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Spells that guard my home from WITCHES
Michael Cole found out that the strange symbols on the barn door he owns in rural Suffolk (pictured) were actually ancient signs used to ward off evil spirits. It began a descent into a dark world.

The door is going to star in an exhibition next year at the world-famous Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. It is staging an exhibition provisionally titled ‘Spellbound: Thinking Magically, Past and Present’. Objects from the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic will also feature in this exhibition which is being curated (on the whole) by Owen Davies.

“Our door was covered with them, plus a symbol for averting the evil eye. These ‘apotropaic’, or evil-averting, markings were intended to ward off domestic misfortune, harm or the malevolent influences of witches in past centuries. They can be found in many old houses, usually near the fire because people believed witches came down chimneys.”

Hexafoils are the most frequently used symbols for averting evil.


Translated this means “Magic Numbered Ship” and is a very complex bindrune designed to be used against a robber’s ship so it will sink.

The bindrune should be placed in the vessel and then the following galdr (incantation magic) verse recited:

Hátt eru segl við húna 
hengd með strengi snúna.
Séð hef ég ristur rúna
mig rankar við því núna.Ofan af öllu landi
ógn og stormur standi,
særokið með sandi
sendi þeim erkifjandi.High is the sail hoisted,
Hanged from a cursed rope,
Seen have I a carved rune,
I give to it now when leaving land
you shall fear from storm, sand, sea spray,
with it I send to my arch enemies

October is the month that Queen Chrysalis goes to the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic!

The museum is in Boscastle, in Cornwall, England.

Here is Queen Chrysalis looking at another stone with a hole in it, thinking how jolly useful they can be - you can see a pisky through one (maybe…), or thres one with a reds thread or ribbon to kee witches away, or use it as a charm, have eight on a cord to stop your horse bring ridden by piskies at night. Or you can use one as a key fob for your car keys. (It’s really difficult to lose your keys when there’s a fairly large rock tied to them.)


The Rings Of Charlemagne

There are nine rings in total and each is said to have a separate power and effect. Shown above are all nine rings, divided into groups of three, as they are drawn.

The first group of three rings (Top picture):

  • The first protects from a troubled mind, the devil’s pranks and enemy attacks.
  • The second stops all fear in your heart and protects against sudden death.
  • The third will fill your enemies mind with confusion, they will be troubled, feel numb and turn away rather than fight you.

The second group of three rings (Middle picture):

  • The fourth is to be used for healing sword wounds
  • The fifth will prevent one from losing one’s way and stop a man succumbing to devilish wiles.
  • The sixth prevents persecution or wrath from powerful and evil men.

The third group of three rings (Lowest picture)

  • The seventh grants popularity amongst men and promises victory in legal disputes.
  • The eight combats all fear.
  • The ninth protects against debauchery and falling to vice.

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