Hiya folks!! I’m so stoked to tell you that in just a little over a month, I’m going to be tabling at MoCCA Fest on April 2+3!! With the lovely ladies @killswitchkatie and @ilanablady !!!

Here’s some tests of some holographic gem stickers that I’m going to be selling, if you’re interested message me for a pack of the tests!! They are $3 for a pack of 8.

See you at MoCCA!! 💖

“No Flash Please” - I am happy to present my latest piece! Sometimes I get an idea that speaks to a universal human truth like the meaning of imagination or parenthood, but this is not one of those times. This is one of those times when a silly idea that’s been floating in my head goes too far. It’s really nothing more than a visual pun, but boy was it incredibly fun to illustrate. And like many things I’ve drawn and painted over the years, I couldn’t help but get it out of my head and onto virtual paper if nothing more than for my own benefit. So I hope you enjoy it as well. Happy Monday!

Okay this is gonna start off weird, but hear me out:

Night at the Museum Samifer AU.
Lucifer is a statue in the religious artworks exhibit of an art museum, and Sam is the new night watchman who hasn’t been told about the tablet that brings everything and everyone to life at night.

Sam is running around, freaked out by everything but doing everything he can to keep his wits about him.

Meanwhile, Lucifer wakes up in the locked ancient artifact section. He hears a lot of noise from elsewhere, but he’s not sure what the deal is. He sits up from his slumped position against a slab of stone with carvings on it. The tablet is new to the museum so he is still terribly unused to being able to move every night. Other things shy away from him—the religious figures out of a mutual understanding and the others out of fear. He is the fallen angel Lucifer, after all.

Kali causes a disruption in the room with Indian artifacts, and the main door is unlocked. The noise calms down after a few minutes. The sound of shoes strolling past the Christian exhibit stops and backtracks (with hesitation, as far as Lucifer can tell). A head pokes in the doorway and Lucifer finds himself staring. The man looks around in wonder at the exhibit, and while everything else in the room ignores the newcomer, Lucifer can’t help but stare. ‘He’s beautiful,’ Lucifer reasons. ‘Father truly did create some extraordinary things out of the human species.’

Sam accidentally makes eye contact with the fallen angel. And wow. He was supposed to be a wax re-creation of an old European statue, but…he looked so real. They part ways without saying a word to each other, though.

The next night, Lucifer waits patiently for Sam to return.

He does.

They stare.

And Lucifer makes an assessment; ‘male, Caucasian, 21st century clothing, currently in America…English should work just fine.’



…and that is how it begins.


Nathan Sawaya Unveils Life-sized Lego Batmobile 

Legendary Lego brick artist, Nathan Sawaya, unveiled the world’s largest Lego Batmobile made from half of a million Lego bricks. The life-size Lego Batmobile will be the centerpiece among over 120 works of DC Comics-inspired art showcased during Sawaya’s global touring exhibition, The Art of the Brick: DC Comics, a collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment, which is opening at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia this November.  Sawaya collaborated with acclaimed artist and DC Entertainment Co-publisher, Jim Lee, for the design of the new Batmobile sculpture, which measures over 18-feet long.