My Feather Bed

A better cover version. Added a third harmony, and tried to make it flow better. Enjoy.

Melody by: Karliene

Lyrics by: George RR Martin

Art by: Cutie-Toes
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I made this for cutie-toes (aka MuseWhimsy) as part of our art trade.

Check out her dA too, she has some really neat stuff: MuseWhimsy on dA

This is her character, Keirin. A storyteller from Hyrule.

We both roleplay with Ganondorfs on tumblr, and she’s made some great little comic strips with the two of us in action XD

She made my character, Danta:  (ffffff…)

Tried a new technique today, coloured lines. Damn you SAI, it takes so long to do coloured lines, but I guess in the end, it looks nice :D

Hope you like it, cutie!