Ancient Egyptian jewelry depicting the ba, a human-headed falcon that symbolized one’s unique personality.  Artist unknown; 3rd cent. BCE (Ptolemaic period).  Now in the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.  Photo credit: Walters Art Museum.

“Painting for me lies in the pure pleasure of invention,” Francis Picabia wrote in 1927.

“Working on the Picabia exhibition even led to my own inventions! Here I am in my hand-painted costume inspired by the artist’s designs for his Relâche dancers. Everything is more fun when you’re wearing dots!”

Francis Picabia curatorial assistant Talia Kwartler shows us just how easy it is to get in the Arty Gras spirit! Join us tomorrow night, Sunday 2/26, when PopRally brings the ultimate Mardi Gras celebration to MoMA with live music by High & Mighty Brass Band, custom masks by Damien Davis, open bar, and some good old plain fun. Costumes welcome. Get tickets here.


I keep forgetting to post pictures, but here are pre-finishing photos of my first ever full mount birds! Great horned owl and lesser scaup hen. The owl was a roadkill specimen and will spend all eternity in the bio building, while the scaup will be returned to her original hunter.

They look a bit less ragged now that they’ve actually been fluffed and carded, I promise!

Next up: tundra swan, Cooper’s hawk, and ruffed grouse!


In this photo, Wei Kao, the Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in Furniture and Woodwork Conservation, consolidates a Chinese lacquer cabinet using the Japanese “shimbari” clamping method. The flexible wood sticks enable the flaking surface to re-adhere, while also looking really interesting.

Nightly, through the end of February, catch Alex Da Corte’s Blue Moon light up Times Square, New York City’s electronic billboards from 11:57 pm to midnight. Presented in conjunction with our exhibition Dreamlands, which closed earlier this month, Blue Moon features a man holding a crescent moon and crooning to the classic Rodgers and Hart song.  

I wondered why they focused on the picture and kept Jim and Claire out of focus. It’s possible the animation team just had this nive cncept art lying around and wanted to give it a flash.

But look at the painting. One of the boars has multiple eyes - rather like some trolls. The carvings on the bridge look Celtic - which trolls’ body carvings rather are too. Oh and guess, what’ there’s a picture of the sun (daylight) and a moon that’s either waning or… eclipsing.

Entirely possible I’m reading too much into this but I can’t help but feel this picture was meant to be a foreshadowing one.