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Okay so what if the RFA members all were in high school/college together with the MC? How would they be around each other and would any of them have the same classes? :D

Author’s note: Okay so I turned this into a “RFA at school” headcanon, hope you don’t mind!!!


  • This poor child tries SO hard
  • He takes so many notes and tries to listen and do all of his homework bUT HE JUST CAN’T KEEP UP
  • Jaehee tutors him almost every day bless her
  • He’s the kid you see in the hallways playing Pokémon or YuGiOh with Seven ofc


  • He acts like every day is a fashion show
  • No SERIOUSLY, he always comes to class lookin’ fly af
  • He also gets up to blow his nose 10000000 times a class
  • His locker is always full of lover letters and chocolates


  • I’m not kidding they deserve to be put in a museum or something
  • Jaehee’s notes are color coded, super detailed, and very VERY neat
  • Jumin always copies them instead of writing his own
  • She always has coffee in her hand no matter what time of day


  • He ends up doing most of the work in group projects because he’s too nice to say no
  • Randomly gets sick and is gone for like a week at a time, but never seems stressed
  • Teacher’s favorite


  • Has the BEST lunches this is what happens when you can afford good food
  • All of his essays are about cats
  • Either pays someone to take notes or steals/copies Jaehee’s once again, bless her
  • Once he tried to bribe his teacher into giving him an A and it worked


  • ALWAYS has headphones on turn down THE VOLUME PUH-LEASE
  • Don’t talk to him before 9 or he will kill you
  • His notes are covered in doodles who am I kidding, his notes basically ARE doodles
  • He’s really quiet, but when he does actually talk in class he says something super deep he’s the savage quiet kid


  • He’s the type of kid that sleeps through every class but still makes straight A’s
  • When he actually IS awake, he always makes some sort of joke or pun insert groaning noises from classmates
  • Everyone HATES him especially Jaehee because he ALWAYS RUINS THE CURVE BUT HE DOESN’T EVEN TRY

Field Armor of Duke Julius of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel

Date: circa 1560

Artist: Unknown

Location: Philadelphia Museum of Art

Note: The gilded monogram on the torso of this armor, along with the other decorative elements, indicate that it was commissioned by Duke Julius of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (ruled 1568 to 1589). The survival of several comparable armors bearing the same monogram suggests that this suit was part of a set of similar armors made to outfit the duke and his entourage.

Its time for combination tanks

People on /k/ were taking different tanks and combining them in unique patterns. Here are some of them.

Kv-2 turret on a PT-76.

Panther, with a A7V in there, making in effect a Leman Russ.


Object 279 Turret with a Pz-I Hull.



M3 Stuart turret, on a universal carrier, in the Egyptian Armour museum. 

Note how it says- Birtish Tank.

Jackson Gun on a super hell cat chassis.

Afternoon Dress
Date: c.1885
Culture: American
Medium: silk, passementerie
Location: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Special notes: the passementerie on this elegant dress is clearly influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement design aesthetic which was extremely popular around 1880 and 1910. This is an excellent example of how a movement which is mostly based in architecture and interior design crept into clothing, showing the proponents desire to live the style in its entirety.



Finally finding the time to read the books I bought from the art museums in Paris. I’m so happy I got these because I didn’t really get to see some of the works in person since I was on a tight schedule but at least I have high quality photographs on glossy paper of them! And it was an honour to stand in the same building as those.

A couple years ago, I was in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Note: this is the NATURAL history museum. All they have are taxidermed animals, fossils, and rocks, and this conversation took place deep within the museum:

Woman (with 12 yr old son): Excuse me, where is Sacagawea?
Employee: I don’t know, I-
Woman: Is she at this museum?
Employee: Um, no.
Woman (to her son): She should be here. I mean, she was part of American history.
Son: Yeah, she helped Lewis and Clark with the Louisiana Purchase!