A Collections Managment Note:

If you are cataloguing artefacts, especially things like lithic flakes, and you wish to put more than one Catalogue # inside the same bag, please ensure that each artefact (or group of artefacts) is diagnostic and recognizable enough to be separated from the others in the bag.

ie: 19 unworked siltstone flakes grouped in a bag with 15 unworked siltstone flakes is going to be a nightmare to separate. They either need their own bags or to be placed under the same catalogue number. 

Thank you. 

Silver Brooch Illustration.

I drew a small brooch for the local Heritage Society’s newsletter, to show them what sort of things I do! This brooch was owned by a long-time resident and teacher in the area. 

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have used any solid lines on the edge of the face-up drawing. 

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