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Head over Heels

I don’t know
What to do
With this thing
Growing in-between
Me and you

I’m falling
Head over heels
I’m losing

Oh no

You are everywhere
I can’t escape

What is this?
This craziness
Losing my mind
It makes no sense

I’m falling
Head over heels
I’m losing

When I close my eyes
All I can see is you

You are everywhere
I can’t escape

I don’t know
What to do
With this thing
Growing in-between
Me and you

We can call it love
We can call insanity
We can call it hell

We can call it anything

Anything we want
But it doesn’t matter
I’m still stuck
Tied to you

I keep on running
Getting nowhere
You are everywhere
I can’t escape

I’m losing my mind

I’m in fucking love with you
Head over heels
There’s nothing to do
I know that now
I can’t escape
You are everywhere
But I don’t care

I never thought someone could outshine the stars,
or make the moon seem obsolete,

But you change the tide of the waves crashing in my head;
you are more comfort than the distant pinpricks ever could be,

And I can’t look the sun in the eyes,
but you always let me see the light in yours
if only to remind me that I have my own.

A/N: *SQUEALS* I don’t know how I’m still alive :D I will never figure out my bias list after Yuto.

Jinho:Jinho would literally just stop. He’d stare at you as if he can’t be sure of what he heard. Then he’d look away, then back at you, then away. (his ears would be SO red) And when Jinho finally processes and THINKS about your request, he wouldn’t even be able to think straight. ‘WHy. H0W. They’re so CUTE I’M GOING TO DIE. AM I HAVING A STROKE?’ Eventually, somehow, when Jinho is able to calm down and actually hold eye contact for more than 3 seconds, he’d be very mature about it and super super sweet. “Just follow my lead. And remember, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” This is when you would really learn what Jinho’s heart eyes are like.

Hui:Huitaek would react in a way that would entirely relief you of your embarrassment because he would purposely do silly things to make you laugh and chill out first. (this cutiepie) Huitaek would be the same guy who would be too shy to kiss you so instead he’d launch into an animated explanation about how kisses work. The rambling will not stop. You would need to stop him. Please. After that’s done, Huitaek would hold your face softly and put your foreheads together with a small smile, but the loveliest eye smile. “I really like you.” All in all, Huitaek would ease you into it really subtly.

Hongseok:Hongseok would spaz on the spot and it would definitely make you laugh. (because how can you resist the charms of this boy?) “Are you sure? I mean I wanted it to be special. But if this would make you happy..” Hongseok is good with his words, but mostly because he’s such a sweetheart. This guy would make you swoon and feel all fuzzy inside, and you’d fall for him all over again. He’d be the one who looks at you like you’re all he sees, tucks your hair behind your ear, and kisses you like you’re a rose. (thorns are no problem for him, as long as you’re the rose)

E'Dawn:“Aigoo, why are you being all shy? kekekeke” Hyojong would pinch your pink cheeks and be really smiley since he wasn’t expecting you to bring it up all of a sudden. Maybe he would pet your head while he’s at it. Not that he’s making fun of you, but because his heart is swelling with warmth and it’s things like this tha confirm his feelings for you. Hyojong would bring your hands up to his shoulders, place his hands on your waist, and admire your face from up close. “Okay, i’m really gonna kiss you now. Promise.” Leaning closer, he’d whisper one last time. “Cute.” I feel like Hyojong would be the sparks and goosebumps kind of first kiss.

Shinwon:Shinwon would be so hyped that you asked because he’s actually been thinking about how to make the first move for the longest time. He’d be so excited that he would entirely forget to react to your shyness. (he wouldn’t have realised, in other words.) “Yes, I will definitely help you! Nothing to worry about, love.” In the beginning, Shinwon might be slightly intimidating for someone who has never kissed before, because of how excited he can be, but he would be really gentle and mindful. You’d be in SAFE hands. ;) “I got this, babe.”

Yeoone: Changgu would shake you by your shoulders while being unable to contain his overflowing smile. “Stop being so CUTE” After which, he’d turn cheeky and tease you for being so shy and adorable that it almost made him faint. This guy would tease you so much and would NEVER let go of this moment for as long as your relationship lasts. But we all know how much of a great and loving boyfriend Changgu would be. So once he’s done enjoying your cute blushing face, he’d plant a quick peck on your lips. “Now, all you have to do is stay with me to learn the rest of the lessons.” Yeo Changgu is someone who smirks a lot. (He’d make you regret asking but, in the long run, it’d be something you’d be proud of. Because everytime he brings it up, all you have to do is remind him who it was who made the first move.)

Yanan:Yanan? The one who has never even held a girl’s hand before or even been in a relationship before???? Yanan would be an absolute mess. Dearest Yanan would be the cutest squish of embarrassment and nerves. He’d speak in mumbles while trying to tell you that he has absolutely NO idea what he’s doing either. “iveneverkissedanybodybeforeeithersoicanthelpexactly” You’d be confused. Yanan would be confused. You’d be lost, and so would Yanan. Both of you would just have to be content with sharing your first kisses with each other. ;_; so cute. (actually, is changgu counted as his first kiss? huhuhu i love em’ peppero games.)

Yuto:This tough guy is going to stop functioning. ‘Who am I? Where is this? How am I alive? Metabolism is amazing. WHAT IS A KISS? Maybe I can distr- NO. Yuto, you’ve been waiting for this moment for the LONGEST TIME NOW. KISS EM’ You’d just be watching Yuto malfunction while attempting to gather his wits. He’d be struggling to convince himself that he can do it, survive the embarrassment, and not scare you off with his sweaty hands. BUT, once he finally settles down, he’d shake his nervousness off, clear his throat, and be like “Let’s do this.” WHEW you will be in for a surprise :’) Adachi would be the warmth in your veins kind of first kiss.

Kino:Hyunggu would react so fast, you would be the one gaping. He’d be so excited and shy that he would be shouting into the air. “AAAAAAAHHHH FIRSTLY, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO MY HEART? SECONDLY, YES.“ Face covered in a wide grin, Hyunggu would snuggle you into his arms and it’d be extremely adorable. He’d peck you on your cheek first, to make sure you’re comfortable. It’s a vital moment for him, because it’s your first kiss AND your first shared kiss. “You’re really something else.” Kang Hyunggu would be the secretly sentimental kind of guy.

Wooseok:He’d laugh as a defense mechanism of struggling to processs your request because of how mushy his head is becoming. “You want me to what? You’re kidding right?” Wooseok would act like it’s not even a big deal, but he would be FREAKING OUT SO MUCH INSIDE. ‘What if they think i’m a bad kisser? Holy crap. Am I being a douchebag right now? What if they think I don’t want to kiss them and-’ He would surprise you, and himself, by going in for the kiss all of a sudden. And it would be a really in-the-moment kinds of kisses you watch in dramas. Of course, the part where you two jump apart, faces burning, is included too.

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My dudes. It is now 3.45 AM where I am. My heart is warm and fluffy and aching red. My eyes are clear, my stomach is burning of butterflies. My head is mushy and my knees are weak. I wanna thank not only RAS but casting director David Rapaport for bringing these 2 sunflowers together, leading them to their true soulmates.

As I have now clearly lost my mind I must try to get some sleep. I THANK YOU ALL FOR THIS SPECTACULAR SPROUSEHART FAMILY GATHERING as I am sending my love to you from my very own grave. LiliCole did it, they officially killed me tonight. 

Exclusive footage of the Sprousehart family during the past 24hours:

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hmmm? part 3 final

you placed your hand over his, and reached a hand back and gripped his hair between your fingers. little sighs and moans leaving your plump lips. making ivar groan against your heated skin.

he missed the sounds you make.

he leaned up and bit the skin right below your ear, wetting it with his tongue then blowing cool air against it.

“ how about you let me show you how much i missed you?”


you honestly did not know what to think. here, was ivar lothbrok, the same ivar lothbrok that you had been trying to convince yourself to hate for months, the same ivar who was the most sly, cunning, smart ass bastard who got on your nerves every time you talked to each other. but here he was, kissing your neck and asking for permission to love up your body.

what could you say?.

when you didn’t respond ivar stopped his workings on your neck and turned your face towards his.

he stared at you, analyzing every feature like it was the last time he was going  to see you.

hell, maybe it was.

your head was in a horrific daze, you didn’t know what to do. you could leave, right now. leave him here like he left you. or, you could let him show you how much he missed you.

ivar was about to move away.

you stopped him.

he looked at the hand that was resting on his cheek, then leaned into it. his nose brushing along your wrist and palm.

you loved the way his skin felt against your hands. that night, had been the best night of your existence. the way his body felt pressed against yours, the way his fingers moved in you, the way his lips felt pressed against your hip bones.

it all made you crave him, more and more each day.

you gently pushed him backwards, away from you. his body rested back against the cold ground.

he looked discouraged for a moment, but that all faded away when you climbed on top of him.

when he reached his hands up, you pushed them down before they could meet your waist.

you leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to his nose.

“you hurt me” you whispered, he went to speak, but you quickly pushed your finger to his mouth.

“you left me”. you pressed a kiss to his cheek.

“you made me cry”, a kiss to his forehead.

ivar was looking very saddened by your words, but he was wondering where you were going with this.

“but, you made me miss you” you said kissing his chin.

ivar felt his heart start to race in his chest as you moved lower to his neck.

“you made me writhe for you”. kiss.

“made me desperate for you”. kiss.

you moved up again, letting your lips hover over his. you leaned in more and pressed your chest to his.

your next words, made ivars eyes roll back into his skull.

“you made me love you”. and with that, you kissed his mouth.

you sighed into ivars mouth, feeling your lips connect for the first time. his hands slipped from your and fell on your waist.

you moved a hand up and ran it along his sharp jaw, messing with the scruff that lay there.

your lips moved in perfect sync, lovingly rubbing together in a passionate dance. his tongue gently glided along your lips, asking for entry.

but, of course, you denied him.

he leaned up trying to follow you as you moved your face from his, disconnecting your lips.

you smiled at him, feeling your stomach flutter when he lowly growled.

“what’s the matter?” you asked teasingly, making his eyes darken even more. before he could say anything, you grabbed both of his hands and pressed them to your breasts.

ivars breath caught in his throat, his palms immediately squeezing them. you gently moaned, your head falling back.

ivar felt his prick jump at the sound that left your throat.

he then started to palm them, making you moan and smirk down at him. ivar could feel his eyes widen and get blown with lust.

ivar couldn’t handle it. he flipped you both over.

you landed on your back with a soft groan whilst ivar settled himself between your legs. he smirked at you this time.

“what’s the matter?” he asked using your words in a more malice tone. you smiled and slowly wrapped your legs around his waist.

“i want you to show me how much you missed me”.

ivar chuckled darkly and leaned down, kissing you again.

his tongue running along the roof of your mouth, fully tasting you. you moaned in his mouth, moving your tongue against his.

he tasted of mint and blood. the taste alone made you feel hot all over. he pulled away, a small string of saliva still connecting you both.

ivar moved his hand up and brushed hair away from your face, stroking it softly.

“love, it i show you how much i missed you, you might not be able to walk after.”

“please, ivar. iv’e gone too long without you. i need to feel you inside me. i can barely stand it, ivar” you begged, making him feel more empowered.

the way his body towered over yours, the way you looked under him made him feel like a king. no, a god.

ivar sighed playfully, but he was still serious.

“what if i hurt you?-”

“then hurt me. use me ivar” your words were making his groin throb painfully. he moved his hand from your face to your neck, moving over the spot where his finger nails had drawn blood.

the blood was still somewhat fresh, he gathered some on his finger and moved it to his lips.

he groaned as the taste of your blood filled his mouth.

the way his tongue swirled around his tongue made you clench and rub your thighs together wanting friction and relief. but it didn’t help, it made it worse in fact.

he then wrapped his hand around your throat, his fingers pulsing against your skin. you groaned and threw your head back, allowing him more space.

while you weren’t looking, ivar had reached in his pants and grabbed his knife. and moved it closer to your body.

you gasped loudly when you felt a cold breeze hit your body.

ivar had cut your dress open, allowing him to see your bare body.

ivar let out a guttural moan at the sight of your panting and sweat glistened body. 

“fuck, (y/n)” he whispered, his eyes trained on your heaving chest. you grabbed his other hand, letting his left still wrapped around your neck, and placed it on your bare breast.

the moonlight made your body glow and shine in the darkness. your long legs shaking against the ground.

you couldn’t have looked more beautiful in that moment.

he gently took your hardened bud between his large fingers and rolled it against his calloused flesh.

you whimpered gently, feeling a hot wave hit your heat.

ivar then let go of your throat and moved won to unlace his pants.

you were about to reach out and help him but he slammed your hands back down above your head.

he wrapped the string around your wrists, tying it tight but not to the point where it had hurt. ivar then stared at his work, smirking devilishly at your struggling body.

you were about to protest, ivar did something that had shocked, but excited you.

ivar spit on your stomach.

he then rubbed it in with his bare palm. then licked it all up again. you moaned feeling his tongue explore your hips and stomach. 

“i-ivar” you moaned bucking your hips up towards his. but alas, all he did was push your hips back down by pressing down hard on your abdomen.

“ah, ah, ah, love. don’t move or i might slip”. at his words you raised a confused brow.

“what do you- aoh!” you cried out as ivars blade gently scratched your stomach.

you looked down and seen a harsh red line follow behind ivars knife, as he slowly ran the blade up from your stomach, then your chest, then back down again.

you moaned when he finally pierced your skin. you could feel the trickle of blood fall over the side of your stomach. but before it could hit the ground, ivar latched his mouth over top of it.

he sucked and licked violently, causing you to arch up off the ground. he sucked so hard on the wound you thought that all the blood would be gone from your body.

when he pulled back you seen his mouth was stained red, and that the mark he had cut was now a bluish purple color.

he had marked you as his.

you giggled breathlessly. ivar doing the same. he moved up and kissed you again, your blood falling from his mouth into yours.

you moaned loudly at the taste.

he opened his eyes and stared at you deeply,no emotion but lust and love on his face.

“ivar, plea-”  

 “sshh, love, quiet down” ivar whispered gently kissing your neck, causing a chill to fly down your spine. you sighed out, knowing there is no place you’d rather be.

ivar then dipped his fingers in the water of the lake above your head, then placed his wet hand over your stomach, letting droplets of cold water hit your skin.

you let out  breathy sigh, eyes closing tightly, mouth agape with pleasure.

he then dipped it in the water again and ran his flat palm down your stomach and chest, making you whimper and thrust up against his touch.

he dipped one more time, then stroked his wet, cold fingers down your slit.

your legs flew open and your fingers dug into the mushy earth above your head. he didn’t fully sheathe his fingers indie of you, but he messed around close to your opening.

“does it feel good?” he whispered, kissing your mouth again.

“y-yes!” you exclaimed his now cold and wet blade pressing flat against your lower lips. ivars mouth curled up into a lustful smile, watching you move your sex against his weapon.

you couldn’t take it anymore, you needed him, you wanted him.

“please ivar!” you half screamed thrashing your head about like mad. tears were almost leaking from your eyes, you needed him that bad.

ivar gently pulled his knife away, he couldn’t deny his need for you any longer.

he shrugged off his shirt, letting his tan skin be greeted by bright moonlight. his large chest sprinkled with light chest hair, oh how you wanted to touch him.

you thrashed against the string that was restricting you from touching him, but it was no use.

he then pulled down his pants, his hard, thick erection slap against his stomach.

you groaned loudly, you were sure half the whole village in kattegat could hear you. but you could care less.

he then teased you even further when he started stroking himself. his fist moving up and down slowly, giving his head more attention then most.

“you don’t know how many times i touched myself on that raid, love. no matter how many times i did it, the lust i had for you never went away” ivar whined throwing his head back, biting his lip.

pre-cum was sprouting from his tip making you lick your lips in need. you could feel your sex throb and pulse, needing to be filled.

ivar started thrusting against his own hand, making the most boyish moan sounds. it made you cry out in frustration.

“ivar!, please!”.

“please what?”. you huffed angrily, digging your heels into the dirt.

“please, please fuck me”. ivar licked his teeth and lips then moved over top of you, moving his hips lower towards yours.

he gripped your leg and placed it over his shoulder. he then wrapped one arm around your waist and pushed you closer to him.

“are you sure?”

“yes, gods yes” you whimpered. he kissed you hard as he slowly slipped himself inside you.

it burned slightly, but the pleasure quickly set in, making you moan almost animalistically.

ivar moved to your neck and started licking up your pulse point. his thrusts going faster.

it was nothing the two had ever felt before, the way his hips snapped against hers, the way her breasts slid up along his bare chest, the way he filled her. it was euphoric.

you moved your tied hands down and rested them on his back, digging your nails into his skin. ivar groaned in pain, but kept going, faster and faster.

“fuck, yes ivar!” you sobbed, wrapping your other leg around his waist, aiding him in thrusting.

he cried out into your neck and squeezed the flesh of your hip.

“so, so tight. wet” ivar muttered, not knowing how to form a full sentence anymore. you threw your head back so far, and your mouth was blown open into a silent scream. it wa all too much.

you felt your sex clench around him, tighter and tighter. you were close.

you bit down on his shoulder, and felt the sweat on his back against your tied up hands, he picked you up off the ground and made you on top. he was on his knees, still thrusting up inside you, the new angle making you scream.

you wrapped your hands into his black locks and tugged on the hair, making him growl and thrust so hard, it made you jerk upwards.

nose against nose, lips grazing lips, hips grinding against hips. it was beautiful the way you were moving against each other, almost like a rehearsed dance.

you pressed an open mouth kiss to his and let your tongue slide in.

“iva-r, i-i’m-”

“i know, me too” ivar panted, moving his hips in a more slower pace, his abdomen sliding against your clit, adding to the pressure that was building.

you looked into his eyes, pupils blown with pleasure, the way he held you so tight against him made you feel like a priceless gem, you pushed yourself even closer to him, if that was possible.

“cum, love. please cum for me, hard” his words edged you on, and you released.

you stilled in his lap, screaming his name as you came, ivar pressed his face into your neck, a short almost painful sounding gasp leave his lips. you could feel his cum shoot inside you.

it was so warm and sticky, mixing with your own, some of it flowed from inside you and down your legs.

somehow ivar still managed to rut against you, emptying every last drop of cum inside you.

you both sat still for a moment, still breathing heavily, shaking and writhing.

ivar was pressing little kisses and bites to your collar bones and neck, making you keen and whimper softly into his hair. 

his hands were moving up and down your bare back, gently tracing your spine with light fingers.

“what happens now?” you asked quietly, your voice cracking. ivar moved his head up and looked at you.

“what do you mean?”.

“i mean, do we go back to not speaking again?” you asked, a deep sadness clear in your eyes. ivar tucked a stray hair behind your ear and gently bumped his nose with yours.

“i couldn’t go another minute without talking to you. you;re mine, now. no other man gets to touch you ever again. you belong with me, under me, in my bed, and on my lap” ivar whispered making you smile gently at him.

you kissed his bottom lip softly, and ran your still tied hands up and down his neck. ivar noticed this and gently moved your hands over his neck and bit at the tie, making it snap in two.

he rubbed your slightly red wrists and kissed the raw flesh.

“i love you” he muttered against your skin. you sighed out softly, feeling your heart beat speed up again. you kissed him, so hard you thought you’d both fly backwards. he bit at your lip making you giggle and moan in his mouth.

“i love you” you whispered pushing against his chest making him lie backwards.

he stared up at you letting his hands rub your hips and thighs. you slowly slipped off of him and slid down his body.

“(y/n)?, what-”

let me show you how much I missed you”

hey guys! sorry this sucked so bad, i’m trying!, i’m sorry i let you guys down, if you guys want it redone let me know. lots of love and thanks from me!

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29 and 39 with Dana or Calum

#29: “I love you. I knew it the minute I met you. I’m sorry it took me so long to catch up.” and #39: “Well…That wasn’t very romantic. Kinda gross too.”

    Calum’s fingers traced down your legs making goosebumps rise up against your skin. The two of you had spent the whole day either exploring the island, soaking up the sun, or just playing in the water.  It was safe to say that the two of you were exhausted. So far the two of you had been sitting in silence and just enjoying the other’s presence, but soon Calum started telling you random stories.

“I swear Ashton was drenched in water, Michael looked like a raccoon for a month afterwards, and Luke was pissed,” Calum laughed, his head falling back between his shoulders and eyes crinkling at the sides.

“It sounds wild,” you laughed, shaking your head at how crazy Calum’s story sounded. Your laughter had finally died down and Calum’s mood seemed to turn serious.

“Can I tell you a secret?” he whispered, shifting in his spot so that he was laying between your legs now. His head resting at your lower abdomen. You propped yourself up on your elbows and nodded. “I love you,” Calum whispered. You giggled at his words.

“I know this secret already…I love you too,” you chuckled, poking Calum in the nose. It wasn’t a secret to anyone that Calum loved you. The two of you were best friends and he’d kill anybody that tried to hurt you. But what people didn’t know was that you and Calum were best friends that slept with each other. Something that had started about two months ago. It happened on a whim and ever since the two of you kept it up. Calum shook his head and you could see him blush a bit before hiding his face in your stomach. “What is it?” you questioned softly, hand reaching down to play with his hair. You could feel Calum’s warm breath fanning over your skin. His head lifted and Calum grabbed your hand.

“I love you,” he repeated, “I knew it the minute I met you.” His words came out almost in a whisper. “I’m sorry it took me long so catch up,” he muttered, kissing the back of your hand. Your eyebrows rose at his words and you bit onto your bottom lip to hold in the words that were going to escape your lips. “Being on this trip with you made me realize that I don’t want to be just two friends who often fuck. I want to be your boyfriend and take you out on dates. I want to do couple stuff with you.” Calum smiled at the thought and sent another kiss to the back of your hand. “So what do you say. Will you be my girlfriend?” he asked. You were a bit surprised at what Calum was saying, but it still made you feel warm inside.

“Well…That wasn’t very romantic. Kinda gross too,” you said. Calum’s smile dropped and he looked at you with annoyance.

“Really? You can’t act mushy for at least two minutes!?!” he exclaimed. You started to laugh and shook your head. 

“Mushy is gross besides I assumed we were doing coupley stuff already,” you told him. Calum shrugged in a manner that said you had a point.

“I want to make it official though. C’mon Y/N! Throw me a bone here,” he sighed. You smiled at him and your leg lifted so you could tap his side with your knee.

“Yes,” you said. Calum’s eyes widened and he nodded. “I’ll be your girlfriend doofus. Don’t make me say it again.” Calum cheered in excitement and jumped up from his spot to properly kiss you. You couldn’t help but to smile. Even if you didn’t show your affection the way Calum did you were excited to be taking what the two of you have to the next step.  

Dolorous Edd Appreciation Post.

I will write no meta or add any commentary. I will just compile quotes from the unappreciated wonder known as Dolorous Edd. Enjoy.

Jon was paired with dour Eddison Tollett, a squire grey of hair and thin as a pike, whom the other brothers called Dolorous Edd. “Bad enough when the dead come walking,” he said to Jon as they crossed the village, “Now the Old Bear wants them talking as well? No good will come of that, I’ll warrant. And who’s to say the bones wouldn’t lie? Why should death make a man truthful, or even clever? The dead are likely dull fellows, full of tedious complaints-the ground’s too cold, my gravestone should be larger, why does he get more worms than I do…”

A Clash of Kings.

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DAY6 Imagines: Once/Twice Series’ Special Chapter (5/FINAL)

Read: Once is a coincidence. Twice is not. , Once is enough. Twice is too much. and Special chapter (1) , (2) , (3) & (4) first before reading this :)

“Success is the best revenge. Because they see you climbing up the ranks and they’re like ‘Oh, I messed up’” You clenched your jaw as you were listening to that familiar voice on the radio when your workmate suddenly turned it off.

Things between the both of you changed since you opened up to her. She even helped you hide when you saw Brian approaching the coffee shop few months ago. Just how she used to talk about them always, she’s now helping you ease the pain by making you go back to your senses when you’re starting to be drifted away by the stream of feels you’re having. And one of those is turning off the radio when Jae made you think their success right now is kind of a revenge for you.

Other times she’d grab your phone away from you when she catches you reading some theories and opinions from fans. A lot is blaming you, hate you for hurting Brian. Others thank you because whatever happened, it’s thanks to you that Brian gets to write these beautiful songs; even if they’re mostly painful. But the thing is, they don’t actually know that the “ex-girlfriend” that they always talk about exists. Some even talk about how you might be regretting right now for leaving him.

You all don’t know what happened. You all don’t know the reason why we broke up. I never wanted to break up! You felt a pat on your shoulder which made you look up.

“You’re thinking about what the fans are talking about again, aren’t you?”

With another comeback, not to mention that this one’s not like any other, more theories and opinions raised up. The year has just started and they came back with a project which is to release two songs every month for the whole year.

And for the first title track that they released few days ago, another breakup topic raised. Talking about how confused the band was. Saying congratulations to an ex for leaving, saying they’ll finally let go and now they found themselves still waiting in the same place waiting for the girl to hold their hand but then still wanting to let go despite all of the memories are frozen in them. But of course, most of these questions and topics refer to Brian.

Regret, huh? Of course you regret not being by his side. But knowing they’re having a project like this made you think that what you did is right. If they were busy before, they’re much busier right now. You can’t help but think and be worried if he can still manage to balance his time and if he can still study for exams or does he stay up night before them.

But that belief of being able to accept your situation right now dimmed seeing Ayeon sitting next to Brian. He smiles a lot. And his eyes seem to be soft. Unlike when he was singing Congratulations and Letting Go. His smile doesn’t wear off his face when talking to her. But he’s just like that to everyone.

You wanted to smack yourself because you kept on quarrelling with your mind—like you want to justify every action he does; like you want to convince yourself there’s nothing to be jealous of. And you wanted to at least murmur your thanks because he talks more to the radio host than to the girl beside him. But suddenly, you wanted to whack your laptop’s monitor when they whispered to each other. So close!

You bit your lip when they’re about to sing together. She really has a nice voice and she’s really pretty. You were somehow fine at first but when he faced her while she was singing, you wanted to make a portal on the screen and stand between them. He even bit his lower lip! What the hell?!

The song was about the ‘shouldn’t have’s’ of a guy to a girl; the misleading actions and keeping the hopes up. Typical Brian. Then it made you wonder if Ayeon was thinking about Brian while singing this. Are they on this page?

Stop closing your eyes while she’s singing for Pete’s sake!

(a/n: listen to You Were Beautiful)

You found yourself waiting for midnight after a few weeks. You refreshed the YouTube when the clock stroke 12 AM. Your fingers were trembling when you clicked play. Your heart danced together to the rhythm of the guitar.

What I’m saying right now
Doesn’t mean that we’re starting up again
I’m just bringing back
The remaining memories of you

Jae’s eyes were the same; sentimental as always. Your chest squinched up as you furrowed your brows. Is this the same girl? Your hands were cold as ice and your heart was hot by being compressed so tight. This is about memories again?

You exhaled sharply when the next thing you saw was his face and next thing you heard was his voice; with a different kind of feels.

Without missing a single day
You told me that you love me
Before I went to bed
As soon as I opened my eyes
You told me
I remember so I’m just saying

Your lips quivered; tears trailed down your face. Your skin became rough and small bumps appeared. His melancholic voice sent shivers down your spine. His face was peaceful; different from their past music videos.

Is this finally it?

You were pretty
Your eyes that looked at me
Your voice that called out to me
Everything, everything
To me, everything about you

Is this really the same girl? Or they just look so much alike? You were starting to feel more nervous. What if it’s connected with Congratulations? Wonpil and Sungjin’s expression didn’t help either; even Dowoon’s. They all look sentimental.

You were pretty
The feeling of not wanting anything more
Moments that only you gave
Everything, everything
Everything has passed
But you were so pretty

What the hell, Bob?! Stop singing! You covered your mouth and nose with both hands, trying to preclude any noise to come out from your mouth. You clutched your chest as your breathing became heavier.

It’s really her, isn’t it?! You tried to inhale some air for you couldn’t seem to breathe anymore. When the scene changed into the girl being inside a Karaoke room, you became sure that it’s really her. This one even came from the Congratulations MV. Seriously, what’s happening?

When Brian sang a part again, the guy from Congratulations finally made his appearance on the new music video. Still, the clip was from the former MV. You couldn’t restrain your cries anymore that you even let out a scream of pain. You didn’t mind if people will hear you crying at midnight.

There’s the guitar, the ramen and the Chopper hat again. He looked really peaceful. Does this mean he’s already over you? Is this his way of telling me he has finally moved on? Is this his way of telling me that he doesn’t feel pain from our memories anymore but only see them as a beautiful reminiscence? Is this really the end now?

I still think of you sometimes
Should I call you up?
There were a lot of times I thought that but
Baby I know it’s already over

You wanted to cuss at Jae. How dare he answer the question in your head? D*mn! It’s really over now? Is it? Can I please take them all back? It’s almost 2 years now, is it already too late? You kept on wondering and asking yourself; if you pull those swords that you’ve stabbed, will you be able to heal and close all the wounds that you’ve caused?

You cried for an hour before checking their fans’ reaction. All of them were emotional, too. A lot of people also cried like you but no one could ever feel the same pain as what you’re feeling right now.

But there were people talking about them being confused as they always are (talking about the message of their songs). They were talking about the side track, so you then proceeded to search for it; as if you’re not yet hurting enough. Just how much do you love to torture yourself?

(a/n: Listen to I Would/It Would Have Been)

It took you by surprise when he was the one who sang the first part. And it was even about saying sorry. The title track was like telling you you’re just a memory but this one is like telling you if he could still hold you even for just a day.

Does he want to see and hold me for one last time before he could finally let me go? Is this what he’s asking for?

You bit your lip when a phrase made your remember the day that he was on his knees, with tears strolling down his face, as you walk away from him not even looking back.

When you were leaving me
I shouldn’t have let you go

All these ‘would have’s’ made you run to a place of your memories in the middle of the night. What are you even doing? Are you already out of your mind? Who in their right mind would run at midnight crying just to go that memorable place? It’s not like you’re going to see him there waiting for you anyway. It’s midnight.

But you couldn’t just care less anymore. You want everything back. You want him back.

You just stood at the seaside promenade, facing at the bay. You can still remember every detail that happened that night. When he held your wrist and told you to stay, his soft gazes, the feeling of having his arms wrapped around you, his mushy lips on your head; all of it.

As you were reminiscing every remnant of memories with him, you suddenly stiffened. Your heartbeat increased in speed. You slowly exhaled a soft breath. You didn’t bother turning back but you knew for sure, he’s there.

Moments after, warm arms enveloped you from behind. A head snuggled on your shoulder as you slowly closed your eyes to let yourself be engulfed in his warmth. No one bothered to speak.

As your heart finally had its speed in constant when it found a familiar comfort from the man enclosing you in his arms, you gathered some strength to utter things you wanted to tell him. But before you could even speak, you heard him whisper “Finally”.

Turned out that every time they release a song, he’d always go to this place hoping to see you and hold you tight. But of course you didn’t know. Finally what? Finally you held me once more and then you’ll finally be able to let me go? You bit your lip as you remember the lyrics of their side track for this month. You swallowed and let out a soft breath.

“I’m—I’m sorry, Bri.” A breath escaped from your mouth once again “I—I really regret everything. I should’ve—“ You squeezed your eyes tight as you try to tell yourself to get to the point. “Can you please not let me go? Can you please love me again?”

Your heartbeat started to rise again as you anticipate his answer. It was a minute of silence; a minute of torture.

“I only loved you once, it’s never gonna be twice”

You felt your world crumble. From that very instant, you wanted to vanish or turn into stone to not feel this extreme pain you’re feeling right now.

Then what is this? Why is he hugging you? Is this just another misleading action? Is this just to console you because he’s going to let you go after this? Is this just what the song has said—that he got to let go but he wants to go back even just for one more time?

You cluster some energy together to raise your hand and pull his arms away but he held you tighter. You wanted to slap him so bad. How could he? He’s not even going to love you again but he’s doing this.

You shut your eyes and a tear escaped. You felt his breath as he felt your tear.

“Because the moment I loved you, I never stopped and I don’t think I’ll be able to” You flipped your eyes open when he started speaking again “It only grows stronger each day even when you were away. So I cannot love you again because I have always been loving you. And all I can do is just to love you more”

Your shoulders were shaking as you began to sob. You felt him squeezed you tighter to his embrace. What did you ever do to deserve him? What did you ever do to be loved by him? What did you ever do for him to still love you even if you left and hurt him? You cannot be thankful enough to have him. Words cannot express how much you are grateful right now.

“I’m sorry” You hiccupped “I’m sorry—“ He shushed you and made you face him. You shook your head as his gaze laid on you “I just wanted to—“

“I understand”

With mouth agape, you stared into his eyes. ‘I understand.’ You finally heard it.

“But a break isn’t what I need; being away from you is not the answer” He started wiping your tears “What I need is your lap for my head to rest on when I’m tired; your voice to fill my ears to comfort my soul that no music nor anyone else’s voice could do; your shoulder for me to lean on when I’m feeling weak; your hands to push me forward when I feel like giving up; your eyes that convey your thoughts that you believe in me; your lips to utter words that I need to hear; your arms to wrap around me when I feel alone; your feet to take every step with me in this journey; and your heart that loves me like no one else does.”

He pulled you to his embrace and you let your heart cry out. You wanted to mentally grab your hair and slap your face for being so stupid to leave him. It’s been tough for him and during those times, you weren’t beside him. It was you who needed the most but it was you whom he couldn’t hold close.

You were murmuring your apologies as you were snuggling on his chest when he pulled away and tilted your head for you to meet his eyes.

“If you’re truly sorry, I need you to do this one thing. I don’t just want you to promise this but to actually do this”

You swallowed the lump in your throat as you hastily nodded your head. Another batch of tears fell down your face as you tried to let your gaze stay on his eyes.

“Walk with me until the end”, he said softly; eyes were hopeful.

Finally, you smiled genuinely. You slowly nodded and your smile grew wider when you saw him heaved a sigh of relief. His eyes glittered as he beamed.

To guarantee it, he sealed that commitment with locking his lips with yours. You smiled as you felt like melting. This is where you belong; this is home and you’re finally back.

IT WOULD BE NICE IF YOU COULD CONTINUE TO READ THE NOTE :) MUCH LOVE So it’s finally over :) Thank you for being with me in this journey. Lol. I never actually planned on writing imagines—I used to write stories but since I never really believed in myself and I’m just good with starting and bad with finishing things, I stopped. And I never ever really wrote a reader x artist kind of story. As I’ve said before, this was kind of outburst of emotion because a mutual and I were like ‘attacking’ each other with tweets of what would Brian say if he caught you looking. Days before that happened, I tried to read some fanfics but I never really got the “feeling” that the character was Brian, Jae or whoever it was because it felt like it’s a different person. Then I saw this mutual tweet something like that, too. So it made me really want to write the scenes that’s been playing in my head since our youngest sister also told me the day before that to write stories again (because she was my first reader before) So the reason why there are chapters 1 & 2 and 5 special chapters is because I only planned on writing only one and that’s the Once is a coincidence, twice is not ; because it somehow came from experience, too. But then since I wrote the story as I tried to make Brian’s character stay, some friends (and myself) feel attacked when Day6, especially Brian, drops something. Example, the “mwa” and the picnic scene. It made us think about the FF because as they’ve said, they could feel that it was really Brian. That made me write another chapter. And I thought of stopping there. But… every time I take the bus and listen to Day6 songs, scenes would flash in my mind—the chapters were sweet, it needs a conflict. So the first chapter was still sweet, I made them official couple but the next chapter I made them breakup. Lol. So I said Im gonna stop at Special Chapter 3 because I already have the ending in mind–but I wanna use the Letting Go and I Would/It Would Have Been songs; and as you can see I made them Im Serious song and unreleased one just like the eyeless; making them sing it on the chapter 2 (was it chapter 2?) but then after almost 2 years, “every day6 project” happened. As you can see there are a lot of plot holes, too. And this plot is so overused, simple girl and a popular guy; but I just wanted to make it feel like they are really them that I even used Jae’s exact lines (lobster, success and dumb mistakes lines), also I even used some scenes that happened irl and Bran’s hashtag from IG #walkwithmeuntiltheend. Sorry also for making the special chapters 2-5 emotional; did I overdo it? It’s just that I need to write a story that happened for almost 2 years in 7 chapters. (It’s more than 2 years actually but let’s start from the breakup): Breakup (April) – 5 months (September) – Congratulations – few weeks, + 5 months = March – Letting Go – the rest of the month were skipped – “the year has just started” (9 months passed) – I wait and Goodbye winter description – Waiting for midnight: February – end (20 months?) So I can’t help but push through it because the scenes won’t just leave my mind; they just flowed in my head when I listened to Day6 (So when the certain song played, the scenes I used in this story were the exact scenes in my head while I’m riding a bus, listening to Day6)—and because of this, I can never listen to Habits the same way again. I used to really jam with it, moving a lot and dance to it, but now it has an emotional impact to me. If I did the same to you… Sorry. Haha. So there you go. I never actually thought that many would like this and it made me so overwhelmed. Thank you so much for reading, enjoying, and crying with me (If u ever did) It would be nice too if u could tell me about what u felt or any thoughts regarding the storu



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Requested by anon: Would you maybe do a Derek Hale smut where him and the reader are best friends she’s human but gets bitten during a fight. And when she wakes up a werewolf, Derek confesses his feeling and they make love but kind of roughly. I’D LOVE IT PLEASE!!

A/N: Here it is! I really liked writing this, thank you for the request! This is just how I imagine werewolf sex to be like, I hope you enjoy it. :)

Warnings: smut

Originally posted by srirachaluv

As you wake up, you are feeling absolutely nothing. And that’s weird because you know that you should feel pain. You forgot the reason but you know that there is one. You shouldn’t feel perfectly well, even comfortable and strangely refreshed. Something is wrong. That’s what rushes through your head as you open your eyes.

You are lying on your back and staring at a high, concrete ceiling. You immediately realize that you have to be in Derek’s loft. Nobody else lives like that. You push out a shaky breath, still highly confused with your head all mushy and unable to put the pieces together. Then you turn around on the soft sofa and your gaze falls upon Derek himself, sitting in a chair next to you with his face buried in his hands. Your heart makes a sudden jump of affection that irritates you even more.

“Derek?”, you mumble weakly. Your voice is still hoarse.

He looks up at once and that’s when you discover the deep shadows under his eyes. At the same time a little smile spreads on his face as he realizes that you are awake.

“Y/N, thank God!”, he exclaims. A legit outburst of emotions when it comes to Derek. “How do you feel?”

He observes you closely while you sit up a bit, frowning. How do you feel?

“I don’t know…it’s weird. I mean…I’m feeling really good”, you answer insecurely. “Derek, what happened?”

A little shadow darkens his features and you can see how his jaw tenses a bit. It’s almost like your perception is heightened. You can literally sense how uneasy and glad he is at the same time.

“What do you remember?”, he asks instead of giving you an answer.

“Well…we went to that warehouse to catch that werewolf. I was supposed to stay out of the fight but the plan went wrong”, you recall slowly. “He attacked us. I was in the middle of it. I am pretty sure I should be really hurt.”

Derek grimaces. Not a good sign. All of a sudden pure fear rises inside of you.

“Derek, what happened?”, you ask him again, this time putting more pressure into your words. He runs his fingers through his dark hair and sighs. He looks like he’s really suffering.

“When he launched at you, we were too slow. We couldn’t stop him”, he says, almost in a whisper. You just stare at him. “At least not before…before he bit you.”

The words need some time to sink in. They enter through your ears, make their way to your brain and as you finally understand them, your heart stops for a moment. He bit you. You didn’t die. You are feeling good. No. No, no, no. Panic dripples through your veins while the realization hits you.

“But that means that…that I’m a…”

“Werewolf”, Derek confirms your worst fears. “You survived the transformation. The bite mark…has already healed.”

He softly pulls your damaged shirt from your shoulder to show you. He’s right. All that’s left are some pink scars and even those are already fading. Suddenly it’s really hard to breathe for you. You don’t want to be a werewolf. You don’t want your whole life changed. You don’t want this, you never asked for this. How can this happen?

You need to get out of here. That’s all you can think of. You jump up from the sofa, much faster than you should be able to, and Derek’s expression changes from concerned to alarmed.

“I can’t do this”, you mumble with a shaky voice. “I can’t let this happen.”

Every logical thought has left your brain. You rush to the door, deeply in need for some air and a possibility to undo this. Derek is frozen in his spot for a moment, caught off guard. But before you can push open the heavy door to his flat, he’s at your side and holds it shut. Although you’re a werewolf now, he is much stronger. And he looks down at you with glowing blue eyes, intimidating you slightly.

“Stop this!”, he demands loudly. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Whatever is necessary to stop this from happening!”, you retort stubbornly. “I won’t live like that, I can’t!”

In a flash of madness you throw yourself against him and try to push him away, which is hopeless, of course. A little, angry growl escapes Derek’s throat while he grabs your upper arms, firmly but without hurting you, and forces you to look up at him. Your heart beats fast and you are feeling close to a panic attack as your eyes lock. You are surprised how many emotions are written in them. Not only anger but also fear, hurt and desperation.

“Don’t say that”, he says sternly. “I have been sitting next to you for hours, unsure if you’d make it or not! Hoping that you would so I wouldn’t have to lose you. Regretting that I couldn’t save you. And now you are awake and alive and you’d rather be dead? Do you have any idea what that would mean for the rest of us?! What it would mean for me?! You may be a werewolf, your life may change but you are still fucking with us and that should be worth all of the mess! The bite is not a curse. It has been a life-saving gift for you and for me!”

You are staring at him utterly dumbfounded. You have known Derek for quite some time now, he has grown to be your best friend but this outburst of passion is new, even to you. You are not really able to process it.

“What would it mean for you?”, you whisper because that’s the only question that seems really important to you.

“You know what it means. That you are the one person I cannot lose under any circumstances.”

A heartbeat passes. And another one. You are staring at him and he’s staring down at you while an unknown heat creeps through your body, accompanied by a wave of emotions that’s absolutely confusing you. And without thinking you just act on them, which you absolutely wouldn’t do typically. It’s like you can’t even control it. Your instincts take over and you just flung yourself at Derek to kiss him heavily.

It only takes him seconds to return the kiss. His arms catch you in a tight embrace while your lips are moving in perfect unison. You are feeling things so intensely you’ve never felt before. A rush of passion and hunger washes over you and makes you burry your hands in his hair to pull his head even closer to yours. Your heart is beating fast, a sigh leaves your lips and your desires make it impossible to think properly.

Only as Derek pulls away for a moment, you sink back onto your feet and take some time to breathe. You blink at him in confusion, your emotions still a swirl of impressions. Derek seems a little flustered too but reassuringly calm at the same time.

“What’s happening to me?”, you ask him breathlessly.

He gently pushes a strain of your hair behind your ear. “Your senses are heightened. You are feeling everything much more intense.”

You consider this for a moment. Then, to Derek’s surprise, a smug smile appears on your lips. “You should’ve told me that ten minutes ago.”

You like this. This gives you hope that it’s not that bad at all to be a werewolf. You want to enjoy this right now and as deeply as possible. Maybe you’re going crazy but this is a crazy situation so why not?

Therefore you pull him into a kiss again, only more roughly this time. You can feel the goosebumps on his neck, which motivates you to continue. You press yourself against his chest and run your tongue over his lower lip teasingly. Almost immediately, his grip on your waist becomes stronger and he opens his mouth, letting your tongues intertwine into a dance that seems so well studied although it’s one hundred percent new and spontaneous.

And all of a sudden you don’t only feel your own sensations anymore but also hear Derek’s fastened pulse and smell the lust his body radiates. You perceive how his focus lies solely on you, realize that he’s just as hungry as yourself. Before you know it, you’re tugging at his lower lip with your teeth and he growls. It’s not a hostile growl, though, but a pleased one. One that makes you shiver. His fingers burry into your skin and they probably would’ve left marks there if you’d still be human but in your werewolf state, you actually like it. Then he lifts you off your feet determinedly and carries you to the table without breaking the heavy kissing.

He throws the objects to the ground with one swift movement before he sits you down onto the table top.  You hear something shatter on the floor but you couldn’t care less. All you care about is Derek and the heat his body radiates accompanied by a kind of longing that you both share. You wrap your legs around his butt and he places his hands on your waist before he kisses you again. He starts at your lips, then his own slowly wander from there over your jawline to your neck. You lean back, your hands grabbing the edge of the table while he starts to strongly suck on your skin. You moan softly and his grip tightens as an answer.

Suddenly he pulls away slightly and gets a hold on your shirt. Without much effort he rips it from your body and tosses it away, his eyes glimmering dangerously. You don’t mind, the shirt was destroyed anyways and God, how much you like him taking control like that. You pull him back to you on his belt and he kisses your upper breasts while you tug on his shirt. He helps you remove it and for a second, you have full view on his heaving chest and those impressive abs. A smug smile appears on your lips.

“Does it satisfy you?”, Derek asks you teasingly, leaning forward and his breath brushing your neck. You kiss his jawline and your lips slowly wander to his ears before you whisper: “Well, partly. But not fully.”

His chemo signals are in mode now, telling you everything you need to know. He wants you badly, an emotion that you feel the exact same way. You press yourself flat against his chest and kiss his neck while his fingers run over your back and find the strap of your bra. Derek opens it quickly and pulls the straps over your shoulders. Then his gaze wanders over your body, an adoring expression flashing in his eyes. By now you can feel his erection through his jeans.

Without much hesitating, he leans down and starts to work on your breasts. He doesn’t start softly, oh no, he goes into full action right ahead. His teeth graze your nipples, then his tongue circles them before he sucks on them. You grip his back, pushing out a heavy moan. Your fingernails slowly rip over his back, which he seems to like. The sucking becomes even stronger, faster until you get the feeling that you’ll go mad any second.

Just before you do, though, Derek suddenly stops and looks up at you. You are both breathing quickly and his eyes are afire, burning right through you. His hands are still resting on your waist, your legs are still wrapped around his butt, so it’s easy as cake for him to pick you up once again and carry you through the flat. This time he stops at the large sofa that has been your sick bed just minutes ago and turns into something wholly different now. You land on the soft fabric, but before he can place himself over you, you sit up and make him lie down beneath you instead. You grin down at him and he grins right back. This simple sign of smugness makes you heat up even more.

You lean down and suck on his neck again, marking him as yours. Maybe you are somewhat animal after all. Afterwards, you trace a line from there to the ream of his jeans, your teeth scraping over his skin. He sighs deeply, his fingers resting in your messy hair, tugging on them to give you direction. You chuckle lightly because he’s so totally at your mercy.

You open his jeans quickly, pull them down and he kicks them off his feet. You repeat this with his boxers, revealing him in all his pure nakedness. Your grin becomes a little wider as you position yourself next to him and kiss him on his lips while your right hand closes around his penis. You pull it up and down rhythmically, getting Derek to exhale a loud moan. In the meantime you are growing quite wet yourself, mainly because you can practically feel the ecstasy filling his body with every thrust you make. Anticipation builds up inside of you, coming to a peek as he growls: “Fuck, Y/N.”

He must have sensed it. Faster than you can react he has thrown you on your back and pulled down your own trousers and panties. You exhale sharply, letting your tongues dance in a wild kiss for the last time before he positions himself over you and enters you roughly.

You push out a little yell as he fills you, scraping his back once again while he doesn’t give you a chance to recover. He just thrusts himself in and out of you in a wild, fast rhythm that you probably couldn’t have taken as a human but that is just perfect as a not so fragile werewolf. Your pleasure, lust and satisfaction mixes with his and brings you closer to your orgasm with every second. You yell out his name, making him faster every time you do so. “Oh fuck. Oh yes!”, you mumble until you finally reach your peek and the words turn into an actual ecstatic scream that sounds through the loft accompanied by a deep growl from Derek.

You feel all his weight on you for a second as he catches his breath. Then he falls onto the sofa right next to you and you are both staring at the ceiling as a soft layer of sweat covers your bodies. You can’t cope with what just happened. How it happened. How easy it was.

“What the hell was that?”, you ask Derek as you finally regain your voice.

He turns onto his elbow and smiles at you wickedly. “Werewolf sex.”

Well, you definitely felt that. You turn around to fully face him and he cups your face, making your skin burn where his fingers touch it, and leans in to kiss you. Softly, this time. As he pulls away, you smile at him.

“If we repeat this on a regular basis, I think I could live with being a werewolf”, you admit, making him laugh. The sound gives you goosebumps. Hearing Derek Hale laugh…what an event.

“That should be no problem”, he promises you before he pulls a blanket over the both of you and lets you snuggle up to him. The bite marks have disappeared.

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Petty Encounters: Part 9

Summary: There’s some baby stuff. Some Crowley stuff. Some supernatural stuff… The usual, you know

Word Count: 2324

Warnings: None

Part 1    Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6  Part 7   Part 8

Jaycee squealed with excitement when you walked into the kitchen and tried to reach for you, but she was strapped into the high chair and couldn’t move. Despite the heavy cloud in your heart, your smile was automatic as you walked over and unstrapped her. “Hey sweetie! Were you good for Uncle Sammy?”

Almost as if she understood you, she nodded and babbled away, explaining everything that had happened since Dean practically locked you in the bathroom to spend some time on yourself. It had been five hours since Crowley’s phone call and you hadn’t let Dean or Sam even so much as mention the demon or Jackson. Apparently Dean got fed up with you so he ordered you to shower and take the time to do your hair and makeup, insisting that he and Sam could take care of Jaycee for an hour.

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Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7.  Part 8. Part 9. Part 10. Part 11. snip.

Summary: Arranged marriage in the twenty-first century might be uncommon, but is not unheard of. “He’s in love with her.”


There’s love in shadows waiting to be seen.


Itachi started dating a convicted embezzler named Kakuzo. Mikoto’s hysteria was inconsolable.

“I mean, if he loves someone, then shouldn’t she, as his mother, support him?” Naruto asked between huge gulps of ramen.

“She’s not normal,” said Sakura. “And I mean that in the best way possible.”

Naruto shrugged helplessly, his saintly devotion and trust having trouble rearing its mushy head. “I just hope this ends well.”

“Yeah, me too,” said Sakura, slurping a sip of broth. “Sasuke tries to hide it, but he’s worried too. Apparently, Itachi’s been on a binge of serial dates since that whole online dating fiasco.”

“And of all of them, he just had to pick out a convicted felon.” Naruto’s eyes were sparkling with laughter.

“Yes, he did.” Sakura smiled at him.

“Soo Sakura-chan,” he waggled his eyebrows suggestively and Sakura’s expression sharpened, walking a thin line between pleasantly murderous and deceptively calm.

“Are you in luurv with Sasuke, yet?”

She rolled her eyes once, telepathically asking any deity to have some mercy. “Seriously, Naruto?”

“You wanna kiss him, you wanna hug him, you wanna—”

“Marry him? Yes, I already did that. In fact I do all of that. In fact—”

“LAalalalala—stop!” he cried, eyes scrunched shut in mock pain, “I don’t want my ears to bleed!”

Sakura smirked and leaned back in her chair, satisfied. “You started it.”

Naruto scowled flippantly and gestured for the bill.

“But seriously, Miss Congeniality?”


Two days later, while she was helping him sign a cornucopia of files, in the middle of the night, her phone rang with an e-vite.

It was from Mikoto, slated ‘URGENT’ with a subject title of Family Intervention.

With raised brows, she dropped her pen and straightened. “Sasuke…” she said, a little shell shocked, “I think I got an e-vite.”

Absentmindedly, he leaned sideways and brushed his lips against her temple.

Her heart fluttered. “For a family intervention.”

“Aa,” he intoned, signing his name in one fluid stroke.

“From your mother.”

He stopped, raised his brow and finally turned to look at her. Not good, his face read.

“Not good, at all.”


Uchiha Manor, as always, was a sight to behold. In almost a year of being married, Sakura had been there only thrice; once, with her family, once; to drop off Mikoto and the last; when Sasuke wanted to show her the rolling expanse of gardens behind the manor. She’d held his hand, while he’d led her down one path, then another, and another, and another, not saying anything, until the sun had started to set.

It had been a good day.

Now, she stood, at the door once more, wary and apprehensive.

She looked at Sasuke. Sasuke looked at her.

“Sucks,” she said, her lips tilting into a one sided smile that Sasuke didn’t return.

Someone cleared their throat from behind. It was dainty and suffused with an air of dignified pomp that only Itachi ever managed to express.

They turned in tandem.

Itachi stood at the base of the porch stairs. He was impeccably dressed with his shoulders back and head held high, not looking the least bit ruffled by the fact that his mother had called in a family intervention to break off his budding relationship with a former convicted felon.

“Sasuke.” He nodded his head politely. “Sakura.”


Cue awkward silence.

“Uhm. Shall we go in?” she asked, hurriedly opening the door and not waiting for a response.

Sasuke and Itachi followed.

“I assure you, two,” said Itachi in a silky voice, “that if things start to go south—”

“More so then they are?” Sakura interjected playfully.

“—I will not hesitate to throw you under the bus.”

“Whatever do you mean by that?” Sakura asked breezily, while Sasuke’s posture visibly straightened.

They walked down the hall in silence.

“I see,” Itachi murmured despondently, just as they reached the family room.

Today, Mikoto didn’t flutter to the door to greet everyone with a warm hug. Instead, she sat rigidly straight on the loveseat, beside a gorgeous Tiffany lamp, half her face cast in shadows and the other half glowing in the artificial light.

“Welcome, darlings,” she said solemnly, and gestured for everyone to take a seat.

Fugaku, from his corner of the room, gave them an apologetic shake of the head.

Sakura was taken aback by the theatrics, but only slightly. The Uchiha, sans Sasuke, she was coming to understand, thrived on drama. Just a few days ago, someone had discovered that Great Grandfather Madara had been entertaining a very homosexual affair with a very prominent political figure before tragically passing away.

Half the clan had been scandalized and reduced to jittery hissy fits. Even Sasuke had been strangely muted.

Then Itachi had upped the bar.

And now, Mikoto sat before them in all her motherly glory; alternating between shooting Itachi reproachful glares and then a tightlipped smile to Sasuke and Sakura.

They all took a seat.

“Itachi.” She said his name like a command. Even Sakura stood a little bit straighter in her seat. “I need you stop this atrocity.”

“I have no idea, what you are talking about mother,” said Itachi, who had morphed into a paragon of tranquility.

She shared a three-way worried glance with Sasuke and Fugaku, and they all shuffled a little backward on their seats.

“Itachi-chan,” said Mikoto, her voice stained, and her gaze brimming with motherly affection, “Would you please reconsider your choice in partners?”


“There are hundreds of delightful young men out there. Why would you choose—”

“I am a grown man, Mother—”

“And most of the time, you make splendid choices. I just wish—”

“I am fully capable of making my own decisions—”

“Itachi, would you marry him?”

Itachi inhaled through his nose, then let out a calming breath.

“I don’t know about you,” Sakura murmured in Sasuke’s ear, “but I really, really, don’t want to be a part of this freak show.”

“For once,” said Itachi, solemn and reproachful, “I wish you would just respect my decisions.”

Mikoto looked hurt. “When have I not respected your decisions?”

“You set up a fake online dating profile.”

“I was only trying to help—”

“That was not helping—”

“A mother knows best, Itachi!”

Itachi sighed. Sakura shared another three way group glance with Sasuke and Fugaku.

“Wife,” said Fugaku tentatively, “Maybe, let him be.”

Mikoto looked crushed.

“Mother,” said Sasuke, getting up and sitting next to her. He reached out a hesitant arm and Mikoto slid into his embrace.

Itachi turned his head to the side, metaphorically pouting like a sullen child.

Sakura played with the heel of her shoe and tried very hard to not interject.

She failed.

“Okay, this is ridiculous,” she said, throwing her hands up. “Itachi? Are you in love with this Kakuzo person.”

Itachi didn’t hesitate even a second. “Of course, not.”

Mikoto seemed to slump with relief.

“Then, dump him.”

“I don’t want to.”


“Why must I have a reason?”

“Itachi.” This time, it was Fugaku, who interjected.

“Father,” said Itachi, meeting everyone’s gaze head on.

Sakura shook her head in disappointed disbelief. He was acting like a stubborn, willful child.

The terse silence followed them to the dining table, where utensils clinked in tense silence; everyone tip toeing around the elephant in the room.

But Uchiha Mikoto was a stubborn woman; if she weren’t, Sakura wondered faintly, she wouldn’t be there, sitting at that table with this misfit of a family. And because she had a purportedly one track mind, Mikoto fished Itachi off the table as soon as he’d had his last bite. They watched in silence as she picked her way all the way up the stairs.

And they waited in silence. They knew Itachi had  already lost.


Itachi knew that his mother was not an unreasonable woman—just, very passionate and slightly…authoritarian, in the most effusive of ways. He wasn’t surprised when he yielded his childish dogma and let her embrace him. In fact he was almost relieved.

She leaned on the balcony balustrade now, watching the sun set, and he stood by her side, wanting to go back in time and be a young boy again.

“That’s a pretty sight,” she said, softly.

When he saw, he had to admit that it was. Sasuke, with his hands cupped on Sakura’s face, and Sakura’s holding his wrists.

How their eyes met and held. How her lips trembled just a little, how gently he brushed them with his. And how they stayed there, just so, fixed in that bare whisper of a kiss.

“He’s in love with her,” Mikoto whispered, dabbing at her eyes. He could see that glowing happiness behind her crumpled face, and an odd kind of serenity in his own heart.

“Aa,” he agreed, smiling slightly.


Sasuke knew what love felt like—it felt like his mother’s warm embrace, his brother’s kind smile. It felt like the small crinkling at the corner of his father’s eyes and Suigetsu’s loudly cussed out greeting. It was such a small word; love, made of such big increments; trust, care, credence, reliability. A partnership, in essence.

And this partnership with Sakura, was setting on a solid foundation now. They trusted each other, cared for each other, relied on each other, and – his chest hitched a little on the last part – maybe his heart had already started faltering in the direction of love.

It was a heady kind of rush, as well as a fettered sort of disappointment.

He didn’t know what to do about it.


“Have you ever just looked at someone and thought, “I really love you’? They’re just talking or humming or watching a movie or reading a book or laughing or something, and there’s something about them in that moment that makes you think, “I just really love you.”

Hinata didn’t so much as smile, but there was a softening at the edges of her eyes, as if they were glowing. “Yes,” she said. “I have.”

Sakura inhaled a deep breath and swallowed. “It’s scary.”

“It is,” she agreed.

“What do I do about it?”

“Whatever you want to.”

“You’re no help at all.”

At this, Hinata did smile. “Maybe that’s why you came to me.”

And she had. Naruto would have broken out his most lethal ‘larv’ songs, Ino would have cackled in glee; they both wouldn’t have given her a chance to accept what she was actually feeling. And what she was feeling was…she didn’t know. It was the hardest thing to comprehend; to love someone. To be in love with someone.

A year ago she would’ve spit in his face, crushed his balls, beaten him to a bloody pulp and it wouldn’t have had mattered. Now, she waited up for him, made sure he wasn’t overworking himself; her heart fluttered at his small gestures of kindness. She wanted to pick out all the beautiful things in the world and put them at his feet. God, she thought, horrified. Her feelings were borderline cliché.

“What do I do, Hinata?” she asked again, desperately.

“Sakura-chan,” said Hinata, still smiling softly, “I think you already know.”


“I was stupid,” Sasuke declared waspishly.

It took Sakura a moment to comprehend that yes, Sasuke was talking to her. “That’s very honest of you,” she replied with a teasing smile. He’d been cutting an apple for her, and she’d been signing off some documents for him.

“You’re an annoying woman,” he sighed, and shoved a plate full of apple slices in front of her.

“And you, honey bun,” she pinched his cheek painfully, “sound like a broken record.”

He rubbed the stininging red spot on his cheek and shot her a dirty look. “I was young, and stupid,” he declared again.

“So you say,” said Sakura, magnanimously, then rubbed his cheek gently, to coax the sting away.

His eyes softened, and he didn’t push her away. Instead, he looked her in the eyes and said, “I was seventeen and cocky. Father refused to let me near any large commissions. Like a fool, I was—it was—”

Sakura held her breath, her hand on table beside his scared to say anything for fear of scaring him away.

“There was this man; he—conned me into joining the Sound Outfit—”

She gasped. Sound was one of the most notorious assembly of Konoha’s seedy underbelly; once you were in, you hardly ever got out.

“I did a lot of terrible things, Sakura.”

His hand trembled slightly beside hers so she laced her fingers with his. He held on, didn’t say anything for a little while. The invisible rift that had been holding him back was no longer there. In the silence of the apartment, she rested her head on his shoulder, bought their twined hand to her mouth and kissed the back of his hand.

“I’m sorry you had to go through that,” she told him gently.

“I was stupid,” he said again, like it was the most natural thing in the world to discredit his mental capacity again and again.

“In that case, I’m sorry you were an imbecile,” she said, a small smile in her words.

“Thank you for understanding.”

“It was no problem at all.”

“I almost got Suigetsu and Karin killed.”

“And yet they are still alive.”

“We got lucky.”

“That you did.”

Tentatively, he rested his head on top of hers and she thought, I think I love him. The words slid into her head between one breath and the next, and she couldn’t deny them anymore than pretend she wasn’t breathing.

It didn’t matter that she was headlong in love and he wasn’t even close to tripping. They fit. They fit. Whether anyone saw it or not, it had clicked for them.

She swallowed and took a deep calming breath, then without looking him in the eyes, said, “I think—um, I think that maybe, I might be in love with you.”

His belly pitched. His heart gave one violent knock against his chest, like an angry fist. The words slid through him like hope. He caught them, held them to himself, and turned. She sat beside him, steeling herself, her eyes on him.

“I think I might be, too,” he admitted, then kissed her before she could duck, drew the kiss out when she forgot to protest.

When they parted, her green eyes were alit with a smile. “And here I thought you had the charm of a housefly.”

She watched his lips bow up before she closed hers over them, again. And the taste of him soothed every ache in her body and soul. She wrapped her arms tight around his neck. And it felt good. It felt right. It felt so damn perfect, loving him.


Uchiha Sarada was not an impatient person. She had, however inherited her Papa’s knack for not running late – which he himself was gradually growing out of. She stood beside her small hello kitty clutch, adjusted the billowy hat on her head and tapped her foot impatiently. The wedding would start in precisely three and a half hours, and because they had to go through the estate, they had to reach the venue in precisely forty-five minutes.

Sighing, she left her room and knocked on the main suites door. No one answered. She entered. She heard commotion in the bathroom and quickly made her way there. Predictably, Mama was bent over the porcelain, heaving her breakfast out while Papa held her hair back, gently patting her on the back.

Sarada was twelve years old, and Mama was…not quite as young as she would have people believe. So when she found out she was going to be a big sister, she hadn’t quite known what to feel. A part of her was innately happy, the other a little dampened by the fact that she would no longer be Papa’s only princess and Mama’s only sweetheart. Those two parts of her were coming to terms, yet still.

When it looked like the sickness had finally passed, she helped Mama stand up. “I’m too old for this,” Mama lamented, almost but not quite miserably.

Sarada checked her smile, and in the vanity mirror, shared an amused glance with Papa – who looked particularly dashing in his suit.

Together, they helped Mama, who was less then thrilled with two grown, almost indentured servants by her side almost all hours of the day. “I’m just pregnant, not invalid!” she would often snap at Papa, who would kiss her wordlessly and despite herself, Mama would be mollified.

“Is the baby okay,” she asked, tentatively.

“Baby’s fine, sweetheart,” said Mama, bending down only a little to kiss her on the forehead. Papa was beside her in an instant, running a hand through her hair and putting a hand on the small of Mama’s back.

“Let’s go,” he said, and started leading them away.

“We’re going to be late,” she informed everyone matter-of-factly.

“It’s fine. I’m sure Itachi-jii will understand.”

And he would, thought Sarada, adjusting the ribbon on her hat. Infact he and Sasori-Ji, both would like Mikoto-obāsan running rampant around someone other than them. She could almost picture the scene now, Obasan running amuck in her beautiful Kimono, with a harried looking Ojii-sama on her heels, flitting around the guests while Ji-chan stood at the altar with his better half.

It was going to be fun.




older!marichat because I have this ugly mushy idea in my head that over the years they start to have pretty regular nighttime meetings where they just sit and talk about their troubles and sometimes they’ll completely platonically cuddle and watch bad reality tv to get their minds off of stuff but sometimes they end up falling asleep and chat knows that it’s risky bc what if his powers run out and she sees him before he wakes up? and he swears to himself every time that he’s not going to let it happen again but he’s really bad at actually sticking to it because falling asleep next to one of his best friends totally beats hanging out alone at home


Mr Hemmings - Luke Smut/Imagine Part 6


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“Fucking ice cream” Luke grumbled his words, kicking his bedroom door shut. You couldn’t help but giggle at how pathetic he sounded, quite pleased with yourself at the same time.

“Its not funny…god damn, all it takes is for you to lick an ice cream. And now look at this..” He trailed off motioning downwards towards the hard on he had, it looked pretty uncomfortable pushing against his skinny jeans, it had only been a matter of time before he would regret the skin tight material he wore every day.

“Sorry…do you want me to help you out there?” Bitting your lip, his eyes narrowed and he smiled.


Placing over to him as slow as possible only to add to his frustration, you reached up pulling his head down to kiss him feverishly.
Your bodies pressing together as close as possible. His hands pulling at the material of your dress pulling it over your head an chucking it behind him casually without a care. His shirt was next meeting your clothing on the floor with a weak thud. It was impossible to remove your lips from his almost like the moment you both touched you couldn’t separate for the life of you.

The cool metal of his lip ring against your red hot lips only adding to the spark between you both. The electricity causing your stomach to churn like it was your first time over and over. He had this effect on you, only him, Mr Hemmings. The soft squeeze of his hand against your ass helped to move this along as you gasped out disconnecting your lips and moving to kiss down his chest and stomach.

Falling to your knees, you cane face to face with the prominent bulge against his jeans. Moving to fiddle on with the thin belt around his waist you undid it carefully, pulling it out of the loops which felt erotic in a way like you would use it to tie somebody up. Discarding it you moved to his zipper and button, undoing them swiftly. The feeling of his hands in your hair calmed your nerves slightly, pulling it to the side gently so he could get the best view of your blowing him. Pulling the material down with some difficulty, it was skin tight around his legs and would only go so far with your weak muscles. His boxers came into sight and you gave up caring about the half jeans half way on his legs. Kissing the inside of his thigh you felt him tense up above you, breathing out in anticipation, you knew he was so over your teasing.

“Baby…play nice” he chucked a little frustration showing through.

“All in good time Hemmings” winking up at him he looked defeated. Your fingers traced the hem of his boxers dipping into the sides a little, holding on and pulling them down to meet his jeans half way on his legs. He was definitely hard by now and the redness of his tip made your sympathy levels rise, but only for a second as you also felt proud.

“Please…” He moaned out and you gave in, wrapping your lips around the head, sucking gently and running your lip across the tip tasting pre come on your lips. You moaned causing vibrations around him and he let out a growl.

“Fuck… Stop I’m not gonna last long” pulling away he stood you up, connecting your lips again and pushing you against his bedroom wall.

“See what you do to me Y/N, I’m so hard i cant even take foreplay” you couldn’t reply with his lips smashing against your roughly, only moans leaving your lips with harsh breaths.

“What do you want baby? Huh? You want me to fuck you against this wall?? Tell me what you want?” God it was now your turn to be desperate and frustrated with his dirty talk.

“Yes, please please Luke”

“Please who?”

“Uh Daddy, please..”

“Thats more like it baby” although his kink was minimum it still managed to turn you on, feeling innocent beneath him while he could do whatever he wanted. Pulling your underwear to the side he lifted you against the wall, pinning you up with his body.

“Ready baby?” He gasped and with a certain nod from you he thrusted into you hard.

“God…!” You couldn’t help but moan and throw your head back against the wall, your fingers digging into his shoulders and legs tightening around his waist.


“Daddy, god you feel so good”

“Thats better baby” he kept pushing into you, fast and hard, sweat forming on his head, and the room becoming extremely hot. Your moans filling his ears and his deep breaths filling yours. The feeling of your high was fast and unexpected but his movements left no time for preparation and you were thrown over the edge.

“Luke, Luke!” You screamed out, eyes clamping shut and body relaxing against his.

“Ugh fuck Y/N” he groaned and came inside you almost immediately after you.

“Fuck that was so hot!” Kissing again his hands pushed the hair out of your face and you blushed.

“You sure do know when to test me baby, bringing the kink up jesus your dangerous.” He laughed pressing his forehead to yours.

“So are you Hemmings, so dangerous…”

“Im tired Luke”

“Me too baby”

Your day had been so long, revising, meeting his band, fucking against walls… A hard days work deserved a rest and with a quick shower and pizza you chilled out on Luke’s bed, him playing guitar softly beside you.

“You look tired baby” he smiled continuing his mesmerising work on the instrument he held like it meant everything to him.

“A little, i just like watching you…its calming” you couldn’t get enough of Luke’s skills against the guitar strings.

“Your so good…”

“Thanks babe, so are you gonna come tomorrow for sure?”

“Do you want me to come?”

“Why do you ask? Of course i do, i wish you wouldn’t be so worried about what i think, i want my girlfriend to come see me play. Although it does make me a little nervous to preform good in front of you” he took small glances at you between playing.

“Im sorry, just this is amazing, like these past few weeks with you, i just…i dunno…” Trailing off he put his guitar down moving to sit beside your body on the bed. Leaning down he pinched your cheeks.

“Heyy” you pouted playfully.

“Ive told you before stop over thinking baby, this is amazing and i swear i will do anything to make sure it continues forever” he chucked a little embarrassed at his confession.

“How the hell can you be so hot and punk rock, with a kink but have a heart of gold and study and serenade with me Lucas..” Sitting up your wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.

“You have no idea how long I’ve liked you, i guess you make me mushy” his head rested on your shoulder and he relaxed with you.

“I like that your mushy with me…”

“Yeah well the guys take the piss outa me…”

“I know” you chucked.

“They told me” smiling you held him tighter.

“Im so glad you get on so well”

“Me too, i was scared at first but they r like you really, look hard but have a gooey middle.”

“Don’t let them hear you say that” he laughed.

“C'mon play me some more, you help me study i will help you practice” getting up his bare chest gave you goose bumps a little, the way he clutched the guitar, his fingers working like magic against it. The way his arm muscles flexed and his expression was so concentrated. Damn he was hot. How the hell would you control yourself, tomorrow night?

anonymous asked:

Rucas + "how do you know you love me?"

Riley and Lucas are cuddling on the couch catching up on the newest episode of the Flash, however Riley isn’t even paying attention. She is in fact replaying the conversation she overheard at school today.

“it makes me wonder how Riley ended up with Lucas?”

Riley stops just before she turns the corner, listening to the random voices that are discussing her relationship with Lucas.

“Forget that, I wonder how Lucas could even love her.”

“Everyone thought he would choose Maya, so it makes me wonder what he loves about Riley that he couldn’t in Maya.”

Riley presses her back against the wall, not moving until she hears the footsteps and voices in the distance and silence overcame the hallway.

Because if she was being honest, she thought the same thing.

Lucas has noticed that Riley was not paying attention and that she was obviously distracted by something, so he leans over and grabs the remote sitting on the table before pausing the show and turns to face Riley. Riley is so into her thoughts that she doesn’t even notice.


“Hmm?” Riley looks over at him. Lucas brushes some of her hair from her face “Everything ok?”

Riley forces a fake smile on her face and Lucas can see right through it “Of course!”

Lucas narrows his eyes “Are you sure?”

“Yes! Let’s go back to our show.”

Lucas eyes her wearily, wanting to keep asking but he knows not to push her, however as he grabs the remote and goes to press play Riley’s sudden outburst stops him.

“How do you know you love me?”

Lucas drops the remote at the question and quickly turns his head to see Riley looking at her lap.


Riley gives a shaky breath “How do you know you love me?”

“Riley I love you because you are you!” Lucas starts but stops when he sees Riley shaking her head.

“How did you know you loved me and not Maya! I mean you choose Mayaville in middle school, why not choose it again in high school?”

Lucas knows Riley still has her own self-doubts and insecurity when it comes to Maya, and he tries to be patient with her because he knows he had a help in placing those doubts in her head by not being honest.

“Riley I choose you because if you don’t notice me and believe in me, then what is the point in doing anything?”

Riley brings her head up and looks at him “What?”

Lucas takes her hand in his and brings it up this lips, pacing soft gentle kisses to her knuckles.

“Riley Grace Matthews, how do I know I love you? Well your belief gives me strength, you smile gives me courage and your eyes give my happiness. I love you because you make everything better and I love you because even though you don’t think so you have this wild side that drives me crazy, but you have your sweet side that makes me feel content. You are mixture of everything and you are everything that I need.”

Lucas finishes his speech, scared that he might have made it to mushy but he hears Riley give a soft sigh, before leaning in and kissing him.


“I made it to mushy?”

Riley shakes her head, bringing her hand up to wipe away a stray tear.

“You made it the right amount of mushy. Thank you.”

“I love you Riley Grace Matthews.”

“I love you too Lucas Austin Friar.”

The two share a soft and gentle kiss before settling back on the couch to resume the episode, this time Riley paying full attention. Because she doesn’t need to listen to random peoples thoughts, all she needs is Lucas’s words to ease her doubts.