Craft Club: Comic Book Design - MOLAA
Artist Javier Hernández, creator of El Muerto and co-founder of the Latino Comics Expo, presents his work and teaches participants how to plan, design and create a short comic book. Javier Hernández has also created numerous characters… MOLAA.ORG

August 26, 2016, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

LOCATION Museum of Latin American Art  //  Phone: 562.437.1689

Address:628 Alamitos Avenue, Long Beach, California, 90802, United States

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Cover process for the Time Museum

Since we have now revealed the cover to my next comic, The Time Museum, I wanted to show a bit of the process it took to get there. But first if you haven’t seen it here is the article on

FIrst, after throwing around a few sketch ideas First Second and myself landed on this basic composition.

Next I brought it to a tighter sketch to get the idea of the details a little better.

Once this was approved I went ahead with the finished pencils. Because I knew we’d probably be adjusting things as we went (and we did) I drew everything separately.

next were the inks.

I then colored everything using photoshop, again individually, then pieced them together into the best composition adding the lighting and noise affects.

Then the designers came in and implemented the title while adjusting a little for maximum visibility.

And there it is! My finished Time Museum cover! And we’ll all get to see it on the bookshelves this Feb 2017!