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if you dont mind could you please go into detail about why the salem witch museum is bad, I had no idea until you just mentioned it

I work at a historic home museum in Salem. As someone who tries very hard to educate tourists and get them interested in actual history, things like the witch museum and witch dungeon are the bane of my existence. 

I could go on and on about how much I hate the touristy fake witch trials “history” that is spoon fed to tourists but I really don’t feel like it since it just ends up making me upset and giving me a headache. 

So, here are some pictures of what the witch “museum” consists of: 

I think you can probably understand why it bothers me. I feel like it’s pretty disrespectful to the actual victims of the witch trails. 

If you visit Salem, don’t go to the witch museum or the witch dungeon. If you want the real history here’s a starter pack of places to go instead:

- The Witch House. Still pretty touristy so if you want that you’re in luck, but that aside this is an actual historic home that will give you some actual information about the witch trials. 

- The House of the Seven Gables . THE BEST MUSEUM IN SALEM. It’s not  directly about the witch trials but that history is incorporated since the house was built in 1668. I just love The House of the Seven Gables so much. 

- The Old Burying Point . The witch trials memorial is located here. A must see if you want to learn about th Salem witch trials. 

- The Salem Visitor Center . Pretty self explanatory. 

- The Peabody Essex Museum. Second best museum in Salem behind The House of the Seven Gables. 

The Salem Maritime National Historic Site and the Custom House . Salem has a very cool maritime history! 

I could go on and on about awesome places to visit in Salem but this is probably enough for now…. 

Seven Things About Supernatural: 12x13 - “Family Feud”

I try to go into Buckleming episodes with an open mind.  Yes, I also acknowledge that they’re among the least technically skilled (or at least among the worst at really hitting the mark for this particular show) on the team, but I try not to be the guy who hates them out of hand.  


  1. What’s the deal with Clan MacLeod this week?  We were firmly in frenemies/mutually beneficial arrangement territory and then suddenly this ep it’s all high antagonism.  Was there a regrettable incident involving a bowl of Cheerios that got cut out of 12x12?  

    Also, Crowley’s attachment to Gavin seemed out of proportion to the interactions we’ve seen.  While we can guess/imagine some stuff, viewers need a little more than that to be able to feel any sort of connection to a character who’s angry and suffering.  

    They do want us to do that, right?

    Really, the only thing in the whole MacLeod Family Drama that had much punch was Rowena revealing that her willingness to help the Winchesters was seated in a desire to punish Crowley for Oskar’s death.
  2. Okay, but can Buckleming write just one episode that isn’t rapey?  Just one?  One tiny episode?  It isn’t difficult!  Hell, they had to shoehorn it in this time!  Argh.
  3. So we got answers about the Lucifer thing from LOTUS, which is nice.  Unfortunately, those answers appear to be that Crowley might not underestimate the Winchesters, but apparently he’s more than happy to underestimate Lucifer.  

    Like, this isn’t just a bad plan.  It’s a bad plan with a million points of failure that you monologued in front of your victim.  Whatever potential ego benefit there may be, whatever boost in credibility having Lucifer in chains might confer, this shit ain’t worth it.  Crowley, sweetheart, what the fuck.
  4. So that case resolution was anticlimactic.  

    Show: Hey look, weird deaths!  Oh hey, we know someone who knows something!  Oh hey, it makes sense that it’s this person, and here’s a really obvious pattern!  Hey, we were totally right!  Hey, here’s a possible resolution that folks are okay with, and the only person who disagrees is easily stopped!  Oh hey, we were able to easily carry this out!  Oh hey, all the bad stuff looks like it was totally reversed by our efforts!  Go team!  

    Me: *…*

    Show: Uh, have some family conflict?  

    Me:  *…*

    The CW: Oh, and you don’t get a promo this week either.

    Like, I guess the upshot is that we’ve tied up the Gavin loose end?  It’s just…wow, pointless and I feel pretty much nothing.  Which is a shame, because this could have been incredible with more prep.
  5. I’m liking Dagon.  I would have expected to see her arrive an ep or two later, but given that she and Lucifer are apparently in communication, and this was Crowley’s “I have you right where I want you” episode, I’m good with it.  
    Her pitch to Kline was pretty standard “demons get a bad rap, and look at how badly the good guys have treated you” fare, and with Lucifer banking on his incoming Nephilim son to foil Crowley’s plan, yeah. Okay.  I’m curious what she used to send angels up in a puff of smoke – Ramiel certainly didn’t do that with Cas! – but overall, I’m into it. Here’s hoping she gets to be more than just a semi-disposable mini-boss.  
  6. I want better for Kelly Kline in so many ways.  She is scared, she’s being tossed around by forces she can’t control or understand, people and things so much more dangerous than she is are everywhere.  Well-meaning wait staff (who turn out to be murderous angels) say ominous things in cafes.
  7. Okay, so we’ve subverted the “Mary is doing a S6 Cas” thing.  This is good in a Changing The Winchester Paradigm sort of way.  We’re not going to spend half a season lying and keeping secrets and coming out of it with I can’t trust  you because you lied to me, and so on.  This is good.  This is interesting.

    And, in light of Ketch’s apparent attempt at undermining her loyalties (e.g. let’s get a drink, don’t tell your sons, family makes you weak, etc.), we see Mary doing something remarkable: she goes to the boys, comes clean, and tries to make her case.  

    She’s making a questionable choice, but she’s not falling for the whole seduction, or being sucked in on the BMoL’s terms.  She’s not allowing them to isolate her.  Which, given that being isolated by questionable choices is how Sam, Dean, and Cas have all fucked up in the past, is also pretty fucking interesting.  

Bonus Thing: Dean Winchester in a museum  dicking around with things he shouldn’t dick around with is my jam.  As I said on Twitter: he is beauty, he is grace, he drops shit and he makes that face.

Bonus Thing #2: So Sam’s casting spells.  That’s fun.  It’d be even more fun if those spells had, say, continuity of function instead of working on low pillars instead of doors and turning dead Scottish people into lemon-flavored Jedi…

Bonus Thing #3: I am awarding credit for the episode title, what with the MacLeod and Winchester families having Differences internally and with one another, as well as the bit between Crowley and Lucifer about their offspring.

that post has just got me thinking about worldbuilding in hp generally, and i’d like the idea that the international statute of secrecy actually doesn’t always result in a clear separation between magical/muggle worlds everywhere. 

like, i am up for the First Emperor actually being a wizard and that the real reason we haven’t opened the tomb where his body is because it IS full of ancient curses and lord knows what else considering he tried to live forever. imagine chinese wizards bemoaning the fact that the Terracotta Army has become such a well-known muggle tourist attraction because goddamn these statues are literal guardians for the first emperor and could come to life at any moment; even though they’ve done their best to undo most of the enchantments, there’s still the simmer of ancient magic they can feel. who knows? so there are secretly all sorts of wards everywhere plus multiple wizards (disguised as museum staff) on duty in case shit happens. 

just imagine cursed magical artefacts accidentally finding their way to muggle museums generally and the magical communities discreetly trying to get them removed or cursebreakers masquerading as restorers, historians and archaeologists working to break their enchantments. 


I went to Bergedorf last weekend ((((((((((っ・ω・)っ

Bergedorfs centre is quite nice and features quite a few nice cafés and old buildings :)
I went there with a friend to take part in an Origami workshop (^-^)
Since I have never been to Bergedorf before my friend suggested we go there early to take a stroll around town :)
I enjoyed seeing the small castle/palace (it is kind of a mix between both of these (^-^;)
The museum inside of it is quite interesting to see and shows various things from the region :)

The weather was quite windy and thus while the sun was shining it was quite cold and not that nice to stay outside for too long (^-^;)
The town is worth seeing but quite small so an afternoon should be enough to take a stroll, visit some shops, drink some tea and eat dinner :)

I was surprised how old some buildings were :o
Some are from the 17th century and in quite a good shape :)
Sadly the modern buildings that were build within the centre don’t fit in too well (^-^;)

The Origami workshop was very nice too :3
An article about it will follow shortly :)

I wish everyone a great weekend with sweet dreams (^-^)/

Lena was waiting for Kara at a restaurant terrace. She was a little bit late but she didn’t mind it, sometimes her friend were late. She started thinking about the four times now she met with Olivia and her mother Reign, the first time the witty little girl amazed her such as her mother.
The second time they met was again at the museum but this time at the opening of the expo, Olivia dragged her to all her favorite things of the museum. It was very interesting hear Reign talk about the space, constellations, cosmos and so. But it was surprising that Reign was an engineer.
-“No, my job is not as interesting as yours. I am almost a mechanic”- Reign smiled -“But at least gives me the time to spend the weekends with Liv, when I’ve got divorced I fought for her custody but he won so… weekends are us”
Lena clenched her smile looking at her not knowing what to say because Reign said with non importance as it wasn’t that much.
They spend almost the whole afternoon together that day and Kara were there too, writing an article for CatCo but some reason the little girl didn’t liked that much Lena’s friend. There were a time when Reign and Lena was talking when Kara and Olivia were in the other side of the hall that the little girl almost put Kara against the ropes with questions and saying that she was Supergirl and Kara decided it was time for her to go, so she said goodbye to Lena and waved her hand to Olivia and Reign
Lena was so immersed between thoughts about this and that but almost about Reign that she did not noticed her best friend until she sat in front of her.
“I’m sorry, have you been waiting for too long?” Kara apologized 
Lena blinked hearing her voice and smiled “No… no. How are you?”
They’ve talked about how Kara’s work been when the waitress asked for their drinks and food. Several minutes later they had Iced coffee for Lena and Late for Kara.

“Okay we have the list of your friends for your birthday, the cake”
“Huh, huh, huh, can we ask Lena if she can come too? Olivia asked with enthusiasm 
Reign smiled sympathetic “Liv I don’t think she would come or if we will see her again”
“We can go today to the museum and ask her mommy”
Reign felt sad for a moment because Olivia was being so positive in denial to find Lena Luthor all the weeks in the museum. The first time was a coincidence because they sneaked into the building and the second time was luck. And her daughter was talking about how awesome her birthday will be
“Sure, why not…” Reign couldn’t smash her dreams
Reign and Olivia was walking next to a restaurant and it was time to eat but it was their weekend even tho the father of the girl didn’t liked the girl had cheat meal or junk food but it was their weekend.
“What do you think about to eat here, I’ve heard they have a Terrance with some great views”
“Can I ask for ice cream and fries?” Olivia said going inside already
Once of the waitress gave them a table near to the Terrance glass because Olivia almost begged the woman, they had to wait almost a half hour but Reign did her best playing and goofing with Olivia making people laugh when they passed by. They picked their order and Olivia screamed a big “yay”
Lena was talking to Kara about something when she heard that known “yay” she turned around and saw them. Olivia moving her hands in the air typically when she was telling a story with her big smile and mimics and the back of Reign. Kara followed Lena’s sight making her narrow her eyes
“So yes, I will travel to metropolis and…” Kara kept telling her schedule but Lena wasn’t listening any more
Lena turned her head to her friend trying to catch up with the conversation but it was almost impossible. A waiter was there and Lena call him.
“Kara excuse for a second” the waiter came quickly “Please can you send that table your best cupcake for the little girl and invite them to whatever they are eating, it’s on me” 
“Yes Miss Luthor” the man nodded
“Who are they?” Kara felt for the first time somehow annoyed. She was used to have all Lena’s attention ALWAYS
“I’ve meet them in the museum. You met them a couple weeks ago”
Reign drank her lemonade when the waiter came with a chocolate cupcake with mascarpone and strawberries. Olivia opened the mouth in surprise as Reign raised her brows in confusion
“We haven’t ordered this” Reign explained
“It’s a gift from miss Luthor” he placed the plate in front of Olivia “she’s over there” he leaned a little to Olivia pointing to the direction of her table but Lena and Kara were standing up “Miss you want another Lemonade?” Reign nodded kinda confused but surprised
Olivia picked her spoon and shoved it to the cupcake to full her mouth with the desert just to get away running towards Lena between the tables. Reign woke up following her daughter leaving her purse.
Lena and Kara were saying goodbye Lena felt a small body bump into her hips from behind and small arms hugging her with a fun giggle. Lena laughed touching the little hands turning around.
“You are here” Olivia panted with a smile 
“Hey little sunshine” Lena said 
Kara gulped awkward but smiled too she wasn’t feeling ok with the situation
“Lena… Hi…” Reign was flustered “I…”
Lena stared at Reign and her heart skip a beat for a second
“I’m better get going” Kara dropped “It was nice to see you Lena” 
Lena gave a quick glance to Kara “Next time a brunch?”
Kara nodded and waved to them before leaving
“I’m so sorry to interrupt” Reign apologized while Olivia kept her embrace to Lena “Baby can you…” 
“Now we can invite Lena mommy” 
“Invite me to what” Lena asked to Olivia
“Next Friday is her birthday and she has been asking me if she can invite you” Reign explained “is gonna be at my home, a few kids, me and a couple parents if you can’t come we will understand”
Lena looked down to Olivia “Of course I will go” Olivia was using her puppy face but immediately changed it for her smile full of joy
“You will?” Reign was shocked “great”
Lena was about to melt before how adorable the two of them has been. A waiter came with Reign black purse
“Someday I’m gonna lose my head” Reign giggled “Thank you”
The waiter and Lena stared at Reign’s smile like idiots. But Lena kept her cool as usual, but the waiter stumbled with his own feet as he walked away
“Can I ask you your number so I can give you the details?” Reign opened her purse looking for her iPhone
Olivia was playing with Lena’s hand when Reign gave her mobile. Lena’s did not understood what to do with Reign’s mobile
“You can type it” Reign leaned on Lena’s face “So no one can hear it” she smiled
Lena was feeling like she was about to have a heart attack because of the woman. She did what she was told with her free hand and hit on call so she would have too her number and gave Reign’s mobile back when she could listen her music tone in the table making this smile pleased.
“Mommy Lena can come to play at home?”
“Liv I think Lena might be busy she was with her friend and maybe she have a lot of things to do”
“Lena please, I have a new rocket ship and Dinosaur dad bought me yesterday” Lena noticed how Reign rolled her eyes with the word -Dad-
“Sweetie I have to do some papers in the office” Lena felt bad
“Oh… it’s Ok… work is work” Olivia de attached her hand from Lena’s with a sad voice
Reign kneeled to her daughter “But we are going to watch a movie, the Spiderman new one, right? And then to home and write more things to prepare your birthday” Reign tried to cheer her daughter up “And we have Lena’s number so will text her later to send our address for your birthday party”
“Okay mommy” Olivia pouted
Lena was feeling like a monster for some reason, never a kid make feel that way and the way her mother tried to cheer her up. She knew they only had the weekends together but she wanting to include her in their activities was killing her.
“Olivia you know” Lena bravely spoke “what about if we go to dinner later?” 
“Dinner?” Olivia furrowed her brows 
“Yes, dinner and we can go wherever you want”
Olivia took a deep breath as she had the best idea in the world, Reign looked at her daughter afraid about she was about to say
“You CAN come home” Olivia said amused “Mommy does the best macNcheese in the world” She hugged Reign’s head from the position she was “right mommy? Huh huh and you can see my new rocket and dinosaur!”
“I…” Reign was caught off of guard
“Of course” Lena agreed immediately 
Reign hesitated for a second “Yeah why not” She took her daughter in her arms and stood up 
“Awesome!” Olivia beamed 
“I should go… Reign text me later, ok?” Lena gave Olivia a kiss in the cheek making the girl giggle
Lena walked to the exit leaving alone in the middle of the terrace.
“You really like her don’t you?” Reign pointed with a half smile
Olivia shrugged “She’s nice and smart mommy, she knows a lot of things about space” 
“She is really nice Liv” Reign agreed
“And beautiful” Olivia jumped happy 
Reign looked at Lena in the distance checking her up and down “And beautiful” she shook her head clearing her thoughts “We have to pay, let’s go” Reign put her daughter in the floor
They went to their tablet and called the waiter but he told them that they were invited to all. Reign scoffed with a smiled not believing in what just happened. In fact all what just really had happen.
A few hours later Reign and Olivia were driving to their home when Reign got a text
> Lena L: Remember to send me your address XX
Reign felt a warm feeling and smiled. Olivia was taking a nap in the backseat. Reign sent her direction and drove home feeling kinda excited

Noah fence but history of the russian empire is hm. Boring

The term “​living fossil” was first used to describe the Coelacanth (pronounced SEEL-uh-kanth​). People thought that this fish was extinct until a live one was found in 1938 off the coast of South Africa. The Coelacanth is the symbol of the International Cryptozoology museum.

One of the very interesting things about Coelacanths is that they give birth to live young, they do not lay eggs. The female Coelacanth’s gestation period is estimated at around three years.


Name: Elena (Ellie)
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: Medium (5′5″)
Eyes: Pale Aqua
Hair: Blonde
Occupation: Photographer
Personality: Elena is quiet and modest, her expression mostly staying blank so most people can never really get what she’s thinking or feeling. as such, most people see her as standoffish, or looking down on them, when really that’s not the case at all. 
Interests: photography, learning new things, reading, art, visiting museums
Background: Elena grew up in a very rich family, so she never has and never will have to worry about money. She was adopted into the family, but that’s never bothered her, or her parents, and they all love each other very much and she visits them often. 
Relationships: Elena and Hana’s relationship didn’t start off that well, with Hana being such a vocal person, but they’re getting along better now that Hana realizes that’s just how Elena is. She’s extremely close to Elwine, as she admires Elwine’s ability to tell people “no” and to set boundaries for herself and stick to them. Tooru she also gets along well with, as they like to appreciate art and classical music and other things together. She doesn’t have much of an opinion on Jade, other than it’s funny watching her get on Elwine’s nerves. She grew up with both Camilla and Vivian, and therefore gets along with both of them famously. she hasn’t met Potema yet, so who knows how that’ll go. Elena is probably one of Liquid Heaven’s mot regular and well-paying customers, so she and Nina get along well. Kirie she’s only met through Eternal Hero, the mmorpg they all play together, but they get along fairly well on that due to Elena basically just following whatever Kirie says.