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This is a picture I took with my phone at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, Netherlands. It is a scale showing how 1L (liter) of granite is lighter than 1L of basalt. This helps us visualize why plate tectonics never results in continents sinking underneath the ocean. Because continental crust is made of granite and oceanic crust is made of basalt, continents will never sink under the ocean because continents are always lighter than the ocean floor.

The pen is there for scale.
Museum of Natural History Announces First Adult-Only Sleepover

“While the American Museum of Natural History has been hosting Night at the Museum sleepovers for kids, there’s never been an adult-only one. Ever. Until now. They’ve just announced their first sleepover for grown-ups, which will take place on Friday, August 1st. - Gothamist

Amenities will include some of the following:

“Explorers can roam through the nearly empty halls of the Museum (including the spiders). There will also be a flashlight tour.”

“Participants will be invited to attend a special presentation in The Power of Poison exhibition with Curator Mark Siddall.”

“There will be a midnight viewing of the Dark Universe Space Show, narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson.”

“There will also be charging stations and tea service.”



Hello! I’m Osperalycus tenerphagus, a new species “dragon-like” mite just discovered in the soil in Ohio by our National Museum of Natural History scientists.
Fun facts about me:

  • I hate organic soil (too many other living things there=competitors and predators)
  • I’m a millimeter long
  • I’m asexual (haven’t sexually reproduced in maybe tens or hundreds of millions of years)
  • My entire species is female
  • My species is so old we likely coexisted with dinosaurs.

Learn more “New dragon-like mite found in Ohio is gentle, reclusive

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