mush team


Ride along with an Alaskan dog team

Ok but newsies playing laser tag

  • Team Captains Jack and Katherine
  • Jack gets Crutchie and Race but Katherine gets Davey and Specs so it basically turns into brawn vs brain
  • Or more accurately “intense trying” vs “actual planning”
  • Romeo thinks he’s good at hiding behind walls because he’s small. He’s wrong
  • He tries to plant himself behind a wall and take down others but he always leaves his back wide open and he can never understand why his score is so crappy
  • Race likes to crawl around on the ground like an alligator and pick people off
  • Jack and Mush are on opposite teams and they’re the ones that sprint around the place and bounce off walls and run into people and they always get in trouble
  • Sniper gets way too into it and gives everyone code names
  • It’s impossible to decide what to do with her and Finch because both of them are excellent, you know, snipers, so do you put them on the same team? Then the other team has no chance.  But you put them on different teams?
  • Poor decision don’t do that they tried it once and the game had to be shut down two minutes in because those two had gotten far too intense
  • One time all the girls insisted on doing girls vs boys and they demolished the boys. Three times in a row
  • Les isn’t allowed to play because he’s either gonna get trampled or learn about 20 new swear words
AUs that I'd like to consider:

1. Instead of a flower shop AU - the bonsai AU: A is the kid who thought bonsai was just a glorified bit of potplant pruning whilst B is the fifth generation heir of a bonsai family who have been tending the same plants for 300 years, has works in art galleries and the nearby bonsai musem and is determined to have the world see it as an art form.
2. Instead of the coffee shop AU - the English pub: A meets B pulling pints surrounded by the aromatic fragrance of spilled local brew and pork scratchings, to the background tinkling of the fruit machines and women’s masked wrestling projected on the wall.
3. Instead of the pets AU - the sledgedogging AU: Mush. Utter mush.Rival sledge dog team owners, blue skies and white snow, and dogs purer in heart than the spirit of competitiob.
4. Instead of the dance AU - the Eurovision AU: In the green room of Eurovision, either in the commentators’ booths or the contestants. Aaah, in which case, commentator booth AU in general. People who are paid to sass.
5. Instead of fake dating - unintentional and accidental bodyguard AU. Serendipity means that person A keeps saving B’s life completely by accident, to the point that B’s enemies actually think that A is their hired bodyguard. Bonus points if B is the one who is excessively competent at combat whilst A, their ‘bodyguard’ has no experience whatsoever.


Trainer Cards for the Crystal Gems! They don’t look as cool as the Homeworld ones but whatever! I chose card backgrounds that didn’t match to highlight how individual the Crystal Gems are compared to to the Homeworld. It’s the same deal with them having standard rectangle Trainer Cards instead of the fancy banner ones. They just aren’t as modern or sleek.

P.S: Steven’s Ralts hatched from an Egg he was left by Rose, who’s favourite pokemon was a Gardevoir.

Lion is an Entei in this.. AU? And technically a wild pokemon and not in Steven’s possession.

Connie isn’t here due to not having an Attack the Light render, but she’s a beginning trainer like Steven.  Her pokemon is a Honedge, And she later gets a Keldeo from Pearl when they start training together.

 Garnet’s team is just Ruby and Sapphire’s teams mushed together.

As for what pokemon Greg uses, probably a Loudred to amp his music.


Meet Karen Deatherage – BLM Interpretive Park Ranger and recreational musher

Karen’s first grade teacher traveled to Alaska, sparking in her a dream to move to this amazing state when she grew up. To get to Alaska, she traveled over a year throughout the United States and Canada, visiting public lands and parks across both countries. During the summer, Karen works for the BLM in Coldfoot along the Dalton Highway, made famous by the reality show “Ice Road Truckers.” Karen had an Alaskan Malamute (the Alaska state dog) for 14 years. 

She skijored (had her dog pull her on skis) for many years and took the opportunity to mush anytime she could borrow some dogs. She also hosted Iditarod racing teams in her backyard in downtown Anchorage from 2006-2008, as well as handled dogs for the mushers at the starting line. She patrolled Denali National Park with a sled dog team, and most recently adopted a retired husky from the park’s kennel. Chinook is a fantastic all-purpose sled dog who can skijor, kick sled and lead any team of sled dogs down a mushing trail. “If you have a dog that likes to pull, you can do all kinds of fun recreational activities with them, including skijoring, kick sledding, biking or mushing,” Karen says. “I’ve seen Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers and even Schnauzers pull people on skis or small sleds. My first leader on a team was an 8-month old black lab”. Karen’s dream is to someday rescue abandoned sled dogs and build a small recreational mushing team.

Fairbanks District Office employee Deke Naaktgeboren starts the Yukon Quest 300 sled dog race in downtown Fairbanks on Saturday. The 300-mile race is a qualifying event for the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race, which started earlier Saturday, as well as the upcoming Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. The race course follows Birch Creek Wild and Scenic River at several points before ending in the community of Central. Good luck to Deke and all of the Quest mushers!