Museum of the Moon by Luke Jerram

I got a chance to visit the Artemis by Audible exhibit which featured a giant moon and it was breathtaking. I didn’t want to leave. It was literally a giant 360° moon using NASA imagery of the lunar surface just hanging from the ceiling. I spent my time staring at it and walking around it, just completely mesmerized by this moon. The exhibit took place during NY Comic Con (you might spot an Eleven). I was actually dressed as Raven Reyes too, but it was too dark to see.


Shrine dedicated to Hathor by Thutmose III, Deir el-Bahari

This small Hathor chapel was made by Thutmose III at Deir el-Bahari between the Temple of Hatshepsut and the Middle Kingdom Temple of Montuhotep II. The chapel is rectangular, with a vaulted ceiling decorated with stars. On the back wall is a scene of Thutmose III offering to the god Amun-Ra, who sits on a throne. At the front, on the left wall, Thutmose is accompanied by his wife, Meritre, before the divine cow and Hathor, while on the right wall Thutmose is shown with two princesses. Scenes on either side of the shrine, in the middle, show Thutmose III being suckled by the divine cow, followed by scenes of Thutmose and the goddess Hathor in human form. The statue of Hathor as the divine cow, in the middle of the shrine, is inscribed for Amenhotep II, Thutmose III’s son and successor. Hathor’s head is surmounted by a uraeus, a solar-disc, and two short plumes. Amenhotep can be seen twice in the statue: once at the front beneath the cow’s head, and a second time presented as a young boy nursing beneath the cow’s right side. Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

Inside the Egyptian Museum with Zahi Hawass (Author), Sandro Vannini (Photographer)

oh my god

r o i m a t a

she’s going through the fucking stages of grief

  1. denial (“merely an absense, a hiatus”)
  2. anger (“i hated that about her”)
  3. bargaining (“perhaps she will never return… but i expect to see more newly discovered work appear”)

i’m not fucking looking forward to the depression/guilt phase lads

“the federal government cannot use dropbox” - my professor, explaining why we have to hand-deliver a flash drive containing all our exhibit graphics files to the national park.