mushes cheeks

  • When Noctis falls asleep in the Regalia at the end of a hard day, Gladio carries him up to their hotel room
  • Sometimes Noctis is awake when this happens, but he still pretends to be asleep
  • Even though Umbra and Pryna aren’t small dogs, if they whine up at Ravus for long enough he will pick them up and carry them like babies
  • Ignis lectures Prompto all the time because he didn’t bring anything with sleeves on the trip, but when Prompto gets cold Ignis still lets him have his jacket
  • He also bought Prompto a jacket and stuffed it in the trunk with the rest of their things
  • When Noctis gets especially sad, one of the boys will lure a stray cat into their tent so that he can cuddle them
  • Every stray cat in Lucis is an ally to the chosen king
  • (When he reclaims the throne, they won’t be strays anymore)
  • Ignis carries tissues for when Gladio gets the sniffles
  • When Prompto wants something from one of the other boys, he mushes his cheek against their chests and pouts until they give in
  • Ignis is the only person strong enough to carry Gladio. Prompto has a lot of pictures of Ignis giving him piggyback rides
  • Noctis draws little hearts around Ignis’s moles with a sharpie when he’s sleeping
  • Prompto bumps into inanimate objects and apologizes all the time
Sour Girl

 Warning: Smut, DD/LG Kink, Daddy kink, Age Gap, Spankings, Language, A Little Bit of Clark Kent ;), Slight Angst, (OC is not under-aged, she’s 23)

Summary: “Little girls get spankings..”

Author’s Note: I combined two request together; hope you enjoy :) 

Request(s): 1. “Hii, i was watching married with children and there’s a scene when somebody ask to the girl “is he your daddy?” And she asked “Oh no, he’s my father” it was so funny, can you do something like that with Bruce idk but in the other way, like “is he your father” “oh no, he’s my daddy” and Bruce reacting I bet will be funny, I hope is not too kinky lmao, sorry for my English btw”

2. “Can you please make some smut of Bruce being mad cuz the oc is way too young and she made fun of him acting like a brat or childlike and he’s going all “oh you wanna act like a little girl? Well, little girls get spanking.” also height difference cuz Ben Affleck is fucking 6′4 asdghk”

I watched as the small minx pranced around the kitchen in nothing but a pale pink, silk baby doll top and matching ruffled shorts. I had a business party to go to, and she was busying spilling pink lemonade all over the marble island. I was having second thoughts about bringing her along. I knew how people gave us dirty looks at these type of events, not only because of the scandalous dresses that clung to her tight body but the fact that I was above 35 years old and she was in her early twenties. It was fairly hard to keep up with her, the messes, uncontrollable hormones and high sex drive. But I wasn’t complaining, I couldn’t.

“Y/N, go upstairs and get dress. We don’t have time.” I walked over cleaning the sticky, sugary liquid off of the counter.   

“No..I don’t wanna.” She pouted, poking her bottom lip out more than usual. 

I turned, squinting my eyes at the hardheaded young woman in front of me. I hovered over her as a smug grin pulled at the corners of her plush lips. She stood on the tips of her toes, tugging at the black silk tie I was wearing. Her fingers brushing over the collar of my shirt, her small leg sliding in between my muscular ones. 

“You always looked so nice in a suit, Brucey.”  

I cringed at the nickname, and my jaw clenched feeling her small hand gripping my growing bulge. I rolled my neck in frustration, yanking her harshly by her bicep, bringing her closer to my body, almost lifting her off of her feet.

“Go upstairs and get dressed. I’m not going to tell you again.” I growled, pushing her towards the staircase. 

I realized that my bad temper did nothing but cause the bubbling excitement in her to erupt. The way her thighs clenched together and how her tongue snaked out to lick her lips obviously told it all. She stomped her foot and cross her arms as if she was a child that refused to go to bed when told to. 

“I said I don’t wanna. I don’t like how all those men stare at me like I’m a piece of meat.” She looked down at her bare feet with her arms behind her back, twisting to and fro. 

I walked back over to her, lifting her head up by her chin, my 6′4 frame towering over 5′2 one. 

“I wouldn’t dare let anyone lay a finger on you. Now, stop being a brat and throw on something pretty for daddy.” I gave her perfect ass a slap before she ran up the stairs to our bedroom, giggling. 

She was acting more bratty than usual, which made my palm twitch, maybe it was that time of the month for her. I put the pitcher of pink lemonade back into the fridge after pouring the half empty glass down the drain. She wanted to get the best out of me, I knew how badly she wanted me to take her over my knee and chastise her until her perfectly round ass was a pretty picture painted with black and blue. I wasn’t going to let her get me, not like that last time when she nearly wrecked the batmobile. I remember how she was barely able to get out of bed the following morning.     

About 25 minutes go by, I gave another look at my watch, she was still upstairs, doing god knows what. 

“We have 15 minutes to get there. What’s taking you so damn long?!” I yell upstairs, leaning my arm against the wooden banister. 

“Yeah, yeah.. I’m coming grandpa.”

I rolled my eyes at the childish remark before hearing the clicking of heels against wood, I rose my head being greeted by crimson red silk, sculpted collarbones and tight brown curls. 

“How do I look, grandpa?” She twirled around, her dress following behind her.

Before she could reach the last step, I grabbed her forearm , my mouth inches apart from hers. 

“Keep making those little jokes and you’ll have matching cheeks to go with that dress.” I smirked, pecking the tip of her nose.

She muttered something under her breath about old people on our way to the car, causing my jaw to clench and my palm to twitch for the 10th time this night. I held the door open, as she slid onto the Italian leather seats, the slit of her dress opening up a little more than it should, revealing that she’s bare underneath. I took a deep breath after closing the door, adjusting my collar, walking over to the driver’s side. The car ride consisted of dress lifting, thigh grabbing and sly remarks. God, how the hell was I going to get through this night?  

Once we stepped inside the luxurious mansion, we were already plummeted with glares and scoffs but soon welcomed with a warming smile and aligned liquors. 

“Glad you could make it Bruce.” Clark chimed, giving my shoulder an hearty grip. 

I returned the gesture with a friendly one-armed hug, Clark’s eyes wondered to the side of me causing me to pull away and my eyebrows to furrow. It wasn’t long until I noticed that Y/N was giving him bedroom eyes. 

“Is he your father?” Clark questioned as if I wasn’t standing right in front of them. 

“Oh no, he’s my daddy.”

My mouth parted open and my cock twitched against the zipper of my dress pants at her unexpected, shameless response. She looked up at me, giving me cherubic, doe eyes beneath long lashes, wrapping her tongue around the skinny straw of her dirty martini. I blinked at her twice before turning to Clark. 

“Excuse us.” I smiled keeping my lips in a firm, thin line before tugging Y/N off into the women’s bathroom. 

I gripped her chin harshly, my index and middle finger holding her face still as I cornered her against the wall. She looked up at me with those innocent eyes, again, as if she didn’t just call me her daddy in front of Clark fucking Kent.  

“You think you can just get away with acting like a spoiled brat tonight? Huh?”

My fingers digging more into the skin of her cheeks, hard enough to leave light red marks in the shape of fingertips. I smiled as she winced and shook her head vigorously, her rosy cheeks slightly mushed together causing her lips to pucker a bit. 

“You like acting like a little girl?” I snatched her by the thin straps of her dress, “Little girls get spankings..”

My cock throbbed at the struggled gasp that escaped her lips as I bent her over the sink of the public women’s bathroom. I lifted up the skimpy, red silk being greeted by her bare plump ass. I groaned at the sight, my hands running over the delicate skin of her ass cheeks, prepping her for the stinging sensation that she was about to endure. 

“I want you to count. If you lose count, I will start over.” I warned and she nodded willingly. 

I took a deep breath before my large hand slammed against the soft pad of her left ass cheek. I grinned to myself hearing the soft mewls rolling off her deceitful tongue. 

“1..” She choked out.

I could hear the tears already erupting in her voice which made my pants tighten a little more than they should have. I smirked as a bright red hand print started to form on the surface of the skin. I lifted my hand up, slamming it down once again, watching her tiny body jolt up in pleasurable agony. I did that about several times while she counted before our safe word slipped pass her quivering lips. I took a step back, basking in the sight of her swelling cheeks. She attempted to stand up straight but failed miserably, I wrapped my arms around the small of her back, my lips grazing the prominent vein on her neck, inhaling her succulent scent of milk and honey.

“This is what happens when little girls want to act like little whores.” I gestured towards her cherry tinted ass.

“I’m very sorry daddy.” She poked her bottom lip out , gaze to the bathroom floor.

I kissed her forehead gently , before helping stand up straight. She seethed as her fingertips brushed against her ass while fixing the skirt of her dress. I adjusted my tie whilst she wiped the smeared mascara from under her eyes.

“We’re going home. I need to have you.” I engulfed her hand in mine, bringing her knuckles up to my lips before leaving the bathroom back into the crowd of drunken snobs.

We urged through the crowd just to be stopped by Clark once again. I was nearly on the verge of losing my patience. I needed to have her now. I couldn’t help but get rock, hard at how flustered Y/N gets after a well-deserved punishment.

“Awe, leaving so soon?” Clark pouted, his words slightly slurred. Superman was tipsy, ha.

“Yeah, Y/N isn’t really well.” I put on a mock frown, before giving him a manly shoulder grip then exiting through the front door.

The car ride back composed of Y/N continuously folding and uncrossing her legs, almost similar to the car ride here. I didn’t get the chance to open the car door for her, before it flung open widely, and she jumped into my arms, her hands grabbing at my face and her lips providing me with sloppily, gift-wrapped kisses. I held her up by the backs of her thighs as I fought with the keys and lock of the large house we shared. We stumbled inside after finally managing to open the door, our lips still attached to each other’s. I let out a growl feeling her break the heated kiss before she pushed me on my back to the leather couch. She swung her legs over mine, as she fumbled with the buttons of my dress shirt after pushing my blazer off. I pushed the skimpy straps pass her shoulders exposing her perfectly, taut buds. I bowed my head, taking the left one into my mouth, my tongue creating circular motions around the peak. I watched in awe as she threw her head back, hair tousled over her the high points of her cheeks. Her small hands finding their way to undo my belt and slacks, that crooked smile displayed across her face as my rock, solid cock sprung out of my briefs. She took a hold of my cock in her hands, her thumb sweeping up the bead of precum that managed to form in the slit, earning a low groan from me. Her hand teasingly squeezing around my cock causing my breath to hitch and my body to stiffen. She started to rotate, up and down on my dick, in a torturing slow pace.

“Don’t tease me, doll.” I warned through clenched teeth.

“You’re no fun Batsy.” She gave me a mock pout before scooting back on her haunches, her grip tightened on my cock as she wrapped her soft lips around my tips, her tongue making long stokes up the sides.

Then she took all of me into her mouth reminding of how talented she was at this. I grabbed a fistful of her gathering it up in my hands before tugging roughly, effecting my cock to probe the back of her throat, smalls gags being muffled. She looked at me with doe eyes, smiling brightly with a mouthful.

“You’ve always looked so pretty with my cock down your throat.”

She nodded knowingly, her head bobbing back and forth , edging my release. I tugged her up by the mock ponytail I formed, refusing to cum without being inside of her first. I ran my thumb over the speck of spit and pre cum on her bottom lip, leaning down to tug at it with my teeth. She giggled against my lips sending vibrations throughout my body.

“I wanna ride you daddy.” Her tongue grazed over lip before she climbed onto my lap, wrapping her legs around my hips.

I was in complete fulfillment when she slid herself onto me, my hands went immediately to her waist, out of habit, guiding her up and down on my cock. Her hands tangled up into my unruly hair, tugging and pulling as she rode my cock. I smirked as my first name escaped from her soft lips causing me to bury myself deeper inside of her.

“You like that slut? Huh?” She moaned, nodding her head vigorously. “You’re so fucking tight.” I purred against her pulse.

I thrust into her a few more times before grabbing her by hips, flipping her on her side. She wrapped her left leg around mine as I held the back of her right thigh. I pull out of her almost completely then submerging my cock into her cunt, my balls slapping against her puckered hole.

“Harder.. Please.” She begged as I witnessed her eyes flutter and roll back.

I granted her wish, plowing harder into her, the feeling of worry crept in the back of my mind, at the thought of nearly tearing her apart. I wrapped my arms around her rib cage , my fingers toying with her rose bud nipples.

“Cum for me, little girl. Come on, cum for daddy.” I whispered, my hands snaking down her navel to the sensitive bundle of nerves between her legs.

“Bruc-” Her gravelly voice was soon interrupted by the contracting of her cunt around my cock and the clenching in her stomach from her euphoric release.

I held her tighter to my body, thrusting into her practically lifeless body, riding into my orgasm, strings of my hot seed spewing into her heated mound. I wasted no time before I trailed kisses from the valley of her belly button down to the soft coils. My tongue flicked at her clit , gazing up at the beautiful nymph above me as she thrashed and squirmed underneath my tongue, cleaning up the concoction of our cum. I lifted my head, meeting my lips with hers letting her get a taste of the new flavor we created. I coddled her in my arms, pulling the sheet over her getting a glance at the fading red blotches formed from tonight’s earlier events, the room silencing from the frantic breathing.  Y/N examined me with squinted eyes tugging at the skin of her bottom lip with damp hair pressed to my chest. 

“How come you don’t call me your girlfriend?” She broke the silence. 

I clenched my jaw, sensitive about this particular subject. 

“Y/N, you know how I feel about-” 

“Don’t give me that. We’ve been together for 1 year and 8 months, and you still haven’t labeled me as your girlfriend. Are you embarrassed to be with me because I’m younger, or shall I say a little girl ?“She began to remove herself from my grip but I refused by pulling her back tightly to my chest before lifting up her face by the chin, forcing her to look at me, blinking away the tears that dared to fall.

“I love you. Don’t ever say I’m embarrassed of you. You’re my everything.. Lover, partner, soulmate, girlfriend, hopefully wife.” I gave her nose a soft peck watching her lips curl into the smile that I adore so much. 

“Really? Wife?” She attempted to hide her smile with her hands before I grabbed them. 

“Yes. Really.” I gave her lips one more longing kiss before she snuggled up to my chest. 

“I love you more, Batsy.”

Catversation (By Various Means)

MariChat May 23rd: SIN II


Sequel to MariChat May 22nd: Link

Summary: Marinette and Chat define their relationship using actual words. Shocker I know.

Marinette paced back and forth.

Marinette was in her room after having to explain her sudden disappearance to her mother. It was hard to since she obviously hadn’t wanted to mention that she was making out with a freaking superhero. So she made an excuse about wanting to get some clothing scraps and forgetting to text her and surprisingly her mother seemed to buy it.

The only problem left was that she still hadn’t talked to Chat. She just couldn’t handle it. Especially after spending all morning thinking about how they had kissed the night before. When Chat had shown up out of the blue and offered looked at her like that, well, she just couldn’t help herself.

Though being unable to help herself apparently wasn’t enough of an excuse for her little Kwami friend. Tikki had taken to periodically rolling her eyes at her gushing about the kisses and chiding her for not talking to Chat. Marinette didn’t really feel like that was fair. She was definitely going to talk to him. Eventually.

She groaned and threw herself onto her chaise.

If only the silly kitty hadn’t taken her heart in the first place. It was becoming apparent, even to her, that she wasn’t going to get it back. Her heart beat harder and faster whenever he was around and she constantly wanted to be closer to him. It was almost like she had fallen… in love…

Marinette shot up from her chaise and whimpered. “Oh no, I’m in love with Chat.” She realized.

Tikki rolled her big eyes from Marinette’s desk. “Really? You just figured this out now?”

Marinette pouted her cheeks flushed. “How was I supposed to know?”

Tikki shook her little head. “You’ve made out with him twice in two days.” She pointed out.

Marinette remained stubborn with a pout on her lips.

Tikki floated over to her and grabbed both her cheeks. “You even started it both times!” She said mushing the girl’s cheeks together before finally letting go with a harrumph.

“Ow.” Marinette muttered as she rubbed her cheeks. “Fine. I should’ve figured it out sooner. Happy?”

“That isn’t even the point Marinette.” Tikki smiled gently at her. “You need to talk to Chat about this-” She gestured to Marinette with a paw. “—thing, that’s going on between the two of you.”

Marinette looked down. “Okay Tikki, I’ll talk to him.” She looked back up at her Kwami with a confidant smile, only for her to have disappeared. “Tikki-?”

Chat rolled off her bed and dropped onto her floor with a quiet thud.

Smile forgotten Marinette gingerly made her way to the cat and prodded him in the side.

He turned his head towards her. “Stop that.” He said with a pout.

She giggled and poked him again. He growled at her and when she didn’t stop he flipped over, grabbed her arm, and pulled her on top of him. He let his hands rest on the curve of her back.

Marinette was so happy she couldn’t wait any longer. She smiled widely at him. “Iloveyou!” She squeaked out.

The shock on his face made her smile dim slightly. “You what?” He managed to gasp out.

She stared him straight in the eye and smiled nervously. “I lo-um. I loooo-er.” She groaned quietly and let her head drop onto his chest.

Chat swallowed. “Are you trying to say, that you love me?” He lifted her chin so he could see her face.

Marinette answered by pressing her lips gently to his. He allowed it for a moment before she pulled back. “That’s a yes I take it?” He asked.

Marinette nodded, a flush on her cheeks.

Chat chuckled deep in his chest. “I love you too, Princess.” He purred.

Since she was laying across his chest Marinette could feel the chuckle and the purr. She hummed happily in response to his words and smiled so wide it hurt.

Chat grinned back. “So, does this mean you’re my princess now?”

She giggled and pressed a kiss to his chin. “Only if you’re my prince.” She murmured.

“And here I thought I was your knight.” He teased.

Marinette smirked and flicked his bell. “You’re a little higher ranked than that now.”

He purred and flipped them over so that he was above her on his elbows. “Would you say I’m on top of you?” He wiggled is eyebrows.

She rolled her eyes and laughed before putting her hands on his cheeks and tugging him down to her lips.

Chat slowly relaxed into the kiss as his eyes slid shut.

Marinette’s arms fell to the ground and she smiled into the kiss when she heard him purr.

They broke apart a second later and stared into one another eyes as they tried to catch their breaths.

“This feels familiar.” Marinette chuckled.

Chat looked at her confused. “What do you mean?”

Marinette suddenly paled. “Uh, nothing! We’re just kissing again is all!” She said nervously.

“Why don’t we familiarize ourselves further then?” He pressed his lips against her neck and she could feel her breath hitch.

“S-sure.” She moaned. The feeling of his soft lips on her neck was making her head spin.

She couldn’t stop the embarrassing sounds coming from her lips at the heavenly feeling of his gentle kisses and licks. When he copied her bite from yesterday she let out a small mewling sound that made Chat grin against her neck.

To wipe the grin off his face she gently pulled his head back by his hair and forced her tongue into his mouth.

From where she was under him she could feel his purr get louder. As his tongue weaved against her own she buried her hands deeper into his fluffy hair.

Chat pulled back a bit and Marinette’s tongue chased him. This let Chat grasp her tongue and, using his mouth, sucked gently on it. She couldn’t help but moan at the strange feeling. He stopped after a moment and pulled back. A thin string of saliva still connected them.

“So that’s where you disappeared to yesterday.”

Marinette and Chat jumped away from each other at Sabine’s sudden entrance. Once they were both away from each other Marinette tried to desperately wipe away the saliva on her chin while Chat spoke.

“This isn’t what is looks like!” Marinette gave him a look that said ‘Are you kidding me?’ he looked back at her sheepishly.

Sabine smiled and shook her head. “I think you two were kissing. Am I wrong?” She asked coyly.

Marinette sighed, defeated. “Yes Maman, we were kissing.”

Sabine hummed in consideration and used her hand to cover an amused smile. “I’m assuming you weren’t getting scraps to design with then?”

Marinette grabbed at her arm guiltily. “Yes. I mean no I wasn’t.” She looked away from her mother. “I was kissing Chat then too.” She blushed.

Sabine giggled excitedly. Marinette looked at her with dread.

“I see how it is.” Sabine murmured. “Marinette, would your boyfriend mind staying for dinner?” Her eyes gleamed.

Marinette paled. “Of course madam. I would be honored.” Chat said, ignoring Marinette shaking her head rapidly at him. When He finished speaking she groaned in defeat.

“Sounds great!” Sabine said cheerfully. “I’ll call you two downstairs when it’s ready.” She smiled and then added with a wink as she left. “Have fun!”

Marinette turned red. “Maman!” Her mother giggled as she shut the hatch.

The two stood awkwardly for a moment before Chat finally broke the silence. “Boyfriend huh?” He looked at her intensely.

Marinette shifted on her feet nervously. “Yeah, I mean… if that’s fine with you?” She asked, their eyes meeting.

“I’d like that.” He smiled.

anonymous asked:

Harry is perched on the floor, long legs crossed over one another. Louis is sitting opposite of him, in the exact same position. In between, them is a little boy, utterly confused, looking quickly between the two. "Come on, Ernie, Mangoe," Harry coos, holding a slice up to his lips. "Crisps, Ernie, yummy," Louis interrupts, waving a few to grab his little brothers attention. "Lou," Harry scolds lightly, his full lip pouting out. "Hazza, you're not turning me brother into a hippie, like you."

“Mangoes are hipster food,” Harry shakes his head fondly, but focuses on the task at hand, brushing the mango against his little lips. Louis crinkles the bag of crisps, trying to distract him. Harry ruffles his curls against Ernie’s cheek, making him squeal, but lean into him. Louis huffs, fondly, of course, when he sees his brother open his mouth and bite into the slice of mango. Harry raising an eyebrow at him. “Good boy, who’s your favourtie?” Harry coos, hoisting him up into his arms.

Louis, sneakily, snatches a piece of mango, and mushed it into Harry’s cheek. Ernest laughing out of control as Harry tries to looks put off, but instead giggles himself. And leans in, rubbing his cheeks against Louis’ stubbly one, spreading the mush. And life couldn’t get any better. His two favorite boys.


Um, first of all rude. 

Second of all, I was like ‘wtfuck is this person talking about?’ because I use Queue+ which let’s you queue an unlimited amount of posts so I have like 16,000 in a queue and it’s a surprise every hour what’s going to pop up and so I just went through my posts and realised you were referring to this post of Harry feeding Ernest a mango.

Playing devil’s advocate I was like, “Well maybe it’s Louis…” But that fool has very distinctive hands and fingernails (like his husband);

I love science, but my favourite thing about that post is this:

“Look you didn’t have to do all this to prove its Harry. Literally who else would feed a toddler a mango?” - @sfylinson 

Taken from the final chapter of my Ash x Johnny NSFW fanfiction, Stay With Me”. (take heed of the Mature rating before you click the link below.)

Glancing down, Johnny took in her lax face. Even with smudged eyeshadow, mushed quills, and cheek squished against his chest, Ash was still breathtakingly beautiful. Curvy figure drowning in his green and gold sweater, so cozy and warm as she draped herself over him. Johnny could scarcely remember a time in which he’d been more content with life…how this rocker rebel had stolen his heart and he never wanted it back.

Ash suddenly shifted in his arms, burrowing her nose into his throat before she became still again. One of her hands grasping at his fur when a contented sigh escaped; joined shortly afterward with a mumbled, “g'nite” whispered into his fur.

“Night, Love.” Johnny smiled, cheeks burning as he pressed his cheek to her forehead.

                                      (KEEP READING)

If you’re interested, I also did a NSFW accompanying pict to go with the chapter as well. ;-p


Jiyong would be a little taken aback the first few times to see you swearing between words, or once in a while, maybe every few sentences — whatever type of swearer you are. But he’s not exactly got the most innocent, cleanest mouth himself… So it’d just become something that’s part of your charm. He’d egg you on at times, try to get a reaction out of you to get you to swear and then find it hilarious as hell, probably mush your cheeks up and ask how you can be so cute even when you’re using some of the most colourful words in existence. As a matter of fact, he’d take this trait from you and make fun of it both in and out of bed. Sometimes he’d ‘punish’ you for it, other times he’d make you use only swears to communicate during sex. It’d just become something part of your regular life together and indeed your sex life too. You’d tease him for swearing and he’d tease you. It’d be pretty funny to catch each other out when you both try to go 'as long as you can’ without swearing, and when you both fail, you just accept that you’re really fucking bad at keeping your words clean.

Rescue Me

****So…I don’t really like it but I figured I would post it anyway cause whatever. This will be my ongoing series for my blog. fingers crossed! I suck at previews so just enjoy! Let me know what you guys think!

Ft/ Roman Reigns

“Where we going?”

Glancing in my rear view mirror, I smiled at my three year old daughter, Zaleigh. Her eyes were on, Ellie, her elephant build a bear, a wide smile stretched across her face. Usually her hair would be hanging in her face but for the occasion, I pulled her unruly black curls back into a bun. Having her hair out of her face showcased her deep dimples and light hazel eyes. Everyone would say she looked like my twin but it was only the dimples, other than that we have nothing in common.

“You remember I told you we were gonna see some of our family today?” I asked her putting my focus back on the road ahead of me.

“Mmhmm. With the pool, mommy?”

“Yep, Zae.”

She didn’t ask any more questions, she put all of her focus back on Ellie.

This was our first time back in Florida since Zaleigh was about nine months old. Her daddy moved us up to Kansas. He said it was for the betterment of our family but that wasn’t it at all. It’s been the longest years of my life without physical contact with my parents, other family and friends. But we’re back now, that’s what matters.


Zaleigh’s excitement had turned into nervousness after I had taken her out of the car. Usually she would opt to walk, or run, instead she begged me to pick her up and clung tightly too me when I did. There were so many cars parked in front of my parents’ house, I realized they probably called all the family we have here and more. I could smell food from the grill and hear the laughing and talking that was going on in the backyard.

Figuring no one would hear the doorbell, I walked us over to the tall, beige picket fence and opened it.

Familiar faces of my cousins were the first people I saw. They hugged me and attempted to talk to Zaleigh but she was having none of it. Laughing it off, I told them to give her a little time in a few minutes she would be ready to talk. Walking quickly through the throng of guests, I made my way to my mom, who was sitting in a lawn chair with two women siting opposite her in lawn chairs as well. I approached her with a big smile feeling tears fill my eyes.

“Mama.” I called out catching her attention.

Without any words, she jumped up and wrapped her arms around me and Zae. In response to the contact, Zaleigh wiggled around to see who it was. Her eyes lit up.

“Nana!” Zae squealed holding arms out to her.

Even though, Zae hadn’t seen her grandparents in the flesh in years I was still able to FaceTime with them so they had a relationship. Happily, my mom took her from me squeezing her gently and placed kisses on the side of her face.

“Is that PopPop’s angel?”

My dad marched right over to us smiling and holding his arms out for Zaleigh. My mom passed her to him then wiped the happy tears from her cheeks. Daddy kissed my forehead before walking away with Zaleigh.

“My babies are finally back,” Mama squealed pulling me back to the ladies she was talking to.

“Oh, Melanie, you remember Patricia and Morgan?” She asked me as she pulled me to sit beside her.

I nodded greeting them politely. Morgan is my mom’s best friend from high school and my godmother. And Patricia is my mom’s other best friend who has lived beside us my whole life. Her, her husband and their four kids. We all grew up together, her youngest son and I were best friends until I left for Kansas. I haven’t talked to or seen him in person in years.

“Is that your baby? She’s so big.”

“Yep, that’s my baby, Ms. Patricia,” I laughed looking over at her and my dad. “She turned three on Christmas Eve.”

“She is so pretty. She clearly got it from her mom.”

Before I could tell Ms. Patricia thank you, my mom butted in playfully telling her that Zae got her good looks from her. The compliment made me feel a little better. Back in Kansas the only thing people ever said was how she didn’t look like me at all and only a little like her father.

“I think she looks like someone but I can’t put my finger on it,” Morgan added looking lost in thought.

My mom gave her a certain look then smiled at me again, pushing me towards the back door. “Go inside and bring those other plates out, Melly.”

Mama sending me inside meant there was something she wanted to say that she didn’t want me to hear. It was probably about Zaleigh’s dad. I’m just not sure what else there is to say about him that she hadn’t already. If that’s what she was going to talk about.

I searched and searched the walk-in pantry for the plates but I didn’t see them.

“I didn’t think you were really here.”

Jumping from the voice, I turned to face them clutching my chest. I was going to yell at them until I realized who it was.

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“You need a freaking bell, Joe.”

He laughed stepping inside the pantry away from the doorframe.

“And you gotta stop being so scary, Melly. You act like something was gonna jump out at you.”

“This is why I never liked you.”

Him and I smiled at each other as he closed the gap between us and pulled me into a hug. He smelled as good as I remembered. He towered over me in the hug but I don’t mind. It’s always been like this through our friendship. Cheek to chest.

“It’s been a long time,” He whispered still holding onto me.

I nodded trying to pull away from the hug.

“Not yet. Just let me hold on to you a little longer so I know I’m dreaming.”

He must have find out about what happened between Zaleigh’s dad and I. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone in the backyard knew. Nevertheless, I stood in his embrace holding onto his waist. I’m glad to be back with my family and friends.

Joe and I ended up siting in the kitchen, at the breakfast bar, talking and joking around. We connected like we never left one another.

“I can’t believe you.” I laughed reaching over to hit his shoulder.

“I swear that’s what happened,” He said holding his hands up a if he was praying, “You can ask my brother.”

As he continued on with his story, I couldn’t help but admire him a little. He looked a lot different since the last time I saw him. Longer hair, leaner, a lot more built and a full beard. I always thought he was handsome and is even more true now.

“Mommy! Mommy!”

Zaleigh ran through the backdoor straight for me giggling as she came over. Scooping her up in my lap, I kissed her cheek and brushed hair from her face.

“Baby! Baby!” I squealed back at her.

She bounced in my lap happily. “Can we stay here?”

“I dunno, Zae. I kind of wanted to stay at our house tonight,” I told her avoiding her puppy dog eyes, “Don’t you wanna stay in your new room?”

And here comes the pouting. I swear I hated when she pouted. It was something she did with her father all the time. Whenever she pouted, cried or even looked pitiful he would give in to whatever she wanted. He may not have been good a person to anyone but he was to Zaleigh for a while. That was all that mattered to me.


“No. Wanna stay here. You go.”


Narrowing my eyes at her, I gave her my best mom face. To be honest I’m still perfecting it, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Once she decided to look away, I moved my attention to Roman who was smiling at us.


“You should let her stay.”


Zaleigh jumped at the sound of his voice. She turned in my lap to face him, her once pouty face now shifted into a smiling face. It was because she knew she was about to get her way.


“Oh, no!” I said catching his attention. “You will not spoil her too. Her father and my parents have done enough.”


“Not my daddy,” Zaleigh mumbled lying her head back on my chest. Joe and I locked eyes after she said until I looked away. “Just let her stay, Mel. You and I can do some catching up.” After all was said, him and I just stared until he grinned at me wiggling his brows. The wiggle had made Zaleigh laugh but it was the grin that got me. That damn boyish grin, it made him look so innocent but I knew better. That grin has gotten me in a lot of trouble in the years that I’ve known him.  


Joe held his arms out to Zaleigh and surprisingly she reached out for him. As much as she talks, she can be super shy so with this being her first time seeing him, that she remembers, and she goes to him is shocking to me. She made herself comfortable in his lap facing me. Joe held her tiny hands in his larger ones and leaned down so he could talk to her.


“If you wanna stay you gotta smile at your mommy, Princess,” he semi-whispered looking down at her. “No sad face?” The genuinely confused face made the both of us laugh. She is a character. “Nah. See mommy can’t turn down a smile.” Zaleigh seemed to be pondering it for a second, looking back and forth between Joe and I. She squinted her eyes and sighed, “How you know?”


“Cause I’m mommy’s bestest friend,” he told her smiling over at me. My cheeks started to heat up and hurt from the big smile on my face. “Mommy best friend a girl.” Joe laughed taking a second to smooth his hand over his hair. “I’m her real best friend.”


“Whats your name?”


“Joe, Princess.”


“Ace,” she squealed moving to throw her arms around his neck. With a confused look on his face he hugged her back and gave me a crazy look. All I could do was laugh, it was what I used to call him when we were kids. My mom told her about him a few times before. He hadn’t heard it in years I’m sure. “That’s me,” he said pulling away, “Now come on. Let’s smile at mommy and ask her really nicely.” They mushed their cheeks together and smiled, making me giggle. They looked absolutely ridiculous.


“Can I stay, mommy? Peaaaase??”


“Yeah, Mommy,” Joe added, “Peaaaase.”


Staring at them, I tried to keep a straight face but failed miserably. When I fell into a fit of laughter Joe told her that was yes and to go tell her grandparents that she was staying. “You know she’s gonna expect you to rescue her like that all the time right?” I asked standing from my seat. “That’s alright with me. As long as I can rescue her mama, too.” Joe dropped his voice, something he did when he flirted. Some things never changed.


“You’re my best friend, remember,” I asked.


“For all intents and purposes, you’re right,” he shrugged pulling me to stand between his legs, “But there were times when we weren’t. Yeah?”


“I don’t recall.”


“We’ve got some time to go down memory lane.”


“I’m a married woman, Joe. You should not be flirting with me.” I put my naked ring finger in his face making him laugh. Grasping it, he placed a kiss to where my ring should have gone.


“I have reason to believe that you’re not married. And my sources never lie.”


Slipping my hand from his grasp, I stepped away from her backing up to the back door. “We should get back out there before they send a search party.”


“You’re right but we’ve gotta leave at some point. Right?”

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💔 💋 ❣ for Asahi and Kuroo pretty please luv u and your blog <3

How to arouse him;


• Playing at innocence is your best shot if you ask me. Perhaps “accidentaly” making something sound like a possible innuendo and then as you watch him get flustered and blushy, start worrying like crazy, checking him for a temperature as you get up in his face 😏

• Depending on how naughty you want to be, discreet touches drive him insane while you’re in public. If you link your arm around his as you press your chest on him in the most casual way he’ll be down on his knees in mere minutes. If he even lasts for that long.

• If you’re on your own though, at the comfort of your own home, it will be enough to start sweet talking and offering him a massage then allowing your hands to wander when he isn’t expecting them.


• The better question is how to NOT arouse him. If he’s truly into you he could find you biting your lip as you’re solving a math problem the hottest erotica in existance.

• Even though I’ve got to say that he has a preference of you waking him up with a kiss down south while you’re wearing cat ears. Just saying.

• Did I mention that he probably has the biggest master/servant kink? Scratch that, he has quite a lot of kinks in general and you can play at any each one of them and he would be down for taking you on a desk in the library as you play who can be quieter so that no one hears you.

• He sooo does his best to make you as loud as possible; getting caught is incredibly arousing for him. You know the one, forbidden fruit or not he was starving and it was damn delicious.



• If you’re in public, he’ll be hesitant on PDA but when you’re alone he likes to both kiss and be kissed gently and passionately.

• Run your hands through his hair as you’re kissing him and he will become a complete mush. His cheeks will reach a new and yet undiscovered shade of red!

• His hands will always reach out for your waist while you’re at it in hopes of you jumping at him and wrapping your legs around his own waist. He’ll do anything to make the kiss deeper and more meaningful.


• Oh man, I have already made a long list of kissing headcanons on our cat-boy here, but I’ll put a few here just for good measure!

• Kiss him, literally, in any way you want. He doesn’t mind anything, quite on the contrary actually, he loves being affectionate with his partner!

• When he’s feeling particularly playful he’ll try lingering kisses or just moving away, teasing you with his height as he watches how flustered your expression becomes.

• Much like Kenma, I’m putting my money on the fact that he would be a complete slut for morning/night kisses. Not just one or two, he wants to be showered! If you give him just a few you can expect him whining for more in mere minutes.



• This one isn’t exactly a turn off but it’s definitely going to make the mood slightly awkward– saying out flatly that you wanna do it. Probably *only* in the beginning of the relationship though because he would feel insecure about messing up or making you feel uncomfortable under such pressure. What pressure, might you ask? In his mind, if you’re the one asking it he’ll feel as if you’ve grown impatient with his pace. You know he can be a people pleaser at times.

• Overdoing it with scratching probably wouldn’t sit well with him. It could be just me but I think he would be against heavy marking of his partner because he’s afraid that people will think he’s harming her due to his thug personality.

• Bad hygiene. I don’t think there’s much to add onto that, he really isn’t picky about stuff but he believes a shower and tooth brushing should go without saying.


• He would respect his s/o no matter what but if she were to be strongly against any and all experimenting and only wanted what felt good for her, he’d be kind of turned off. Sure, he wants you happy and he doesn’t mind doing anything for you but he dislikes the fact that it’s a one way street.

• Linking to the first one, he’d be pretty put off if the girl would remain in the starfish position as he takes her while she gives no response whatsoever at all times. She should at the very least try something.

• Faking moans would legit make him drop you in split second. You gotta remember his pride would be hurt and he’d rather she asks him to stop and try something else rather than fake pleasure for his sake. As I already mentioned, it’s a two-way street for him and he wants you to be honest about what you’re comfortable with.

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~closing the gap~ how about exhausted-from-practice-just-starting-to-get-sick yuuri collapsing onto the couch and viktor pressing a hand to his forehead to feel the beginnings of fever? ~headcold-canon

“I’m so tired…” groans Yuuri, cheek mushed against the couch cushions. “I’m so, so tired. That was the hardest practice I’ve ever done. Why was it so hard? I don’t think we did anything that was that hard but it was so hard. Victor I’m so tired…” 

Victor doesn’t feel particularly tired. It had actually been an unusually easy practice session, mainly owing to the fact that Yuuri had been so out of it and Yakov hadn’t wanted him to hurt himself. “Hmm…” says Victor. “Well, if you’re that exhausted, you should probably go to bed.” 

“I don’t want to get up…” says Yuuri. “Everything hurts too much.” His voice sounds scratchy and a little congested. Victor leans over, plants a kiss on Yuuri’s forehead to confirm his suspicion that his beloved might be coming down with something. 

“I’ll carry you,” says Victor, scooping Yuuri into his arms. “Is that alright?” Yuuri nods, sniffling into Victor’s chest, so Victor picks him up and carries him into the bedroom. 

Captain’s Curse

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Prompt: also maybe maybe you could consider writing chubby yahaba with his flustered and blushing boyfriend kyoutani pls ?

(Big shout out to fullmetalsins whose comments on my fics make writing an absolute joy. I don’t think they realize how much each of their comments means to me which is why this fic is just for them and they DESERVE it. ♡♡♡ Thank you for the continually comments and support, love! (´∀`)♡ (And for those of you who comment on my fics all the time also, I love you just as much, but sins actually sent me a prompt to work with. :^) You guys are welcome to also. *wink* *wink*))

Iwaizumi had called it the captain’s curse.

Kyoutani hadn’t know what he meant by it at the time; obviously it had something to do with their stupid—now former—captain that made Iwaizumi pay special attention to him, doing little things like asking if he’d gotten enough sleep or wrapping his spilt fingers after an intense practice, bringing him hordes of his favorite snacks for him to munch on while they sat in the locker room together, working out budgets and different formations for the team to try at practice.

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Lost Temper

Imagine: Elijah losing his temper due to stress, so he takes it out on you with rough sex. (Requested ~Smut~)

“Hey Babe.” You didn’t have to look up from your magazine to know it was Elijah in the front door. But there was no answer which made you frown. You glanced up, seeing Elijah pacing the front hallway, hands running through his hair and all. This wasn’t like him and you were starting to worry. 

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Bubbles and Baubles: Part 2

Obiyuki Week Day 6: Little Mermaid
The one-shot turned into a two-parter and now
we’re going for threeeeeeee sorry! :D

Shirayuki stared down at the stranger with wide eyes, her mind a buzz of questions. Who was he? What kind of person would have the strength, and the nerve, to be able to swim here? She doubted even Mitsuhide could manage it, being so far from the shore and at the mercy of the waves. And just how long had he been there? Obviously he was the one who’d pulled on the lure to wake her, but–

She opened and closed her mouth several times, attempting to speak as his expression became more and more amused. His eyes were glittering, shades of gold and green swirling together in a way she’d never seen before. His pupils seemed almost slit like a cat, catching the light as his smile widened. Staring into his eyes, her frazzled mind finally clunked into place.

“I’ve never seen eyes like yours.”

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Les Amis de l’aesthetic: Triumvirate edition
  • Enjolras : The first day of summer, that moment you finally make a difficult decision, writing until your hand hurts, days that pass in a blink, hair tickling your neck, eye rolls that make you dizzy, biting down in an orange, the juice running down your chin, quirked lips, eating lukewarm leftover pasta in your kitchen because you’re too lazy to wait for it to heat completely
  • Courfeyrac : Late morning sunshine, worn down converse, sound of running footsteps on wooden floors, hugs where you mush your cheeks against your friends’, pulling faces, slipping through elevator doors before they’re closed, cooled orange juice, laughing until you’re out of breath, warm skin, the smell of sunscreen
  • Combeferre : Pressing down on library books so the plastic crunches, pouring milk in coffee and stirring it hard enough to make the spoon clink against the cup, a collection of beautiful stamps, turtleneck sweaters, burning dinner because you’re distracted, flipping around your pillow to sleep on the cool side, pulling your hoodie up over your nose when you get cold 3 hours deep into midnight wikipedia browsing
Early Monday Mornings (Pyro x Reader)

   It was 4 am. The streets of London were empty; a rare occurrence. The living room was illuminated by a soft blue glow from the old sitcom playing quietly on the television. Empty bowls of cereal surrounded by little kernels of popcorn litter the coffee table. Niall’s deep breathing bounces off the walls and almost completely muffles the show that you’re not interested in. Your gaze turns to him and you giggle at his tired state. Strands of strawberry blonde hair scatter across his face and his cheeks are mushed together because of the pillows. His legs lay across your lap and yours rest on the coffee table. Unexpectedly, a loud commercial appears, pulling Niall out of his sleep. He jumps slightly at the sound and his eyes squint from the bright white light.

 He curses under his breath and you laugh softly before tapping his leg, “Hey, lets go to bed, yeah?” Niall simply grumbles more and you shake him a little harder. “Niall, come on. We have things to do tomorrow. Get up, you lazy cunt.” 

This makes him sit up, but instead of standing he grabs your waist and pulls you down beside him. “You don’t have to be rude about it,” he says tiredly. You squirm and try to get out of his grip, but in reality, you really didn’t want to leave. You sigh loudly and allow your body to grow heavy, falling asleep to the sound of cheesy comedic laughter and the scent of Niall. 

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Part 2 of High school (Jimin, AU) pleaseeeee

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Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Finale

Ayyyyyyy, finally did it!!

Words: 2049

“Morning, (Y/N).” Jimin tapped your shoulder, but you didn’t look at him. Your hand tightened instinctively around your bag, and your legs picked up pace as you walked towards the school.

“Why are you running? It’s too early to run!”

“It’s too early to be nice.” You muttered back, slowing your pace once again. Jimin laughed, walking ahead of you a little but turning around so he could see you. He was wearing a scarf to cover his whole neck, and for some reason his school uniform made him look like a male model.

“What are you talking about? You’re never nice no matter what time of the day it is.”

“Bye, Jimin.” You snapped, almost running up the steps towards the school. Jimin was still hot on your trail, leaning his elbow on your head.

“You know my name?” He sounded genuinely surprised, but you knew he was just kidding around. Still, you pushed his shoulder away and walked towards your first class.

“Hey, look. I got the gum off my butt.” He kept trying to make you notice him, and you tried your best not to look at where he wanted you too.

“I’m not looking at your butt.” Your grumbled under your breath, still walking a little quicker than usual.

Jimin wouldn’t stop following you, not even when he knew you were just blatantly avoiding him. You turned the corner, knowing that there was a group of girls always standing waiting for Jimin. He seemed to know it too, so he slowed his pace.

“Don’t go down there.” Jimin’s voice was quieter, he looked uncomfortable.

“Excuse me? This is the way to my class.” You turned back to him, ready to hear whatever excuse he was willing to throw at you.

“Let’s go the other way. Trust me.”

“Just because they’re your fangirls-” You were cut off by Jimin taking hold of your elbow, pulling you into a small room when the girls began to pile down the hallway. He closed the door, making the room entirely dark. His hand held your mouth, and you could feel his breathing on your forehead he was that close to you. Jimin’s whole body was pushing you against the door.

“It’s not that.” He whispered, and you closed your eyes tightly so you didn’t scream. Even if you couldn’t see Jimin in the total darkness, you had to close your eyes to try and focus on something other than the fact that he was pushed up against you.

“Where is she? I swear, I heard her bitchy voice.” One of the girls were talking… about you? You were kind of happy Jimin’s hand was over your mouth, or else you would’ve been saying something to them, in a definite bitchy voice.

“Yeah, I heard her too. Doesn’t she normally go this way? I thought this was going to work, too…” It was another voice, but still from the group of Jimin’s fans. Were they planning on ganging up on her, to do something? Oh, no. This was bad, this was really bad. Something you were trying to avoid was actually coming true.

“Let’s just do it tomorrow, maybe she’ll show up then.”

“I know which way she walks home, let’s wait there for her.”

The group was agreeing on where to bomb bard you, with what? You didn’t know. You were shaking, your whole body shuddering almost violently against Jimin’s body. His awkward body language was a given, even if you couldn’t see the way he hung himself. The stampede of girls seemed to walk off in a different direction, and you pushed Jimin’s body off of you.

“No, not yet.” Jimin kept his hand on the door so you couldn’t open it. One of his hands helf your shoulders, keeping you in place.

“Let go, please.” You were about to cry. It’s not like you wanted to cry, you just couldn’t hold it in. Why did this have to happen to you? Why didn’t those girls know you were trying to purposely avoid Jimin so nothing like this happened in the first place? You never asked for this, yet it was still happening to you of all people.

“Here, I’ll turn on the light.” Jimin mumbled, and you could hear his hand glide along the wall as he felt around for the light switch. No, he definitely couldn’t see your tear filled eyes. He’d feel bad for you, and you’d probably accept everything he was willing to throw at you.

Your hand shot out towards the sound of his own hand moving along the wall. Shocked, Jimin allowed you to take his hand.

“Don’t turn on the light.” Your voice was thick with tears, you were sure he knew that you were crying. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

“Okay, how about I just walk you to class? Where’s your first class? I’ll take you there, and I’ll take you to your second one, and your third. What do you have for lunch? Let’s trade, I have candy-”

“No, you can leave me alone. It’s fine, really.” You let go of his hand fast enough to open the door and walk out of it. Luckily, the halls were quiet for now when you’d walked out of the door, so you didn’t have to worry about being caught in a janitor’s closet with Jimin. A few tears had fallen down your cheeks as you walked down the hall.

“Okay, so how about next week when your parent’s come back?” Crap. There were voices coming from down the hall. There was no way you could be seen crying without others seeing. You turned around, walking back towards the janitor’s closet to take the long way to class.

“No, your make up looks fine!”


Shit. More people coming from that way, too? There wasn’t anywhere you could hide, now. Everyone would be talking about how you were crying even before the first bell was ringing.

“I told you I would walk you to your first class, stupid.” Jimin muttered, draping his scarf over your head. Where did he even come from? You didn’t know. His arm slung around your shoulder, letting you burrow your face against his chest.

“Who is that with Jimin?” Girls walking past were obviously staring, but you couldn’t tell who because of the scarf covering your face.

You were still shaking, and for some reason you could no longer hold your tears. Jimin’s blazer was probably going to be stained with tears, but you didn’t know if he cared or not.

“Let’s just go outside. Nobody’s out there right now, it’s too cold today. No, (Y/N), keep your head against me so nobody know’s it’s you.” Jimin was murmuring to you, so nobody else heard. He kept his arm around you the whole time, and your eyes were shut tightly. Jimin guided you towards the nearest entrance, which was luckily one that wasn’t used much. Even though everyone was staring and asking who you were, Jimin didn’t answer once. He kept his eyes straight, and his face expressionless as if this happened quite often.

Once he opened the door, a rush of cold air hit your leg’s and you struggled out of his grip.

“Don’t worry about them.” Jimin snapped, his voice sounding very protective. You threw his scarf back towards him, your anger rising with every word he spoke.

“No, you’re not allowed to be the one to tell me I can’t worry about them! It’s your fault that this is happening to me in the first place.” You couldn’t shout, or people would know you were here with Jimin. There was no way you were going to survive in this school if you kept drawing attention to yourself. Were you going to have to change all your classes? Or maybe, get home schooling instead?

“You think I don’t know it’s my fault? I’m telling you I can help you! This is just as much my problem as it is yours.”

“Just tell them to stop. Won’t they listen to you?” You pleaded, taking a fist full of his blazer so he’d look at you. Jimin pried your hand away, smoothing it out where you’d left creases. He looked concerned, and was unable to fully meet your eyes without looking away quickly.

“I already tried to. Those girls won’t stop bothering you. They’re just trying to get away with it behind my back, now.”

Your lip quivered, mind spinning with different scenarios those girls were probably thinking up as you spoke with Jimin. Nobody in this school was your friend, and nobody would really help you get out of this. Half the students here had authority because their parents were higher up than the teachers, or worked on the school board. If you told, you’d be to blame and you’d be kicked out of the school without a second thought.

“Stop crying, you have to go to class soon. (Y/N), just listen. Let’s be friends. I’ll take you to class and we can have lunch together. I’ll walk you home and to school if you want, too. Nobody will bother you when I’m around. I’ll protect you.”

“Why would you do that?” You could barely even speak because of how thick your voice was. Jimin stepped forward and swiped his thumbs under your eyes to rid the tears, but more kept falling. Both of his warm hands rested on your cheeks, and he tilted your head back so you’d look at his face.

“Just trust me. You need someone to rely on, right? I’m here.” His voice was soft, making you feel your chest tighten. Your mind was still buzzing with different thoughts that wouldn’t end, but for some reason you felt okay with Jimin by your side.

“I’m really scared.” You whispered, trying to pull your face away from him, but Jimin held tightly. He held so tightly your cheeks were mushed against his hands, probably making you look like a fish.

“I know, which is why you have to trust me. Everyone will leave you alone soon, but I won’t. Do you trust me?”

“Mm,” you replied, unable to speak with crushed cheeks. Jimin smiled slightly, wiping away the last of your tears, finally. He put his scarf around your neck again, wrapping it around enough so that half your face was just covered in scarf.

“Evidence of our partnership.” Jimin cut in to the silence, patting the scarf down so it wouldn’t come undone. He held out his hand as if he wanted you to shake it. You realized that was exactly what he wanted.

“I’m not shaking your hand.” You nuzzled your face into his scarf, feeling the warmth and smelling the sweetness of Jimin’s scent.

“Then how am I supposed to know you agree to our partnership?”

“I’ll give you my phone number.” You replied easily, pulling your phone from your pocket. Jimin’s face went from serious to dumbfounded, as if he didn’t realize you even had a phone in the first place.

“K…Okay…” He handed you his phone, and you did the same. After exchanging numbers, Jimin called you.

“Why are you calling me, and why did you make your name lovely prince?”

“To make sure I got the right number, also that’s my name.” He snickered, ending the call after the second ring. Jimin happily put his phone back into his pocket, as did you.

“Alright, anyway…” You were about to change the topic, except the bell rang.

“What’s your first class?” Jimin asked quickly, taking hold of your sleeve and dragging you inside.

“Um, math.”

“Okay, let’s go there. What’s your second class, and third?”

“Art and science.”

“I’ll pick you up from all your classes, so don’t worry about anything, okay? Let’s eat lunch together.” He let go of your sleeve, only to hold onto your hand. Jimin was surprisingly quick, basically dragging you through the now crowded hallways. Only few people noticed, but there wasn’t enough time to stop and question him about it.

“W-what about your other friends?”

“Don’t worry about that, friend.” Jimin turned back to smile at you, but you looked away quickly. No way were you going to blush because of him. Just friends. You and Jimin were just barely friends.


Paul is the first to realize something’s missing in the way Percy and Jason interact with each other. For example, personal space.

Sally is skeptical at first, until they both lean into the living room doorway and find Percy and Jason asleep on the couch–their limbs entangled, bodies draped on top of each other, and Percy’s cheek firmly mushed against Jason’s chest. Without shirts.

Late nights with B.A.P
  • Yongguk: After a long day of schedules he'd want to pull you onto the couch and cuddle you so hard! He'd hold you close and he'd tell you about his day. He'll share all his thoughts and his ideas with you and he'll let out all his stresses to you because he knows you'll listen and make it all better. He'd play with your hair as he held you close and he'd hold your hands with such gentle caresses. He'd cherish moments with you like this while the rest of the world is sound asleep. ♡
  • Himchan: After a long trip away he'd come home to you, his favorite person, and his favorite late night beverage. He'd greet you with a big hug and some kisses before he'd go ahead to grab the glasses from the cabinet and the chilled wine. He'd tell you how much he missed you and how good it feels to be home. He'd tell all the stories that happened on tour, and how many beautiful places he's seen...but nothing as beautiful as you. He'd continue to romance you with compliments, kisses and laughter until the early morn. ♡
  • Daehyun: He'd crawl out of bed to meet you in the living room where you were concentrated on a project. He'd greet you with small, sleepy, kisses before he tells you it's time for a break and that midnight snacks, cookies, are his favorite. While you both waited for the cookies to bake, He'd pull you into a hug and try to relax you of your stresses from the project. He'd encourage you and tell you how amazing you are and how hard working you are. He'd reward you by giving you the first, freshly baked cookie...and a smooch. ♡
  • Youngjae: He'll ask you to come out to a cafe with him. He has his favorite place, which is secluded and away from the rest of the world. He'd bring you here because the aroma of coffee beans and your presence will sooth his restless mind from a stressful day. He'd get a warm cup of tea for the two of you to share since it's late and he'd hold your hands over the table and give them small gentle kisses. He'd play with your fingers and pamper you with sweet nothings as the stars and moon twinkled through the glass windows. ♡
  • Jongup: He'd come inside after a long day of rehearsal and take all the spare pillows and blankets from the closet. He'd sprawl it all on the floor before leaving to get the snacks in the kitchen. You'd sit in the comfy area he made for the two of you as you both wind down from the productive day by watching some of your favorite shows and snacking on the different chips and candies! He'd lay down and rest his head in your lap, the comfiest pillow and he'd give you many hugs and pecks on the cheek. ♡
  • Zelo: He'd crawl onto the couch like a puppy and mush his cheek against yours and tell you that he misses you...even though you've been in the same room for a few hours now. He'd hop up and turn on a slow song. With a wiggle waggle of his brow, he'll pull you up from your sitting position and start to sway with you to the music. It's awkward at first, but he's willingness to dance with you warms you up. He'd hold you close and squeeze your hand as he waltzed around the room. He'd be silly and sing along to the song with 'la-di-da's and 'di-di-dum's. ♡
[dream catcher, pt.3]

PT. 1 | PT. 2 | PT. 3 | PT. 4 | PT. 5 | PT. 6

words: 4.1k 

genre: hmm tbh its a bit of a mystery, there will deff be some fluff and angst, and im thinking about adding some light smut along the way..

synopsis: a dream catcher; someone who captures their dreams by placing a memory inside an object that fits the setting. they are able to revisit their dreams by touching said object before they go to sleep, and can bring others into their dream by having them touch the same object as well.

the guidelines seem confusing to you when you accidentally stumble into your friends dream and meet an oddly charming yet sweet individual named joshua. while the experience leaves you feeling a bit shaken, you can’t deny the fact you want to see him again, and again… and again.

Maury’s jaw fell slack when she noticed you lifelessly stalk into the kitchen, your hair all smothered to one side of your head while your eyes were quite puffy from just awakening. She mustered a giggle and continued to drag the egg yolk around the frying pan, obviously your first night of being a dream catcher didn’t go too smoothly. You collapsed at the table and let your arms hang limply by your sides, the hard surface of your forehead soon slamming against the stained wood. Dragging yourself around a desert rippling with heat proved to be an exhausting experience, and you were feeling the fictional ache in your bones seep into your real ones.

After turning off the burner, Maury brought you breakfast, the heavenly warmth of your food radiating from the plate. When you didn’t lift your head, Maury leaned forwards and knocked next to you on the table, a fork full of fluffy scrambled eggs hanging from her mouth.

“Someone had a rough night.” She said in sympathy, though when you finally met the soft glow of her eyes, she was impishly grinning at you. Your hollow glare didn’t cease even when you began shovelling down your breakfast, the venom in your stare causing Maury to roll her eyes in retaliation.

“Okay, I guess I should have told you the first few dreams are usually a kick in the ass.” She said while pouring herself a glass of orange juice. You almost choked on the hunk of bagel you were chewing, your hand coming to massage your neck as you gruesomely swallowed the lump sitting in your throat.

“You knew my dream would be shit and you didn’t think that would be useful information to tell me?” You whined while gulping down a swig of water. Maury delayed her response by taking an unusually long sip of orange juice, the glass half empty when she placed it back on her coaster. She thought it would be humorous to have you experience your first dream without too much information learned prior, especially since she shared a similar adventure.

“Okay, I admit, I admit.” Maury chuckled, her eyes continuously flickering away from you. “You admit what?” You said back, your voice creeping lower. “I should have said something about your first few dreams being kinda hectic.”

You leaned back in your chair and poked your fork into the light yellow mountain of eggs, all the while biting into the right side of your cheek.

“Yeah, it was kinda hectic when I woke up in the middle of a desert on some train tracks and almost got completely trampled by a goddamn train.” The words dripped from your mouth like syrup as you leaned forwards over the table, your fingers harshly pressing into the grain of the wood. Maury could only stifle a breathy chuckle at the displeasure painted across your face, a heavy feeling sitting in the pit of her stomach. She felt regret over not telling you about the chaos of your first dream, especially since it almost involved you turning as flat as a pancake. A deep sigh fell past her lips and for the first time since breakfast started, she fully met your gaze.

“Okay, you’re right. I’m really sorry that I didn’t warn you, especially when I wish that someone would have warned me.” After hearing the tenderness to her voice and seeing the glint of regret in her eyes, you fell back into your chair and let your lips pull into a timid grin.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m just being bitter because of all the sand I tripped over.” Maury giggled and the atmosphere quickly turned brighter, literally brighter, because a golden ray of sunshine splashed through the tall window pane behind you, the puffy blue birds soon commencing in their melodic chirping. You turned around from admiring the scenery outside the glass and dove into the food left on your plate, a low growl still gurgling from the pit of your empty stomach.

“So what was your first dream catcher experience, apart from meeting Joshua.” You mumbled around the last bite of your bagel. Maury suddenly drew in a large breath through her clenched teeth and raised her eyebrows, a laugh spilling from her lips before any actual words.

“I woke up in a tigers cage.”

You didn’t really feel like that needed any further explanation. Quickly you changed the subject, even though your couldn’t hide the shock mixed with amusement nipping at your features. “So, how was Joshua-, I mean how was playing with Joshua?” You stumbled, an undeniable embarrassment marking the flesh of your cheeks. Maury payed no mind to your giddiness and instead finished off her breakfast, a glimpse of her teeth flashing as she smiled. The subject of Joshua always made her flush with happiness, and you couldn’t help but wonder if Maury was crushing on him.

“Everything went as planned. Just a nice, relaxed session like always.” You nodded at her and forged a grin, watching as she took away your plates to rinse in the sink. “We both picked up the song really well, it was fun.”

Your eyes bored into her back, the sound of running water filling your ears and reminding you to take your glass to wash. “That’s cool.” You said while standing next to her, a weight forming in your chest. There was one question you really wanted to ask, but you felt out of place mentioning it, especially if Maury really did having feelings for Joshua. Just the thought of asking it made you grind your teeth, you only met the boy once and already you were wondering silly little heart fluttering things. You couldn’t tear your pupils away from the bubblegum pink blush on her cheeks, or the way her eyes shimmered like glitter under the sunlight. However it was just as equally chipping away at you for not asking it, so swallowing the lump in your throat you stuttered out your question.

“D-Did he ask about me?” You were cringing as the words left your lips, and you couldn’t miss the way Maury quickly pressed her lips together. She shut off the water and grabbed hold of the green dish soap, the pleasant smell of green apples tinging the air. You tugged at the bottom of your sweater when she didn’t reply, her eyes focused on squeezing a bubbly sponge.

“He did actually.” Maury suddenly said, her head angling towards you so you could see her smile. It felt like a bath bomb went off in your stomach and tingled its stream of colour throughout your every limb, your teeth sinking into the flesh of your lower lip to suppress the wide smile that threatened to show. The fabric caught between your fingers only bunched up tighter when you harshly gripped it, the sporadic fizziness inside you slowly beginning to simmer. Joshua had asked about you, and that made you feel less bitter towards being stranded in a desert. Maury continued to place the dishes in the drying rack, so you grabbed a towel to help clear the clutter for the other dishes soon to come. As you rubbed the cloth around the plate, you perked up when Maury spoke once more.

“He was curious about how you took in being a dream catcher, and if you were still mad at him for not answering your questions.” The chuckle that rose from your throat made Maury quickly spare a glance towards you, the blush that tinted her cheeks long gone. Your backside dug into the edge of the counter as you dried the last glass, sunshine still spilling in through the windows and creating a liquid sheen in your eyes. You seemed to be fading off into your own little world, because you hardly recognized Maury’s voice as she told you the cup in your hands had seen enough drying.

You looked down at the sparkling glass between your dish cloth and grinned sheepishly. “Oh, right… So are you gonna meet up again tonight?” Maury disappeared into the living room after resting the rubber gloves back underneath the sink, her voice bouncing off the walls. “Not until Thursday! I’m going scuba diving tonight.”

“Good luck!” You shouted back while prancing up the staircase, your light footsteps hardly cracking against the wood. The experience you fell into last night was definitely not one you wanted to have again, and again, for however many nights the chaotic dreams unfolded until the more cheery ones took place. Your mattress creaked when you flopped onto it, your cheek mushed against the plush fabric of your pillow as a sneaky little plan formulated inside your brain. Maybe tonight you would pay Joshua another visit, just to fully clarify that you were indeed not still mad and that you were ready to embrace the blissfulness of capturing your own dreams.

It was 11:00 when Maury finally heaved herself up from your bedroom floor and gave you a hug, “I’m going to bed now, goodnight Y/N.” She hummed. You patted her shoulder and wished her likewise, making sure to crack a joke about the scuba diving adventure she was soon to embark on. You didn’t burst into action as soon as she crawled underneath her covers, you would have to wait about an hour or so until Maury was completely submerged in her fictional world, until she was not even capable of hearing a sound.

The time passed fairly quickly as you were browsing on your phone throughout the hour, your body now resembling a wooden board from how stiff you’d grown. After stretching all the little cracks and pops out of your bones, you slithered like a snake towards the bottom level of the house and towards the hall that led to Maury’s bedroom. There was nothing but crisp blackness surrounding you, the sheen of moonlight no longer reaching this far down the hall. Before entering your best friends room, you inhaled a deep breath through your lungs and tried to steady the frantic beat of your heart. You hadn’t really done anything this sneaky before, and the thought of getting caught kept your pulse thundering at an uneasy pace. Your fingers curled around the cool brass of the door handle and little by little you twisted it until there was a gap large enough for you to soundlessly slip through.

The darkness that swallowed every inch of the room made it impossible for you to see, and your dumb self grimaced for forgetting the device you’d been holding for the past hour. But not all hope was lost, a soft glow flitted in the corner, and after many slow and long steps you were at Maury’s bedside table. You bit roughly into your lip as you disconnected her phone from the charger, flinching at the little noise it decided to make at the loss of connection. It took you about 3 minutes to find the little tray of necklaces Maury kept, and if you had to take a guess, the necklace would be the one with a tiny silver dragonfly on it. You held the jewelry between your palm and lightly squeezed it for 30 seconds or so, the glow of the phone eventually dying away until you were standing in a coat of blackness.

Suddenly a creaky noise split through the air, a lump forming in your throat as pure panic jolted into your bones. Maury seemed to shift positions on her bed, though she never woke up. The minute you carefully lowered her phone back to the bedside table you were gone, but of course you had to bang your toe on the frame of the doorway before you left. Scuba diving must have been pretty enticing because Maury didn’t move a muscle as you painfully dragged yourself down the hallway.

When you reached the comfort of your own room, you released a long sigh of satisfaction, your eyelids fluttering shut for a few seconds at the thought of what you just did.

Just for tonight, you told yourself, tonight you see Joshua and then that’s it.

Falling asleep was a painstakingly long process, but when you fell into the gaping abyss of the dream world, you knew you were in for a solid night. Like the time when you first awoke in Maury’s dream, moonlight pooled in from behind the thin curtains, it’s watery sheen bathing over the wooden floor. You shot awake in bed, a large smile plastered on your face as your limbs itched with excitement. Should you have been this eager to see Joshua’s silky pink hair and perfectly carved features again? Probably not, but maybe it was the fact that this was suppose to be a secret, it was something you needed to do without Maury knowing. You didn’t hesitate to whip off the blankets that covered your lap and wander to the main floor, your ears fully expecting to hear the alluring melody of guitar chords.

When you heard nothing but the ticking of a clock that only stayed on 12am, and the shallow noise of your own breathing did you nervously lick your lips. It was quite a possibility that Joshua never returned to this house unless he was playing guitar with Maury, and that made you feel like a complete fool. Sure enough the living room was lacking the warmth of his presence and the kitchen was empty as well. Just to make sure you weren’t crazy you checked Maury’s bedroom and breathed a sigh of relief to see that the sheets were bare. You glumly scratched your forehead at your misfortune. Of course this would happen to you, you never thought things through.

I’m going back to bed.

You were only a few stairs up the staircase when you froze in your tracks, the noise of something fiddling with the door handle causing your heart to hammer. Casting a wary look over your shoulder, you almost lost your grip on the wooden railing at seeing a nicely dressed Joshua slip through into view, his guitar case slung over his shoulder. After being so expectant of Joshua’s presence, you weren’t sure what to feel when he glanced up at you, his soft brown eyes sending pleasant shivers to prick at your flesh.

“Joshua? Where were you, I was thinking you were off in another dream.” You mumbled while remaining on the last stair from the floor. The electric nerves that bubbled in your stomach had you keeping a distance between each other, you didn’t want him to see how easily you grew flustered under his actions, though he seemed to already have a good idea.

“I don’t usually come here unless it’s with Maury, but I knew it wasn’t her who touched the necklace. It was you.” His cursed velvet smooth voice had a deep scarlet washing over your cheeks, his plump lips smirking at you from his position near the entryway. You never imagined yourself getting so flustered over a guy like this, but here you were, already fumbling in your place.

“Yeah, yeah, about that. She said you asked about me?” Your voice only grew quieter as it bounced off the walls, shyness covering your face like a blanket. Joshua didn’t say anything, he only shifted the large case off his shoulders and unzipped the black fabric, the glossy and stained spruce surface of his guitar reflecting the light. He then wandered into the living room while delicately strumming a few chords, and like a lost puppy, you followed him. Joshua took his usual spot on the couch and propped his guitar onto his lap, his fingers still picking at the strings to create a soothing melody. You awkwardly stood on the other of the coffee table and watched him, every single one his actions so graceful and gentle. It was hard to keep your eyes focused on Joshua’s guitar, especially when his cotton pink hair was now swiftly styled to show his forehead, his long sleeved button up exposing the milky skin above his collarbones. And why did his black jeans have to have rips on them, your glazed eyes didn’t know where to focus.

The trance you spiralled into shattered like glass when Joshua suddenly patted the cushion next to him, his voice as smooth as honey, “Y/N, come here.” You felt nailed to the spot at his words, the closest you’d gotten to Joshua was when you reached for his shoulder, but that didn’t go as planned. Swallowing thickly, you edged around the coffee table and sunk into the couch cushions, your whole body sizzling with white heat at the proximity to the boy. Taking in a deep breath was a mistake, the aroma of his cologne tickled your nose and had your nipping onto your lower lip. As expected, he was like a crisp breath of a shimmering ocean, your fingers harshly squeezing the flesh of your thighs to stop yourself from melting back against the couch.

“I did ask about you,” he said while running his fingers along the chords, “Maury filled me in and I can’t say I was surprised.” You glanced at him, “What did she say?”

Joshua didn’t answer right away, he continued to softly prick at his guitars chords while letting his warm gaze flicker over your features, your body shifting under the heat you felt from his stare. Why did he always feel the need to do that? You had no idea. He angled his head away from you, and very discreetly you released the breath you trapped in your lungs.

“She said you understood a lot better than the first time she explained dream catching, and that you were excited to try it out.” You kept your lips sealed as Joshua looked around the room, his fingers never shying away from the strings on his guitar.

“She also said,” you flinched when he struck a rather loud array of chords, his eyes clicking with yours, “that you think I’m charming.” If someone compared your eyes to two movie disks, that was how large they would be after hearing the words drip from Joshua’s mouth. You broke away from his gaze and looked at the imprints that your fingernails left on the flesh of your thighs, of course Maury told him I said that, I bet that makes him think he’s got even more power over me, you grumbled inside your head, well he doesn’t, he has no power.

However you couldn’t convince yourself that was true, Joshua had quite an impact over you, so much that a blind man could see it. When you had no reply, one of his pure chuckles rang through the air, his melody continuing.

“So what if I think you’re charming, Maury thinks you’re sweet. Did she ever tell you that?” You quipped while standing up from the couch, Joshua’s brown eyes following your every movement. When being put on the spot, you never reacted well, and as you felt the backs of your knees dig into the coffee table you knew you’d proved even more that Joshua had an impact over you. The boy strummed his instrument once before placing it behind the arm of the couch, his elbows coming to rest on his knees.

“Maury thinks a lot of things, Y/N.” You crinkled your nose.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” Joshua didn’t respond, he only set his chin on top of his palm and stared up at you, the glossy twinkle in his eyes giving him the most innocent look, though you were starting to develop a sense that Joshua wasn’t that innocent at all. You set a hand on your hip and glared at him, his inability at answering questions he brought you to ask in the first place setting a blaze in your chest.

“Oh my god just answer the question.” You snapped, the words flowing from your mouth like a river. Joshua suddenly looped his fingers around your wrist and pulled you down to sit beside him, a tiny squeal escaping through your parted lips. Unlike moments ago when there was an obvious gap between you, that gap had now vanished as your thighs were pressed against each other, his grip on your wrist turning tender at the thought of potentially hurting you. Blood was pumping through your veins at an inhuman pace, the only thought clouding your mind being how close you were to Joshua.

“If you want to know, then you only have to keep seeing me,” his voice had dropped so low, the warmth that usually settled in Joshua’s eyes now flickering to something you couldn’t read. You said what you shouldn’t have said, and there was an undeniable bite that came along with it.

“I can’t see you unless I touch Maury’s necklace.” You whispered, your foreheads so close they were almost touching. Another moment passed that you got the chance to study the depth of Joshua’s eyes and the smoothness to his skin, how plump and pink his lips were and how his voice sent shudders tingling down your spine. He seemed to be doing the same to you, and it took every ounce of your willpower to not pounce on him. You hated the disappointment that sunk like a rock in your stomach when Joshua pulled away and fished around in his pocket, the sight of his milky thighs calling out to you past the rips in his jeans.

“Here,” Joshua said, a guitar pick in his palm, “if you want to see me, then use this.” You felt hesitant about taking the pick from Joshua, especially if it meant going behind Maury’s back. If she did have feelings for the boy you were with now, then it would be incredibly low for you to see him while she was unaware.

Biting the inside of your cheek, you squeezed your thighs together, “I don’t think I can, I- I just think that it’s wrong to go against Maury like this.”

Joshua’s face momentarily scrunched up, his free hand balling into a fist to rest under his chin. “Why? You think it’s wrong because she likes me?” You cast a hollow look towards the pink haired boy, “You know that Maury likes you?”

“She already told me.” Joshua mumbled like it was something you should already know. When you placed your hands at your sides, you forgot how close you were to him and accidentally gripped his thigh, words stuttering off your tongue like a broken record.

“And from the way you act, I think you like me too.” Now you were choking on your own spit, and in no time flat you scrambled away from Joshua, a crackling fire forcing your fingers to shake and your knees to wobble. You crossed your arms over your chest and wasted very little time in defending yourself, though he only gained amusement from your act.

“That’s a little self absorbed of you to assume that, you know you have one girl who likes you and suddenly you think everyone likes you. I’m not going behind Maury’s back, and you shouldn’t either.” Joshua only mustered a sigh and stood from the couch, his fingers carding through the silk strands of pink on his head. You weren’t expecting him to approach you so boldly, your feet automatically shifting backwards the closer he got. His warm fingers latched onto your wrist, his hold being so gentle and soft that your words only got stuck in your throat. Joshua’s lips were next to your ear as you stared over his shoulder and along his smooth collarbones, your heart hammering inside your chest.

“Think what you want, but I’m still giving you this.” You refused to even breath when Joshua delicately unfolded your fingers and placed the guitar pick in your palm, “You won’t call it ‘going behind her back’ soon enough.”

Joshua pulled away from your ear to take in your presence one last time, his thumb running along your wrist as his glossy brown orbs traced over every feature of your face. You couldn’t look into his eyes, not when you were only proving his earlier statement by blushing a dark scarlet, your fingers shaking like a brittle leaf.

“I’m going, see you later, Y/N.” His touch still lingered on your wrist when he moved away from you, the sudden heat that was radiating from his body now replaced with a cool breeze that had you feeling bitter. You stood stark as Joshua packed away his guitar and left quietly, the door clicking shut the only reminder that you were now alone. The guitar pick was still lodged between your fingers, the eerily silenced world around you causing you to hold the little chip tighter in your grasp.

You couldn’t deny the fact you wanted to see Joshua again, but then there was Maury. Helpless confusion was swallowing you whole, it was making your head spin and your heart race. No matter what else you tried to cloud your mind with, you felt like you were about to be the centre of a possible storm.

A/N: i got a lot of asks about maury being kinda fishy and tbh im laughing cause do i have shit planned boi;) ALSO ONE OF U ASKED IF THERE WOULD BE A FIST FIGHT BETWEEN Y/N AND MAURY IM CACKLINGG

Lilly had noticed kiyo was, sort of sitting on his own. She tiredly climbed onto the couched. Placing some snow ontop of his head and then lightly hugged him, patting him. “Pa is okay. Pa brave like Ma.” she smiled and mushed her cheek against his, “Pa smile, make feel better! Lilly think so!”