Tonight I went to a Korean fusion restaurant, Mushiro, with @astritika and @viviayusa. We sat in the For VIPs (fans of Korean’s boy band Big Bang, the only one boyband that i could memorised the personnel). Astri ordered Gimbab and Tokochi, Vivi order Dak Galbi, I ordered the Dak Gakjong, Kimchi and Tokochi (much huh?: P).

Gimbab is like sushi but it’s cooked version, Tokochi is rice cakes with spicy sauce, Kimchi is fermented vegetables, Dak Galbi is a kind of hot plate contents chicken, onions and rice cakes, Dak Gakjong is crispy chicken sweet sauce.

Since this is a Korean fusion restaurant and Indonesia Indonesian tongue so it feels appropriate. Tasty and not too expensive. You who love Korea and its culture have to try the food here.

reasons MuMu and I would work

  • his hair is pink, dude I wanna sniff it
  • he’s tall I’m short
  • he likes polka dots, I bloodyfuckinglove polkadots
  • he likes Angelic Pretty and MILK…I…I tolerate them.I like their shoes <:
  • he’s kawaii as fuq, I’m sugoi as fuq 
  • together we can be sugoi kawaii
  • he’s nice enough to talk back
  • I have no one else to talk to
  • no really, I have no one else to talk to
  • he’s a fairytale boy, I’m a MashiMonster totally works okay