talking w mushrom about “lucio tries to bond w the junkers by hiring them as personal security for one of his concerts” au, bc im guessing lucio has plenty of enemies and also is a big target for racists/fascists

so far:

  • hog catching ppl trying to climb on stage in just one hand and flinging them 30 feet into the crowd, effortlessly
  • rat getting distracted and ends up just watching and cheering at the concert itself
  • when someone bumps into him trying to get on stage, he tackles them and gets in a big scrap fight with him. biting was involved. hog walks over and flings that person into the crowd too, and has to hold back rat from going and following them to continue fighting
  • someone doesnt try getting on stage, but gets to the front row and yells racial slurs. they leave with four less teeth courtesy of hog
  • hog keeps reminding rat, “no killing at lucio’s concert. maybe in the parking lot afterwards, but not in front of the stage. it’s rude.”
  • news the next day reads: “worldwide star lucio hires two internationally wanted felons as security; 20 injured, 2 in critical condition”
  • lucio hires them again. number of hagglers drop drastically within 2 more concerts

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