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Day Ten of @snowbaz-feda! Word count: 700

Simon keeps a secret from Penny. Takes place after Watford.  


“I’ve never seen you this obsessed.”

“You’re lying,” I respond to Baz and he laughs. I wish I could laugh, but I’m feeling too panicked to find anything funny right now.

Years ago Penny and I made a promise to never keep secrets from each other. I’ve been true to that promise for a long time—except for the past two months, when I’ve been lying every day.

I only need to keep this secret for another four hours, and right now everything is in the right place. Penny is going to come in, and together we are going to watch a movie on the couch. I made this plan with her two months ago and verified each day this week that she was still available for it.

When I got home today I cleaned the apartment, but when Baz came over he said that it looked spotless. That made me worried, and I didn’t want Penny to get suspicious so I took dirty dishes from the sink and hid them around the apartment. Baz helped me drape my dirty laundry on the couch. He said that the apartment looked great now, and I don’t trust him but I have no other choice because the door is opening. I hate keeping secrets.

“Hello, Simon,” calls Penny with arms full of groceries, “I’m ready for this epic movie night!”

I give her a thumbs up, which she squints at, shrugs, then asks “So, what movie are we watching?”

“Um, I- I don’t know, we can-” Fuck, I forgot to get a movie.

Penny dumps the grocery bags on the table, unleashing a mountain of popcorn and candy. She isn’t looking at me when she asks, “Simon, what’s up with you? Did you drop out of school? Did Baz propose?”

“What! No! Why would you think– he didn’t– not that!”

Baz interrupts me, “No Bunce, our Simon is still, regretfully, a bachelor. Here are our movie options.” He pulls out an assortment of DVDs from his leather backpack. Baz must have known that I’d forget.

I’m not sure what movie we end up watching. It’s something scary that has Penny and Baz shouting at the TV, while I stoically eat a bag of sour patch kids and wait for time to pass. The third movie in the series is playing and they’re debating what type of death I’d receive if I were in a horror film when, finally, the doorbell rings. Penny screams and throws popcorn at the door.

“Who could that be? Penny, you should answer the door,” I tell her, making sure my voice is flat and nonchalant. She sticks out her tongue and throws popcorn at me, but stands up anyway.

It feels like it takes hours for her to reach the entry way, while I try to discreetly trail behind her. When the door opens and she shrieks Micah, I start to feel the first threads of relief, but the secret isn’t over. I peek at both of them embracing and see Micah pull away from Penny. She’s asking him a million questions, but instead of answering he grabs her hands and drops to his knees. Thank Merlin, I think. 

Micah is holding a ring, and the relief I feel is so great that I start crying. I hear sniffling behind me and turn to see that Baz is crying too, but I don’t think that this secret was burning a hole in him the same way that it was me. When I turn back, Penny and Micah stumble into the apartment together.

“How did you get here?” Penny asks him again.

“Simon helped,” Micah says.

“Simon! You kept this from me!”

“I’m so sorry, but I’m so happy for you, but I’m so sorry” I would keep cycling these phrases if she didn’t barrel into me with a huge hug. Baz piles into the hug soon after (he’s more emotional about this than I predicted) and Micah is close behind him. Everyone’s crying, but I think I’m crying hardest out of all of us. I’m happy for Penny, but I’m happier for myself. I can’t handle keeping a secret like this ever again.


“Maybe I should cut my hair.”

Lup looks up from where she’s using her wand to poke at the fire. It gives off a sputtering spray of yellow sparks and she flinches away, pulling the wand out of the fire before it catches alight.

Taako’s sitting about a quarter of the way round the fire, legs folded underneath him as he fiddles with a long, long lock of dark brown hair, loose from the braid he usually tucks it into.

“Why?” she asks, straightening up. The fire flickers onward, no larger for her futile attempts at stoking it with her magic, casting brighter light across Taako’s face. He chews furtively at his lip but doesn’t answer her right away.

That’s fine. Lup’s not a patient girl by any means, but she can be patient for her baby brother. (He’s the baby brother by about five minutes, truth be told, but it’s Lup’s job as the older twin to lord that over him.) They always accommodate each other like this, making changes where normally anybody else would be shoved away or told to suck it up. They’ve only ever had each other; they’ll only ever need each other.

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just acting, right?

pairing: lin x reader

prompt: au !highschool where you get cast as sandy and lin gets cast as danny and you guys have to kiss lol cooties

warnings: lots of fluff, i don’t think i swore ??

words: 2,269

a/n: !!! i love drama kids so much and i’m sorry if this like offends any of you!! i really hope you like this one bc i’m super very really extra proud of this and idek why but okay i love u all pls lemme know what you think ok goodnight xo

You and Maria were standing up against you locker. Maria was telling you about some new jeans she had bought and you were “listening.” Honestly, you were just looking at him. Not creepily - just, you know. It was Lin

Lin was talking to his friend Anthony, eyes flashing towards you every few moments. You blushed when your eyes made contact, looking down to your feet. 

“Are you listening to me?” Maria sighed, her words drenched in sarcasm.  

You scrambled for an excuse but sighed, “’M sorry. I just -”

“Hey, Y/N,” Lin said, interrupting you with easy grace. 

You took a breath, Maria quickly filling your void, “Hey, Lin. Are you auditioning for the play?" 

Lin smiled, nodding, "How about you?”

Maria put a sweet grin on her face, “Yeah. Y/N is going out for Sandy,” she put her hand to her mouth like she was telling a secret, “But she’ll deny it if you ask." 

Lin laughed when you scoffed, "I’m sure you’ll get it, what about you Maria? Rizzo?”

“You you suggesting something, Mr. Miranda?” She teased easily. 

Lin laughed and put his hands up in surrender, “I’ll see you ladies in there,” his eyes were bright, “Bye, Y/N.”

You forced a smile, groaning as he walked away. 

“I’m such an idiot,” you sighed, banging your head on the locker next to yours.  

“You’re not an idiot,” Maria said, pulling your shoulder back, “You just need a little more confidence around him.”

“And how does that happen?”

Maria giggled, “I don’t know! He’s a senior. In drama. It’s not like he’s that intimidating.”

“He’s popular,” you shrugged, slamming your locker and started walking to homeroom. 

“See you for auditions!” Maria winked, tossing some hair over her shoulder before walking the other way. 

What the hell did you get yourself into?

Auditions came quicker than you expected, and casting even sooner. So when Maria came over, eyes bright and smile big, you almost didn’t comprehend what she was saying. 

“You got Sandy!”

Well, you understood that. What you missed was, “And Lin is Danny!”

You felt comfortable, excited even. Maybe a little guilty towards the few senior girls who didn’t get the lead. And here you were as a junior playing Sandy. Still, that guilt faded when Lin gave you a hug on the first day of rehearsals, telling you how proud he was of you. 

The first day of practice was just a script run through. You hadn’t seen Grease in a while, so it was a much needed refresher. 

However, you reached some of the last few pages, and you saw the words: 

They kiss.

Then a few lines down?

Danny kisses Sandy more passionately.

You coughed awkwardly, blushing when Lin shot you a sheepish smile. In place of it for now, Lin blew you a kiss from three seats down. 

You let out an airy laugh, embarrassed a little. You should be happy about this, right? You crush is going to kiss you - twice. You should be happy. You are happy. Right?

Rehearsals continued for about a month before Alex came up at the end of a Friday. 

“Hey, Y/N, can you hold up a minute after?" 

"Ugh, yeah,” you said, putting your bag down. You wrapped a gray sweater around your body. 

“Hey,” a voice said, making you jump. Lin.

“Sorry,” he said, scratching the back of his neck, “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“No it’s, it’s fine.” At the sight of him, a smile rose on your face without permission. 

Lin opened his mouth to say something more, taking a step closer to you when he was interrupted. 

“Good, both of you are here.” Alex said, clasping his hands together, “So, I want to run the kiss on Tuesday, okay?”

You and Lin exchanged a look, both of your cheeks tinted pink. 

Lin raised his eyebrows at you, as if asking for permission. 

“Sure,” you said as confidently as possible. Still, you’re nearly positive your voice broke.

Monday night, Maria came over. She had gotten Rizzo and told her mom she was “running lines” wth you. In reality, she was trying to calm your anxiety. 

“Maria, I’ve never kissed a guy - what am I going to do? What if I’m a bad kisser? What if my breath smells bad? What if he never wants to kiss me again? Oh my gosh. I’m gonna kiss Lin - oh shit. Oh my gosh. I can’t kiss Lin! I - ”

“Y/N! Stop! You need to chill out. You’re making a track.”

You looked down to see where you were pacing, and sure enough, you had created a flat in the carpet. You sighed and flopped down on the bed. 

“What am I going to do?”

Maria looked to you on her side, “Didn’t you kiss that guy Jack? Just do the same thing!”

You let out an exasperated sigh, “We were like, eleven. It doesn’t count.”

Maria shrugged, “You’re gonna be fine. You just have to chill out.”

Tuesday morning rolled around and you were a zombie through all of your classes. Maria was a little nervous, but she was nothing compared to you. You were constantly replaying all the times you had run this scene and Lin would dip you and Eskimo kiss you or raspberry your cheek and just make you laugh. And now the thought of being near him made you as sick as it did a month ago at your locker.

Lin came up to you before rehearsal, biting his lips and practically bouncing.

“You sure you’re okay with this? I can talk to Alex and see if -”

“Yeah, it’s totally cool.” No, I’m a mess, you thought. “It’s just acting, right?” Wrong, I’ve had a crush on your for three years, you thought.

Something flashed across Lin’s face at that, but it was gone before you could recognize it.

“Cool,” he nodded before skidding away.

The kiss wasn’t until the very end of rehearsal, and for a moment, you thought he was going to postpone it until tomorrow. You checked your watch: 4:09. Practice ended at 4:30, so all you had to do was stall for -

“Y/N! We’re gonna run the kiss scene dry first, okay?” Alex called over. You sighed but nodded feebly. 

Lin was still bouncy, a little smirk on his lip though. 

“Start at the beginning of Act II, scene four, okay?” Alex said, but words were mushed together at this point. Lin was looking at you with bright eyes. Still, you couldn’t avoid the snickers you heard from the senior girls across the room, watching you with beady eyes.

You felt Lin - well, Danny - put his arm around you, signally your cue.

Is this okay?” You tried to sound innocent, like Sandy would.

You dialogue continued for a few more lines.

I should’ve given this to you a long time ago,” Lin said.

Now, you thought. Lin took in a small breath and everything was suddenly in slow motion. His gaze flashed to your lips then back up to your eyes. You flushed your eyes shut, leaning ever so slightly to feel his lips graze yours. You could feel his smile ever so lightly on your mouth, pulling him closer by the back of his neck. It was short and sweet, how the script directed. 

Danny fixes himself before saying, “I really like you Sandy.” Then, with more confidence this time, his lips found yours again. His lips moved like a melody over your own harmony. His hands were on your waist, pulling you closer to him in the prop car. You savored the kiss for a second longer before pulling away.

Take it easy, Danny! What are you trying to -” you paused when you heard the giggles of the girls in the black box, your cheeks immediately flushing red. Lin took notice of this, picking up where you had left off.

What’s the matter?” You couldn’t tell if it was Danny asking or Lin, so you rolled with the script despite the break in your heart. 

Why would he ever like you? He’s a senior. A popular senior. Lin wants a girl like them - popular, pretty, good at acting. Not you. Besides, it’s not like this was anything more than acting. 

So that night, before you left, when Lin asked if everything was alright?

You ignored him.

You only ran the kiss once more before the show during dress rehearsals. Lin was calm and collected through the entire thing, while you nearly got sick every time someone mentioned the show at all. 

The girls had gotten worse. You could feel their glare during every scene you had onstage. Still, you tried to block it out. One more week, and then this is all over.

It was around seven o’clock the day before opening night, and you were the last one in the theater. You were walking yourself through some choreography that you already knew by heart - you practically did it in your sleep. Humming along to the songs, you marked your dance. 

A crash made you stop. Turning to see who was there, Lin emerged slyly, a pint tint on his cheeks. 

“Hey,” he started. You offered a small wave but went back to marking your choreography.

“Hey,” Lin said again, this time grabbing your arm gently to stop your movements. 

“I’m practicing,” you tried.

“You’ve been practicing for two and a half months. You need to sleep now,” he tried.

You sighed, but nodded and started to pack your bag up.

Walking out of the theater, Lin ran to catch up to you. You were impatient, angry that you let your feelings get in the way and now you couldn’t focus and you were probably going to mess up the show and -

“Y/N?” Lin interrupted your thoughts, worry etched across his face.

You shook your head but started to walk away. Seamlessly, he grabbed your hand and pulled you back to him. You gasped when his hand went from his side to your cheek to push some hair behind your ear. 

His eyes flashed to your lips, the same way they did over a month ago on that Friday. You shut your eyes when you felt him close the distance, his soft lips gracing easily over yours, burning like a flame before sharply pulling away. You pointed at him, frustrated.

“Y/N, I -” you held up a hand.

“Just,” you paused, “Ugh!” 

You speed walked back to your car, not even turning on your lights as you skidded out of the parking lot. 

Opening night. 

It was going perfectly. You were beyond excited and even made small talk with a few of the senior girls. Lin tried to talk to you twice, but you would make up lame excuses as to why you had to go; each time leaving Lin sulking.

You had made it halfway through Act II, everything going off without a hitch, when it happened.

It was (obviously) the kiss scene, and Lin was an amazing performer. His lines were sharp and crisp, his attitude perfected, and his everything. He was ridiculously talented, and no one could take that away from him. So when he screwed up a line, you were not expecting it.

The first kiss was sweet, simple. And then it happened.

I really like you, Y/N,” he said, kissing you before he realized what he said. His lips touched yours with the same passion he was directed to but this time with a fire so bright it could burn. This kiss was different; it didn’t feel staged. You pulled away breathless, almost forgetting your line.

Take it easy, Danny! What are you trying to do?” You played, snapping him back into reality. Some of your lipstick had gotten on his mouth. You bit back a smile.

Your heart soared for another five minutes before you caught a senior glaring at you again. Annoyed, you fixed your lipstick and changed into your next costume.

The rest of the play continued, smooth sailing until the final bow. 

Lin held your hand tightly, squeezing before giving leading you forward for one more bow. 

You practically sprinted out of the theater, makeup half off and a pair of sweats thrown on with a teeshirt. You had nearly made it out of the school when he called out.

“Y/N, wait!” He was dressed similarly to you, wearing the Grease shirt you had gotten. 

You turned on your heel to face him, brushing a stray curl off your forehead. 

“You did really well out there,” he smiled.

“Thanks, you too.” You said as you pushed down any feelings you had for him, even ignoring his ‘I really like you, Y/N,’ slip. “See you tomorrow,” you tried, starting to leave.

“Wait!” Lin said, grabbing your hand like he had done just a day before.

“Lin,” you huffed, “I don’t know what you want me to tell you!”

“Tell me you felt something too,” he said immediately. “Tell me that, that - that wasn’t acting. That couldn’t be just acting, right?”

You took in a sharp breath, “But all the girls -”

“Y/N,” Lin laughed. His eyes were wide. He wet his lips before continuing, “You’re the only one I like.”

Your head shot up, “Wait, you like me?”

He took a step forward, a giggle bubbling out of him, “I’ve been flirting with your for months, but thanks for noticing.”

Your surprise was short lived when he took another step forward, lifting your chin with his finger before pressing his lips to yours. 

Music has a power to it, the power to express emotions, to have other feel those emotions. Link had always loved music, he had is ocarina with him at all times, he played the songs he learned as a child to remember his days of childhood a hundred years ago. And ever since he and Sidon established their relationship he couldn’t help but compose songs for Sidon and how he felt. Sidon was amazed with every song Link played him; the sweet melodies filling the air with love and care. The way Link can express himself without words made even more astonishing.

Sidon wanted to do the same.  Sidon expressed himself with his words. He sang praise for Link at every given chance. He loved to hold Link close to himself and tell Link how he cherished, treasured, valued and love Link so mush.  However words can only do so much. Link taught Sidon actions speak louder than words. So over the course of some time Sidon would go to Kass for lessons in music.

“So you’ve finally gotten interested in music? That’s wonderful!” Kass said with excitement in his eyes, “What brought this on?”

“I wish to express my feelings for Link in a different way than in words.” Sidon explained, ‘I know Link loves music so perhaps I could play him something.”

“Ah, young love.” Kass said dreamy, “My friend, I’d be glad to help you. What is it you wish to play?”

And so after many lessons and many broken instruments due to Sidon sharp claws, they settled on an instrument that Sidon could play and then a song Sidon and Kass thought Link would love. True many times Sidon got frustrated and grew tiresome of the instrument but with Kass’s encouragement, excellent teachings and the thought of Link swooned by his display of love powered him threw. The weeks passed and the lessons grew easier. Sidon felt ready to play for Link.

“Well then,” Kass said with a proud smile, “You can play the song for Link.”

“Wonderful!” Sidon exclaimed.

“But if I could suggest something.”

“What may that be?”

“See music can be very powerful but it’s at most affect when you show you mean with body language as well, you understand?” Kass explained to the now confused Sidon.

“I, maybe?”

Kass chuckled, “Here watch,” Kass took the instrument and played the notes effortlessly, he swayed his hips to the tune and gave a slow spin. “See my friend?”

“Yes! Yes I do!” Sidon said excitingly, “Thank you Kass!”

“No problem,” Kass said, “now go to Link, and play for him!”

Sidon nodded and ran to the domain.

It was late at night in the domain. Everyone had gone to sleep, except for Link. He had been wondering where his beloved prince was. He notice Sidon would disappear for hours and when he comes back he would say he went for hunting or for some other reason that was unbelievable. Link has his doubts but he refuses to believe in them. Perhaps it some royal issues Link isn’t to know of. Or maybe it’s really anything to press on. He just wishes Sidon was he now in their bed; it was cold without him there.

Link got depressed without Sidon’s smile. He curled into a ball in the sheets. I wanted Sidon with him now, where is he?

Tick Tick

What was that? Link rose from the bed.

Tick Tick

The window? What is happening? Link got up from the bed and went to the window where he thought he heard the noise. Link got to the window and looked down; down below the window was Sidon standing there with a saxophone in one hand and waving his other to grab Link’s attention.

‘What is he doing?’ Link thought. ‘Why does he have a sax?’

Link opened the window, ‘What in Hyrule are you doing? Where have you been? And where did you even get a saxophone?’ Link signed frantically.

Sidon smirked. He didn’t answer any of Link’s questions. He straightened himself up brought the instrument’s mouth piece to his lips.

‘Why do I have the feeling he is going to play that song?’ Link thought.

Soon the smooth deep notes filled Link’s ear. ‘Oh my goddess no. He’s playing Careless Whisper!’ Link couldn’t stop his lips from smiling. He was now shaking from holding his laughter. Sidon was really into it. Once he looked stared in Link’s eyes Link’s laughter completely disappeared. He watched Sidon’s hips sway in time with his playing. Sidon was truly captivating. The music really did have an effect on Link.

Sidon continued to play never breaking eye contact with his beloved Link. When he had finished he took a bow. “My pearl this is how I fell for you. Words cannot describe how I feel so I hope this song had.”

‘Wait ,’ Link thought, ‘He wasn’t trying to seduce me? He wanted to this to be a cute romantic declaration. Oh goddess.’ Link smile got brighter his cheeks redden. ‘I love you.’ Link signed.

“I love you too!” Sidon shouted.

“Be quite!” Shouted from across the way, “Some of us are trying to sleep!”

This is what brought Link into an outburst of laughter. Link laughed so hard he ws beding over the windowsill.

“My apologies!” Sidon said; his cheek now red from the embarrassment of now knowing how loud he was.

Sidon backed up to Link was a small smile. Link beckoned him with his finger to come to their room. Sidon smiled brightly and ran back into the palace. Link sat on the bed waited for his prince. He swears Sidon was the best thing to happen to him.


Thanks @sleepy-moans I couldn’t get the image of Sidon playing careless whisper on the sax for like three days! Also I’m a sucker for romantic muscial gestures

Boobear (Nam Joo Hyuk)

Type: Fluff

Request: Can I request a scenario with Nam Joohyuk where his s/o is jealous because he has to make out a few times in his drama?

You stared off as Joohyuk’s lips were pressed against your neck. His hand made its way up your shirt as the other turned your head towards him. He smiled as he leaned over to kiss your lips as you pictured one of the kissing scenes from when you were watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Your head turned at you stood up pulling away from him completely. He glanced up at you “you hungry?” you asked as he blinked “we just ate an hour ago” he told you as you went to the kitchen. 

You grabbed a glass from one of the cabinets and he wrapped his arms around your waist “what’s wrong?” he asked as he stroked your hipbones lightly. You walked over to the fridge as he waddled behind you making sure to keep his arms around you. “Baby” he whined. You sipped your drink as took your glass putting it on the counter before he spun you around. 

He pinned you between himself and the fridge “what’s wrong?” he asked as you looked away from him. His hand grabbed your chin “come on” you hear as he looked you in the eyes. “All I see is you kissing her” you tell him as he chuckled lightly. “You’re jealous because I kissed a girl for a role?” he asked “well it was more than a kiss” you tell him as he stroked your chin. 

“Boobear I love you” he cooed as you felt your body warm up as you whined trying to shove him off. He brought you closer as he leaned in and kissed you. You sighed as your arms went around his shoulder as he picked you up placing you on the counter. He pulled your legs apart and kissed you again. Pulling back he gave you an Eskimo kiss “you’re my favorite person” he told you “I like kissing you more than anyone else” he whispered. 

“You’re stupid” you tell him as you pushed his cheeks together “just in love” he said as his words mushed from your hold on his face. Joohyuk smiled at you as you let him go “I really love you” he tells you “yeah I know” you tell him. “Do you love me?” he asks in a playful tone “of course I do. I wouldn’t be jealous if I wasn’t” you told him as he kissed you again.


chapter 7 of chaptered fic “toy”
chen x female reader
genre: smut
chapter 1 pt.1 / chapter 1 pt.2 / chapter 2 / chapter 3 / chapter 4 / chapter 5 / chapter 6 / chapter 7 / chapter 8 / chapter 9 / chapter 10 / chapter 11 / final pt. 1 / final pt. 2 / final pt. 3

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Henry woke once again to find his bed covered in sweet wrappers. That was the fifth time in a row and he was getting sick of it. It would always happen like this - he would lock his window and door, check no one was hiding in his closet and scour the room, making absolutely sure there was nothing that could possibly leave the rubbish. But every morning, without fail, he would wake surrounded by old candy wrappers, the sickly smell of peppermint in the air.


This day was different however. This day they had left a clue. He discovered it as he grumbly got from his bed, getting ready to clean up the mess before his mother noticed and blamed him for the midnight snacking. He was just bending down to grab the bin when something on the top of his nightstand caught his eye.


A note.


He frowned, rubbing his eyes to make sure he wasn’t just seeing things. But there it was, the white paper standing out boldly in the light sunlight. He grabbed the message from where it perched, noticing the strong smell of pines and the woods that radiated from it. It was obvious where the note was telling him to go, even without the subtle message and leaf attached to the inside.



Come and find me



Henry licked his lips, debating whether to take the bait or not. His mum wasn’t awake yet, if he was quick he could sneak out and back without being caught. But was it worth the risk.


He looked at the absolute state his room had been left in, mint green wrappers strewn everywhere.



Yes it was.


He grabbed his coat and without a sound slipped out his window. He rushed toward the woods, watching the empty streets nervously. He only prayed no one was up this early to spot him and ask what the hell he was doing.


Oh you know, just following a mysterious note left in my bedroom by someone who has been sneaking in and trashing the place with their eating habits. Just a normal Wednesday morning.


He shook his head, listening to any clues if he was getting close to finding the culprit. He looked around a tree, unaware of the stranger perching just above him on a branch.


They smiled, watching the confused boy with interest. They licked their lips, pulling something out of their pocket and dropping it to the ground.


Henry looked up to only find them gone. With an uneasy feeling in his stomach he walked toward his clue, bending down to inspect it.


A green, peppermint candy wrapper.


He sprung up when a hand was placed on his shoulder, spinning around wildly. He could hear a light hearted chuckle echo around him as he stared at the nothingness behind him. A simple explanation would have been it was just the wind. But Henry lived with fairy tale characters so he knew that nothing was ever as it seemed.


“Looking for me” a voice purred to his left.


His head snapped in the direction, his fist clenching together in fright. The person was hooded but he could tell they were young, probably around his age due to the height. They stayed resting against the tree for a few moments before pulling down the cloak, grinning madly.


Henry studied them in shock. They were dressed in a simple man’s blue button up shirt, short black skirt and clunky black boots covered in muck. Their whole demeanour reeked of confidence and a little madness, which instantly made the hair on the back of his neck bristle. But he couldn’t quite tell if that was a bad thing yet. Their eyes, surprisingly, weren’t the most shocking thing about the strange creature - despite the fact that they seemed to change colour every time they blinked, more often than not settling on a wild (Y/ec). No the most striking about them was the large cat ears  balanced on top of a thick, messy mass of (Y/hc) hair. They were black and grey striped and twitched at the slightest sound, listening intently to the woodland creatures around them.


“Oh I’m sorry, they are a bit distracting” the stranger smirked, their voice smooth but thick like honey.


They shook their head quickly and just like that, poof, the ears were away.




Henry gaped for a few seconds, blinking rapidly. Was this really happening or was it a sugar induced dream? Maybe he had been the one eating all of those mints.


“You are a curious one aren’t you” they smiled, reaching into their cloak pocket to pull out a green peppermint “That’s why I like you Henry, you’re like me”


“I-um” he stuttered, itching the side of his head “Who are you?”


“I go many names” the mysterious creature smiled “Chess, puss, demon. But you can just call me (Y/n)”


“WH-what are you?”


“Do you know, I’ve been in so many forms over the centuries that even I’ve forgotten” (Y/n) giggled “Isn’t that funny?”


“I guess” Henry smiled blandly, still feeling uneasy.


“All you need to know is I am not one thing, I am not male nor female, human nor beast” they explained “I am neither and both at the same time. It’s a very confusing concept, most don’t understand. But to keep things simple, know that I am me and there is no one else quite as extraordinary or unusual as I”


“O-okay” he raised an eyebrow, not liking the way they looked at him. Like he was a cross between their next meal and treasure they had hunted long to find.


“Now, let me get a look at you” they sighed, in an instant appearing right in front of him. (Y/n) pulled at his cheeks, humming lightly.


“How did you do that?” he asked, his words mushed together as the creature inspected him.


“Do what?” they asked, now behind him, testing out his right arm.


“That!” Henry snapped, turning round to look at them. But (Y/n) was gone, now in front of him again.


“Oh, that” (Y/n) drawled “Well my reality works differently than yours, which is why I can do this”


They shook their head and Henry stared back in amazement at a complete replica of himself. He tilted his head to the side, so did (Y/n). He raised his left arm, so did (Y/n). He fixed his hair, so did (Y/n). They were the first to break the fun game however, bursting into a fit of laughter at the boy’s bewildered expression.


“Pretty cool, huh?” (Y/n) asked, shaking their head again so they changed back to their preferred form.


“Can you do other stuff?” he asked, an excited glint lighting in (Y/n)’s cat like eyes.


“Much more. This is the mere tip of the iceberg that is my power”


“Cool” Henry grinned, making (Y/n) squeal.


“Are you okay?” he asked, wondering why they were acting this way.


“Oh yes Henry, I’m just very excited” They nodded “You see I’ve been planning this day for a very long time. Oh the things we’ll do Henry, the things we’ll see. You’ll finally understand, no one ever has you see. But I know you will”


“You’re not here to kidnap me, are you?” he paled, thinking back to his time spent on Neverland “Or kill me?”


“Kidnap, heavens no!” (Y/n) exclaimed, popping another mint into their mouth “Kill you however, well that’s another story”


They waited only a moment before bursting into another fit of laughter, slapping their bare knees hard.


“Oh I’m just kidding, you’ll get used to my jokes, I can promise you that”


Henry let out a sigh of relief, opening his eyes to find his new found friend missing.


“So, Henry Mills, are you coming?”


He looked up at the tree where (Y/n) had draped themselves over, frowning slightly when their hand played with his dark brown hair.




Their eyes widened, flickering a bright electric blue before fading back to their normal colour.


“On an adventure of course”


He looked up at the mad grin on their face and for once didn’t feel quite so terrified.




A Guide To Find Your Soulmate

Member: Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 845 (drabble length)

Synopsis:  To find your soulmate—at least my way—is very simple. To start, you need a Sharpie and any part of your body you can write on. Great! Now, that you have that, we may begin with the first step. Step One: write something random on your arm. Step Two: fall asleep on your desk surrounded by all the schoolwork you didn’t finish. Step Three: wake up still exhausted but then freak out over the response to what you’ve written on your arm.

(inspired by: this :))

A/N: :DDDD i need to finish my homework :’DDDD enjoy~

Originally posted by whyparkjimin

Love. It’s a really complicated and mind-boggling concept to comprehend by itself. Adding in soulmates makes everything much more cumbersome as love and soulmates must come together and form into what we all define as a relationship. But, for now, we will just learn the basics of love, as it is going to be the foundation of a relationship with your soulmate.

Love is a noun, defined as so: an intense feeling of deep affection. You got that? Great. Next step is to completely disregard that definition and fill it with what you believe is the true definition of love.

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You’ve Got The Wrong Man

Warnings: T

[read it on ao3]

AN: Set in IzunaIsAlive!AU and beta’ed by the lovely @redhothollyberries!


Sypnosis: Madara’s attempt at courtship is awkward at best.


Madara is twenty-three years old when he starts thinking about settling down.

It’s not so much the societal pressure that pushes him to (even though he’s aware that when his parents were his age Izuna was already running around kicking and screaming), and it’s not so much Hashirama practicing how to conjure geraniums at will that prods him to either.

It’s looking forward to crashing the Senju brother’s lunchbreak, three days a week, and watching the crinkle of Tobirama’s eyes when he chuckles. It’s the poking and jabbing, deliberately and with glee, at Tobirama over a cup of tea, inciting him until he’s about to throw a kunai at Madara.

It’s a certain smile, a certain head tilt, from a certain hard-headed Senju that certainly sends his heart pounding like drumming song.

Then one day, it hits him.

Madara’s bent forward, winded from a pretty nasty kick to his sternum when he looks up. There is sweat streaking down the marks on Tobirama’s face. His eyes are slanted and focused, vicious red lined with dark black eyelashes. The grind of his teeth promises pain, and the stern line of his jaw promises efficiency.

Gritty, fierce and deadly.

Oh no. Madara chokes on air, breathless for a completely different reason. Oh hell no.

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I can’t believe I’m so thirsty I wrote this. Please,,, let me die,,,

Title: ??? Haven’t thought of one yet
Chaper: 1
Words: 2,458

When you lose your job in Celadon City, you decide to make use of a timeshare you bought in the Alolan region before you’re forced to sell it. What you weren’t expecting was a deserted town, a bunch of creepy looking pokemon, and the assistance of a certain cynical man.

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First up, sorry for the lateness, but Chapter 48 of TROAT is now posted on AO3. Give that a go if you’re interested.

Second, as of now, I’m going on a brief hiatus from writing. I’m dealing with some family issues as well as work issues, and I don’t have much brain power left to write. I hope that I can update again as early as the end of June, but it might be more like July before I really have the time and energy to devote to writing. Sorry to disappoint you all!

anonymous asked:

Love your blog! If you want could you do some super cute just-woke-up morning fluff for mccree and hanzo and their s/o? (Not poly)


“Well g’morning there darlin…” Your boyfriend’s southern accent drawled out, words mushing and stumbling together. “Aren’t you up quite early now?”

McCree’s eyes were still fully closed as he licked his lips in his half asleep state and pulled you closer into his chest. And it wasn’t long until you were smothered in his strong grasp, one big hairy arm after the other, wrapping around you until you were near suffocation. The more you attempted to squirm out, the more he pulled you tight until you were touching as close to him as possible. He rested his head on top of yours and let out a happy puff of air through his nostrils, sleepy smile resting on his lips.  

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Adorable: Part 1

Imagine (requested): The reader is a friend of Liam and everybody in the pack loves her because she’s really kind and sweet, and always helps out with pack things. She has a crush on Stiles and Lydia makes her admit it and he thinks it’s adorable. 

Part 2


                 A car honking from you driveway echoed into your room telling you that the rest of the pack was here and you needed to leave. Today all of you were going to Lydia’s lake house to watch fireworks since it was the Fourth of July. You were quite excited for it, seeing as your crush Stiles would be there and the rest of your friends. Most people acted a little weird when they found out that almost all your friends, besides Liam and Mason, were two years older than you, but they all loved you and your kindness and humor and you clicked with them, especially Lydia. She had become like an older sister to you, while also being your best friend, besides Liam of course because he’s how you had met the group in the first place.

Lately Lydia had been giving you some advice as a best friend, but of course with a hint of older sibling like threatening; she obviously knew about you crush on Stiles and was completely convinced that you needed to tell him about how you felt. You had rejected her idea countless times, so recently she has begun to foreshadow that at some point in the near future she would get Stiles and you alone, and you would have to tell him, or else she would.

             You walked out of your front door to see Stiles jeep, Lydia’s car, and Malia’s car parked in your drive way. You causally walked over to Lydia’s assuming that you would be riding in there. Then Liam’s head popped out of the backseat window.

“Hey (y/n)! There’s no more room in Lydia’s or Malia’s car so you’re going to need to ride in the jeep,” Liam shouted out to you happily.

You did the math in your head, realizing that the other six people coming (Lydia, Liam, Mason, Scott, Kira, Malia), excluding Stiles and you, couldn’t even take up all the spaces in the two cars. So this was Lydia’s plan.  

Walking to the jeep you passed Lydia’s car, slowing your pace to stare at Lydia with a very annoyed look on your face to which she simply smiles back and winked, knowing that her plan was now in effect. You knew she was not joking about telling him if you didn’t so you knew you had to figure something out a the lengthy ride.

“Hey (y/n)!” Stiles chirped greeting you as you jumped up into the jeep.

“Hi Stiles,” you said sheepishly.

For a long while you hadn’t been nervous at all when talking to him, but as your feelings for him increased so did your anxiety about being alone with him, escalating even more since Lydia has started to speak of her plan to make you tell him.

Stiles looked at you, almost like he was making sure that you were alright. He shrugged his shoulders quickly just assuming you fine and continued talking to you.

                Stiles had stopped after having been in the car for almost half an hour to get gas. As you sat in the car waiting on him you received a text from Liam (because Lydia’s driving and everyone is in on her plan) saying :

“If you don’t do it by the time we get there I will have no choice but to tell him.    –Lydia”

Of course she had a feeling knowing you so well that you had not followed through on her expectations yet.

“Are you alright?” Stiles asked get back in the car.

He had realized to you looked like you could faint at any moment.

And boy did you feel like you would. You knew Stiles wouldn’t laugh at you or anything if you told him, but you had it set in your mind that he would definitely turn you down. You could never compare to his ex Malia, or Lydia who he had had a crush on for most of his life; they were both older and prettier (at least you thought).

You had tried to think of what to say to him, but nothing good could come to mind, so you just went for it.

“Lydia’s making me admit to you that I like you or else she would do it herself,” you spit out, mushing all the words together.

Stiles was trying figure out what your rambling was, but you took the silence as a sign that he wasn’t into.

“But I totally understand if you don’t like me back. Like I totally get it; like why would you want to date me when you’ve had older and more attractive women in your life. Who are also less awkward,” you spewed out, and mumbling the last sentence more to yourself than him.

Stiles turned to you smiling, laughing a little. Oh god, you thought, he thinks the idea of us together is so amusing that he is actually laughing at me. Stiles seemed to notice the hurt look that had begun to cover your face and realized he needed to explain to you why he was laughing.

“I wasn’t laughing at you, well I kinda was, but that was because the idea of anyone being more gorgeous than you is inconceivable to me. And I like being older than you, it makes me feel like I can protect you,” he explained, his rough calloused hands on your face making you look him in the eyes. “Plus it’s really cute to see you so flustered.”

Wait, you thought, does that mean he likes me? You weren’t really sure if that’s what he meant or if he was trying to say something else. But seemed Stiles could almost read your mind.

“And yes, that does mean I like you,” he said smiling at you.

Now you were really at a loss for words, the biggest smile ever crossing your face.

“So,” Stiles said taking the lead, “would you be my girlfriend?”

You shook your head yes, repeatedly, not thinking you would be able to say it.

“You’re just so adorable,” he said smiling about your incessant head shaking as an answer.

After looking you in the eyes for minute he pulled you in for a kiss, only to be interrupted by honking to see that pack had pulled up beside us at the gas station, now clapping and yelling, happy that you two were finally together.


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As a Korean who speaks English way better than Korean, I find it ridiculous every time someone hates on Blackpink for the way they speak and honestly I don’t even like them that much. The reason they kind of mush the words is because they are more used to English which is much softer than Korean (except for Jisoo, but her pronunciation’s fine). Also I think it’s pretty bad if the only reason you hate them is because ‘they try hard to sound cute’ like okay, good luck on justifying your hate.