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These never cease to amaze me. Beefsteak fungus (fistulina hepatica), edible, and good with the correct recipe. Found a good haul of these today, but this specimen was particularly gelatinous. #mushroom #mushrooms #fungi #fungus #wildfoodlove #shrooms #nature #foraging #forage #foraged #walk #bushcraft #survival #outdoor #walking #hiking #outdoors #shroomatnoon #mycology #fungusamongus #wildfood #survival #wilderness #woodland #woods #forest #countryside #mushroomsociety #england #gloucestershire

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“Chicken of the woods” (Laetiporus sulphureus)

Chattahoochee national Forest
September 21st 2015

There are generally two types of Chicken Of The Woods. One that has yellow pores and one that has white pores. We generally find the white pore variety close to the ground where the old trunk or roots of a decaying tree still remain. The yellow poor variety is usually found growing on the trunk of a dead or dying tree. Personally we prefer the white variety because it seems to be a little thicker which makes it slightly better when cooked. We have posted photos of both white and yellow variety. But regardless of what variety you find it is a tasty edible! The texture is really like chicken meat. If one were to slice the mushroom thick, sauté them in a pan with butter and chicken stock, one would easily believe that they are eating chicken. It’s great in a roast or a stirfry too.
It’s exciting when finding this mushroom because it pops out of the forest with its bright orange and yellow color. It’s beautiful and is supple to the touch. Here in the Southeast, we wait until the temperatures change, the leaves begin to turn, and have had about a week of rain. We keep an eye out when hiking or when driving the gravel roads in the mountains we keep our eyes peeled and take it slow.
We consider the Chicken Of The Woods mushroom in the top five safe mushrooms for beginners to forage. Always consult an expert before consuming wild mushrooms. Below is a link to further reading on this mushroom.

Chicken Of The Woods Wikipedia link:

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Check out the video I made on how to identify mushrooms! Stay tuned until the very end for a mushoomy surprise.

Foraging was a success yesterday! My best friend Maya and I didn’t find a lot but we found enough. Lobster mushrooms, slippery jacks, and one single cute wee puffball. We found some boletes we weren’t familiar with too, took a few home to identify and test. I also gathered some old mans beard moss.


Found this bolete, which stains vibrant blue when cut open. Closest I.D I have on it is the Lurid bolete, yet the cap colour doesn’t seem to match the description. It was also found in grassland, relatively far away from any trees. #mushroom #mushrooms #fungi #fungus #vibrant #shrooms #nature #foraging #forage #foraged #walk #bushcraft #survival #outdoor #walking #hiking #outdoors #shroomatnoon #mycology #fungusamongus #wildfood #survival #wilderness #woodland #woods #forest #countryside #outdoorsman #england #gloucestershire

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Another Finnish tradition in the more rural areas is to gather in a Kota Hut. I was obsessed with how perfect these would be back home in the rainy NW and I plan to build one someday as part of my dream cabin. The huts are a year round gathering place to cook on a wood fire and then eat, drink, and talk in the warm shelter. The various tiers of cast iron allowed for a stew to slow cook, coffee to brew, direct grilling, or indirect smoking. A wood fire cooking dream. We enjoyed this dish that included wild salmon, foraged local mushroom salad and homemade rye bread sitting on a caribou hide. Photographed for @airbnb

I feel so lucky to be able to make create and somehow have you folks enjoy them! As a thank you, I always create packages full of little nature related gifts such as filling up boxes full of foraged treasures I find (I only gather what has fallen to the ground).

I’m actually starting to run out of my goodies, so happy I’m going camping for a month next month. I’m gonna find all the things!



Autumn Foraging

Hen of the Woods mushrooms, hickory nuts, rose hips, and acorns. Though it’s possible, the acorns aren’t for eating, I just want to plant a couple of oak trees.

It’s been a thin season for summer and fall mushrooms, especially for chanterelles and boletes; a lot of searching with little return. Thankfully other edibles like fruits and nuts are still plentiful.


It’s a shame they can’t produce this for those vegetarians out there. It’s an amazing mushroom. Clean of the spores and cook it like you would chicken. It absorbs a lot of moisture and flavour so you might need to use more oil/sauce than you normally would.

There’s a reason why it’s called chicken of the woods…. can you tell the difference?