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[IG] 170720 nylonjapan:  Congrats !!! BLACKPINK JAPAN PREMIUM DEBUT SHOWCASE ♡
記念すべき @blackpinkofficial 日本デビューライブの後は渋谷《VISON @visiontokyo》にて開催される《NYLON JAPAN×BLACKPINK》がコラボしたBLACKPINK デビュー記念オフィシャル アフターパーティへ!

場所::Sound Museum Vision(東京都渋谷区道玄坂 2-10-7)
DJs : Una+Matcha / moe / YonYon / DJ FUMINE / e_e_li_c_a / Hojo / INDY / SA-E 他
チ ケット:★先行前売りSOLD OUT
★当日券¥2,500 ★BLACKPINK デビューショーケース半券をお持ちの方¥2,000 ※全ての方に会場にて別途 1ドリンク代 600 円徴収致します。 ※BLACKPINK メンバーの来場及び、パフォーマンス予定はございません ※20 歳未満の方の入場はできません。顔写真付きの身分証明書をお持ちください

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things team iron man learned about steve in cw:
~the real steve is smol and angry
~he has a dark side and bucky is the trigger for it
~he’s bisexual af
~there is literally nothing he wouldn’t do to protect bucky
~he’s secretive
~he’s not apple pie and a flawless law abiding citizen. he breaks them when they go against his values and freedom, when following them means buckys death
~he’s now steve first, cap america second
~he’s crazy in love with bucky, emphasis on the crazy
~the feeling is mutual
~he fooled the whole world because steve rogers died in ‘43. he tried to tell tony this in aou. they’d only met cap america until bucky came back. steve had fooled them into thinking he was a quiet heterosexual with a penchant for danger and nothing else

Happy 400th birthday Elias Ashmole

Elias Ashmole, founder of the Ashmolean Museum, was born on this day in 1617.

Ashmole donated most of his collection, his antiquarian library and priceless manuscripts to the University of Oxford in 1677. Much of the collection had originally been assembled by the noted gardeners and collectors John Tradescant and his son.

When the Ashmolean was opened in 1683 it was not just a repository and place for research and teaching but also a public museum. Ashmole’s vision ultimately laid the foundations for museums as we know them today.

Born in Staffordshire, Elias Ashmole trained as a lawyer but he was better known for his wide-ranging interests. He was a collector and antiquary, an alchemist, an astrologer and a botanist. 

A staunch Royalist, Ashmole left London at the outbreak of the Civil War and moved, in 1644, to Oxford, the new Royalist capital. The following year he was admitted to Oxford’s Brasenose College to study natural philosophy, mathematics, astronomy and astrology.

What I’ve learned from Exchange

A lot of people ask me what I’ve learned this year, and to be honest, I’m not completely sure, It’s hard to put into words, so here is a stream of conciseness. Bear with me as I spill out my brain.

Languages aren’t words they are thoughts and idea’s and ways of thinking not speaking and the person you are can change slightly from language to language, and the world is bigger than you could ever imagine and even with different languages we really aren’t that different. Sexuality isn’t clear cut or simple but love is love. Cultures are different and you can’t judge other people biased on the standards of your culture. Friends are friends no matter what if they aren’t friends they aren’t and you can’t make them be a friend. You don’t have to talk to your friends everyday, you don’t even have to talk when you are together when there is silence you discover who really is a friend, friends are always there to hide you when you are crying on public transportation, friends are made when you are crying on the subway and they don’t even know what’s wrong but they hold you the entire time anyway. Friends are made when you don’t remember the night but you remember the person. And people are more important than school even if you have big ambitions and want to go far, you can, but never forget that people are more important. Friends will try to hug you even when you don’t want a hug because they just want to be close to you. Friends will yell at you and hug you a minute later. Friends will Friends are the ones who are willing to wake up with neck cramps the next day just so you can all sleep in the same bed even if that requires twisting and uncomfortable positions because they’d rather be close together. Friends can stay friends even halfway across the world. Your creativity will flourish when you are alone so use your alone time wisely, art made in times of loneliness will still be influenced by the times you weren’t alone so never forget that art is a reflection of life. Music is a language everyone understands. Your body sometimes will change shape but that doesn’t define you, your body is important and it’s all yours and you can put on it what you want and dress it like you want because it doesn’t belong to anyone else, but your spirit is more important and it’s yours too but all alone it will be lonely so you might want to share it with others but when you share it with others sometimes part of you will get ripped away and you’ll be left feeling empty but it’s better than being lonely and not feeling anything at all, you might be prettiest when you throw your head back and laugh but don’t let anyone tell you you aren’t pretty when you are crying too because those are your feelings and emotions and that’s beautiful. People don’t really change they evolve but no one just wakes up a different person. You can spend hours doing nothing but you’ve wasted no time if you were in good company, you can do a lot in a day and a month and a year and you can do a lot even if you sleep a lot as long as you know how to use your time but you can do even more if you don’t sleep so drink coffee. But don’t drink bad coffee spend an extra 20 cents to get it pistachio flavored if you want, spend money because it’s not worth anything if you don’t spend it but spend it on people and experiences cause those are more valuable than things. Explore new cities often, but you don’t have to go to all the museums and famous landmarks, just walk around and get lost, explore the people and the streets and the culture, you might learn more than you would in a museum. Never loose your vision, never be content to stay where you are, keep moving forward, never stop exploring, have an adventure everyday, even if it’s a small one. Happiness isn’t smiling, not crying, never making mistakes, happiness is messing up, crying until you can’t breath, having an anxiety attacks, being scared, and having people who can make you laugh without trying because that’s love, love is when you smile at a person just because you see them, and love is the best form of happiness. A life of smiles and rainbows is still numbness and I’d rather be alive. 

“Chris Burden, RIP. An artistic giant, influential teacher and mentor, fearless risk-taker, and maverick who played by his own rules, Chris was endlessly curious and tremendously exacting. It was a great honor to work with him so closely over the past several years to realize his biggest museum exhibition, ‘Chris Burden: Extreme Measures’, including the monumental installation on the Museum’s facade that he knew would alter the skyline of our neighborhood. It will remain on view for the next several months in tribute to Chris and his vision. Our thoughts go out to his wife and life partner, Nancy Rubins, as well as to Katy and the entire studio team who were extended family.” – Lisa Phillips, Toby Devan Lewis Director

Photo: Dean Kaufman


SHOW OHARA and TORA AMANO of DIAWOLF’s performance photos at their 1st live『DIAWOLF SHOWCASE [vol.1]』held at Shibuya SOUND MUSEUM VISION on Mar. 15th, 2015.

◆Set List◆
01. Rebellion
02. Heavenly Dark
03. Everlasting Flavor
04. smells like teen spirit ※カバー

*DIAWOLF is a new project by Show and Tora of A9


DIAWOLF, a solo project by SHOW OHARA and TORA AMANO (of A9) announces the release of their 1st mini album『Rebellion』.

1st Mini Album『Rebellion』
Release date : July 01st, 2015

DIAR-0001 ¥ 1,800 + tax
[Track List]
1. Rebellion ※lead song
2. Heavenly Dark
3. Everlasting Flavor

DIAWOLF will also be holding a record release live on July 05th, 2015 at the Shibuya Sound Museum VISION. More details will be announced at a later date.