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-89% of those unaccounted for right now are students at Danwon High School

-42 students & 3 teachers confirmed dead. Group memorial altar will be installed at Ansan Olympic Museum as of 23rd of April. #Sewol

-Rescue Workers opened a path to ferry’s cafeteria which located #Sewol 3rd floor. They’ll concentrate searching this area now.

-Most of bodies were recovered today are female bodies. It is expected that most of them are high-schoolers #PrayForSouthKorea #Sewol

-Pres. Park Geun-hye speaks out on ferry disaster. Says the responsible will be punished severely. Likens capt. abandonment to ‘mass murder’

-Pres. Park’s comments to senior secretaries: those responsible for ferry disaster to be held accountable acc. to both criminal and civil law

-Pres. Park called on joint probe team to clarify any suspicions the public might have about the ship’s sinking

-President Park called actions of capt. & crew, who are thought to have evacuated Sewol before passengers, as “murderous” and “unimaginable” also criticized govt’s insufficient emergency response at beginning, saying control tower should better oversee cooperation.

-arrest warrants have been issued for 3 crew, 1 chief engineer of Sewol ferry. they have now been detained after arrest warrants issued.

-Korea getting int'l help in search: technical experts from U.S., Netherlands on site. 2 remotely controlled submersibles searching ferry.

-Korea Coast Guard has asked Japan to cooperate in sending over officials from the company that manufactured the Sewol-ho vessel

-goverment say they will not announce the detail of the victims.

-Coast guard has also asked China to send two barges and two cranes #Sewol

-Current look of #Sewol location. Lift bag is still on its location. Divers are using Yellow camp as base camp (YTN)

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- 90 coast guard ships, 32 navy vessels, 90 fishing boats, 34 aircraft, 500+/- divers taking part in search operations today

-Crane use is still on stand-by. Lifting operation has not started yet. Rescue operation is still on-going as everyone still hoping there might be survivor in it.

:’( the rescue number still not moving since day 1

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Hi! Do you have any reccomendations of nice buildings in the forest or something related to an architecture that connects with the landscape through its form and concept? thanks

Too many for one post, here are some recent ones:

Paprocany Lake Shore Redevelopment RS+

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Visitor Center WEISS/MANFREDI Architecture/ Landscape/ Urbanism

Church on the Water Tadao Ando

Seattle Art Museum: Olympic Sculpture Park WEISS/MANFREDI Architecture/ Landscape/ Urbanism

It’s Sunday, again. Where has the summer gone?!

1) I’m on vacation! Hence why there have been no new objects since Tuesday.

2) Has anyone been following the #museumolympics tag on twitter? It started with the San Fran branch of the MOMA. Museums across the United States (and some international too) have been getting into the sporting spirit by posting athletic-themed art, objects, or specimens complete with sassy captions. Above is my current favourite courtesy of the Royal Ontario Museum. I guess they’ve got to make up for that crystal somehow.

#tbt Olympic fashion never goes out of style!

This beautiful dress was part of the opening ceremony in Turin 2006.

Created by JoAnn Tan for Moschino, the light-up skirt is a miniature reinterpretation of the city Turin, including the outline of the Mole Antonelliliana.

The miniature mountains, skiers and trees are also a reminder of the stage upon which these Winter Games were played out: the Italian Alps

You can see this dress in person at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.

#olympicfashion #olympics #turin

Hollywood and the Winter Olympics

On February 6, 1936, the IV Olympic Winter Games officially opened in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. This commemorative postcard sent to the actress Katharine Hepburn shows the picturesque town in the Bavarian Alps that played host to more than 600 athletes from 28 countries.

One of the competition’s most notable triumphs was that of Norwegian figure skater Sonja Henie, who earned her third consecutive gold medal that year.  She is pictured here training for the 1932 Lake Placid Games at the Ice Club in New York City.  After the Games, Henie ended her amateur career and journeyed to Hollywood, where she signed a long-term contract to star in films for Twentieth Century-Fox.  Her dazzling performances on ice in movies like One in a Million (1937) delighted audiences and helped popularize figure skating in the United States and around the world.

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