Art Museums and Garden Sleeping ( listen )

description: The most beautiful instrumental mix for reading, writing, studying, relaxing, gardening, going to museums and even sleeping! Drown you ears in the sound of these instrumental pieces composed by these exemplary musicians

featuring pieces by: Hans Zimmer // Tchaikovsky // Yiruma // Karl Bohn // Philippe Rombi // Max Richter // Dario Marianelli // Ludovico Einaudi // Johan Johansson // Philip Glass // Alexandre Desplat // Yann Tiersen // Samuel Karl Bohn // Illan Eshkeri // Harry Gregson Williams // John Williams // Dustin O’halloran // Garth Neustadter // Javier Navarrete // Abel Korzeniowski // Greg Maroney // Adrian Johnston // Benh Zeitlin 

pic credit to @amandalanerva


Respect the Architecture by Franck Bohbot

Brooklyn-based, French artist Franck Bohbot’s photography focuses on the beauty of public spaces. “Respect the architecture” captures the exquisiteness and significance of some of the most iconic buildings in history, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Palace of Versailles.

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The Biodome is a facility in Montreal, Canada that allows visitors to take an interactive tour through replicas of the four ecosystems found in the Americas - rain forest, temperate forest, sea coast (including an aquarium that displays the underwater seascape), and the arctic. 

If you live in Canada and you’ve never been before, or if you’re planning on traveling to Canada in the near future, visiting the Biodome is well worth the money you’ll spend to go there. The first time I went to the Biodome, it was such an overwhelming experience that I actually cried. The rain forest section of the Biodome is so realistically humid that my hair, which I’d straightened that morning, reverted back to being curly within five minutes. Many of the animals in the rain forest section can choose to interact with you if they want to - the last time I went there, a sloth came down from a tree not ten feet from where I was standing, and as I was taking pictures of it, a giant pink bird landed on the path right next to me.

There is also a Botanical Garden (including an Insectarium) and a Planetarium right next to the Biodome (which I have previously written posts about), so even if you finish with it early, there are still plenty of other amazing things to do within walking distance.

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