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Detail of an ancient Egyptian wooden chest, showing a king making an offering to the crocodile-god Sobek, with a demotic inscription above.  Artist unknown; 1st cent. BCE (end of the Ptolemaic or beginning of the Roman period).  Now in the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.  Photo credit: Walters Art Museum.

FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT, Living Room from the Francis W. Little House, Wayzata, Minnesota (1912-1914). The room is nowadays re-installed as close to it´s original appearance as possible at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Photo copyright by Scandinavian Collectors 2016.

Up-cycling Museum Furniture

A cool thing about being a 120 year old museum is that you can find some seriously amazing pieces of furniture in your basement. 

This old cabinet at Carnegie Museum of Natural History once held scientific specimens but has recently been up-cycled  to display merchandise in the new gift store. 

The redesigned store will open in early December and will feature restored dioramas and salvaged furniture as part of a museum-wide effort to continue to be environmentally friendly. 

Stop in for some awesome holiday shopping and take in a bit of museum history.


A Queen’s Seat

Marie-Antoinette used to sit in this swivel chair to have her hair done. It was once much fancier, with patterned upholstery instead of plain velvet, though hints of its faded glory remain in the floral carving on its legs and arms. Today we moved it to a new gallery and gave it back a little glory by placing it on a small pedestal with some snazzy new labels.

Marie-Antoinette’s Swiveling Armchair Is the New Centerpiece of Neoclassical Furniture Gallery

Your Boyfriend - T.O.P

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Art museums. Furniture shopping. Wine tasting.

All of these things are now a big part of your life if they weren’t already. But don’t let his enthusiasm intimidate you if it’s not your forte because having a thorough understanding of art or wine is a bit like sprinkles; a welcomed bonus but not really necessary. He’ll probably enjoy being able to teach you about it if you’re genuinely interested.

What is important, however, are your tastes. Expect the first time you two go to a museum that he will be a little reluctant to share his thoughts with you. That’s because he wants to know your honest opinions, to understand your instincts on the subject, and whether he can trust them or not. So he’ll let you gravitate to whichever exhibit catches your eye and have you take random pictures of him for instagram that he’ll likely delete later. That is until he can’t help it anymore and guides you to the exhibit he’s been dying to see since you arrived.

And he really can’t help himself. Honestly half of his personality is looking mature and cultured on the outside while being a man-child  Seungri on the inside. Don’t be surprised if you start the night at a classy restaurant and end up at home in your pajamas in a full blown dance battle.

“Jagiya!” He drunkenly points at you. “You know you can’t resist my secret move.”

“Seunghyun-ah, I’ve seen you on variety shows. It’s not going to work.”

“But you’ve never seen it in person. It’s much more effective.”

*Cue Bingu-TOP with his broken-knee-arm-flail dance move.*

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And you want to laugh because he looks so ridiculous. That is until you realize that he’s perfected the move over the years and that you’re going to have to work much harder to win this dance battle than you anticipated.

Public skinship is not going to be very prevalent in your relationship. Most likely it will be holding hands or him offering you his arm because he is a traditional guy. It’s his way of respecting you and your body in front of others. In private is a different story though because he’s a huge fan of back hugs, spooning, and surprise pecks. Like he’s hella thirsty for a cuddle buddy despite how awkward he may be about his body.

One important thing to respect about Seunghyun is that he’s obsessive about his appearance. Not in an arrogant way but from the beginning of his career it was made clear that being in shape meant success. Korean society in general makes it difficult to be overweight (though it comes from the intention of being helpful) so he’s felt a lot of pressure about it since he was a teenager. Seunghyun’s weight in general fluctuates a lot and his trainer is pretty strict.

This is where you take the metaphorical reins in the relationship. There are going to be times where you are unsure of your appearance but TOP will worship your body until your insecurities subside because he understands the struggle. And he needs similar treatment and understanding during his low points. He has enough people expecting things from him but he turns to you. You are his solace and knowing that both terrifies and excites him.


Art Under the Microscope: Ferréol

This sample of wood comes from a decorative card table in the Getty Museum’s collection. Anatomical studies and archival research were able to identify this perviously unknown wood type as ferréol.

This wood is also found in this 18th century commode, and a corner cupboard and clock.

Art Under the Microscope is a series that features, well, art under the microscope, as photographed by our conservators to better study and preserve our collections.