“You were baking something?”

It’s the first thing he heard as he came back, but he was surprisingly used to it.

“Yes,” he answered, awaiting the reply.

“I can smell it all over you,” Musashi said, a little smile placed on his face.

It made Kenshirou smile as well. He laid a little bag into the other’s hands and sat down, readying himself for some paperwork.

“Eh, are you sure, little dog? Weren’t these for someone else?” Musashi asked, a blush adoring his face.

It made him look quite adorable and Kenshirou wondered when he started thinking such things.

“No,” he speaks up, remembering hair similar to the ocean, “they are definitely for you.”

He wasn’t sure when exactly he started thinking like that, but he knew somewhere deep down it was calming. Kenshirou smiled, as he watched how Musashi opened the bag.

“They are good… I didn’t know you could bake that well!”

“I never told you.”

The ocean was calm, but fire could be calmer.

Also fire had warmth.

I’m so unfamiliar with their characters, it hurts n_n