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  • Me: *takes a breath*
  • Everyone in a 5 mile radius of me: We get it, newsies is released in 10 days, you're so excited that newsies is being released, you're going to cry on may 23rd,yOU LOVE NEWSIES AND ITS BEING RELEASED IN 10 DAYS
How the mlm newsies respond to the 'so who's the woman in your relationship?' question

Davey gets really confused because obviously neither of them and tries to explain to whoever’s asking that they’re both male, but he does it in a super innocent way like he doesn’t understand that the person is being a little homophobic.
Jack will put his arm around Davey’s waist (if it isn’t already there) and say ‘you heard him, answer’s neither of us’, but he’s a lot more threatening than Davey so the person asking usually leaves.
After a couple of years practise Davey has a great speech about heteronormativity that he gives anyone who asks the question, and then Jack just stands there and looks half smug and half so completely in love.

The question always puts Blink on the defence since 'are you a woman now, is that what’s happening?’ was frequently something his father had yelled at him before he ran away. So he just presses his lips together and stays silent, trying to force all those memories back down.
Mush just rolls his eyes and turns on his heel to walk away, taking Blink with him. It’s partly to take Blink away from the situation and partly because he really hates people like that so why would he bother staying in their company.

Race and Spot both always say 'he is’, before launching into 20 seconds of fast debate on the matter that usually completely confuses the original person. After they’ve suitably amused themselves one of them will tell the person to 'kindly go fuck yourself’.

Canon era Headcanon: Valentines Day Hat Swap Tradition
  • Blink and Mush start it. They don’t have any money to do anything for each other for Valentines Day and they wouldn’t be able to do anything obvious without risking their safety anyway so Blink hands Mush his hat in the morning and jokingly says it’s his Valentine’s Day present. But Mush takes it, very seriously, and puts it on with a large amount of ceremony. Then he hands Blink his and they spend the day wearing each other’s hats.
  • Specs and Romeo catch on when they’re in Newsies Square waiting for the circulation bell to ring. Romeo thinks it’s cute and suggests they copy and Specs loves making Romeo smile so he just goes with it.
  • Jack gets confused and asks Specs what’s going on and once he’s had it explained to him, he shyly brings up the idea with Davey. Davey’s not sure about it because he doesn’t want to do anything that might out him but it’s not like anyone dangerous understands what it means so he agrees with a small smile and a blush. He likes wearing Jack’s hat all day and he falls asleep holding it tightly that night. When he has to hand it back the next day, he’s sad to see it go.
  • Race spends the whole day watching his mlm friends swap hats and he’s not an idiot - he knows what date it is and what they’re doing. He thinks about Spot, over in Brooklyn and wonders what he’d think about the gesture. When he makes the trek over the bridge that evening (it’s their long-standing Wednesday night tradition, they’re not sappy enough to schedule something for the most romantic day of the year on purpose), he’s still thinking about it. When he’s sat beside Spot on the roof that night, trading smoky kisses over a game of cards, he can’t deny that he really wants to wear his lover’s hat. He looks down at where it’s has been discarded in favour of Race’s hands in Spot’s hair, picks it up and puts it on. Spot raises an eyebrow and Race stammeres through a mumbled explanation of what the Manhattan newsies have been doing and Spot kind of just stares at him for a long moment before picking up Race’s hat and putting in on his own head. Race’s heart grows at least three sizes and he forgets the card game to kiss Spot silly.
  • The whole thing becomes a tradition at the lodging house. Couples swapping hats on Valentine’s Day is passed down through generations of newsies as they come and go. It’s the only thing they can really do, practically and safely, but it’s special and it’s theirs so they don’t mind too much.

The world is crap so have some happy Pride head canons to make you smile in spite of it all:

  • Davey begrudgingly lets Sarah put lipstick on him for the day and, since she knows the opportunity will never happen again, she goes all out and chooses a deep red. Jack almost faints when he sees and if he challenges himself to kiss it all off later that night, no one needs to know.
  • He succeeds.
  • Esther tries to tell Les he’s too young to go because the crowds are too big and he’ll get lost and he, parroting words he’s heard Davey use before, tells her she’s being homophobic and crosses his arms and pouts. Eventually she sighs and makes Davey and Jack promise to look after him but allows him to go. He spends a lot of the day on Jack’s shoulders, with a Pride flag wrapped around him like a cape.
  • Mush isn’t out so he can’t go but between Blink face timing him and the snapchats everyone sends him, he feels like a little part of him is there even so.
  • Katherine meets Sarah at a Pride event. She’s there to do research because she’s writing about it for a column but then she sees this gorgeous girl who looks like a literal angel all dressed in white with a garland of rainbow flowers on her head and rainbow glitter on her cheeks, and all article research goes out the window. She leaves with Sarah’s number and a kiss that trails glitter all over her face as well. The next Pride, they go together.
  • Jack does face painting on everyone. Flags, peace symbols, rainbow after rainbow. If you sit still for more than thirty seconds, he’ll come at you with a paintbrush.
  • Romeo doesn’t like crowds so he and Specs stay on the fringes of things and rely on a lot of the same snapchats as Mush to understand what’s going on right in the centre. But even at the edges of the crowd there’s this atmosphere of love and acceptance that Romeo just can’t stay away from even if all the people make him nervous. Specs is holding his hand too, and that always helps.