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Microcosmic on Redbubble!

Hey, friends! I have exciting news: I opened a Redbubble shop for illustrations I’ve designed that have been inspired what I’ve seen while hiking. Each illustration can be printed on shirts, phone cases, stickers, wall prints, totes, and more.  Click this link to see the shop! I hope you like them as much as I do. :)

“Ben 10″ (Original Series) - Gwen and Max Art from Comic Con 06 Artbook

In the bottom left of this image, we can see prototype designs for Ben and Max

I apologize for the signature, this is just how I found the scans.

I don’t have much to say about Max, but the Gwen with the ponytail here is an interesting one, as it’s the same one seen in those Test Shots from “Washington B.C.”, although, Gwen has a mushroom on her shirt instead of a Koala, and then later they must have changed it to the Cat insignia.

And in the tiny Height Chart image, we can see Gwen’s OS Design, but with the prototype colors.

Yes, that’s an energy dome. Yes, “energy dome” is the proper term for what you’ve been calling “that Devo hat thingy.” And just as Devo asked “Are We Not Men?” this design from Josh Geiser asks if the Toads of the world don’t have just as much validity and personality as beings. Get it on a shirt now, and let everyone know that no matter how much life makes you devolve or get your head stomped on, you’ve still got a great attitude and the very best taste in everything. [GET IT HERE]