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Do you know of any artists/books/drawings that show or map the 5 senses or intangible things? gracias!

Not quite sure how to respond to this one, but here are how Piero Fornasetti (used in a Valentino show) illustrated the Five Senses at the Whitney Museum of American Art. One room for every sense:

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David Hammons (b. 1943) is an African-American artist from New York City. Among his works, which are often inspired by the civil rights and Black Power movements, one of the best known is the “African American Flag”, which he designed in 1990 by recoloring the U.S. national flag in the Garvey colors (red, black, and green of the Pan-African flag). The flag is a part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and a copy is hoisted at the entrance to the Studio Museum in Harlem, a New York museum devoted to the art of African-Americans.

Small Owls of North America 

(because tiny owls are adorable and have the most dramatic eyes)

American Museum of Natural History, NYC


Birds of the Pacific coast, including a brief account of the distribution and habitat of one hundred and eighteen birds that are more or less common to the Pacific coast states and British Columbia
By Eliot, Willard Ayres, 1871- ?
Publication info New York,G. P. Putnam’s sons,1923.
Contributing Library: American Museum of Natural History Library
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Scott Bakal (American, b. 1971, CT, USA) - 1: Frost  2: Global Warming  3: Diamond Core #1 (Acid Rain)  4: Diamond Core #2 (Death)  5: Diamond Core #3 (The Cleanse)  6: The Search  7: C02  8: Diamond Power! from Dim Stars - Pollution series, 2012  Acrylics, Ink on Wood Panel