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Why do people like the dark elves so much, when they're racist, xenophonic slavers and generally assholes?

That’s precisely WHY people are so endeared to them. Morrowind is rather unique because the game’s mechanics aren’t just unexplained to you, but the world itself is. 

You’re dumped into a strange alien environment, your first view of a town is a swampy town with a giant ass bug parked outside it. Why is there a bug? Fuck you outlander, everyone knows what the bug is for, you stupid ignorant n’wah. What’s an n’wah? Well fuck you again, everyone knows what an n’wah is, you s’wit. See, everyone else but you knows what these things are, they’re not gonna tell you, it’s up to you to figure it out. Just like it’s up to you to gain the trust and respect of the local dunmer.

Morrowind and the dunmer are not things that are welcoming. They are hostile, their ways seem commonplace to them but are alien to you. And that’s ultimately what makes it so rewarding and immerses players, because Morrowind is utterly devoted to its idea that all this weird shit is exactly the way the world works. There’s no time when someone stops, looks at the camera, and goes “Hey look at this weird bug, it’s weird right?”. No, the bug isn’t weird, the bug is the thing people use to get to work.

And because Morrowind forces players to sit down and start obeying its rules, and because those players force themselves to become part of that culture of mad wizardlords and theocratic xenophobes, they ultimately feel more like they belong there, and actually get to know and understand that made up culture. It’s sort of like effort justification. The reason we like dunmer is because we’ve spent all that time getting to understand those weirdos. Sure they’re bug-riding slavers, but they’re our bug riding slavers, and we didn’t trek halfway across the continent in jellyfish-leather boots dodging weird scribs and whatever-the-hells to have someone tell us otherwise.

So I’m thinking of hosting Sunday Fungi Forays beginning around the end of September through autumn. Each week, selecting a new area to check out. Most will be Bay Area spots, and a couple longer distance / possible Saturday-Sunday camp outs. We’d all meet, forage & explore, help each other with ID, and then cook up any edibles to enjoy together. Would anyone be interested?

“Dewey made his way towards the doorway, his footsteps virtually silent as he crept closer and closer. The sounds of clinking glass jars and tupperware being pried open along with frustrated grunts grew louder and more distinct. Dewey quickly realized that the frustrated quacks were not Uncle Donald’s, and he that had no idea who was raiding the fridge.”

Duckvember #2

decided to write something for today’s prompt, and what better thing to write about than ducks

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Sucy’s Rhyme

Dianakko Week 2017 Day 5 - Spellbound/Enchanted Link

Fifth submission for @dianakko-week

Summary: The witches thought it was a great idea to go on a beach trip in the tropical islands for summer but then it became a horrid mess when their rented van broke down in the middle of the mountains and Sucy decided to have fun with her own kind of devilish way.

“Whose idea was it to suddenly have a camping beach trip in Southeast Asia?” Amanda asked.

Akko got irritated. She knew Amanda was trying to irk her. “Hey!” she pointed at the fiery redhead’s chest. “I wasn’t the only one who thought it was a good idea!”

Amanda was about to make a rebuttal when Lotte got in between the two hot-headed witches. While the two continued bickering, Professor Ursula looked at the van they rented from the Airport. Seeking for what caused the engine to suddenly die down.

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I Realize That I Need You

An addendum to These Things Take Forever I Especially Am Slow. Another “firsts” drabble that was just not fitting in with the structure of the other story but felt solid enough to stand on its own.

Fandom: Trolls (2016)
Rating: G, maybe pushing a PG but probably not
Pairing: Branch / Poppy

Notes: I couldn’t really work it into the narrative but Branch is about 14 and Poppy is 12 so timeline-wise it’s between the third and fourth drabble in These Things.

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