mushroom no evil

Six degrees of why (almost) everything is Gerard Argent’s fault.

Hear me out… if you follow almost every major villain Teen Wolf villain back to the source of when it all went wrong, you’ll find Gerard Argent, lurking in the shadows like a moldy evil mushroom.


Kate Argent

It could be argued that many of the bad things that have happened on Teen Wolf are in fact Kate Argent’s fault, so we should address her first. Would she have ended up the way she did without her father’s influence? Maybe, maybe not, but we clearly see his fingerprints all over her worldview. While she and everyone else in this list are still ultimately responsible for their own actions, they were all influenced by Gerard Argent to some extent, and this is true of Kate most of all.


Peter Hale

As with Kate, he’s also been the instigator behind many a misfortune. Yes, Peter was obviously always of questionable ethics and morality and probably would have ended up in some kind of trouble anyway, but he wouldn’t have ended up on the path he took in the show without the Hale fire, which was set by Kate, because of the fanatical speciesism instilled in her by Gerard.


Deucalion & the Alpha Pack

Deucalion is another clear example of someone who was set on their dark, melodramatic path to murder and mayhem by Gerard Argent’s unscrupulous behavior and betrayal, and then of course through him we get the rest of the Alpha Pack.


Jennifer Blake / The Darach

Her fall to the dark side came after she was almost killed by Kali, which happened because of Deucalion, who was doing the whole Alpha Pack thing because of Gerard.


The Kanima

While Gerard didn’t have anything to do with why Jackson became what he did, or how Matt started using him, he happily took over using the kanima for his own nefarious purposes.


Meredith Walker / The Benefactor / the bounty hunters

Meredith and everything that was set in motion because of what she did (including the actions of a host of minor bounty-hunter type villains) were a result of her absorbing Peter’s crazy rage when he was in a burn induced coma … which he was in, because of the Hale fire, because of Kate, because of Gerard.  


The Berserkers

The ones we saw were all under Kate’s influence, after she was turned by Peter trying to kill her, which ties them back to Gerard through both Kate and Peter.  


The Exceptions (aka, there’s a reason for the almost!)
Every rule has a few, right? 

Matt Daehler

Went down a bad path without Gerard’s influence, although, Gerard did manage to get his hand into the mix, since he killed Matt.  


The Nogitsune / the Oni

Thus far the only confirmed instance of a major villain that really had nothing to do with Gerard Argent. Although, Gerard did (unwittingly?) send his 18 year old son to a clandestine arms deal with a bunch of Yakuza, one of whom was apparently possessed and being hunted by Oni, which nearly got said son killed, so there’s that.


The Dread Doctors

Too early yet to say, since we know very little about them at this point. Right now it seems like they are most likely their own thing, but who knows what future reveals may bring?


Of course, this only covers the major villains. There have been various minor villains not directly influenced by Gerard, but even so, most of them were touched in some manner by the circumstances surrounding the major villains, and could be said to have some connectivity in that way.

One final cheery thought: Gerard is still out there somewhere, alive and presumably with no one keeping active tabs on him now that Allison is gone and Chris is off chasing Kate.

Star vs Zombies Heroes

In “Plants vs. Zombies Heroes” reference, Star as Solar Flare and Marco as Nightcap. They have the plant/fungi superheroes with their own unique offensive or defensive capabilities, around a house, in order to stop a horde of villain zombies from reaching Diaz’s house of the resident.