Love it or hate it, it's #MuseumSelfie Day today and someone’s clearly excited. Stop by, get inspired, and share your pics – Selfie Sticks, optional! 

Posted by Brooke Baldeschwiler
Image: Gilbert Stuart. George Washington, 1796.  | Retouched by amandastosz 

Apparently it’s Museum Selfie Day or something. I have strong opinions about selfies. I mean we’re all guilty of taking them. As a hobbyist photographer I’d rather take pictures of anything but myself, yet when I do, I try to be creative about it…as you can see in the above photo. I took it last summer while hanging out in the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Even though the museum can be insanely crowded most days, I couldn’t help but notice this particular area was very empty, almost in a scary way. Not a single person was around, except for a bored-looking security guard who randomly walked by me without stopping. Anyway, amongst all these pretty, yet ignored objects in row after row of display cases I felt completely alone so I snapped a selfie. 

Happy #MuseumSelfie Day!  If you’ve taken any good ones here, be sure to tag us so we can check them out!  Also, please #selfie responsibly—no jeopardizing yourself or the art.

(Here’s one of our staffers at the ultimate selfie–generating* contraption in our “Beautiful Science” exhibition.)

*camera not provided, so bring your own and go to town

It’s #MuseumSelfieDay! The @uiowa OSA isn’t officially a museum, but we are the statutorily mandated repository for the State’s archaeological collections. We have over 4 million objects documenting Iowa’s archaeological past! Behind me are archaeologists and volunteers busy sorting and cataloging artifacts from the recent Hubbard Park on-campus excavations. We will give OSA tours to the public and classrooms on request, if scheduling allows. Until then, go enjoy a museum today and take your own selfie!

It’s #museumselfieday! Yesterday I visited the Geological Museum in Copenhagen and snapped this selfie in the Agpalilik meteorite. This slice weighs 44,000 lbs and comes from the larger Cape York iron meteorite. Meteorite selfies are the best selfies.