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missouri gothic
  • your out-of-state friends laugh when you tell them you live in misery. you laugh too. you have to laugh. it’s a joke. only a joke. you wish you could make them stay away. they laugh it off.
  • “you haven’t been to the city museum?” you ask a friend. “you have to have been to the city museum!” have you been to the city museum? you can’t remember. maybe you went there on a class trip. you must have been. everyone has been to the city museum. everyone. you suddenly remember that your friend is still waiting for you inside the whale.
  • the tv screen goes white. oh no. oh no. black text begins to scroll across the screen. you feel sick. “accept jesus into your heart”, the man says. his voice is familiar. you’ve heard it so many times. who is he? who is he? he runs the church not far from here. but who is he? you’ve seen his face, but you can’t picture it. the black text is running on a loop now, you’re sure of it. “accept jesus. accept god. jesus loves you. jesus loves you. we love you.”
  • everyone has a ghost story. but everyone swears that ghosts don’t exist. which is it? missouri is a ghost story. all our houses are haunted. by the dead, and by those on their way.
  • you just want chick-fil-a. everyone wants chick-fil-a. but it’s sunday. wasn’t it sunday yesterday? you swear it was. but isn’t tomorrow sunday? chick-fil-a is closed on sundays. it’s always closed.
  • you’ve passed 9 churches now. or was it 10? you can’t remember. you don’t want to. everyone is at church. dead eyes stare at you from the windows. 
  • the past week has been nothing but thunderstorms. thunderstorms and tornados. it’s okay. no one you knew was in the path of the tornado. no one ever knows anyone in the path of the tornado. and you love thunderstorms. you love them. you say this through a tight-lipped smile.
  • you will never leave this place. you want to. but no one ever leaves. do they?
  • there are coyotes everywhere. you know this. that’s what they say. those strange howls at night. the missing pets. it’s the coyotes. it has to be.
  • you receive a letter. its address reads “st. louis”. no, that can’t be right. you don’t live in st. louis. you look closer. your zip code is there. but you don’t live in st. louis. you’ve never lived in st. louis. you feel afraid.
  • there are hawks. on every fence post, on every telephone pole, every road sign. they mean nothing, you tell yourself. they’re only hawks.
  • you love going to st. louis bread company. it confuses your out-of-state friends. “do you mean panera?” they ask. no. you don’t. you mean st. louis bread company. they’re different. they have to be.
  • a tornado is coming. you could be in its path. no one would know you. you go to the store. it’s fully stocked- except for bread, milk, and eggs. there is no more bread. there are no more eggs. there is no more milk. why? why is that all we take? what do we subconsciously know is in those three foods that will save us?
  • “what high school did you go to?” that’s the question they always ask. why? you try to remember. you can’t. did you go to high school with them? yes. yes, you must have. didn’t you? you can’t even remember being a teenager.
  • billboards seem to be everywhere. you don’t even recognize what they’re selling anymore. they blend together. 
  • you’ve only been to the arch once. so has everyone you know. you go there once, and then never again. you don’t remember how you got to the top. you hate elevators. you always have. 
  • you look up at the shadow in the sky. your stomach drops. that’s not a shadow. it’s a massive cloud of black birds. they seem to be swarming directly above you. you can’t stop staring. every part of you goes numb. you think you hear someone screaming. is it you?
What They Found

Summary: Tag to “The Raid.” When Dean and Ketch go investigate the vampire hotel, they run into a familiar face.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Arthur Ketch

Word Count: 1480

Warnings: Angst, mild violence, passing mention of suicide 

Author’s Note: I had a “what if” moment and fell down a rabbit hole. Enjoy!

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“I checked the upstairs area. This place is a ghost town. You got anything?”

Even being dragged by your arms across from the hard floor of the hotel lobby, you recognize the gruff voice and cringe. It belongs to someone that you never thought you’d see again and someone that you’d never want to see you like this.

“Indeed.” Stiff, British asshole drops your limp body to the floor with a dull thud. “Found her hiding in the basement with the corpses.”

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Extremely Valuable - Leonard Snart

- Y/n = Your Name

- Y/L/N = Your Last Name

Prompt- “The police just threatened you to put your weapon down and you retorted by saying that you’ll take something extremely valuable, and then you grabbed me wTF DID YOU JUST WINK AT ME.” with Snart?-anon

Word count - 838


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When I Wake Up (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Wang Baek-ah)

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: hi! i am not sure if you still write for scarlet heart ryeo, but if you do could I request a angst for wang baek-ah any kind of angst that you would like to write, but can the ending be fluffy. thank you 😊💗

~Note: I am trying something a little different for this one. I hope you will like it!!~

You always woke up in a confused and sad state. A symptom you brought back with you after a near death experience. A car crash which was caused by a drunk driver that took lives from the people you were in the car with and left you in a coma like state for nearly 3 months but if felt like years. You were scarred and wheelchair bound for gosh knows how long but you were glad to be alive. 

Yet all you could dream about the Goryeo Dynasty and the son’s of King Taejo during that time and even now. You were a daughter of the king named Wang Hee Ji and managed to get a stupid crush on your half brother, it grossed you out but it was something you never wanted to forget. That you died so young and without telling the man she loved that she loved him. But one thing you knew was that she died in his arms after begging him to take her from the unstable home they all grew up in. Not that you could truly believe that Wang Baek-ah would fall for you when he was mad for Woohee. You were crazy to believe it was real. But you were going to have to live in the now more than the dreamland you created. 


Your headphones rested in your ears as your friend pushed your wheelchair in the museum with your college history class.  Almost instantly pulling them out as you read the little board near the door it was a Goryeo exhibit. “Baek-ah” you mumbled as your friend gave you a look “what?” she asked “nothing nothing. Don’t worry” you tell her. Your eyes danced around before landing on the presenter of the exhibit. You didn’t catch on the similarities of the man and someone from your past. 

“BB cream” your friend said as she moved away from your seat before coming back “this could get rid of that thing” she said gesturing to your scar “scars don’t change people” you tell her as you pushed yourself over to the counter putting the jar back up before linking eyes with one of the people. “Soo” you spoke loudly as she looked up before looking down at you  “Heeji” she said back before your friend grabbed your chair. 

You calmly sat taking in the art, Wang So was clearly there. “You can leave me” you tell your friend as she went to grab the chair again. You gave a sad smile as your mind flashed back to everything. Eun, Won, Wook, Yo, So, Jung, even Baek-ah were real. 

“How long were you alive after I passed?” you hear you recognized the voice as you smiled “I have no idea really” “4-5 years. I died don’t know from what before 30 I know that much” you say with a laugh. “I’m back to being 22 again” you say “I’m Y/N Y/L/N” you inform as you stick your hand out. “Go Haejin” she said as you looked at her you could see the tears and sadness she leaked as you smiled. “You’ll find him” you said as you grabbed your hand “here. I would like to text you” you say as she takes it from you. 


“One more month of this” you mumble as Haejin held your door open to a fast food place. “Spicy kimchi noodles” you tell her knowing you still couldn’t hold a tray well on crutches. She handed you the cups “coke” she says with a smile as you nod heading towards the fountains. 

You awkwardly stood as you went to fill the cup, your arm let go of the crutch and it almost instantly fell before a hand grabbed it. “You look like you need help” you hear as you smile looking over almost falling over when you took in the person in front of you. But he quickly grabbed you “you don’t need to fall for me, you know?” he jokes as you snapped out of it. “I am Joohyuk” he told you as he stood you up taking your cups and passing your crutch back. “What do you need?” he asked as you smiled “coke and then a lemonade” you told him as he nodded. “Dude where are we sitting?” you hear as you looked back. Yet another smile crossed your face as you noticed Jung. “We can find a place when I put her drinks down on her table, Jisoo” he explained “you guys can sit with us” you told them as he raised his brow “really?” Joohyuk asked as you nodded. 

“So are you single?” Joohyuk asked as you nodded “why?” you ask with a smile as he sits the drinks down on the table and Haejin looked shocked “reasons” he flirts as Jisoo puts the tray down on the table. “They’re as real as we are” Haejin says as you nod. “I want Baek-ah in this life” you tell her as she smiles “we’ll find So now. I know it” you say excitedly as the males took seats across from you two. “So how did you end up on crutches?” Jisoo asked “I just got in an accident and then got banged up” you say not wanting to go into too much detail as he nodded. 

“I know this is a bit forward but I want you guy’s numbers” you say as they both look up “I want to get to know you guys better” you continue. “Maybe you more” you say to Joohyuk as Jisoo scoffed but gives you a playful smile as Joohyuk smirks happily. “And my friend here as well. I want all of us to be good friends” you continue as you start eating.


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Adjusting your glasses, messy braids, stormy piano pieces played in an empty house, running your fingertips over Books arranged on a shelf as you walk past, messy hieroglyphic handwriting, large cups of tea, pensive silences, video games, perfectly sharpened pencils, tshirts two sizes too big, empty museums, awkward dance moves, sarcastic retorts and sly grins, fierce protectiveness towards your friends, the value of pi, old bookstores, giggling at stupid puns, pitch darkness, catapults, obsessions, ‘Why is everyone so stupid?’, ball pen doodles on the knees of your jeans, appraising yourself in the mirror, covering any hurt with snappy comebacks, bony wrists, red velvet cake, fluctuating interests, Latin phrases, passionate debates about trivial things, naming your plant, refusing to let yourself cry, research papers, Reading wikipedia articles for fun, spouting random facts, sharing significant looks with a friend, bad hair days,  painting on your bedroom wall, reading under the blankets by the light of a torch, tattoos on your wrists, worn out converse, messy tables, stacks of journals, thinly-veiled sarcasm, , the smell of Mint.

inspired solely by @siriuslysarcastic, the most INTP person I know (the only INTP person I know)

things I associate with the signs

aries: concerts, thunderstorms, rollercoasters, getting drunk with your best friends, barbecues, car racing, mountain climbing, cracked screens

taurus: potted plants, guitar, good books, burgers, converse shoes, paintings, hugs, english class, backpacks, art sketchbooks, clouds

gemini: bookshelves, mismatched socks, gossip, cartoons, homemade jewellery, playing the piano, laundry, ripped jeans, bubblegum

cancer: soft hair, ice cream, walking on the beach, good advice, cookies, jenga, underwear, europe, opening your window, iced drinks, butterflies

leo: tanning, ice lollies, rolling your eyes, going shopping, pride, cities at night, winking, gold, feeling the breeze on your face, new friends, laughter

virgo: museums and libraries, stacks of paper, daisies, the smell of old books, picture frames, prom dresses, cocktails, your first kiss, fairy lights

libra: summer rain, dragons, singing along to the radio, peaches, debates, busy restaurants, soft skin, waterfalls, sex jokes, mirrors, cooking food

scorpio: rock music, bold eyebrows, whispering in class, horror movies, high heels, humming, ghost stories, dancing in your room, shoe laces

sagittarius: hide and seek, road trips, birthday cake, rooftops, taxis, bonfires, soda, forests, nostalgia, graffiti, school lunch, hair braids, volcanoes, candy

capricorn: coffee, heavy snow, watches, maths, video games, sarcasm, journals, hockey, exams, hair gel, lead pencils, biting your nails, dark lipstick

aquarius: aliens, pinky toes, glasses, blue jeans, soap, ocean waves, the internet, your favourite t-shirt, glitter pens, time travel, excitement

pisces: starry skies, classical music, sleeping, dreams, swimming pools, falling in love, blowing bubbles, poetry, bruises, long car rides, candles, lilac

El Diablo x Reader: I Hold To Those Who Favour Fire

Imagine you have ice powers and were part of task force x, and post SS live in a cell next to El Diablo. You are just friends but you both want more.

Everything was frozen solid. The air around you was frosty, and you thought you would see your breath if it produced heat. You were completely surrounded by Ice, even the ground beneath your feet was solid and cold. The closer you looked the worse it became. A boomerang was stopped mid-air and your eyes quickly traced it to a blue hand, Digger’s hand. Panicked, you ran up to him and studied his face- he was frozen solid. It was like you were in an ice sculpture museum, but all of the works of art were your friends- dead underneath.

You woke from your dream shivering violently with icicle tears on your cheeks. It wasn’t the first time you had dreamt of that particular outcome, and it would certainly not be the last. Sometimes you even feared closing your eyes. There was one person you knew could relate, and he was just a few feet away.

It made sense to put yours and Diablo’s cells right next to each other, since your powers cancelled each other out. You learned that the hard way on a mission when you both hopelessly went after the same target. Shortly after you returned from the first big mission, Diablo was brought back after sacrificing himself to stop the enchantress’ brother. Waller was hesitant to follow his special request- give you and him special access to each other’s cells so you could help one another if your powers went out of hand. The facility soon put in handprint recognition technology on both of your cylinders that would only allow the other to enter. This would be the first time you had attempted to use it without asking Diablo if you could come in first, but the anxiety following your dream pushed you to slam your hand on the pad and slide in.

Chato sat up abruptly with the clank of the door slamming automatically behind you and blinked confusedly for a few moments.

“Y/N?” He questioned groggily.

“Yeah.” You murmured back, walking a little closer so you were stood beside him.

“What are you doing in here? It’s still dark out.”

You felt guilty for waking him up, knowing how seldom he actually slept.

“I-I had a really bad dream and I couldn’t stop myself, I was so scared. I thought if I saw you It would raise my temperature and I could stop shaking. It sounds stupid- I’m sorry I woke you up. I’ll go.” You turned toward the door, embarrassed by your childishness. Suddenly a hot hand wrapped around your wrist.

“No no-it’s alright, come here.” Chato encouraged, gesturing for you to sit.

You turned back toward him with a sheepish grin before plopping down cross legged on the floor. He curled his legs in to match yours and studied your face as he reached out his other hand.

“Is this okay?” He asked, holding both of your hands in his to warm them.

“Yes, thank you.” You smiled slightly and gave his hands a squeeze.

“Do you mind talking about it?” He asked, peering into your eyes for confirmation.

You stared back into his dark orbs and shook your head gently.

“I froze everyone, all of you.” You whispered.

“I killed every last one of you with my stupid powers. Everyone I still care about- dead.” A whimper escaped your purple lips, deepening Chato’s frown. Instinctively his thumb brushed over the side of your cold hand. To him it felt amazing, an icy chill that extinguished his ever burning flame.

“Lo siento, mi carambano.” He said quietly in his hypnotic accent. There was something about Spanish that made your heart ache. Correction: there was something about Chato speaking Spanish that made your heart ache.

“I know you must get them too, the dreams.” Your eyes focussed on your hands, latched to his.

“Every time I close my eyes. But I’ve learned how to fight them.”

“How?” Your head snapped up suddenly, intrigued.

“I think about something that brings my heart joy, not sadness.”

“And it works?” You were sceptical.

“Usually, but it depends on what I’m thinking of. Small things make them fade for a moment or two, but the thoughts that make me really happy chase them away for hours.”

“Like what?” You wondered innocently.

If at all possible, his cheeks became hotter from embarrassment at the thought.

“The look on your face when we shook hands the day we met.” He chuckled.

“And the way your mouth hung open when I set half the hotel on fire.” He was holding your hands tightly, grinning at the memories.

“Or at the bar when I told everyone what happened to my family and you touched my hand.” He smiled downwards as you began to blush. Was he… Confessing?

“I guess one of mine would be…” You hesitated for a moment, but if he was spilling his intimate thoughts to you it was only fair you share some with him.

“When Digger slapped my ass and you set his sleeve on fire.”’ You giggled, causing Chato to smile.

“Or the look on your face when you saw me out of my prison get up for the first time.” You thought back to the way his eyes lit up when they landed on your figure.

He smirked, remembering your lacy blue crop top and white high-waisted shorts.

“What about when i spoke Spanish to you and you wouldn’t talk to me for six hours?” He grimaced.

“It’s not my fault that your language is so beautiful.” You defended.

“And is it my fault that your body is so beautiful?” He countered. That one shut you up briefly before sending you into a tornado of indignant sputtering.

“I- you- my- body-beauty-wha-” You worked up the courage to meet his gaze.

“Tu cuerpo es muy hermosa.” He murmured shyly, lifting your hand to meet his lips.

You could have melted.

“Here I am, absolutely smitten, and for all I know you could have just called me a fish.”

His lips linger and his breath ghosts across your hand.

“You’re smitten?”

“Si.” You giggle.

“So you do know some Spanish.”

“Yeah I guess if you count Burrito, Nachos, Taco, salsa…” You trailed off, recognizing that you had ruined the moment.

Chato burst into a fit of deep laughter, lowering your hand.

“You couldn’t have thought of something sexier to say than Burrito?”

“No! Like what?” You laughed.

He stopped for a moment before leaning over so his hands were on either side of you and his lips were against your ear.

“Quiero saber lo que su cobello se ve como en la manana.” His breath hissed against your skin, and you shivered.

Before he could pull away you reached up and softly grabbed his collar.

“What does that mean?”

“You will never know.” He breathed, his mouth inches from yours.

“I promise you I did not call you a fish.” He smiled.

“Tell me.” You pleaded, your lips almost brushing against his.

“What will you do if I don’t?” He asked cheekily.

In a moment of confidence you pulled on his shirt roughly so his lips smashed down onto yours. He was still at first, shocked by your sudden move. After a second he kissed back, gentle then burning with passion and thirst. He guided you forward with one hand so he could fall back instead of teetering above you. You knelt in front of him, hands still gripped tight to the orange shirt, as you moved your lips in sync with his. Finally, he pulled away for breath.

“If that’s my price then I’m never going to tell you.” He gasped, resting his hands on each side of your face.

“Tease.” You murmured.

A/N: I know this is long and terrible. Sorry. Also, blame google translate if the Spanish is horrendous.
Sentence prompt taken from:

Let’s face it, 2016 was a shitty year for most of us.. HOWEVER, it’s almost 2017, which means we all get a new, fresh start! I’ve already made my plan, and thought I’d share it with you as it might help some people! 

Write down a list with your goals
You’ve probably heard this a lot, but it seriously works. By visualizing your goals, they become way more serious, and you’re much more likely to actually succeed! Most people tend to set goals that are too difficult, leaving them unmotivated. But to improve your life a lot, these goals really don’t have to be that big! Here are some examples of really good goals, that are totally doable:
- Drink 1 glass of water more each day
- Replace most of the white products with the brown version, such as whole wheat pasta and whole wheat bread
- Get off the bus 1 stop earlier than normal, so you have to walk some extra kilometers! If you only travel by car, just go for a quick walk in your neighborhood after coming home. As they say, sitting is the new smoking!
- Start stretching 2 times a week, and build it up. It might suck at the beginning, but you improve incredibly fast! 

Make a new music playlist
Music is very important and has a big impact on your mood. Start with a new fresh playlist and make new memories with these songs! 

Do something new
Basically: get out of your comfortzone! I can’t even describe how important it is to get new experiences which you always thought were nothing you’d ever do. Join a new gym, become part of a club for something you enjoy doing, travel on your own, go to the cinema on your own, stuff like that. You will be incredibly proud of yourself after doing it, feel much more comfortable in any situation, and your self-esteem will improve like crazy.

Plan many things you like to do in January
It might just be for me, but January is probably the worst month of the year.. It’s still cold outside, but the nice Christmasy feeling is gone, and it’s so long until summer.. But you can change that EASILY! Hang out with your friends, go to many museums, bake a lot, and so on :)

Think about what went wrong in 2016
What is the first negative thing that pops in your mind? Would you like to work out more? Focus more on school? Write them down, and make a visual plan on how to do it better this year! Really do it and take some time to think about it, it’s worth it!

Meeting the Pharaoh//An Ahkmenrah Imagine

malfoyyoulilshit said: Hey could you please do another Ahkmenrah imagine from Night at the Museum? Thanks, love your imagines xxxx

Ah yes, an excuse to write more about my pharaoh


You strolled through the museum, munching on Red Vines and humming under your breath, saying hello to the various exhibits. You were trying to find Attila, Jed, and Octavius, your three best friends in the museum. 

“Oi! Dad!” you yelled.

“I’m busy, talk to Teddy!” he hollered.

You groaned and went off to find the president. “Hey, Ted.”

“Hello (Y/N),” he said, smiling warmly.

“You seen Atilla and the mini-boyfriends?”

He chuckled. “Last I saw, they were plotting in the hall of miniatures.”

You pretended to be outraged. “Without me?”

The man chuckled. “I’m sure they won’t do anything without you. Go find them, and do try not to cause too much havoc.”

You grinned. “Thanks Ted.”

“Anytime,” he said, tipping his hat and riding away. You marched to the hall of miniatures and walked in, stopping with your hands on your hips. Atilla saw you first, and his eyes went wide. 

Jed and Octavius turned around and saw you and immediately stopped talking.

“Are you guys plotting without me?” you asked accusingly.

They grinned sheepishly. “No offense intended, Gigantress,” Jed said, Octavius nodding in agreement.

You rolled your eyes. “Uh-huh, sure. Where are we going tonight?” you asked.

Jed and Octavius climbed up your arm until they were sitting on your shoulder. Atilla picked you up and put you on his shoulders and walked out of the room. 

Jed tapped a finger on his chin. “How about the Egypt exhibit?”

Octavius nodded in agreement. “I believe the pharaoh is the only exhibit that you haven’t met yet. Atilla, to the Egypt exhibit!”

Atilla grunted and stopped moving. You patted his shoulder. “Please,” you added for the tiny Roman. Atilla started walking again until you reached the exhibit, where he lifted you off of his shoulders and put the tiny men in his hat. 

Before you could ask where the pharaoh was, the three exhibits disappeared out the door, shutting it behind them. “Guys?” You tried the door, but it was locked.

The two giant jackals came to life and came at you with razor-tipped spears. 

“Shit,” you mumbled.

The came closer, and one nicked your shoulder. You could feel the warm blood trickling down your shoulder.

You hissed in pain and slid between their legs, coming up next to a coffin. The inhabitant of said coffin was banging on the inside of the lid. 

You looked around, desperate for an escape, but no such luck. “Fuck this!” you screamed, and in a last-ditch effort, you shoved the lid of the sarcophagus off and the thing inside sat up. “Oh, hell no,” you muttered.

The guy yelled something at the jackals and they stood down. He reached up and unwrapped his bandages. 

Holy shit, the guy was a babe.

“Are you all right?” he asked with a concerned look. “You’re bleeding.”

“It’s just a scratch, I’ll be fine. Jed, Octavius, and Atilla, however… They’re all going to be puddles of wax when I’m done with them.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Are you by any chance (Y/N)? Larry’s daughter?”

You nodded.

“I am Ahkmenrah. Come, let’s get that looked at.” He pulled off the rest of his bandages, revealing his royal garb underneath. He hopped out and you tried not to stare at him as he grabbed his crown. “Let’s go then.”

“Uh, the door’s locked,” you said quietly. 

“Well now, that is an issue, isn’t it?”

You nodded. “I can call my dad to come let us out.” You pulled out your phone and dialed his number. 

After five minutes of waiting in an uncomfortable silence, Larry opened the doors. “Sorry I wasn’t here to get you out sooner Ahk,” he said. “I was busy dealing with the breakroom problem.”

The king nodded. “Don’t let it happen again though, please. Fear of tight spaces is not a pleasant thing.”

Larry nodded apologetically, and his eyes widened when he saw your arm. “What happened to you?”

“Nicked by a jackal spear. I’m fine though.”

“Let’s get that cleaned up.”

You and your dad headed down to the break room where the first aid kit was kept. Ahk followed tentatively, not sure if he was supposed to stay with you, or go somewhere else.

You thanked Larry and got up, wandering around the museum and munching on an apple you grabbed from the fruit bowl. 

“Do you need something?” you asked the pharaoh, noticing that he was still following you.

“Uh, no, sorry. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

You shrugged and kept walking until you saw your three friends. “You!” you shouted. Their eyes widened and they began to run. “Oh, hell no.” You took off after them, dropping the apple and grabbing the lighter in your pocket. you took a short cut and cut them off at the end of the hall, grinning when you saw Ahk blocking the other end. You cornered Atilla and the miniatures, holding the lighter to their faces menacingly, making them all cower in fear. 

Ahk found himself admiring the fact that you could make a six and a half foot tall hun cower in fear using only a tiny plastic lighter. 

“Who’s brilliant idea was it to lock me in the Egypt exhibit with the homicidal jackals then?” you snarled.

Jed and Octavius pointed at each other, but Atilla pointed at Jed. You picked the tiny cowboy up by the back of his shirt. “Explain.”

He sighed. “We wanted you to meet the pharaoh,” he said meekly.

You rolled your eyes. “That couldn’t have waited until he was actually out and walking around?”

If plastic could blush, Jed would be. He hung his head. “Sorry Gigantress.”

Octavius echoed him and Atilla nodded apologetically. 

“Y'all are idiots,” you snorted.

“Are we good?” the tiny cowboy asked apprehensively. 

You grinned. “Yeah, I s'pose we are.” You whistled and waved Ahk over. “Thanks for helping me out,” you told him.

He shrugged. “They locked you in with, what was it you said? Ah, yes. ‘Homicidal jackals.’”

“Hey, I stand by that,” you said. 

He laughed. Good god he had a nice laugh. “I suppose you have good reason.”

You grinned. “Damn right I do.”

Ahkmenrah couldn’t help but feel intrigued by the foul-mouthed girl standing next to him, surveying the entire museum over the balcony, watching her brother play fetch with the giant dinosaur. 

“That looks like fun,” you said as you watched Nicky ride around on the T-rex.

You whistled loudly, catching the attention of the boy and the dinosaur. “Catch me!” you yelled, launching over the railing, landing on the dinosaur with a thump. 

The two of you ran off, laughing like idiots. “This is awesome,” you said, grinning.

Nicky nodded in agreement.

Ahk watched in shock as you launched yourself over the side of the railing. She’s insane, he thought. I love it. 

Lemme know if you guys want a part two

what the signs remind me of

aries: the last leaves of the fall, a forest fire, farms that open up in october with haunted attractions and pumpkin picking and hayrides and apple orchards, surprised but curious eyes, a warm filling meal, being spooked, dead skin
taurus: a cozy home, munchies, being content with a lover, spontaneous visits to new places, museums, feeling sad for reasons unknown, chopsticks
gemini: hanging with all your friends for the weekend, being freshly showered and putting on clean socks, free things and nice finds at thrift stores, gifts, emotional breakdowns, giving good advice, finding a favorite lost knicknack
leo: a clear crisp night where you can see every star, classic movies, romantic love, deep dark bright eyes and nice hair, friendly demeanor, deception, clues and hints
cancer: true love, wanting something more, finding a love letter/poem written to you who knows how long ago, people with purpose, uncanny synchronicities, despair, free spirit
virgo: white blank paper, a nicely-rolled j, creating, learning something new and truly soaking it in, helping someone in need, feeling loved and understood, a troubled expression, furrowed eyebrows
libra: soft stuffed animals, cold feet and hands, neat clothes, pink stuff and going to the diner in pajamas with someone you love, uplifting others, not knowing what to do next, a big colorful scaley fish
scorpio: when you blush and your entire face and neck feel red and hot, staring at someone you love and they stare back, trouble, complex beauty and love, being unsure, the feeling of skin on skin, depth/perception
sagittarius: nutty ideas that actually seem plausible, egg-throwing contests, mala necklaces, being a nomad, trying so hard to impress someone that it works, melty cheese, frankenstein
capricorn: a dry cool day, looking out the window of a moving train, sunlight coming through swaying leaves speckling your face, tired but pretty eyes and pale features, feeling like death, cycles, yearning
aquarius: neon lights late at night, a nice breeze, the first time going to the beach after winter, swimming with sea turtles and mystical fish in clear water with sunlight cascading into the depths of the ocean, proportionate features, clear mind and skin, a tarot reader
pisces: sitting at a lake meditating, going home, coming out of the void saying and really meaning it: “I’m okay”, when you love someone and they love you back and you both know it and you’re both happy, a wonferful day after a terrible day, flowers in the earth, old books filled with notes and pictures and things in the margins

Ugh, museums.

(Anon’s request for: Can I have an Ahkmenrah imagine were y/n goes to the exhibit for school. But it’s were she think that they are acting like the character. But Ahkmenrah takes an interest in her. And when he tells her she doesn’t believe him so he gets all dark. Thank you!)



“Why are we here?” You whined. “You know I hate museums.”


You best friend rolled her eyes at you. “Because we need to do a paper for history class, remember? The assignment was to come to the museum and do a report on one of the exhibits. Don’t you ever pay attention?”


“Not when it’s boring.” You answered groaning. “Seriously why can’t we just do this online?”


Your friend turned to face you. Her face started to flush with anger, she narrowed her eyes at you. “Wow, really? You did not hear one word I said earlier. We need the receipt to prove that we actually came. To turn in with the paper. Ugh, for crying out loud Y/N. Come on.”


She led you up the stairs and into the American Museum of Natural History. Sighing heavily you pushed the through the revolving doors and walked into the museum. It was busier than you would have expected. Museums were drab and mundane, according to you. You never understood why people wanted to come here. Staring at creepy stuffed animals and weird wax figures was not your idea of fun.


“So what part of the museum do you want to see first?” You friend said, grabbing your arm and pulling you further into the museum. “There’s the Roman or Mayan miniatures. We can do the Lewis and Clark thing. The Huns would be cool…”


You stopped dead in your tracks, staring mouth opened toward the stairs.


“What are you doing?” She asked annoyed.


“Whoa.” Was your only response. You pointed towards a young male dressed in a long orange robe and golden crown.   


“Ancient Egypt it is then.” Your friend whispered.


You walked over toward the small group gathered in front of the pharaoh. You both stood at the back of the crowd and waited for them to move along to the next exhibit. He was still turned to toward the group, watching them leave. Hearing you two approach he started talking again, turning slowly to face you.


“Hello. I am Ahkmenrah. Fourth King of the Fourth King. Ruler of the land of my fathers. This is the Tablet of Ahkmen….” His voice trailed off as he noticed you.


You nodded at him. “Hello. Awk men rah?”


Ahkmenrah said nothing, he just stared at you.


“Umm hi? Pharaoh, guy.” You said waving your hand in his face, trying to break him from his obvious trance. “Hello?”


He finally blinked and smiled at you. His face blushed ever so slightly. “I am sorry. I – where was I?”


“Your tablet of, you.” You told him.


“Oh right. This tablet is my people’s most prized possession. It was given to me by my father.”


You shrugged after a few moments of silence. “And?”


“And it’s made of gold?” He replied his eyes darting between the two of you.


“It looks cool. And stuff.” You said dryly. “So do you just hang it on the wall and look at it or…”


“What she means is, why is it your most prized possession?” Your friend interjected, giving you the evil eye.


“Actually it is not just a decoration.” He hesitated for a moment. “This tablet possesses special powers.”


“Like what kind of powers?” You asked, readying your pen to write his answer.


Ahkmenrah’s look at the two of you and his eyes started to shine. He smiled. “Well, it brings all the inhabitants of this museum to life every night.”


You looked up from your notebook, clearly annoyed. “Seriously?”


“Well, Yes. I am serious. Its magic grants us all the ability.” He answered.


“Uh-huh. Riiiight.”


“You do not believe me?” Ahkmenrah asked you, eyeing you sideways.




“Well, it is true.” He insisted. “Everything does come to life. Each and every night.”


“Sure, sure it does. You know, it’s cute. Your devotion to your role and all. But you don’t have to pretend for us. We aren’t children. Thanks.” You told him, waving your hand in the air indignantly.


“I am not pretending.” Ahkmenrah snapped at you.


Your friend hissed. “OMG Y/N. Would you shut up.”


 “Okay. Sure, whatever you say.” You rolled your eyes.


“You are so embarrassing sometimes.” She groaned.


Ahkmenrah's eyes flickered for a second then went dark, forming into unnerving slits.  He glared at you, his jaw clenched.  “That is quite enough from you. I am a pharaoh of old. Descendant of Ra himself. I have slaughtered my enemies and vanquished all those who would oppose me. I have ruled over tens of thousands of subjects. I have not walked this earth for 3,000 years to be talked to by an insignificant girl as yourself. You insolent, juvenile female. You will show me respect for I am a king and…”


“Look I understand why you got the role here. You being all super smoking hot.” You told him, unfazed by his dark and ominous demeanor. “But like I said you don’t have to do this acting stuff with us. Seriously it’s fine.”


“Wait, what?” Ahkmenrah said, caught off guard with your remark. He took a moment to digest your words. “You think I’m hot?”


“Um yeah. Hello? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Nice body, muscles. Gorgeous eyes. Shy, yet sweet smile. I get it, you’re the hot one that pulls our age group in. As well as some of the older ladies I see.” You turned around to point to a few older women staring at him. “But seriously enough with the ‘we are real thing’. It’s kind of weird. Although the whole dark and scary pharaoh part is hot. Like really hot. You actually should go with that more often. Not around the little kids of course.”


“Um, I – don’t. I – didn’t.” He stuttered, completely confused. “Alright.”


“Ok, so, anyway. Do you get like a break? I need to write some stupid paper for school and I decided I’m going to do it about you. Or Egypt or something. Can I ask you some questions later?”


“Ummm, yes?” Ahkmenrah said, completely unsure.


“Cool, cool. Ok so we are going to go and find something for my friend here to write about. Then we will be back in like an hour. Is that good?” You asked him.


“Ummm, yes?” He echoed.


“Ok then. Bye.” You smiled at him and walked away.


“You are unreal sometimes. You know that.” You friend was shaking her head and laughing. “But for real, how hot was that whole I am a pharaoh of old thing?”


You turned to her and grabbed her hands. “Oh wow. I know right. I swear I melted. Like shivers down my spine hot.”


You two laughed as you passed an older security guard. He glanced at you, then the pharaoh and smirked. He continued on his way over to Ahkmenrah and stood next to him.


“I don’t know what just happened.” Ahkmenrah said to him. “Is that normal?”


“Yeah, kinda, sort of. Sometimes.” The guard replied.


You watched the older night guard slap the pharaoh on his back. Maybe the museum wasn’t so bad after all.

BTS Reaction: It’s your first time in Korea and you’re only just learning Korean.

Thank you so much for your request! For clarification, I really don’t think skin color would have any impact on how they’d react upon seeing you, so I haven’t made it a huge deal in the reactions either. I hope you like it! For further requests and feedback, send them my way here. <3


Jungkook would be intimidated when he first saw you, gorgeous as ever and when you looked at him oddly when he finally gathered the courage to approach you, he felt as if he wanted to kill himself out of embarrassment. He tried again, thinking maybe he said it too fast.
“Anyoung haseyo?” he smiled nervously. By then you knew basic Korean and knew that he was trying to greet you. You bowed lightly, nervously spewing “Oh, a-anyoung haseyo!”
Your accent as thick as his was in English and your awkward bow indicated your Korean skills and he blushed when he realized that he’d have to switch to English in order for the conversation to not get really awkward.
“Uhm… you don’t speak Korean?”
“Haha, only a little bit. It’s my first time here.”
“Oh, come, I will introduce you to my friends and I will show you around. Sorry, my English is not very good.”
He’d be a shy mess, constantly tugging at Namjoon’s sleeve to translate for him even though he knew perfectly well how to say it himself. He’d think you were really pretty and every time he looked at you he got major flashbacks to the scene when they filmed their music video in the US and he didn’t have the courage to do anything other than sit awkwardly. He decided with himself that that wasn’t going to be the case this time.


When Jin saw your beautiful hair and legs waiting by the bus stop, he immediately felt like he had to approach you. Jin ain’t dumb though and he’d figured that you didn’t speak Korean – okay, maybe he wasn’t that smart either, ‘cause you were clearly holding your map while you looked at your surroundings all confused.
“Hello, do you need help?” he’d ask, knowing that despite his accent, his English was decent.
“I think I’m lost…” you barely made eye contact as your eyes shifted on your map.
“Well, where do you need to be?”
You looked up at him and noticed his tall figure near yours as his eyes paced the map along with yours.
“Uhh…” you were left a little stunned and he noticed.
“Let me buy you coffee then I’ll take you wherever you need to be, yeah?” He smiled and reached a hand out to formally introduce himself. On the coffee date he’d ask you about your Korean and would learn you little phrases that were good to know, laughing at your mispronunciation.


You were walking around Seoul alone, as you realized that you were lost. You were on your way to a café to meet a friend when you entered a big building to ask for help. You didn’t know that you had entered the BigHit building and in your stress, you didn’t even notice Jimin standing nearby with Jungkook. You raced over there, letting out a Korean “Excuse me?” making them turn their heads towards you. Jimin immediately liked what he saw, but didn’t grow flustered. He’d smile as a response, waiting for you to ask for help.
“Uhm… I need…” your basic Korean classes hadn’t paid off, and it wasn’t helping that you were standing in front of the most gorgeous guy you had laid eyes on.
“I go Podji café?”
Their eyes went huge as they heard you ask for guidance to a pussy café, your nerves growing when you realized they probably didn’t understand.
“Uh, Podji eat?”
Their eyes grew even bigger as the silence re-emerged. You gave up, muttering an apology as you pulled out a piece of paper with the name of the café written, handing it to Jimin as you gestured an eating motion.
“Oh my God” they both broke out laughing as they’d realized that you had mistaken the K for a J.
“It’s not Podji, it’s Poki! Podji is very different.” They’d laugh and you’d stand confused, not knowing that you had been spilling super inappropriate sentences earlier. Jimin started laughing as he grabbed your hand asking you in his own broken English if you’d like him to take you to the café. All of the sudden you had forgotten all about your friend and went with Jimin as he continued to tease you throughout the entire day.


It was at a show that the two of you had seen each other for the first time, as you had gone to Korea for the sole purpose of finally seeing BTS live. You looked different from the general Korean crowd, making it easy to pick you out. You stood in the front, somehow perfectly aligned with Hoseok. Throughout the show he’d continuously look at you, deepening the eye contact and something about the whole thing made it look as if he was working a lot harder that night. You enjoyed the show as you would, not thinking that you would ever see them again. However, after the show had ended and since you were closest to the stage, it took you some time to get out. Whilst you were standing there in the soon-to-be empty venue, a guard pulled you aside.
“A band member would like to meet you, would you like to meet them too?”
Your eyes would glow up nervously as you’d stutter out a silent “yes.”
You’d be guided backstage, where Hoseok would greet you in English, asking you if you spoke Korean. You shyly shook your head no, muttering “I’m learning. It’s my first time here.” To which he’d be very impressed. He’d ask you to stay with them for a little while, while he curiously asked you all about yourself, asking you if you’d like to hang out with him while you were still there. You felt as if you were dreaming, and when the end of the night neared itself and he admitted that he thought you were really beautiful, you pinched yourself discreetly to make sure this wasn’t some crazy dream.


Being in Seoul sometimes calls for doing touristy things – and today, that was what was scheduled. You got yourself dolled up as you and your friend went to a Korean modern art museum. You walked around together, until you somehow ended up losing each other. You texted her, but decided to continue looking whilst waiting for her to come back. You could sense that someone was looking at you, but you’d figured that it was probably the natives thinking you were a weird alien, as they thought of most foreigners. However, this stare was persistent and somehow… lustful. It was the kind of stare that made you feel desired. You looked across your shoulder to see a tall figure standing near you, looking at the same piece that you did.
“You know, it’s been here for many, many years. I’ve practically grown up alongside this piece, yet I always return to it. Isn’t that weird? All these years, yet I continue to find it interesting.”
You looked at him while he looked at the piece, impressed with his English, as you only rarely picked up on an accent.
“That means it’s good art. It’s supposed to make you feel something.”
He’d smile and greet you and you’d tell him about how this was your first time and that you were trying to learn Korean. He’d tell you about his early days with English and how he struggled, but he’d motivate you and tell you to be persistent. You’d get a text message from your friend, telling you that she had been hit on by a really cute guy who took her out to get coffee, and you told Namjoon you’d been blown off.
“I’ll take you to coffee then, too.” He smiled and reached a hand out to you.


When he spotted you sitting by the bar with a drink in your hand as your tired eyes gazed at the dancing people, he completely lost touch with the real world. You looked so different from everyone, not just in your foreign appearance, but the entire way you held yourself was completely different from anyone he had ever seen. You didn’t look like you were enjoying the club and honestly, he wasn’t either – that is, until now. He stood up and left the group to go to the bar, leaving Jin looking like a question mark. He sat next to you and smiled, unsure if he should approach you in English or Korean. The two of you quickly smiled at each other before your eyes parted as he ordered a drink and you continued to gaze at the dancing people.
“Hello” he smiled nervously, even though his body language oozed with confidence and carelessness.
You looked at him, your smile widening at the realization that he wanted to talk to you.
“Hello” you smiled back, your voice sending shivers down Yoongi’s spine.
“You’re not Korean?”
“Uh.. haha, no? Isn’t that obvious.”
“Oh sorry, you not talk Korean?”

You laughed at his poor English, but his persistence engaged you and the two of you ended up working it out, having long conversations as you teased each others’ English and Korean. You would’ve talked for a while before Yoongi sighed.
“I hate clubs. They’re too noisy.”
You ended up leaving the club together, walking around Seoul together as you agreed that he’d be your new tour guide for the time you were staying in South Korea.


Okay, you’ll admit – in hindsight it wasn’t the smartest choice to wear the same color shirt that the employees had. But what did you even know about it, you had never been there before! Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise, when Taehyung ran over to you, blabbering on and on in a Korean that even natives had issues understanding. This guy did not take a hint, no matter how confused you looked, no matter how many mumbled “Uhm”’s you let out, he continued speaking to you in Korean – fast, messy and completely oblivious to the fact that you clearly didn’t speak Korean. How he got it messed up still amazes you, as you quite clearly do not look Korean. It took a few minutes for him to realize that you had no idea what he was talking about before you let out his rectangular smile and bowed “Sorry”
You smiled and laughed, telling him in English that you unfortunately didn’t speak Korean nor worked here. He’d get more and more flustered the more he realized how embarrassing it must’ve been for you and the more he realized how pretty the girl in front of him was. You thought he’d leave when he realized you couldn’t help him, but something made him stay. He kept talking to you, instantly asking you the more intimate questions and you noticed how much slower his English was compared to his Korean, although his English was pretty good as well.
“I’ll tell you more about me if you take me out, you know?”
He’d smile and grab your hand
“If you don’t work here, then what are we waiting for? I’ll teach you Korean immediately. When I ask you out, just say ne!”

Stupid Cupids: Ahkmenrah x Reader

@thebeewhodreams asked: “I was wondering if you could do an one shot where the reader and Ahkmenrah are trying to get his table back from Kahmunrah and when they’re hiding from the soldiers or something the cupids come and start singing to the reader and Ahk…I’ll let you decide their reactions but I just thought it would be so cute ^~^”

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