Beautiful pallasite meteorite slab - each of those crystals is the mineral olivine and they’re a couple cm across. When polished, they tend to let light right through them. The surrounding material is iron - remnant of an iron core in an asteroid that was shattered.

In honor of Memorial Day, here are some paintings from Jacob Lawrence’s War Series (1946–47), on view in Where We Are. Lawrence’s War Series describes firsthand the sense of regimentation, community, and displacement that the artist experienced during his service in the United States Coast Guard during World War II. Lawrence initially served in a racially segregated regiment where he was given the rank of steward’s mate, the only one available to Black Americans at the time. He befriended a commander who shared his interest in art, however, and went on to serve in an integrated regiment as Coast Guard artist. Lawrence said that he wanted the War Series “to capture the essence of war” by “portraying the feeling and emotions that are felt by the individual, both fighter and civilian.” Historically, paintings of war have most often emphasized the triumph of victory. But in these images, heroism cannot be separated from drudgery and suffering, and victory is not free from sorrow and loss.


a marine polychaete worm || this exquisite creature inhabited a quiet and humble exhibit and was absolutely overlooked by every single aquarium attendee; i find myself quite alone (amongst the general public) with a stoic yet childish excitement towards and fascination with marine invertebrates (which far exceed the boring characters of the macro and the mundane).


Elevating the art of conversation.  

Watson doesn’t just help create art, he also helps people discover it. The Pinacoteca de São Paulo Museum in Brazil created an interactive app that lets people have conversations with pieces in their collection. The Watson-powered app gleans data from books, articles, biographies, images and more. Now, instead of listening to a pre-recording, visitors can ask questions like “what do the flowers symbolize?” and get a response in natural language. By making their artworks more engaging, the museum is hoping more Brazilians will stop by and chat awhile.  

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This Memorial Day and year-round, the Jewish Museum is proud to offer free admission to all active-duty military personnel and their families as a member of Blue Star Museums, a collaboration among the National Endowment for the Arts, Blue Star Families, and the Department of Defense, to support our service members and their families in providing an opportunity to enjoy the nation’s cultural heritage and learn more about their community.


NHRA Motorsports Museum by Fredric Childers
Via Flickr:
1101 W Mckinley Ave, Pomona, CA on the grounds of the Pomona fairplex close to the corner of White & Mckinley Ave


Chrysanthemum Garden - Ogata Gekko by UCL News