mushroom building

In Super Mario RPG, there is a mysterious character behind a building in Mushroom Kingdom that gives you different advice throughout the game. Removing the foreground layers in an attempt to see the character reveals that, unsurprisingly, no one is there. Since the character was intended to remain unseen, the designers saw no need to place a sprite.

In my unpublished book series, the Gnomes (Central Elves) were essential to bringing peace between the Alfasir (Northern Elves) and Alfanir (Southern Elves) due to their neutrality (too busy building little mushroom homes to care about war!)

things i want in animal crossing new leaf

- give us back the flea market every first saturday of the month because THERE IS SOME FURNITURE I WANT TO BUY FROM MY VILLAGERS OKAY

- also give us back the bin in the townhall thing bc I WANT TO SPAM MY VILLAGERS UNTIL THEY GIVE UP THE FURNITURE I WANT

- please give us different seasons in tortiland/the expeditions so we can complete the museum without time travelling or waiting an entire year to see the four seasons going around and also for more expedition diversity (make expeditions like a mushroom hunt, a snowmen building competition, etc…)

- also give us back celeste’s observatory and the constellation making PLEASE AND THANK YOU !!!!!

i will add things as they come

(also who wants me to do an animal crossing new leaf sideblog ? i know i have so many sideblogs and i literally take care of zero (0) of them but hmu if you’re interested okay bye !!!!!)

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So, are you living healthy, Zabuza? No alcohol, indulgent foog or drugs? Like a true shinobi?

“Honestly, he seems to be peak of perfection when it comes to health. He has a pretty standard diet and he does drink socially…that is when he’s not in the mood for showing off his secret talent of drinking what in theory is paint peeler at our local tavern…He’s probably one our most strongest shinobi to date….however what frightens me is not his strength or endurance….it’s his iron constitution. Zabuza from what I’ve herd had a very hard upbringing…some say he lived off of the smallest of scraps just to live. It’s understandable seeing how many probably had similar childhoods….Zabuza bizarrely enough till this day has what I can only describe as an ether for a stomach. He one time came into the anbu headquarters asking me about a very particular mushroom he ate during his mission out of curiosity and the fact he had a minor stomach ache for 3 days none stop. He said it looked like a shiitake mushroom but bigger and had a white stripes on it. He ate a ‘Tiger Mushroom’, it’s suppose to be so poisonous that it could make even the biggest of animals ill to the brink of death….he told me he ate one a week or so prior to his visit…..kami knows what kind of a man Zabuza is.”

Vivian Protection Squad

( @askteenmariobros )

In hindsight, this was probably a bad idea.

At the very least, it probably didn’t look good to any outsiders.

Shelly sat at the cafe’s outdoor patio, quietly sipping her Starbeans Espresso and constantly stealing glances across the street. On the other side of the road stood Mushroom Kingdom Academy’s main building. If what she read on their website was correct, classes should be ending right about now, so it wouldn’t be long until students started pouring out and she could - hopefully! - spot Vivian in the crowd.

… Okay, yes, even Shelly had to admit it was probably a bit stalker-ish or something, but… she was worried, darnit. The things Vivian had mentioned when she visited the salon, and during that Halloween party last year… Something was very, very wrong in that poor girl’s home life. She needed help… but how? She was clearly too afraid to speak up about it, which left Shelly with very little to go on, but… she could keep an eye on her from afar to make sure she was safe, at least.

Did that make what she was doing look any less sketchy?… Not really, no. But she knew child abuse when she saw it. Shelly’s mother, investigative journalist that she was, frequently quoted to her how most cases of abuse were allowed to continue simply because those close to the victim ignored the warning signs. Shelly had learned that lesson well; she was not about to let Vivian become just another statistic.

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What is tumblr?

tumblr is what happens when 197.3 million people of all ages, genders and races work together to post and repost the same fifteen images over and over again all day across all time zones. Those images are:

  1. A screencap of an older tumblr post.
  2. A cute kitten.
  3. A large dog.
  4. The bathroom selfie of Claire C. Larkhurst of Paloma, Wisconsin.
  5. Steve Buscemi.
  6. The gif of that dog throwing up as it tries to hump another dog.
  7. Some pretty mushrooms.
  8. An old building.
  9. A misattributed political statement.
  10. A fact I just made up.
  11. A drawing of an “OTP.”
  12. Mountains.
  13. Jennifer Lawrence.
  14. Another cute kitten.
  15. Porn.

tumblr’s speed leads to the illusion that other images have been posted, but this is merely an effect of constant visual bombardment upon the brain of the common tumblrite. There are no other images on the site, all the other celebrities, gore, social justice and so on are merely projections of the user. So if you see something you hate on tumblr, you in fact merely hate your own subconscious and its hallucinatory manifestations. Oh, and-

    16. That “broom broom” video. That’s real.


A mushroom building. A building. Made of mushrooms.

Architecture that you can grow.