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     No cockpit demands as much intense focus as an SR-71 Blackbird’s, and in frustrating irony, no cockpit offers a better view. There was no time to look out the window. The plane knew when your eyes started to wander to the spectacle of earth from 85,000 feet; that’s when something would go wrong. There was much to monitor. The many “steam gauge” instruments reflect a bygone era, giving the pilot information ranging from heading to compressor inlet temperature, each dial representing a critically important system.

      Even though this cockpit was operated through 2,854 flight hours, it looks brand new. That’s because it was only ever flown using the gloved hands of a crew member wearing the essential high altitude pressure suit. Every control is large enough to be adjusted with those bulky pressure suit gloves. 

     You sit atop your throne, the SR-1 ejection seat, which carries a rare 100% success rate. To operate the circuit breakers, you must reach beside and behind your seat, outside your field of view through the pressure suit helmet. To make sure you actuate the correct breaker, you count down the rows and columns by feel.

     March Field Air Museum in Riverside, California, is kind enough to display SR-71A 17975 with her cockpit open. This gives us a rare peek inside the world of the Blackbird, allowing us to look inside something that was formerly top secret and reserved only for a privileged few crew members. These photos were captured using a camera extended into the cockpit via monopod. At no point did I or my equipment come in contact with the artifact.


Imperial Yellow 18th Century Fashion

I know, I’ve already made a yellow post before (you can check it HERE) but this very shade of yellow that came into fashion because of the Chinese influence became popular is just beautiful.

BTW I found a cotton velvet in this very shade and I think it would make a gorgeous riding habit!

Images from top:

  1. Back detail of a robe à l’anglaise (check out the buttons to wear it retroussée à la polonaise!!), ca. 1770s-1780s, Victoria & Albert Museum.
  2. French Brunswick jacket, 1765 - 1775, Victoria & Albert Museum.
  3. Dress, 1770s; men’s coat, 1790s, Fashion Institute of Technology.
  4. Dress made of 1740s Spitalfields fabric, 1770s, The Kyoto Costume Institute.
  5. Caitriona Balfe as Claire in Outlander, costume design by Terry Dresbach.
  6. French mitt, late 18th century-early 19th century, Museum of Fine Arts Boston.
  7. Floral robe á la polonaise, American, 1780-85, Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  8. Robe à la française, England, ca. 1760, LACMA.
  9. Embroidered vest, Norway, Nasjonalmuseet.
  10. Maternity outfit, mid 18th century, Sweden, Nordiskamuseet.
Night at the Museum

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Kurt Wagner x Reader

Night at the Museum

Prompt: Kurt Wagner x reader where the students are on a trip to the local museum and Kurt absolutely loses. His. Ever. Loving. Mind. Like “wait water does that?? How does it do that??? Wait, what’s a meteor??? What’s a nucleus??? What are thermodynamics??? Why are you guys rolling your eyes this is amazing?!?!?!”


It was agreed by all of the mutants at X Mansion that field trips were the best way to spend the day. It was certainly safer to leave the campus in one big group that it was to leave in smaller, unsupervised groups to hang out at the mall.

Today, Hank was in charge of the field trip to the local museum of science and technology. It was safe to say that at this point, Kurt had no idea what he was getting himself into. But as soon as the group got off of the bus and walked in the front doors, he was in awe. Hanging from the ceiling in the main entrance hallway, there was a glittering display of planets and stars. He looked up, his red eyes wide and a bright smile on his face.

You were standing beside him, laughing a little at his excitement. You knew how worked up your teleporting friend could get about things. It was one of the reasons you were crushing on him so hard.

“Mein Gott,” he stated.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” You asked as Hank checked the group in. As you each passed through the line, an access bracelet was wrapped around your wrist.

“All right everyone. Meet back here in three hours. Understood?” Hank asked. The group nodded before heading off.

“Vhere is zhe tour guide?” Kurt asked.

“We don’t need one,” Scott told him. “We get to check out the place on our own.”

“Ve get to choose vhere to go?” He looked around, the idea just finally setting in. He would get to choose. He would get to explore this whole place.

“Yep,” you nodded, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Come on, buddy. We don’t have all day,”

“Well zhen zhere’s no time to lose,” He grabbed your hand, causing you to blush, and raced up the stairs, straight into the middle of the ocean exhibit. A giant whale hung overhead, and there were several displays below of smaller sea creatures. Immediately, Kurt began popping around the room, taking you with him.


“Sharks have how many teeth??


“Starfish can regrow zheir limbs??”


“How do you even pronounce zhat??”

“Sea anemone,”

“Sea vhat??”


“Woah, woah, Kurt, slow down,” You held your head. “You’re making me dizzy.”

“Oh, sorry,” he rubbed the back of his neck. “I just get so excited,”

“I don’t get what you like about it, Blue.” Peter looked around. “It’s science.”

“But it’s amazing!” He looked around. “God’s creation right in front of us. Learning how it vorks is one of zhe greatest gifts of all,”

“Yeah, yeah,” Peter put on his goggles. “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be around messing with the innocents,” he sped away in a flash of silver and a gust of wind. Suddenly, there was a sticky note on Kurt’s back.

(Y/N), pretty sure Blue likes you.”

When you blinked, the note was replaced by another.

But you didn’t hear it from me,”

You smiled and stuck the note in your pocket.

“Come on, Kurt,” You grabbed his three-fingered hand. He smiled, his cheeks darkening and his heart racing. “Let’s go learn about God’s creation.”

“Zhat sounds vonderful.”

9 useful words for IELTS

Meaning: equal to someone or something

Examples of use:

In speaking part: My grades last semestre were on par with the best student in my programme, so I feel it would be accurate to say I am motivated by succes.

In writing task: After looking at both parts of discussion, my personal sentiments are on par with idea that strict parental control produces a more productive member of society.

Meaning: something unstable / negative in nature / changeable

Examples of use:

In speaking part: My professional schedule has been quite volatile this past year. I’ve thus found it difficult to maintain hobbies. I tend to exersice where I can, but I wouldn’t say there is a regular pattern to it.

In writing task 1: The figures exhibit volatile between the years 1996 and 2000; however, a revision to stability is seen in 2002.

In writing task 2: For example, the volatile nature of weather in Caribbean countries can make tourism unpredictable and therefore, unreliable.

Meaning: a period of time that shows inactivity

Examples of use:

In speaking part: When I first started studying English in Australia, my skills grew rapidly. However, after I returned to my home country, my language abilities unfortunately plateaued/hit a plateau. I attribute this to the fact that I did not have anyone to practice English with.

In writing task 1: Following a rapid growth from 60 to 180 barrels in the first month of 2002, corn oil production hit a plateau of 200 barrels between February and April. In May, however, the trend once again reverts to climbing and reaches the highest for the year at 275 barrels.

Meaning: to describe something that stimulates interests / to provoke; arouse

Examples of use:

In speaking part: After visiting a science and technology museum as a child, my interest in computer programming was piqued.

In writing task 2:Firstly, technology can pique the interest of students in a way that encourages focus and information retention. For example, modern university lecture halls make it possible for classrooms in Canada to use music, video and the Internet as a means of maintaining the attention of students during class time.

Meaning: to introduce opposing ideas / a fact or condition incompatible with another speaking

Examples of use:

In speaking part: Contrary to my personality, my sister is very outgoing and tends to make friends easily.

In writing task 2: On the contrary, several disadvantages stem from the use of technology in the classroom.

Meaning: something that occurs in the same manner / very similar and often happening at the same time

Examples of use:

In writing task 2: Firstly, several parallels exist between Harry Potter and other fantasy series you likely have enjoyed. If you liked the setting of The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter will not disappoint you, as it takes place in a medieval world richly populated by both humans and other forms of intelligent life.

Meaning: something that is accepted willingly and can be used in one’s advantage

Examples of use:

In speaking part: I embraced the opportunity to study abroad.

In writing task 2: Thus, it is clear that students who embrace the study of another language are positioning themselves for future academic and professional opportunities.

Meaning: to make (something, such as a task or action) slow or difficult or weaker / hold back

Examples of use:

In speaking part: Distraction has definitely been a challenge for me. Being social, I feel, is a big part of the university experience. However, being too social can hinder a student’s ability to focus, and this can directly impact academic performance.

In writing task 2: Firstly, addressing corruption around the world can bring protection to the rights of the poor, and this helps better the economic situation of those in need. For example, corruption in China has historically hindered the development of a legal system able to protect the poor against extortion. However, recent anti-corruption campaigns have shed some light on this problem, and this has led to modest improvement in the rights of those that lack wealth.

Meaning: to keep (someone) in a position, job, etc.

Examples of use:

In speaking part: Yes, I believe I will someday. I’ve travelled quite a bit, but I’ve always retained a feeling that I’d like to live in my home country long term.

In writing task 2: Firstly, if a single language is spoken and taught the world over, this could make it difficult for people to retain their cultural identity.

City Vocabulary: Shànghǎi

Shanghai is an enormous and fabulous city, and it is its own administrative division of China - It isn’t part of any province. So this list is pretty long, and there’s still plenty of stuff that didn’t make it on for the sake of space. But it’s a start, and hopefully it can provide you with a good introduction to one of my favorite cities in the world! (You can find my other city vocabulary lists here. Feel free to request a city for me to do next!)

上海 - shànghǎi - Shanghai


  • 宝山区 – bǎo shān qū – Baoshan District
  • 长宁区 – cháng níng qū – Changning District
  • 崇明县 – chóng míng xiàn – Chongming County (not exactly a “district” I guess, but still a part of Shanghai)
  • 奉贤区 – fèng xián qū – Fengxian District
  • 虹口区 – hóng kǒu qū – Hongkou District
  • 黄浦区 – huáng pǔ qū – Huangpu District
  • 嘉定区 – jiā dìng qū – Jiading District
  • 静安区 – jìng ān qū – Jing’an District
  • 金山区 – jīn shān qū – Jinshan District
  • 闵行区 – mǐn háng qū – Minhang District
  • 浦东新区 – pǔ dōng xīn qū – Pudong New Area
  • 普陀区 – pǔ tuó qū – Putuo District
  • 青浦区 – qīng pǔ qū – Qingpu District
  • 松江区 – sōng jiāng qū – Songjiang District
  • 徐汇区 – xú huì qū – Xuhui District
  • 杨浦区 – yáng pǔ qū – Yangpu District


  • 外滩 – wài tān – The Bund
  • 东方明珠(广播电视)塔 – dōng fāng míng zhū (guǎng bō diàn shì) tǎ – Oriental Pearl (Radio & TV) Tower
  • 南京路 – nán jīng lù – Nanjing Road
  • 人民广场 – rén mín guǎng chǎng – People’s Square
  • 人民公园 – rén mín gōng yuán – People’s Park
  • 上海博物馆 – shàng hǎi bó wù guǎn – Shanghai Museum
  • 上海美术馆 – shàng hǎi měi shù guǎn – Shanghai Art Museum
  • 上海科技馆 – shàng hǎi kē jì guǎn – Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
  • 上海自然博物馆 – shàng hǎi zì rán bó wù guǎn – Shanghai Natural History Museum
  • 1933老场坊 – yī jiǔ sān sān lǎo chǎng fāng – 1933 Old Millfun (This is apparently the English name, according to TripAdvisor…)
  • 新天地 – xīn tiān dì – Xintiandi
  • 田子坊 – tián zǐ fāng – Tianzifang
  • 上海法租界 – shàng hǎi fǎ zū jiè – Shanghai French Concession
  • 豫园 – yù yuán – Yu Garden
  • 上海老街 – shàng hǎi lǎo jiē – Shanghai Old Street
  • 静安寺 – jìng ān sì – Jing’an Temple
  • 圣依纳爵主教座堂 – shèng yī nà jué zhǔ jiào zuò táng – St. Ignatius Cathedral (also called 徐家汇天主教堂 – xú jiā huì tiān zhǔ jiào táng – Xujiahui Cathedral)

Famous People

  • 姚明 – yáo míng – Yao Ming (Basketball player)
  • 宋美龄 – sòng měi líng – Soong Mei-ling (Madame Chiang Kai-shek)
  • 郑佩佩 – zhèng pèi pèi – Cheng Pei-pei (Actress from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)


  • 小笼包 – xiǎo lóng bāo – Soup dumplings
  • 生煎 – shēng jiān – Fried pork dumplings
  • 红烧茄子 – hóng shāo qié zi – Braised eggplant
  • 臭豆腐 – chòu dòu fu – Stinky tofu
  • 糟卤 – zāo lǔ – I think the English name of this is “pickle sauce”. My friend from Shanghai said it’s a kind of condiment they add to food and it tastes salty.

In 2013, Massoud Hassani came to Kickstarter with Mine Kafon, a low-cost, wind-powered, tumbleweed-like mine detonator. It came to be included in the Museum of Modern Art’s collection and was hailed as “an act of design justice." 

Now, Hassani is back on Kickstarter with a drone designed to safely locate and detonate landmines. With the Mine Kafon Drone, he aims to eliminate all land mines around the world within the next ten years. 

Read our story about Hassani’s incredible mission and support the project here

  • Director Wadsworth: Friday, the Museum of Forbidden Technologies will be opening its newest exhibit: lie detectors! A hands-on, interactive, and completely mandatory exhibition organized by a vague, yet menacing government agency. Remember, if you have nothing to hide, than you haven't confessed yet. We will break you. Children and anyone with an implanted government monitoring chip get half of admission.