mushroom crown


Stardew Valley inspired cuz it’s a great game for letting my mind wander. I was collecting mushrooms in the cave on my farm (like ya do) & thought a mushroom crown would be more amazing than a flower crown.  Bilbo would totally rock a mushroom crown…then he’d eat it. :D  I think these are all edible cuz I researched mushrooms in the UK.  Big fan of the Chanterelle and the Porcelain Fungus which are both along the back of his head.

Posting the rough because I think I’m gonna transfer this onto tan toned paper and finish it by hand. All yellows, whites and browns ^_^ I hope it looks as good in real life as it does in my head.

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blueberryfuzz: DEAR DIARY give me some good gossip Thorn

read my diary

     my dear diary,

  today I have met the cutest person alive! he gifted me with the most beautiful of gifts, a moon-shroom he called it. it glows in the dark! I have placed the cute little thing beside my bed, I will have to ask him how to best take care of it later, I totally forgot thinking about how spectacular he was. I had given him a flower crown made of some of my favorite flowers, they did not glow but they do have the most amazing smell. he gave me one from the crown too! because ‘he thought I should have something so beautiful too’. oh! I almost forgot. his name is Mune! he is a friend of the families, so I have known of him but never quite had the chance to really meet him until now. I am glad I did. he is the nicest person I have ever met. he does this adorable thing with his ears when he gets excited, and his tail twitches, and he even trills! he is adorable… I hope to see him more…. 

Dear Returning Fannibals

(and those of you who never left, and anybody else who posts a bunch of Hannibal stuff)

With season 3 is almost upon us, I’m sure loads of you are going to be popping up all over this website in the next week like adorable, flower-crown-wearing mushrooms on a buried diabetic. I only began revolving my life around discovered this show in the thick of the HeAteUs, so there’s a good chance I haven’t met you yet. If that’s the case, you are cordially invited to my dashboard.

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Looking forward to savouring the hunt with you,

<3 madamantler