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I’m in a New South Wales mushroom and fungi group, and it’s genuinely the highlight of my day when sweet old ladies and men post about cute mushrooms they found and detail how nice their day was because of that lil mushroom. It’s so pure.

POP ART (snippet)
Lady Gaga
POP ART (snippet)

This ARTPOP outtake snippet has been circulating since 2013. ‘POP ART’ was supposedly produced by Infected Mushroom, the same group who produced ‘Aura.’ The song is ‘Never Mind’ by Infected Mushroom. This snippet opens with 'This Is Love’ by feat. Eva Simons in reverse. Thank you to artpopladygagaera​ for helping me find this. When this snippet is reversed, the lyric “you” is clear. However, this specific “you” came from the song ‘Nothing On (But The Radio).’ I would like to say thank you to Tumblr user what-did-u-just-lana-del-say for helping me find this. A special thank you to son-ofaphrodite


Hidden Secrets of the San Francisco Botanical Gardens

I have a nasty cold and I took a slow convalescent walk through the botanical gardens yesterday evening. 

Of course there were the normal flowers, but I also found the smallest little white mushrooms I’ve even seen, a million little brown mushrooms,  a huge basket stinkhorn and a serene greenhouse with awesome succulents.

(Golden Gate Park, 11/2012)

tagging thevortexofourminds to one of my posts because he was in the chat thing when i said i was making this blog and he does photography things and that is some of what this blog will be and just so he knows it exists if he is interested in bad photography at all


Honey Mushrooms (Armillaria mellea group) in Chantry Flats. When we arrived, we assumed someone had picked the caps off the mushrooms to the right. But the caps were actually strewn around the area…which makes me think someone stepped on them :’(

While this is a parasitic species (possible motive for the shroom-stomping?), it’s also a delicious edible comparable to shiitake when stir-fried. The stalks are very fibrous so most people only eat the caps (hence why we thought someone only wanted the caps ^)

Though the species can vary in appearance (color, shape, cap stickiness/aka viscidity, or manner of growth) there are some consistent key features (taken from David Arora’s Mushrooms Demystified):

“1) the presence of a veil

2) the tough, fibrous stalk

3) frequent presence of small dark hairs on the cap

4) the bitter taste when raw (some people, however, are unable to detect it)

5) the growth on wood (thought it may be buried)

6) the white or faintly yellowish spores (in any mature cluster the lower caps will be covered with white spore dust)”

*you can see the little cap “hairs” better in the last picture