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Kalafina Blog 6/22/09 - 「マプサウルスの凄さ」

“The Greatness of Mapusaurus”

Hello ~ (* ‘∇’) / 

Thank you very much for everyone who came to “Onnanoko no Uta” @ Roppongi morph the other day! Also, please come next month on July 22!!

By the way, recently, it was my wish to see “The Great Dinosaur Exhibiton!” I went to the National Science Museum in Ueno. Since I have been wanting to go, I was glad I was able to. 

Was it insanely fun?
Exciting ♪

When I go by the feeling, the elder sister at the entrance… 

“Flash is not good, but photography is OK.”

Is there such a thing?! The museum is so wide! Another cameraman flash, I already took it!

There was a storm of dinosaurs from the entrance! Great excitement! 

The dinosaurs are good ~ I’m facing a face ~ un!

The name of dinosaurs that I have not heard of are harmful.

What is Cryolophosaurus?! I bit my tongue!

Titanosaurus?! When I say the name, I felt my nose clog?!

Titanosaurus ~.

I also took a commemorative photo of the restored head of the first Pterosaur Thalassodromeus!

I love raptors and I got about 150 shots! 

Especially the nails. 

Then face.

Scary (゜∀゜)( ゜∀゜)
Even just the bones of the raptor is scary (゜∀゜)( ゜∀゜)

It is indeed a megaraptor. 

It was also outrageously fun.

In addition to the National Museum of Science, there was the “Earth Pavilion” and the “Japan Pavilion.” Between the two, I really enjoyed the permanent exhibitions. 

There are Tyrannosaurus in the Earth Pavilion, as well as a lion and a yakul (red elk). There is also a Futaba Suzuki Ryu (Futabasaurus) and dentures of the Yayoi people in the Japanese Pavilion.  

Did you know? Futaba Suzuki Ryu is not a dinosaur.

Eh—?! (((゜Д゜;)( ゜Д゜)))
Is that serious??

What about Nobita’s assistant? It is thought “Nobita’s Dinosaur,” is it? It is my favorite movie? (She is talking about Doraemon: Nobita’s Dinosaur)

I think I will leave it gently as it is because the memories are too good.

National Science Museum, eventually I could not finish all the way around. I have not done the universe floor or the evolution of creatures floor yet. 


I have to go again. I have to go at 5 paces per week. 

Ueno, I love you! 

Aside from that, what a high-tech service there is at the National Science Museum. You can make IC cards for free, which is a high-tech service where the history can be recorded by touching it to the exhibition information terminal.

In addition, the ID number is given to the IC card user. When you visit the site on your home computer, you can check the exhibition commentaries you visited. 

It’s awesome!

Let’s take advantage of this! 

But I learned about the existence of the IC card when I got home! 

I was slow ….

Next time, I will definitely make it. A high-tech IC card. 

By the way, I went to the Louvre Museum Exhibition a while ago. Although I often go to art museums, I borrowed and used a “voice guide” for the first time. 

While Nakao Akira’s nice voice guided us, I enjoyed a lot of beautiful paintings. 

Well, things like art galleries, museums, and exhibitions will raise super tension! 

It is amazing fun!!

Tokyo National Museum of Nature and Science, it was a place comparable to Disneyland for me. 

Ueno, the best! 

See you later〜☆