself is cooked and eaten, and when used in potionmaking (usually of calming, cheering and anti-hysteria brews) it has little effect. Some effect has been noticed when the spores are added to certain alcoholic brews (Luminous Butterbeer especially) creating a soothing effect and occasional hallucinations of softly glowing lights. Luminous Mead, as made by Hogsmeade’s Madam Rosmerta, is also popular, though it is generally not permitted for those underage to drink it, nor for those who plan to Apparate home.

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