mush tour

“You sure you ain’t just seein’ em ‘cause you’re so in love with me?” Blink turned his head, looking at Mush with a grin.

💕 kid blink POV mood board inspired by cute anon double-hearts written by @smackjelly !!
💕 mush POV counterpart can be found @moonlightorpoetry !!

((so while im def going to be making a blog for her later on, i still want to post this cause hey!! :D why not?))

Name: Mushroom Tourmaline

Nickname(s): Tour, MT, Mush (doesn’t enjoy that nickname though)

Age: ????

Gem Placement: Shoulder

Mushroom Tourmaline is a tactician working under blue diamond who was assigned to help strategize a small part of the army. 
Because her group was small, they were sent to protect stations with less defense, after a couple incidents of communication towers collapsing because of attacks and other incidents. She would organize them to look for rebel gems and apprehend them. While she had a sapphire working for her, they would constantly bicker about the well being of the army and how to direct everyone, not to mention the army itself being a little unruly at times. She was a very strict leader, rarely losing face in front of anyone for she felt if she did, her army wouldn’t respect her. She could be very cold and short tempered, but despite all of that, she grew to care deeply for this group and would do her very best to keep them safe.
But when the home world gems started to flee in large numbers, while tourmaline and most of her crew were able to escape, they accidentally left some of their army behind. Tourmaline was stricken with grief by this, and almost left the ship to go find them if it wasn’t for sapphire pulling her back in.She vowed to go back and to earth and bring them back to home world; and after a couple of years of trying to disappear and make her presence unnoticeable, she did. 
She still considers herself a homeworld gem and proudly wears her diamond emblem despite escaping to earth and most likely violating a lot of rules. 
+ Determined
+ Loyal
+ Courageous
+ Graceful
- serious
- cold
- can seem aloof 
- stubborn

Weapon: bladed parasol

Ability: Probability alteration (though it can only be small alters, such as a coin flip to whether she can avoid being hit by something/someone or not. however using the power is a game of chance in itself, as theres a good chance that her using her power could increase the probability of whatever she doesnt want to happen. I.E: someone flips a coin, and she could use her power to will it to be heads. it could land on heads like she wants, but it couldalso backfire and make it land on tails. More often than not because of her luck her power doesnt work how she wants it to, so she tries not to use it unless its a last resort.