museum minutes

The awkward moment when you’re in a museum of modern art and there’s a door marked ‘door without exit’ and you’re like -

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why have you lived in so many places?

sometimes …. people who are poor …… have to go unconventional routes to accomplish goals


Alright, I promised a few photos from my recent European trip. So, I did my best to pick my top photo from each place I visited (Rome gets two though, cause it’s Rome) From top to bottom we have: 

  1. St. Canice’s Cathedral (Kilkenny, Ireland and part of my thesis), 
  2. the London Wall, first constructed in Roman times and added on in the Medieval and Early modern periods (London, England), 
  3. Bran Castle, AKA Dracula’s Castle (Brasov, Romania), 
  4. The Duomo di Siena (Siena, Italy), 
  5. a view of Tuscany from the walls of a castle (Chianti, Italy),
  6. the view from a gondola (Venice, Italy), 
  7. looking out over the Italian countryside from the mountain-top country of San Marino (San Marino), 
  8. The Colosseum (Rome, Italy) 
  9. The Pantheon (Rome, Italy), 
  10. The Temple of Olympian Zeus, with the Acropolis in the background (Athens, Greece).

I’ve been marathoning the last season of Orphan Black the last two nights so I think I was subconsciously channeling Sarah Manning today with my asymmetrical braided hair and extra eyeliner. It’s not a bad direction to go in when channeling the style of fictional characters. I should do it more often.

Chapter Two [Beyond the Sunrise, LMMxReader]

Summary: Your first date with Lin doesn’t go exactly as he planned it.

Word Count: 1,785

Warnings: Slow burn, as always.

Authors notes:  Sab - First dates a fun, right? We’re churning these guys out - it’s so amazing to get to work with Ren, we both hope you enjoy it! (And, as she says, please don’t kill us.) 

Ren - This chapter. Oh god there’s no words for it. I hope you guys like it and please don’t kill us *evil laughter is heard in the distance*

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“Hi, excuse me I-” You looked up for a second to find one of the visitors you had talked to just a few minutes ago. “I believe you handed me the wrong…”

The guy handed you one of the museum brochures, and you noticed the dates were off. Taking a deep breath, you opened the top drawer to find the right folder, handing one to him before apologizing. It was the third time you messed up that afternoon: First, you almost guided the group of students to the wrong exhibition, then a guest’s question went completely over your head, leaving them staring blankly at you as you attempted to collect your wits, and now this. You felt lucky that your boss was drowning in paperwork and not paying much attention to his employees.

The truth was: you were nervous. Ever since you and Lin started texting, things just clicked between you, everything was easy and he made you smile. A lot. With Stephen sitting in the next room during many of those slightly flirtatious conversations, however, you knew it had to come to a halt soon.

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George Nelson Sling Sofa for Herman Miller 


This 10 minute film provides an informative introduction to the multi-disciplinary architect and designer, and includes footage of a comprehensive exhibition on his work.

The Wedding Planner (Part 2)

Summary: Being a wedding planner is all fun and games until suddenly you’re saved from an accident by the man of your dreams–later discovering that he happens to be your latest client’s fiancé.

Author’s Note: at last! part 2 of this series. thank you all so much for all the positive feedback I’ve been receiving, it means the world to me. I’ve had to re-post this a couple of times because it seems as if Tumblr is just preventing me from uploading new things I guess. Hope you like!

Part 1

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-- YES, it is possible for a restaurant to run out of Dr. Pepper but have Diet Dr. Pepper. Considering they're two different sodas, in two different boxes, with two different spouts. YES, the Dr. Pepper museum is 5 minutes away, but they definitely don't deliver the soda, so that has fuck all to do with anything. Now, what can i get you to drink? :)

What A Pain In The A**

Originally requested and posted on my Wattpad account!

Fandom : DC Superheroes

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt : Jason and the Reader are roommates who have a thing for each other but neither of them know. The Reader is a villain and Red Hoods nemesis. Neither know about the others secret identity and always make excuses to cover it up.


Of all the people you could be sharing an apartment with, it had to be Jason. It was Roy’s fault. He’s the one that said you needed a roommate, you wanted a girl roommate but no, it had to be a super attractive guy you knew nothing about.

It didn’t help that you had a secret of your own that you couldn’t share. At day you were Y/n and at night a sneaky little spy bugging the soul out of Red Hood.

Four months had passed since he moved in. Jason  didn’t seen to notice the other side of you, which made the whole thing tense a bit but you covered for it.


“Was there someone dying in the shower with you? ” Jason teased you when you walked out of your room.

“It’s called singing and it’s not my problem that you don’t have the acquired taste for it.” you sassed walking in to the kitchen. Jason  was sitting on the couch his shirt stretched over his muscles making you drool.

“See something you like Y/n? ” Jason smirked flexing his arm.

“You wish..” you roll your eyes and grab an apple.

“Not rushing today are we Jay? No hot date? ” you question sitting in the big chair.

“Jealous? You know we can always skip the dates?” he winks and you bite your lip a mischievous glint in your eyes.

“As alluring as that sounds, I’ll pass. ” you smile and this time Jason bites his lip leaning forward.

“Your loss y/n, we could always be roommates with benefits..” he trails off and you laugh.

“That sounded like the most chlice movie ever! ” he smiles and leans back in to the pillows.

“Think about it.”

Before you could answer your phone rings. You run to your room picking it up and lying on the bed.

“I suggest you drop what ever you’re doing and get dressed. Five minutes, old museum. ” Selina mutters in to the phone and you scramble for the closet pulling your clothes on and snickers. You also  grab the backpack with your one piece before you go in the living room.

“Um, so my boss just called and I have to go. You know how it is these days, tight shifts and all.. Ahh..Don’t wait up! ” you yell at surprised Jason an run out the door and into the night.


“Let’s hope the bat and his sidekicks are busy tonight..” you mutter to Selina.

“How are things with Jason going? ” she asks picking a lock on the door.
Selina knew about Jason  being the Red Hood but never bothered to tell you.

“He’s such a pain in the a**..” you sigh.
“Who is? ” a voice asks and you squeel in surprise. You turn around and spot Red Hood leaning on the fence.

“ Some sidekick you have Catwoman.” he teases and Selina drops the tools getting up.

“You know how women get, all mesmerized with men.. Especially the ones they share an apartment with..” she says and you gasp.

“You’re on your own sweetie. ” Selina says and runs off.

“So there’s a guy?” Red asks and you narrow your eyes.

“I’m fairly sure enemies shouldn’t talk about that. ” you say.

“Well since he’s such a pain in your backside maybe I can get rid of him?” he questiones.

“He’s name is Jason. ” you huff scratching your head wondering why were you even telling him this.

“Wait, I’m the pain?! I’m a freaking pain killer compared to you!” you look up as he takes of his helmet.

Oh no.

“You’re the one that’s always teasing and f*cking around! ” you yell.

“Because I like you Y/n!” he yells back and you stop bickering for a moment, silence filling the night.

“What the hell took you so long to say it! ” grabbing his jacket you pull Jason close smashing your lips together.

Hope you liked it!
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Twenty Proposals: Chapter 11

Pairing: Kristanna
Rating: T
Word Count: 2979
A/N: Gah the next chapter is the last one and I’m not ready to say goodbye to this fic!! 

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It was late afternoon and they had yet to get out of bed, the lack of sleep last night was definitely worth it though. The curtains were still drawn but the light from outside had been peering in through the gaps all day. Still, they hadn’t made any decision to move.

Kristoff looked down at Anna who was obviously in a daze. Her fingers absently ran up and down the top of his chest and her eyes were fixated on the wall in front of her. He wondered what she was thinking about, whether it was about them.

He broke the silence. “Morning.”

“Afternoon.” He felt her smile against him.

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Guys, this is a Rube Goldberg sequence made of trash and fire and satisfaction. I’ve been watching it for like fifteen minutes.

Ahkmenrah x Reader: Cute Part 1

I don’t own the images, and I don’t own Night at the Museum.  Other than that, enjoy! 
“Run!”  Larry shouted.  Ahkmenrah grabbed your hand as he pulled you along.  You had only been in the British Museum for twenty minutes, and you were already being chased by the giant skeleton of a Triceratops.  You all rounded a corner and ran into a medieval-looking room.  The Triceratops followed you in, blocking the only exit.  You were all trapped.  Ahk gently pushed you behind him, and you all pressed up against the walls of the room. 

“Need some help?”  You all looked around for the owner of the voice.  “Move.”  Suddenly, one of the suits of armor lunged forward and punched the dinosaur in the nose.  You all watched as the Triceratops ran off with its tail between its legs. 

“Uh, thanks,” Larry said.  The knight took off his helmet.

“I am Sir Lancelot.” He announced with a flourish.  Larry awkwardly said his name.  Teddy walked up and held his hand out.

“Theodore Roosevelt, twenty-sixth president of the United States,” He introduced.  Lancelot shook his hand.

“I have no idea what that means.”  He nodded to Sacagawea and Attila, and then turned to you.  “And you are?”

“Y/N,” You answered.  He smiled and took your hand, gently pressing his lips to it.

“It’s an honor, Lady Y/N.”  He murmured.  He let go of your hand and turned to Larry, beginning to talk to him about quests and dangly bells.

“I do not trust him, Y/N,”   Ahkmenrah said quietly from behind you. 

“I don’t know, he seems harmless,” You answered.  Ahkmenrah stepped closer to you as Lancelot and Larry finished talking. 

“Lancelot’s coming with us.”  The look on Larry’s face told you that he hadn’t exactly agreed to this, but his expression quickly changed once Attila realized the two miniatures were missing.  You and Ahkmenrah exchanged a glance, and reluctantly followed the group as you searched for Jedediah and Octavius.  After you had sent Dexter into the floor vents, you all walked through the halls until you came to the Oriental wing.  You were about to walk into a hexagonal room, when you noticed the giant metal snake demon sleeping in the center.  You all ducked behind two pillars.  You, Lancelot, Attila and Teddy all ducked behind one, and Ahkmenrah, Sacagawea, Nicky, and Larry hid behind the other pillar.  Lancelot began whisper-shouting to Larry about killing it.  You cautiously peeked around the corner to get a glimpse of the Xianglu, as Larry called it.  You felt a hand on your shoulder, gently nudging you back behind the stone pillar.

“Stay back Lady Y/N; it’s much too dangerous for a lady.”  The knight warned you.  Larry decided that the best option was to quietly sneak around the sleeping beast.  You all met up and began to creep into the room.  Ahkmenrah gently nudged you so he was between you and the Xianglu.  You saw something glowing out of the corner of your eye.  You looked down at the Tablet, and saw the blue-green mold creeping up the front.  Ahkmenrah suddenly collapsed.  You gently caught him and lowered him to the ground as Teddy began yelling about some nonsense.  The Xianglu roared to life, its multiple heads fanning out.  Each head honed in on someone, including you.  Knowing that Ahkmenrah wouldn’t be able to dodge if it struck a blow, you carefully leaned him up against the wall and got up, ignoring his protests.  The snake head swiveled as it followed you.  It lunged for you, and head butted you in the gut.  You crashed into the wall behind you, and fell to the floor, blacking out.  When you came to, you were being cradled in an unfamiliar pair of arms.  You looked up, and met the blue eyes of Lancelot.  He gently helped you up into a sitting position.  “Are you alright, Lady Y/N?”  He asked.

“I-I’m fine,” You managed to say.  You looked over and saw Larry helping Ahkmenrah stand up.  When Ahkmenrah was sure he could stay standing, he quickly ran over to where you sat.  He gently but swiftly pulled you out of Lancelot’s arms and into his own.

“Are you hurt?”  He asked worriedly.

“I’m just a little sore.  Is everyone else okay?”  You looked up from Ahkmenrah’s chest.

“Everyone’s alright.”  He told you.  “You should be worrying about yourself.”  He stood up with you still in his arms, glaring over your head.  You couldn’t see who he was glaring at, but you were pretty sure you could guess who.  You heard Lancelot’s voice fade as he left to talk with Larry about something.  Ahkmenrah gently put you down on your feet.   “I still don’t trust him.”  He murmured as he kissed the side of your head. 

“I know you don’t,” You replied.   “Something does seem off with him.”

“You stay with me from now on, alright?”  He asked you. “I don’t want you near him.”  You smiled, and reached up to peck him on the cheek.

“I won’t.”  You promised.  He smiled and entwined his hand with yours as you followed the rest of the group.  Lancelot was in awe of all of the moving exhibits. 

“Lady Y/N, you must come see this!”  The knight called to you over his shoulder.  You looked up at Ahkmenrah, who had a steely gaze and a clenched jaw.  “They think they’re real!  The little fools!”  He laughed.  You felt Ahkmenrah’s hand tighten its grip on yours. 

“Relax,” You told him.  “I’m staying right here.”  His gaze softened when he looked at you.  He leaned down and brushed his lips to your cheek.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”  You up at him, puzzled.

“For staying with me,” He stated.

“Ahk,” You said softly.  “You don’t have to thank me for that.  I stay with you no matter what.”

“I love you,” He murmured, turning to press his lips to yours. 

“I love you too,” You said once you broke apart.  “Besides, you’re cute when you’re jealous.”  You smiled, leaning into his side.

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Today is Italy national day! In this story I’m gonna write different scenarios based on this post. As some of you may know I am Italian, and writing a generic Sam Drake x reader isn’t always that satisfying. This is why I’m gonna mix some Italian slangs and words and phrases and something like that. Because, sometimes, even if I kinda hate this country, I can’t prevent myself from feeling some kind of patriotism and also the need of representation. And I think you all other fanfic writers should include your origins in the stories you write. It may be fulfilling. And, on the readers perspective, it may be educational. So here you go. 

Should I say that English is not my first language? 

Pairing: Sam Drake x reader

Warnings: mentions of smut, mentions of violence

 Of all the situations you could miss a bus this was utterly the worst. You were looking forward to visiting the Galleria dell’Accademia since you set foot in Florence and that was just not your day. The rain was falling down heavily, not quite the perfect condition to run after a bus, and the museum was 30 minutes of walk from that bus stop. By the time you’d arrived the queue will have been 1 km long.

 “Fanculo!” (fuck) you groaned and kicked the water of a small pool out of frustration.

 “Mi scusi” (Excuse me) the voice of a stranger made you startle and turn around. He had a peculiar accent. A foreigner, you thought.

 “Posso aiutarla?” (May I help you?) he asked with a reassuring smile, as if he knew he may have looked like a threat to you. A tall, older man with a tattoo on his neck, out of nowhere, asking if he could help you with something he didn’t even know. You were perplexed and since he wasn’t receiving any answer from you he continued.

 “Uh… I’m American” that explains the strange accent.

 “Do you speak English?”

 “Yeah” you wanted to see where this was going.

 “Oh, great! I was actually running out of Italian. Well… I didn’t mean to scare you. I noticed how disappointed you looked… guess that’s all that bus’ fault” he chuckled, trying to ease the tension.

 “If you need to go anywhere I can help you, if you want. I’m here with my brother and his wife…” he looked behind his shoulder, nodding at another man that was studying a map, arguing with a blond woman.

 “…And I’m honestly getting bored. Wouldn’t mind helping someone in trouble. I’m Samuel by the way” he smiled. A kind of smile that made you think that maybe, after all, you could trust that man. Besides, he was only giving you a lift to wherever you needed to go. You would thank and say goodbye after reaching your precious museum.

 “I’m [Y/N]. Well… I need to go to Accademia, you know?”

 “Of course I know. I was actually planning a visit there”

 Great, he probably wouldn’t leave you after giving you a lift.

 “C’mon, my car’s over there. This rain is getting annoying”

 You had to admit, the man was funny but his sense of orientation was lame. At least you reached the museum in time. Although, as you predicted, the queue was immense.

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OH. Oh my lads. (Here used in a gender-neutral sense). So the Higgins Museum (the only purely arms and armor museum in the US) closed back in 2015, but the whole shebang was transferred to the Worcester Art Museum, which is 30 minutes away. Over 2,000 pieces of arms and armor, including 24 full suits of armor, most of which are circa 1570.

It’s research time, lads. I’ll be calling the curatorial department tomorrow.