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“I am in favor of the rupture with ancient and modern art.” - René Magritte

Belgian artist René Magritte was born on this day in 1898. Watch MoMA PS1′s curatorial assistant Oliver Shultz discuss Magritte’s The Menaced Assassin from this past September’s #ArtSpeaks conversations. 

The Menaced Assassin is currently on view at the Museum on the 5th floor. 

[René Magritte. The Menaced Assassin. 1927. Oil on canvas. Kay Sage Tanguy Fond. © 2017 C. Herscovici, Brussels/Artists Right Society (ARS), New York]

Diadem of Princess Khnumit , from the Tomb of Khnumit, Funerary Complex of Amenemhat II at Dahshur (gold, semi-precious stones & glass paste). Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty, ca. 1991-1802 BC. Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

This diadem is composed of two sections, the horizontal part consists of a series of rosettes, connected by flowers, while the vertical section resembles a branch with leaves hanging from it. It is likely that the princess wore this diadem in life during ceremonies. Reign of Amenemhat II (1932-1898 BC).

A woman at a washbasin, accompanied by a water bucket, a skyphos (two-handled wine-cup), and a wineskin, and encircled by a kalos-inscription.  Tondo of an Attic red-figure kylix, attributed to the painter Douris and the Euphronios Potter; ca. 500 BCE.  Now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Photo credit: Marie-Lan Nguyen/Wikimedia Commons.


Dress, 1799-1800, American, Met Museum.

The silhouette from the last years of the 18th century is what we now relate to the regency style: inspired by the dresses from the classical Greek and Roman sculptures, this was the complete opposite of the wide silhouette with conical upper body that reigned for most of the century.

And just because I found it hilarious, I’ll add this photo of this same dress from the Met Museum that looks taken on a quinceañera party in the late 80s