museum internships


The first two days of my curatorial research assistant internship have gone so well!  The project coordinator/curator is just as invested in my experience as an intern as she is in getting this long inventory/cataloging project going!

So far, we’ve started working our way through Madame Nordica’s extensive Tiffany stage jewelry collection, and my god, it’s all so beautiful! (You should see some of the crowns and headpieces she wore, they’re INCREDIBLE.)

While most everything in the museum is covered up right now (as we’re closed until Memorial Day), we’ve also been going through some boxes/folders of newspaper clippings, old photographs, (and I’ve gotten to take a peek at some of her stunning Worth gowns!!! The one I have a photo of isn’t even the most amazing one, that man was a GENIUS dress designer!!!)

Ugh, I’m just so happy to have gotten this internship you guys.  I could live in a museum for the rest of my life haha.