Museums10 get youthful new graphics

Agus and I met with a couple of cool local graphic designers this morning.  Their names are Rob and Damia Stewart, the faces behind Rob & Damia Design.

Their work had caught my eye some months ago, before I knew anything about them, when I noticed catchy new graphics for the 10 local art museums floating around the town, almost literally, plastered over buses and displayed in the windows of some local businesses.  This particular black and white poster appealed to me with its simplicity and clarity, besides being so “architectural”.  I stole several of the postcards lying around a local library, and made an assembly from them on one of my studio walls.  This could be a great mural, or even a fabric, or wall covering pattern, I thought!  

I had known, and visited on many occasions most of the 10 museums in our area before, but had never heard of the organization Museums10, apparently established some 7 years ago by Five Colleges Inc.  These brilliant posters remind me of the richness of this place - both with its cultural and art inheritance, and also with creative talent and ideas that this tucked-away place is filled with.   Kudos to Museum10 for executing this fresh, young and democratic ad campaign, and to its designers, Rob and Damia!  These posters should be everywhere, especially now that the summer is coming, and the Pioneer Valley will be getting more visitors.  

Museums10: Mixed Media Campaign  More work from Rob & Damia:

Artifacts 20th Century: A poster ad for a modern furniture store in Florence MA

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